3 elegant curtain and drape panel styles for your home

Curtains and drapes are not only essential for privacy but are also required to make your home interiors look aesthetically pleasing. Well-picked curtains and drapes with colors and patterns compatible with the dcor of the interiors add a touch of softness and style to your room. Apart from colors, materials, textures, and patterns, the type of curtain and drape panel styles are also important to make your rooms visually appealing. Here are four popular styles of curtain and drapes panel styles you can use for your window treatments.

  • Rod-pocket panels
    These curtains and drapes panels give a casual look to a room. They are generally made of light fabrics such as silk, linen, and polyester. These panels are unlined which renders the casual look. The panels have a channel sewn into the top back. The curtain rod can be easily inserted through the channel; this makes curtains and drapes with rod-pocket panels easy to hang. A dramatic look can be added by bunching more fabric together. This can be done by squeezing more fabric onto the rod. Ruffled headers can be also added for a more stylistic pattern. This adds an old-world charm to the room. A useful tip is to keep curtains and drapes with rod-pocket panels in a closed position or tied back with decorative holdbacks and tassels.
  • Panels with rings
    The panels of curtains and drapes hang from rings. Also called grommets, the rings are attached to the top of the panel or inserted through the fabric at the top edge of the curtains or drapes. In this type of panels, the curtain rods are exposed. It is recommended to use metal or wooden rods that have ornamental finials on the ends and look attractive. Curtains and drapes with ringed panels are compatible with various dcor styles including sleek contemporary styles and casual country looks. Since these curtains and drapes with this type of panel are easy to close and open, they are suitable for patio windows.
  • Tab-top panels
    The curtains and drapes with this panel style have fabric loops sewn onto or into the top seam of the panel. Since the panel hangs flat from these loops, this style is perfect if you want to showcase the patterns and prints of your curtains and drapes. This type of panels is compatible with casual interior dcor looks, especially with cottage or country looks when you have lots of stripes, floral, or check pattern on your fabric. Curtains and drapes with tab-top panels are suitable for windows that do not need to be regularly opened. This is because curtains and drapes with tab-top panels are quite tedious to draw, and they are generally stationary.


  • Amazing Vistaprint Coupon Codes to Grab Right Now
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  • Common DIY home pest control solutions

    Most of the residential houses face the problem of pests, which is quite a common problem and which occurs due to many reasons, not just one. Pest infestations can take place anywhere, right from inside the home to outside in the garden. You can prevent infestations by scheduling regular visits by pest control companies but if you don't want to end up paying a large amount of money there are some DIY remedies to curing a pest infestation.

    Prevention  The very first step is prevention “ if you're able to take steps towards pest prevention at an early stage by following some simple steps, one can prevent major infestations. Especially since once the infestation is rampant, you'll have no choice but to call a professional pest management service to get rid of them. Fix leaky faucets (washbasin/kitchen sink/dishwasher) since pests are attracted to leaks. So, it's obvious they will need water to survive and will be commonly found in damp, dingy places. All your dry foods must always be inside sealed jar. Home-brewed pest control solutions
    • The first step is to keep the drain clean. Take ½ a cup of baking soda along with ½ a cup of vinegar and pour it down the drain. After 4 minutes, pour in boiling water to flush out unwanted visitors.
    • Spray your countertops with an effective spray which can be made by mixing two tbsps. of pure castile liquid soap and 1 gallon of water.
    • To keep the bugs, insects, etc. out, essential oil works amazingly well. Mix 1 cup of grain alcohol along with 2½ teaspoonfuls of oil into an empty spray bottle (each essential oil works for certain pests). For instance, Citronella & Lemon Eucalyptus works for mosquitoes, Geranium works for flies, Lavender works for ticks, fleas, and chiggers, Patchouli works for gnats and Rosemary works for fleas and ticks.
    • One can simply sprinkle coffee grounds around the doors and window areas which tend to keep ants at bay.

    One can also try store-bought pest sprays. It important to use them only after wearing a face mask and hand gloves as directly exposing oneself to these chemicals is harmful. A repeated session or as often as is recommended on the bottle can effectively destroy pests.

  • Tips on getting the best custom engagement rings

    Getting married is such an exciting time in a person’s life. It can also be very stressful for someone who is hunting for the best engagement ring for their beloved. More than anything, they would want the ring to be exclusive and unlike anything out there. This might make them want to seek out the best custom engagement rings for a truly unique look.

    If this sounds like you right now, here is a look at tips on getting the best custom engagement rings for the most special lady in your life.

    • Start off early
      Designing a custom engagement ring is no easy task. In fact, some jewelry designers note how it can take several months to one year for some customers to get exactly what they want. So, start early and do not wait until the last minute. Starting early will ensure that you can even make changes in the design if required without affecting your timeline. Experts recommend giving the whole process at least twelve weeks.
    • Do your research
      While researching the style and pattern of the ring is important, you also want to research the background of the jeweler. The last thing you need is to get stressed out by a below-average service when you are desperately searching for the best custom engagement rings. Also, you do not want to change your jeweler in the middle of the process as this will increase your work or even the cost. Check out if they have any certifications and even read online reviews to see how skilled they are at what they do.
    • Get your loved one’s style and not your own
      Even though you are searching for a custom engagement ring, make sure that the final product is a reflection of your loved one’s style statement and not your tastes. After all, your to-be-spouse would need to wear this ring every day and even proudly show it off. Make sure to notice their style. It is important that the ring is of a metal that they normally wear. For instance, if they love silver, then you would not want to gift your beloved a gold engagement ring. You could ask their best friend for help choosing the style if you are confused.
    • Know where to buy
      Finally, you need to know where to get the best custom engagement rings. Some really great options in the country are Taylor & Hart, Brilliant Earth, and Tiffany & Co. Do not be afraid to even pop into your local jeweler and see if they are ready to work with your designs.
  • Top 4 Flat Screen Televisions In The Market

    If you are looking forward to buying a flat screen television, ideally opt for a 65-inch flat screen TV. It would be most suited for a midsize living room and you will always be able to enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort zone of your home. Listed below are some of the popular 65-inch flat screen TVs which you can ideally purchase for your home.

