3 Most-Selling Furniture from Bob’s Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture store has been one of the leading stores when it comes to affordable and high-quality furniture for home as well as office. Right from living room furniture to mattresses, everything made of quality material can be found in every outlet of Bob’s Discount Furniture store. Moreover, they also offer one of the finest customer services right from the first search to the final delivery of the product.

Kennedy Leather Sofa
This particular sofa has a traditional style and gives tremendous comfort. Made of 100% top grain leather, this well-designed sofa also features a transitional key arm style. Plus, for extra comfort, lounging is generously provided by the pillowtop seat cushions. Some of the notable features of this sofa from Bob’s Furniture includes:

  • State-of-the-art temperature sensitive memory foam that just snuggles to your body and provides an increased comfort, pressure relief, and a gentle support.
  • Natural leather which is durable and strong, yet soft and kid-friendly.
  • Stunning detail around the trim created by individually driven nailheads which adds to the overall character of the sofa.
  • The fabric is pulled together at specific points in such a way to create an elegant uniformed pattern, resulting in a more unique style to the set.
  • The price of this furniture is around $999.00.

Gulliver Trunk Coffee Table
Walk-in to an exotic location with Gulliver Trunk Coffee Table that makes any living room feel like a holiday resort. This centerpiece is an instant conversation starter with its vintage look, a distressed finish, and classic buckle hardware. Below are some of the significant details of this coffee table:

  • This centerpiece will add a classic touch to your living room with its look and style.
  • If you need to tuck away your magazines and books, then this table is your answer with its ample space.
  • The price set for this piece is around $199.00.

Ritz 4 Piece Sectional
Your living room won’t be complete without Ritz 4 Piece Left Arm Facing Sectional sofa loaded with 10 cozy pillows and memory foam. This set is perfect for lounging with family and friends with its ‘leather-look’ performance fabric, which is breathable, easy to clean, durable and fade resistant. Some of the details for this sectional sofa include the following.

  • This sectional is infused with Bob-O-Pedic Gel Memory Foam for extra comfort. The gel’s attributes also help keep you cool by dissipating your body heat.
  • The color of the stitching does not match the color of the fabric. This is an intentional decision which results in contrast to the aesthetics of the piece.
  • The price set for this piece is approximately $1,499.00.


