3 things to remember while applying for a fine arts degree

Applying for a fine arts school is exciting as well as intimidating. The degree of fine arts typically lasts for 4 years, and can alter you in so many ways as an artist and eventually your perspective towards life. Since getting into a fine arts school is not an easy act, here are 3 things you should meticulously focus on when you’re commencing with your application procedure.

The first thing you do is extract as much information as you can about the potential fine arts degree courses. Right from the college, to its culture, to its syllabus, to the faculty and the financial aid, everything should be thoroughly scrutinized. Peruse through online brochures, compare the facilities and understand what works for you as an art student. There is a lot of material online that can assist you with deciding. You can also visit online communities, read reviews or start a discussion thread on a forum, if you have some doubts to be cleared. It’s also very important to have options so that you can always count on another college you have applied to.

Application and Portfolio
Be precise and honest while filling up your application form. The form for an art school will have some questions which will help the college understand your approach and thought process about art. So be very particular about the way you word it and don’t forget to proofread!
It is imperative that you have a portfolio of your artwork. This is for obvious reasons the most crucial aspect of your application. Different colleges will require artwork in a distinct manner. Some might want a binder having all your work, some might want a digital copy of your work. Whatever it is, make sure it is clean, properly labeled and organized. Your portfolio is an important insight about your creative capabilities, so make sure you’re prepared to make a great first impression.

Although this is not a standard protocol, a considerate number of arts schools have interviews. So, make sure that you have comprehensively worked on your awareness skills. The major part of the interview is that you should be able to project your vision and motivation for pursuing a fine arts degree. The interviewing panel may want to know more about the form of art you’re interested in and what you might possibly want to make out of it.


  • Top Brands to Buy a Chainsaw From
    The chainsaw was invented by the Germans in 1830, and it is mostly used as a mechanical tool. The links of the chain have small cutting tooth-like structures that are set at an angle and are used as guiding chains to handle the position of the wheel or the given cutting-chopping task. The main factor to consider when you buy a chainsaw is the chisel cutter tooth that performs the breaking and setting of the wheel position. The best performance time of the cutter tooth is when it is new or sharp. The sharper the cutter tooth, the more efficient will be the chainsaw. The chain once used is sharpened by a cutter file, but most chainsaws, for greater use, are sharpened by a square grinder. There are certain brands that you could consider while buying a chainsaw, which are as follows:
    Craftsman is one of the most reputed and leading brands in the market of chainsaws. The most attractive feature of this brand is that these chainsaws come in a variety of bar lengths that are important for the consumers in this market. You can buy chainsaws by Craftsman both online and from retail stores, with both the platforms presenting a detailed buying guide that can help you choose the right one according to your needs.
    When you buy a chainsaw, it should not only match the job needs but also the budget needs. Usually, chainsaws need some amount of investment but the above brand is known for its cost-efficient chainsaws with high quality. Black and Decker chainsaws can be used to do jobs around the house as well and definitely satisfies you for the price you pay for them.
    Echo is one of the leading brands in the chainsaw market, and their chainsaws come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. However, when you buy a chainsaw from this brand, it is mainly for the quality it provides. It is known for its gas chainsaws and targets mostly the professional market. The price you provide justifies the fuel efficiency of the chainsaw and you can definitely make this your first choice.
    Buying a chainsaw from Stihl is mostly a good choice owing to its lightweight design and air-to-fuel ratio balance. It makes a good mark in the professional and the consumer market, though the electric chainsaw is far better than the gas one and is highly preferred for its features. With an excellent power to weight ratio and efficient fuel capacity, Stihl chainsaws are preferred in the market.
    Buying a chainsaw from Homelite is highly recommended on the basis of its fuel efficiency and gas-powered nature. The starting system is excellent making it easy for you to start the chainsaw with minimum attempts. These chainsaws are also preferred for being one of the lightest chainsaws compared to others in the market. Light chainsaws make it easier to do jobs around the house and, therefore, can make them an attractive buy.
    This is again a top brand in the chainsaw market. The design model is small and, thus, compatible to use. To buy a chainsaw from Husqvarna is worth the price you pay for, and it is known for its electric batteries that don't run out of charge easily. It is easy to maintain and store these chainsaws, making them a perfect buy for the consumers. However, buying a chainsaw is not an easy decision that can be made on the basis of certain attractive features. It is a decision that should be considered keeping in mind the jobs to be performed, the time you have at hand to perform the same jobs, the size of the jobs, and the budget requirements. There can be no perfect chainsaw suiting all your requirement, but there could be chainsaws that can match some of your important needs. It is highly recommended to research the market before making your purchase decision.
  • Where can I find cleaning jobs
    Finding jobs online has now become a raging trend, which means that your choice of work is just a couple of clicks away. With job portals and online job websites going out of their way to design an interactive user interface and trusted algorithm patterns to make sure you get the best job out there suited to your profile, looking for a job today has become a very easy process. There are dedicated websites which provide specific jobs such as hospitality, housekeeping, and cleaning jobs. Here is a list of some of the most popular cleaning jobs sites for where you can avail some wonderful opportunities. Housekeeper.com: This website has a very interactive user interface with multiple choice options for you to select and narrow down from the hundreds of cleaning jobs listing that are added on a daily basis. The website offers a portal for you to find housekeepers or apply for housekeeping and cleaning jobs yourself. The search criteria can be easily modified to suit your specifications and thus filter the best possible results from selection options like the type of service provider, services offered, location, and work eligibility, amongst other filters. The featured jobs tab will simplify your search for finding a good paying cleaning job. Care.com: Care.com is a dedicated website for finding household cleaning jobs. This website has a straightforward design and even simpler interface which features all the preferred jobs one would apply for, based on certain tracking and computation algorithms. There are subcategories from where you can narrow down your searches also to specific jobs you might want to do. Cleaning jobs can also be searched based on the urgency of the job requirement. Only give your preference for when do you want a job and search accordingly. Upwork.com: Upwork.com has a fundamental design with a search bar that will allow you to search for cleaning jobs. Upwork.com is suitable for people who are looking for freelance jobs, with flexible work options. The algorithm is designed to analyze your search requirements and short list work on ideal projects with a wide variety of payment options. Cleaning jobs can be found across some of the more nonspecific websites which post listings from all sectors of the industry. You can also check websites like Craigslist to find some odd but part time cleaning jobs posted by apartment holders.
  • All you need to know about managed hybrid cloud hosting
    Managed hybrid cloud hosting is a process wherein various organizations end up accessing as well as sharing resources. These hosts comprise hardware as well as software tools and also have various databases. It works through the medium of various different servers across remote locations. When it comes to a managed hybrid cloud hosting, the involved entities end up buying the servers either as a complete virtual server or in different slices. However, before one considers the costs, the involved consumer and provider need to analyze the security along with the consistency of availability. They are mainly used by big corporations and monthly contracts are issued instead of the usual hourly basis set up. This particular system is not only known as Managed hybrid cloud hosting but also commonly referred to as managed cloud hosting as well as managed cloud computing. The biggest advantage of this particular service is that it is not only highly dependable but also comes for the cost of a public network and ensures the security of a private service. Some more advantages of this service are as follows: Consistent availability The managed hybrid cloud hosting is created keeping in mind high availability and follows the structure of a private cloud. It also uses the principle of effective redundancy through the various servers that are hosted as well as has Storage Area Network and Storage Protection in-built for better functioning. There is no failure because of automated balancing of resources Since the infrastructure is constantly available, the cloud servers always provide the information even if the servers stop working. Failover and resource balancing is effectively managed. Ensures ace network security With managed hybrid cloud hosting, you get the advantage of top-class security for your servers through Virtual local area networks (VLAN) as well as protected firewalls and Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). You can be sure of an extremely protected environment. Offers a hybrid of virtual as well as secure servers With hybrid servers, you can get a combination of every high-quality server that is used. You can use the best of virtual as well as physical servers too. Using these servers will not only save you a lot of time but also help you run your business better, without any glitches.
  • Furnish your home beautifully yet affordably with Joann coupons

