10 things to know before making investment plans

Investments, small or large, always come in handy irrespective of your motive of investment. You can invest to save for retirement, earn additional income, or even achieve some type of a saving goal.

Here are 10 things that you need to keep in mind before starting any kind of investment
Emergency funds
Before starting any kind of investment, have an emergency fund backed up for any kind of investment failures. Emergency funds can cushion your fall when your investments go dud.

Know your comfort zone before taking any kind of financial risk
All investments involve some kind of financial risks. Although, the reward for taking on risks is the possibility of a greater investment return. Long term financial goals are more likely to offer good returns. Investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are subjected to market risks. You may lose some or all your money if the share market takes a hit.

Consider a mix of investments
By investing in more than one asset category, you might reduce the risk of losing your money and your portfolio’s overall investment returns will be decent enough.

Chalk out a personal financial road map
Before making any investment decision, sit down and take a look at your financial situation. If you have never made a financial investment before, figure out your financial goals and risk tolerance. You should be able to gain financial security and enjoy the benefits of managing money with an intelligent plan.

Think twice before investing heavily in individual stocks
That’s right, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. By picking the right group of investment assets, you may be able to put a leash on the losses.

Pay off high interest debts
Under any market conditions, pay off high interest debts on your cards. It is one of the safest investment strategy that pays off well and helps you maintain your credit score.

Dollar-cost averaging
The simple technique is, make more investments when its price is low and lesser investments when the price is high. Dollar-cost averaging is an intelligent investment strategy, especially in a volatile market.

Use free money from the employer
If your employer is offering you a retirement plan and you are not contributing enough in it, then you are passing free money for your retirement savings.

Stay away from investment options that could be fraudulent
Conmen are always there to fish out potential scapegoats that are new in the investment market or who are ambitious enough to root for higher returns in less time. Hence, always try to find unbiased sources before you invest

Rebalance your portfolio occasionally
Rebalancing means bringing your portfolio back to its original asset allocation. Rebalancing ensures that your portfolio does not overemphasizes only on one category of assets.