  • Top Foods for Cats with Sensitive Skin
    Just like humans, felines too are prone to a variety of food allergies that can lead to sensitive skin, irritation, swelling, and other similar symptoms. The allergy can be caused by certain foods like corn, dairy, and even seafood. As a pet parent, you are responsible for their health, and there are multiple things you can do to ensure they live a healthy life. If you suspect that your cat has sensitive skin, you can perform a couple of checks like check for pests, consider food allergies, and if nothing works, take your car to a vet. If you think that your pet has a pest infestation, you can examine their fur and skin and look for ticks, mites, lice, fleas, or other parasites. If your cat is free of pests, then consider that the skin sensitivity could be due to allergies to either food or environmental factors. A vet may suggest certain medication for your pet’s sensitive skin, but you can also consider changing their diet and introducing foods that suit their sensitive skin and stomach. The right cat food can boost the immune system and improve the overall health of your pet. So, it is vital to choose the right food for your cat. BLUE Wilderness™ Meat-Rich Diet Dry Cat Food This range of meat-rich cat food has a mix of sweet potatoes to provide healthy complex carbs. They also contain BLUE LifeSource Bits, carefully crafted kibble that has a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This cat food does not contain ingredients that may be harmful for pets with sensitive skin like soy, corn, gluten, and artificial preservatives. This range of cat food is also free from meat by-products. It is easy to digest and keeps cats in their best health. The cat food is also 100% grain-free, which makes it great for pets with sensitive skin. The protein-rich chicken variant promotes healthy muscle growth and development. It is packed with omega 3, omega 6, and amino acids to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin. It also includes taurine, a type of amino acid that helps maintain the eye and heart health of cats. Hill's™ Science Diet™ Adult Indoor cat food This cat food for adult cats is made with wholesome ingredients which helps in healthy and gentle digestion. The recipe for this cat food meets the company's strict purity and nutrient content requirements, and even exceeds the industry standards for nutrient content. The fiber-rich food supports digestive health, and the presence of vitamins C and E support a healthy immune system. It is formulated for adult cats that are between 1 to 6 years of age and have an indoor lifestyle. This cat food is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, which makes it suitbale for cats with sensitive skin. Natural Balance® L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Green Pea & Duck Formula This dry food is made especially for cats with skin sensitivities, and the recipe contains ingredients that will keep your pet healthy. It includes a single animal protein source—duck—which is one of the top ingredients to promote strength and overall health. Each bite is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids like taurine. This cat food is grain-free, which makes it suitable for pets with sensitive skin as it helps reduce the risk of food allergies. The balanced levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are great for promoting healthy skin and coat. It also contains fortified vitamins and taurine that improve eyes and heart health. Halo Holistic Sensitive Stomach Seafood Medley for Cats This primary ingredient of this dry cat food is whole whitefish and salmon from certified sustainable fisheries. They also contain non-GMO vegetables including dried sweet potatoes, cranberries, carrots, and blueberries. The proteins and whole grains used in the recipe are easy to digest, which is why it is perfect for your cat’s sensitive tummy. Other essential ingredients include vitamins and fiber. Additionally, it contains fatty acids and nutrients that support healthy skin and shiny coats. Another reason to choose this cat food is that it does not contain meat meal. So, if you're looking for cat food for your pet with sensitive skin, then this might be the right choice. Instinct® Real Chicken Recipe for Kittens This canned cat food has a high animal protein, grain-free recipe that helps your cat thrive and promotes their overall health. The food includes a balanced mix of poultry, fish, and meat to provide healthy exposure to proteins. The loaf texture makes it irresistible to your kittens. Additionally, it includes a natural source of DHA for the healthy development of your kitten’s eyes and brain. This wet canned food is free of all kinds of potentially harmful ingredients like grain, potato, wheat, soy, corn, by-product meal, and artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Effective precautions to take when painting your bathroom
    Bathrooms are one of the most important areas of a household; these need to be kept clean not only for great interiors but also for preventing the spread of any diseases. A clean bathroom is essential for the well-being of every person living inside the house. Moreover, when it comes to the work of bathroom painting, special care needs to be taken to ensure that not only your bathroom looks stylish but is also clean from any pathogens. The guide below will provide the much-needed precautions to follow, so that bathroom painting does not become a headache, but a smooth process. Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below; Precautions to take while painting your bathroom Covering all the essentials Once you have decided to give your bathroom a makeover, make sure to include the necessary fittings that include taps, sink, and shower. This will ensure that no additional time or hard work is required after the entire bathroom has been painted. Protect the floor Make sure to cover the bathroom floor with a suitable plastic sheet or an old cloth to avoid dropped paint from spilling on the entire floor. Paint stains are the hardest to clean, especially when they cling to marble tiles installed on the bathroom floor. Remove the Mould With passing time, damp air might settle on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom area. If this is ignored in the long run, then high humidity levels can lead to the growth of mold. This will make it further challenging to paint the bathroom with the mold sticking to the surface. Hence, make sure to take care of this issue with the various mold removal products available with paint stores to completely stop its growth in the future as well. Prepare the bathroom One of the important parts of providing the best bathroom painting job is to prepare. It is advised to lay a proper foundation before using paint on the surface or going for a wallpaper. This will help catch any issues including wall cracks in advance. Utilize a Primer Always remember to use a primer to prepare the surface before applying the paint on the surface. This provides an additional layer of protection and also plays a pivotal role in helping the color settle on the bathroom surface. Avoid installing a Wallpaper Bathroom wallpapers were a trend during the early 20th century, but the modern day bathroom facilities might not support installing a wallpaper. This is because in case humidity settles on the wallpaper, it will reduce the bonding agent strength and tear the wallpaper off the bathroom wall. It is advised to use a vinyl wallcovering as these come with an additional layer made of paper or fiber. These have a printed pattern along with a plastic covering layer to provide wiping protection.
  • Exterior paint designs for creative minds
    A lot of us spend quite a lot of time and effort in decorating the interiors of our homes. But, have you ever thought of painting it outside? Seems rather out of the ordinary doesn't it? It doesn't have to be anymore. If you do not like painting the outside of your house in just a plain color or two, don't worry. Here are some great exterior paint color ideas where you can learn how to design the exterior of your house with great paint shades. The first exterior paint color ideas is painting the exterior by giving an illusion of bricks. Instead of a plain rustic red, why don't you transform it into rectangular boxes? Your house looks even warmer and rustic and gives the good old country look to it! Add in a chimney, paint a brick design on it too, and you have your picture perfect house. The color of the bricks' can also be white or several shades of brown at the same time. The next design is based of on trees. Can you guess which part? A popular exterior paint design is wood. Wood inspired paint designs gives a sense of living in the wilderness, even if the house is in the city. It inspires ideas of campfire, tents and great conversations and laughter with family. Often log cabins in the woods are made of actual wood, but if you are in the city, the best way to replicate it, is painting the exterior of your house like it. Much like the previous idea, this one is also from nature-stones! By painting the exterior of the house like stones, you give a cozy and cottage kind feeling to it. The stones can be rectangular or squared or how ever you would like. If painted correctly, you wont be able to see the difference between an actual stone wall and your house! Next, if you want to give your house a vintage look, painting cracks on your wall will certainly give that effect. Your actual house will suffer no actual damage, but the artwork will make sure it looks like it! Nothing screams ancient than a cracking' building! Finally, you can always paint the exterior to look like marble. Unfortunately, an actual house made of marble would be really expensive, but who said you shouldn't paint it to look like one? Just a few strokes here and there and voila! Your house looks like it is made of marble and would fool anyone as long as they don't know the truth. These are simple, common design ideas. But, you can always transform a back garden wall into a mural, or paint a scene or picture that you like. Follow these ideas and bring that grandeur look to your humble homes but feel free to get creative.
  • Easy ways to quit smoking
    Smoking can start as a one-off thing and slowly become an addiction. There comes a time after which even quitting can seem a distant thought, which is why the following remedies should be tired out as effective treatments to quit smoking. Acupuncture: Acupuncture can control your cravings for a cigarette. Medical professionals will manipulate pressure points by inserting needles around your ear lobes, which is alternatively referred to as auricular acupuncture. There are many pressure points on your body which can be manipulated to get a desired response or reaction which is auricular acupuncture has proven somewhat an effective treatment to quit smoking to help gums also. Change your routine: Smoking is a habit, but it is also influenced by a number external of factors and your schedule mainly. Changing your place once in a while, your sitting position, where you have your morning coffee, who you meet, everything combined can influence your smoking habit. Visual therapy: Visual influencers can prove to be a very effective treatment to quit smoking, help gums and promote healthy oral care. Make a list of all the possible and horrible side effects of smoking on a regular basis. Write it down every day to condition your brain that smoking is bad for you, hang a copy of this list at your desk in the office. Whenever you feel the temptation or urge to light one up, take a look at the list and contemplate on the number of health problems that can arise due to smoking. Positive conditioning will not only make you quit but also will provide you with the confidence and strength to not fall back into the habit. Create a barrier around you: Make up your mind that you will not hang out with people who smoke or urge you to have a cigarette. Even if it means