    Stylish furnishing in beautiful colors and patterns can make a world of difference to any interior. And there is no better place to get attractive upholstery fabrics and accessories than Joann. Joann stores were set up in the USA with the sole purpose of feeding creative souls and those looking for stunning items to work with. Resellers and members of professional craft organizations can find all they need from these stores. Also, Joann coupons make purchasing home decor fabrics affordable and exciting. These coupons are displayed on the company's website as well as on popular portals.

    More ways to save
    Both in-store and online coupons are offered by Joann and these come with specific terms and conditions. In-store Joann coupons must be printed and submitted after the purchase, and sometimes certain items are excluded from the offer too. So go through deals carefully. Joann stores also offer a military discount if the customer who is actually in service or some eligible family member provides proof. And if you enroll as a VIP member, you will enjoy an additional discount on every purchase. You can also sign up for emails and newsletters so that you never miss a deal.

    Types of home decor fabrics
    Products from premium brands like Waverly, Hudson 43, Kelly Ripa, Eaton Square, Nate Berkus, Square by Design and Robert Allen Home are offered by Joann. You can also pick from creations by Solarium, Sunbrella, Crypton and Jaclyn Smith Home. Besides using Joann coupons, you can also benefit from discount offers on outdoor fabrics and on customized headboards. Here is a look at the different items:

    Decor fabrics These can range from light to medium to heavy upholstery. Choose from myriad colors, prints, solids, and materials like twill, sheer, and canvas. You can also find velvet and vinyl options.
    Decor fabric accessories Under this category, you can buy drapery hardware and linings, trims and accessories, pillows and bedding, and foam and fiber. Available in various sizes and colors, these items can be cotton, polyester, cotton blend, nylon, polypropylene etc.

    Custom upholstered headboards Choose from styles like five button, notched border, notched nail button, tufted notched, nail button notched wingback, nail button wingback, and tufted wingback. Sizes range from twin, queen, and king to California King and full. Headboards can come in solid hues or in vibrant prints.