  • How to set up a used car dealership
    Are you passionate about cars? Are you shrewd at doing business? Well then, why not try your hand at doing something that connects both? Make a career out of your fascination with cars. Starting a used car business would be ideal and would match your interest exactly. We are suggesting a used car dealership and not a new car showroom, because of many reasons. The first is that there is a large market for specialized, custom-made cars. Finding a used car to meet customer’s specifications and altering it to suit their fancy would be an exciting challenge. At a much lesser cost, a used car would give more scope and freedom to improvise the finer details. Secondly, setting up a used car dealership is not difficult, provided you plan and get your interests and needs aligned and manage to secure the finance necessary for the venture. Decide on whether you want to sell one brand of used cars, or deal with multiple brands all under one roof. How much stock you want to make available for customers at any given point in time, costs of special equipment, accessories, and paraphernalia that clients ought to attach or change in their used cars are points you should consider. Choose a large town or city with a significant population and establish your used car dealership in a central location with a lot of visibility. Investing in a comprehensive insurance plan for the dealership is as vital as obtaining a dealer’s license that lets you sell used cars in the market. Having a sharp perception on market preferences, and tracking purchase and sales and handling finances appropriately, with correct and timely payments and receipts are just a few other factors to remember. Make the experience of purchasing a used car, convenient and enjoyable for customers with the help of pleasant and knowledgeable sales personnel. It would additionally benefit you with repeat sales and free word of mouth advertising for your dealership. If you are honest, reliable and are truly excited about cars, setting up a used car dealership business should be a cakewalk.
  • 6 effective home-remedies for curing UTIs
    UTI is a common infection that affects a majority of individuals at least once in their lifetime. You can diagnose yourself with a UTI when you experience the urge to pee frequently or when you experience a tingling and burning sensation when you pee. The UTI causing bacteria would have firmly lodged themselves in your urinary tract and all these symptoms indicate that they have already started wrecking havoc in your system. There are plenty of reasons that cause UTI, some of them being low water consumption, diabetes, holding your pee, sex, etc. If you aren't too keen on visiting a physician,there are home remedies for UTI that yield desirable results. Here are some of the popular UTI natural remedies that would provide you the relief you seek so desperately.
    • Water- Not drinking enough water is a common cause of UTI. Water is a life-saver and has immense contribution in helping you maintain a healthy body. Water is essential for a healthy urinary tract and helps in flushing out the toxins. Drink plenty of water and this would keep the UTI bacteria at bay
    • Baking Soda- Baking Soda is an alkaline substance and can help neutralize the acidic nature of your urine. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in fresh water and consume it in the morning for a week. You would notice the burning sensation fading away and you would start feeling better
    • Do not hold- Holding your pee is one of the major reasons for contracting UTI. When you want to pee, make sure you do it right away. When you hold it, you are giving the UTI bacteria an opportunity to multiply and cause damage to your urinary tract
    • Celery Seeds- Celery Seeds are diuretic in nature, i.e., they increase the flow of urination. Chew some celery seeds once or twice a day and drink water along with it. The only problem that you would have to face is, you would feel like peeing frequently. The celery seeds in combination with water would help clean your urinary tract
    • A hygiene check- You have to make sure that you stay clean and dry "down under." Moist conditions are conducive to the growth of bacteria and help them thrive at a greater speed
    • Horseradish- We know horseradish as that hot and spicy vegetable that is quite effective for sinus. However, what we don't know is that horseradish is quite effective in killing the UTI bacteria because of a natural compound it contains: allyl isothiocyanate (AITC). So, whip up a horseradish juice and sip away
    These are widely-practiced UTI natural remedies, but if the infection persists, a visit to a gynecologist is advised.
  • Summer clearance car deals you need to know
    In summer, car dealers strike their best car deals to get rid of all the cars stuck in their inventory, so that they can create floor space for the newer models. And as always the best car deals are offered for the vehicles that are the least sought after, which this year would be an odd combination of larger cars and more fuel-efficient rides especially costlier hybrids and full-electric cars. Consumers have started preferring the new range of crossovers, and this has led to the downfall in the sales of sedans. The SUVs are seen emerging as smaller and sportier models that offer added interior room and utility over the comparably sized sedans. This is the major reason for the short circuiting in the cars' sales, which has forced auto dealers to put up cheap cars for sale in order to push out the older models. As people have been through the era of higher fuel prices, the current fuel prices do not seem to bother the customers; hence they avoid investing in smaller, fuel-efficient cars but prefer to invest in monster crossovers and SUVs instead. Let’s take a glimpse at the different cars that are put up for clearance sale: Nissan Leaf: This car comes with a great deal of $10,650 lease cash or $5,000 cash back and zero percent financing for 72 months. Kia Soul EV: The Kia comes with up to $9,500 lease cash. This is quite a subsidy on the all electric version of this cool car. But this offer is unfortunately available only in a few states. Ford C-Max Energi: There is an offer of up to $8,507 lease cash or $3,000 cash back on the C-Max. This plug-in hybrid version of Ford is a slow-seller although it is fuel-efficient. BMW i3: This model of BMW comes with up to $7,500 lease cash. The i3 is an oddly-styled compact electric car and is the only one that gives buyers the choice of fully electric operation. It is not as fun to drive though.
  • Advantages of tablets in your day to day life