shutting out your loved ones who smoke or your best friend. Creating a no smoke barrier around you will help get rid of this disgusting habit and also might help condition the people who smoke around you. Conditioning therapies have proven to be one of the effective treatments to quit smoking and help gums recover from the bad exposure over time. Take a game break instead of smoke break: Tempted to take a smoke break? Take a game break instead. You don't have to be a die-hard fan of playing RPG and strategy games, but surely a game of solitaire or even chess might help take your mind off that smoke break you need badly. Changing your actions: Smoking requires the same repetitive action to take a drag, let out and follow the process. Switch your cigarettes for a pack of peanuts or snacks that might keep your hands busy and take your mind off those cigarettes instead. This activity will at best mimic the actions and oral sensations that you get from smoking.
  • How to make a simple buffalo burger at home
    Buffalo meat also known as bison, has emerged as a popular red meat variant in the past few decades. It is a yummy alternative to beef, and is a bit expensive too. But if comparisons are drawn, bison is a healthier red meat option. Packed with proteins and essential nutrients, the buffalo meat has less calories and fats as compared to beef. The animal from which this leaner red meat is acquired is void of any external hormones, steroids or antibiotics for growth and enhancements, unlike the cow. These buffalos raised on the farm are left to graze the grass freely, i.e. it isn't excessively domesticated, making its meat richer and highly nutritious. This also helps the environment as it naturally curbs the overgrowth of pastures. In terms of flavor, buffalo meat is mildly sweet, and denser as well. If you are considering to try or switch to buffalo meat, there are many recipes that you can attempt with it. One of the recipes that you can try with the bison meat is the recipe of buffalo burger. But why start off with a burger? Because a burger is fuss free and familiar part of our diets. It's fun, easy to make and even easier to gulp down. You can serve this burger for family and friends during the weekends, or just simply whip it together if you are super famished. Here's how you can make a simple but a delectable buffalo burger. So, for a buffalo burger recipe all you need is grounded buffalo meat, seasoning of salt and pepper, sliced onions and celery stalks and some blue cheese. Firstly, you will need to make patties out of the meat by mixing the buffalo meat and the seasonings thoroughly. If you like you can also add some eggs in the patty mixture. On a pan gently saute sliced onions in butter, with chopped celery and the crumbled blue cheese. After cooking these ingredients properly, grill the bison patties in another pan in olive oil. Grill them for around 5 to 7 minutes. Remember not to keep them in the pan for too long, as they can get excessively dry. Aim for a medium rare, and then toss them on the grilled buns, add the mixture of caramelized onions and celery. Then slowly incorporate the lettuce leaf, and a tomato slice. You can also add Worcestershire sauce or mayonnaise if you like. Apart from the juicy buffalo burgers, there are many other recipes that you can experiment with, using the buffalo meat. You can make soups, pastas, kebabs, steaks, meatballs, tacos, pizzas, etc. Check out various cooking websites that can help you with amazing ideas to incorporate buffalo meat in your daily diet.
  • A closer look at the buttons and features of GoPro Hero4
    Action cameras are a popular range of cameras trending for recording various physical activities. These cams are great at recording full HD videos and images, waterproof, and fully shockproof. The GoPro Hero4 is the latest addition to the series. Here we are to give you a closer look at the button and the features of the camera. Read on! Navigation menu The power button lets you navigate through various menu options such as settings, functions, and modes once the device is on. These menu options include burst, settings, video, photo, and time lapse. Bluetooth For the GoPro Hero4 Action Camera, the Bluetooth option works as a power saving feature. The option helps in recognizing when the device or your smartphone is close by and assists in reducing the consumption of power. Shutter The GoPro camera also comes with a shutter-select button that works as a shutter option, which is found on every camera. Once the device is on, the shutter/select button can be pressed to start the recording and pressed again to stop the recording. WIFI and settings option together The camera features a WIFI button, which when pressed once works as the settings button and when held for a few more seconds switches on the Wi-Fi option. Moreover, to get an access to the Wi-Fi option, you need to first enter the settings option and then move to the Wi-Fi settings. This specific addition was made to prevent the Wi-Fi being switched on and off accidentally. Video mode setting The video mode setting is the first mode of the camera once switched on. It helps you choose from various fields of view such as wide, medium, and narrow. Herein, you can also choose the frame rate, the video resolution, clip numbers, and the record time. Along with these, the video mode setting lets you check the SD card capacity and the remaining battery life. Hilight tag On the right side of the GoPro device, you can locate the Hilight tag button. Earlier, you had to scroll through numerous photo shots to find the best picture. However, the new feature of the Hilight tag button helps in tagging a picture immediately once clicked so that you can locate the picture easily while editing it and not spend hours finding it. Accessories Some of the popular accessories that are available for GoPro Hero4 are GoPro Smart remote, GoPro Rechargeable batteries, GoPro Dual battery chargers, GoPro Mounts, and GoPro Screen protectors, among others.