    Printed fabrics in bold colors are very much in vogue now. So you can use your Joann coupons to buy fabrics with floral, stripes, paisley, Aztec, abstract or geometrical prints. Just remember that coupons cannot be photocopied or reproduced in other ways for multiple uses.

  • Life expectancy with COPD
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, going by the household name of COPD, is a chronic condition. This condition is faced about approximately 24 million users till the current date. The primary organ affected by this disease is the lungs, the breathing capacity of the lungs drops significantly as their condition starts to deteriorate. The life expectancy in COPD is very subjective and usually, depends on the stage of the disease. Unfortunately, the cure for this disease has not been found yet. COPD usually goes through can differ according to the patient; it goes through either emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Even though both these conditions are different, they are associated with restricting airflow to the lungs and making breathing a difficult activity. Let's look at the life expectancy with COPD.
    • When we talk about the progression of COPD and the life expectancy of the patient suffering from it, there is an underlying fact that this condition has no cure. In this case, death is inevitable, the life expectancy is dependent on the medication and in most cases, the willpower and mental strength of the patient.
    • COPD, is a condition that gropes the sufferer and life expectancy is very limited; there is no straightforward answer to the question. The life expectancy in COPD depends on more than one factor, like the overall health of the patient, occurrence of other medical conditions, habits like smoking or alcoholism, lifestyle, and frequency of tedious activities.
    • The best bet for most sufferers of COPD to gauge their life expectancy is to rely on the GOLD system. This is a system developed by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease; it helps in tracking the progression of COPD with four stages. The stages are as mentioned below:
    • Stage 1 very mild COPD
    • Stage 2 moderate COPD
    • Stage 3 severe emphysema/chronic bronchitis
    • Stage 4 very severe COPD
    Every stage has its own impact on the sufferer, the potency of the impact increase with the progression in the stage. The higher the stage, the shorter the life expectancy.
    • The BODE index is another way of measuring COPD life expectancy. BODE stands for Body-mass index, airflow Obstruction, Dyspnea, and Exercise. The doctors use this method to keep track of the stages and suffering of the patient.
    • According to most results, the doctors have found out that patients that quit smoking even after being diagnosed with COPD have a higher life expectancy than current or ongoing smokers.
  • Major causes, symptoms, and risks of hearing loss

    When you age, you can experience hearing loss, and that’s fairly common among people. In our country, approximately one-third of the population between the age group of 65 to 75 years have some or the other form of hearing loss. Moreover, every one in two persons over the age of 75 has this defect.

    Types of hearing loss

    • One that involves the inner ear – Sensorineural
    • One that involves the middle or outer ear – Conductive
    • Combination of the two - Mixed

    Usually, hearing loss occurs because of prolonged exposure to loud noises or simply as a result of aging. However, with the excessive accumulation of earwax, your hearing might be temporarily reduced. Though hearing loss cannot be reversed, certain steps can be taken to reduce its impact.

    Symptoms of hearing loss

    • Inability to comprehend words, especially in a crowded or a noisy place
    • Repeatedly requesting people to speak loudly, clearly, and slowly
    • Trying to withdraw from conversations
    • Muffling of sounds
    • Inability to hear consonants
    • Having to keep the radio or the television sound up


    • Build-up of earwax over time
      When there’s a gradual build-up of earwax, it tends to obstruct the ear canal. As a result of it, the sound wave conduction gets hampered. Getting rid of earwax can help you get rid of hearing loss.
    • Tumor, ear infection, or abnormal growth
      Either of these in the ear can lead to hearing loss.
    • Problem with inner ear
      Prolonged exposure to loud noise or aging can also contribute to hearing loss. It is the nerve cells present in the cochlea, which sends the hearing signals to the brain. As and when these nerve cells are damaged, the efficient transmission of sound messages are restricted, and this leads to hearing loss.
    • Eardrum rupture
      In case of a sudden burst of loud noise, eardrum poking by an object, an ear infection, or change in the pressure, there might be a rupturing of the eardrum, which can lead to hearing loss.

    Risk factors

    • Aging
      With age, hearing loss becomes common.
    • Certain illnesses
      A few illnesses or diseases, which result in meningitis or high fever can damage the cochlea and cause hearing loss.
    • Medications
      There are a few medications, such as chemotherapy prescriptions, sildenafil, or gentamicin, which have a deteriorating effect on the inner ear. It might lead to hearing loss or cause tinnitus. In some cases, the effect is only temporary. Consuming a high dosage of certain medications like pain relievers and aspirin, among others can also lead to hearing loss.
    • Heredity
      Your genes might also make you more vulnerable to ear damage or hearing loss from aging.
    • Loud noise
      With prolonged exposure to loud noise or a short blast of a screechy sound (like that of a bullet), your inner ear can be damaged. It will lead to hearing loss.
    • Recreational noises
      Exposure to sounds of jet engines or firearms can lead to permanent ear damage. In addition to this, a few other recreational sounds, such as listening to music at a loud volume, motorcycling, snowmobiling, or carpentry, can also have a similar impact.
    • Occupational noises
      Jobs, such as construction works, farming, or factory work, where loud noise is a part of the routine, can also lead to a hearing loss.