    • Sharp 65 Inch Flat Screen TV
      In case your budget does not allow you to experiment much, the Sharp 65 Inch Flat Screen TV could be your best bet. The flat screen TV is available for a price of $699 in the US market and can be purchased ideally from any nearby retail store or can be purchased online through Amazon or any other similar web platform. The 4K resolution of this 65 inch flat screen TV enables clear images to reflect through the screen. The television is equipped with Roku interface which enables the user to stream a range of television shows and movies, thus converting your television into a home theatre. In addition, you will also get three HDMI ports which offer additional consoles for your HD devices and playing games through the console.
    • Hisense 65 Inch Flat Screen TV
      The Hisense flat screen TV is smart indeed as you can connect to the internet and stream movies. A distinct feature of this 65 Inch Flat Screen Tv is 4K UHD upscaling as it improves upon the lower resolution by converting the same to 4K. You can enjoy watching the television from multiple angles as it has a 176 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. You can always connect your digital camera, USB devices and camcorder to the flat screen television to convert it into a personal memory storehouse. This television is available for a price of $729 in the market.
    • Sony 65 Inch Flat Screen TV
      This 65-inch Flat Screen TV is available for a price of $1099 in the US market. The television is equipped with a slim backlight drive which enables the light to pass through to various regions of the television as and when needed. Extra brightness or deep contrast can be enabled in the television through the help of this feature. The television can be considered a modern marvel indeed as the users' favorite apps can be made to cast in the television through Google Cast and voice search feature which makes the same a true powerhouse of entertainment. Chromecast has been built into this television and this allows the user to cast their favorite shows, movies, and music on the television. The Google Cast app can also be downloaded alternatively and connected to the television to enjoy shows, movies, and music as the case might be. You can also block channels and content that you feel is unwarranted for your children when you are outdoors in this 65 Inch Flat Screen TV.
    • SunBrite 65 Inch Flat Screen TV
      If you are living in a cold state like Alaska which experiences harsh winters, the 65-inch Flat Screen TV from SunBrite could be the best option for you to consider. This due to the fact that it has been engineered to function in varying climate which includes a low of -24 degrees F to a high of 122 degrees F. The television is equipped with LED backlight and anti-glare technology which helps deliver clear and bright content which is four times sharper and clear than the full HD in any normal television. The television has a rust-proof aluminum exterior which protects the same from snow, humidity and other adversities of nature. This television from SunBrite is available for a price of $7,999 which is on the higher side compared to other options available in the market. However, considering the innovative features and functionality of this television, the investment can be a savior in the long run.
  • Basic eligibility for entry-level jobs
    Entry-level jobs are an excellent way to learn about the field you want to work in in the future. People who do not have any work experience or those who have work experience but not in the field they are applying for, mostly start off with an entry-level job to get in that area of expertise and grow along the way. But even though there is no experience required, here are certain eligibility criteria you need to meet for any entry-level job. Basic education and/or a graduation in the respective field Not every job will require a graduation in the respective field unless it is a core technical job. But if you are applying for an entry-level job in mechanical engineering, you will require at least a graduation or a certification in mechanical engineering. Most jobs also require a basic school education that most people have. Knack for learning something new Not every entry-level employee is a fresher. Some people have work experience in other fields but realize their interest is elsewhere and hence start looking for jobs in their interested field. These jobs might not require any prior experience, but one needs to have a knack for learning new things to be successful in the field. Basic computer skills This is probably a must for all the jobs in this world. Today, every thing is computerized, and one needs to know how to use a computer and in it, the Internet, Microsoft Office, and few other necessary things. Any job you land, you will later have to learn certain software to bring productivity and efficiency and that will be easy when you know basic computer skills. Positive attitude For entry-level jobs, a positive attitude is highly significant. You need to understand that you will have to do things you are not getting paid for along with the things that are mentioned in your KRAs. A positive approach toward any job is the winning way.
  • 3 essential tips on choosing a university of your choice
    Admission in general is quite an overwhelming process that requires a great deal of effort and planning in the right direction. The process becomes twice as complicated when it comes to pursuing master’s education. This is usually because a substantial amount of your future seems to be at stake, you tend to weigh up things a bit too much before taking a decision. While being cautious and focusing on crucial aspects usually bears fruit, we often tend to miss out on certain obvious observations while making a decision. If you are a master's education aspirant who is looking for useful leads, here are a few tips and key considerations that you must employ while choosing a master’s education course. Choose the destination that is the best for your course If you are considering completing your master’s education from a university abroad, it is necessary you pick a destination based on what you wish to study. It is a fact that specific destinations are more popular for economics, biology or engineering than the others that may have specialized courses in disciplines such as arts, designing or psychology. It is therefore important you invest adequate time researching for the best-rated universities in a particular field for master's education. Be sure about the recognition of your academic qualification All universities in Europe and Australia require a pre-master's degree from international students who wish to pursue master's education in these countries. It is, therefore, important that you identify if you need to undertake an additional bridging degree to be eligible to apply for the course of your choice in the other country. Decide whether to opt for a metropolis or a smaller city From a logistical and exposure point of view opting for a university in a bigger city is a big plus, however, students can also easily get distracted in larger cities. While opting for a big city or a small one is an individual’s prerogative, it is important you thoroughly consider the pros and cons present in both the options. Your decision of the destination, ultimately, should stem out of the Master degree course you wish to pursue.