    Tablets have become an integral part of one’s life. It is commonly found in every household. Most people prefer to use tablets instead of desktop computers, in fact, laptops as well. There are various advantages of this device which is making it more attractive and its use more often. Find out the benefits of tablets: Portability: It is by far the most useful portable computing device designed. You can use it for any work that you normally do on desktop and laptop. It is so compact that you can carry it in a handbag. Lightweight: Laptops are portable too, but their weight deters people from taking them everywhere. However, the same does not apply it comes to tablets. They are extremely lightweight, slightly heavier than your smartphone. Thus, you can carry them anywhere you go and work on it. Screen size: Tablets come in varying screen sizes. You can choose one as per your requirements. Moreover, you can adjust the screen resolution and aspect ratio whichever way you feel comfortable to be able to work on it. Just like your smartphone, the tablets have the option of screen rotation. Battery life: Most tablets have impressive battery life, and if you take care of the same, the battery life is enhanced. Make presentation: Just like laptops and desktops, you can use it to make presentations and project the same onto a big screen as well. Audio recording: The audio recording ability of tablets is one of a kind. It is far better than any consumer grade recording device available. GPS navigation device: You can use tablets to guide with precise directions owing to its GPS feature, which you cannot get in laptops. Comfortable usage: Due to the relevant size of the screen, you can use tablets comfortably unlike smartphones that feel cumbersome to use at times. Organizer: Professionals use tablets as an organizer. Thus, you can organize your day to day schedule and everything else without having to carry a pen, paper, and notebook everywhere. Learning enhancement and teaching tools: Tablets are used in educational institutions as a means of learning and education device, a job at which it has no competition.
  • Why Hybrid Mattresses are a Popular Choice
    While shopping, deciding on a good quality mattress is a big task. It can really be very exhausting to sleep on a bad mattress. Thus, if your mattresses are not in good condition, it can have adverse effects on your back and health. Always sleep on a comfortable and best quality mattresses for peaceful mornings. If you are going to a mattress store to find the best-rated mattresses for you, it might be a daunting task if you are unsure as to which brand and type you are looking for. Every store would present you with different quality and types of mattresses. You can check if you need a new mattress if you wake up feeling irritable and experience aches on your body in the morning. Generally, it is the estimation of experts that after every 10 years, mattresses wear out. This, however, will also depend on the quality of the mattresses. Generally, after the age of 40, everyone wants more comfort and hence they may need to change the mattresses after every 5 to 7 years. Listed below are some tips that will help you select the right mattress for your needs. Right choice for best-rated mattresses If you are not very sure about what kind of mattress you need, whether soft or firm, you can check it yourself or even online for the same; your orthopedic may also recommend you for a mattress that will suit your requirements. While deciding about the best-rated mattresses, you should consider the quality, clothing, comfort, and cooling as well. Hybrid mattresses This is one of the qualities of mattresses that is offered by most of the brands. True hybrid beds are made from coils and foams. These mattresses come in shipped boxes. If you are going to choose a hybrid mattress, then you will not be disappointed. These mattresses provide efficient comfort. What thing makes these mattresses more special? The first thing is quality. The most important thing to check is to know about the layers of foam used in the hybrid mattress. There should be a great quality cover on its top; moreover, the use of a  copper-infused memory foam should be a checkpoint; these foams should be further embedded in soft flow foams. There should be proper air flow which can produce a good bounce. If there will be more and more layers of foam, they can provide the best comfort to your body While purchasing mattresses, one should also check its firmness level, whether it is medium or luxurious. The firmness of the mattress depends upon the layers of foams inside it. If you want to get a cool feeling and real comfort for your body, then these mattresses can help you a lot. These can provide you with a great comfort and support, you will not feel disappointed if you have made your choice for choosing some of the best-rated hybrid mattresses. You should simply choose mattresses which can provide comfort to your back, stomach, and sides; hybrid mattresses aim to provide you with these features. Many of the designers design the mattresses by considering different sleeping patterns. Different quality for stomach sleepers and side sleepers. These hybrid mattresses can solve your problem. You will have to pay a little extra amount for this kind of mattress, but you will get good quality of comfort which will help you get a good night's sleep. So go ahead and choose the right quality of mattresses which can provide you with the required comfort.
  • Top 10 heart attack symptoms
    A heart attack is one of the most fatal attacks to happen to a human body. None of us are warned about a heart attack as it can occur at any given time, here are 10 heart attack symptoms:
    • Chest pain
    The human heart is located to the left the chest; a chest discomfort could easily be one of the strongest symptoms of a heart attack if it stays for more than a few minutes. Make sure to consult a doctor at the earliest or call the emergency helpline.
    • Nausea, indigestion, heartburn or stomach pain
    These are another set of common heart attack symptoms and have been observed in many people suffering from a heart attack. These symptoms could also lead to vomiting in some cases and are more generic among women.
    • Chest and arm pain
    The pain of a heart attack in your chest can be caused due to a blocked artery; this pain is also set to spread to your arm if it gets too intense. This is a clear sign of a heart attack.
    • Dizziness
    If you suddenly feel dizzy or lightheaded it could be because your heart rate has dropped as your heart is not able to pump blood at its regular pace. You must consult a doctor, right away!
    • Easy exhaustion
    If you feel exhausted after doing activities that you completed efficiently in the past, you might be prone to a heart attack. Unexplained weakness could also be a symptom of a heart attack.
    • Persistent cough
    If you have a cough for about more than a week or two, it can be a symptom of a heart trouble. This can be considered only if you have a heart disease or have had one in the past. If that's the case, you must focus on this possibility.
    • Intense sweating
    Excessive perspiration is a sign of heart attacks. If you are facing cold sweats for no defined reason you must consult a doctor as it could be a sign of a heart attack.
    • Swollen legs, feet, and ankles
    Swelling occurs when the vein is unable to execute efficient blood flow, this can happen if your heart is not pumping blood at a stable rate.
    • Irregular heartbeat
    Irregular heartbeats are not uncommon, but if this happens on more than one occasion, it could be a cause of concern for your heart.
    • Loud snoring
    Snoring loudly or choking while you are snoring could be a sign of sleep apnea, this happens when you stop breathing for small moments adding excess stress on your heart.