4 factors to consider while choosing a backpack for your child

Back-to-school shopping is a bittersweet occasion for kids; their vacation comes to an end and they will be promoted to the next grade, which implies that they will soon be shopping for new school supplies. Out of all the school supplies, shopping for a school backpack is what kids look forward to. Though choosing the right backpack for your kid might appear to be a simple task, it is, in fact, an elaborate process.

Back-to-school backpacks should combine utility and style as backpacks have now become a style statement. However, allowing your child to choose a backpack for school only on the basis of how the backpack looks can invite trouble.

So, follow these effective tips to ensure that you choose the right back-to-school backpack for your child.

One of the major factors to consider while choosing the right backpack for school is its quality. Quality doesn’t always imply that the item has to be expensive; there are certain affordable brands that manufacture amazing backpacks of high-quality. Though your child might not use the same backpack for the next year, you need to ensure that the one you choose is of good quality as it can help your child avoid certain unfortunate circumstances.

While shopping for your kid’s back-to-school backpack, you need to make sure that you choose a backpack of the right size. The backpack for school shouldn’t be too big or too small; in fact, it should be relatively proportionate to the kid’s width. Also, while choosing the right backpack for your child, ensure that it’s height should extend from at least two inches below the child’s shoulder blades and reach the waist level. You can even consider buying the particular backpack if it ends slightly above the waist as it wouldn’t exert pressure on the child’s back. This will go a long way in preventing backaches or shoulder pain.

Broad straps and shoulder pads
Trendy backpacks with thin straps appear quite attractive but they do not hold the weight of the things stuffed in it, and this can either cause the straps to break or put undue pressure on the kid’s shoulder. So, to ensure that your kid doesn’t have to bear the brunt of bad fashion choices, choose a backpack for school that has broad straps and some padding for the shoulders. The padding would protect your child’s shoulders from excessive pressure.

Slots, dividers, and pockets of the backpack
While choosing a sturdy backpack for school that has wide straps and shoulder padding is great, you need to choose a back-to-school backpack that combines these features with the presence of slots, dividers, and pockets. This would allow proper distribution of the extra weight, and heavier items can be placed closer to the child’s back within the backpack, and the lighter items will be placed away from the body.


  • Laser treatment for nail fungus
    A condition known as Onychomycosis is an infection which spreads in the nails of the patient. This can lead to a number of symptoms including pain, discoloration, the appearance of white specks and yellow patches, as well as other kinds of discomfort. Once these symptoms appear, it becomes imperative to carry out treatment of finger nail fungus to curb the spread of the infection and to restore the proper health of the nails. There is a host of remedies that one can carry out in this direction, including cleanliness and topical creams as well as oral anti fungal medication. One of the newest forms of nail fungal treatment includes the use of laser. Let us find out more about this method. Surgery: This is one of the conventional forms of treatment that is required when the nail fugue has spread too deep inside for the topical creams to reach. In such cases, the doctor usually applies the medication deep under the nail with the help of surgical methods. While this kind of surgery can cause much discomfort and even pain, the new advances in medical science have ensured that the use of lasers for such surgeries can make the life of the patient easier with a more convenient form of treatment of nail fungus. Light energy: Lasers work by emanating sufficient light energy in a particular wavelength. This is absorbed by the targeted area like the finger nails, which then absorbs the heat. The heat, in turn, works towards destroying the fungal tissue which caused the infection in the first place. Fractional carbon dioxide: Another method of using laser as a remedy for nail fungus treatment is with the use of fractional carbon dioxide. This kind of laser usually burns through the nail plates and surface so that the anti fungal medication can quickly reach the depths where the infection may have percolated. Lasers are an ideal way for treatment of finger nail fungus, yet one must keep in mind that the equipment used in such a procedure, makes it a rather expensive one.
  • Be a part of the DIY culture of arts and crafts

    Do It Yourself, these words surely must be ringing some bells in your mind. A popular hashtag of the social media websites, DIY somehow translates into the Arts and Crafts Movement of our century. The Arts and Crafts Movement of the 1800s defied the factory production which was mediocre, both in taste and in quality. Today DIY is more about the unique creative expression, self reliance, building sustainability and a sense of self achievement.

    With the arrival of the Internet, sharing ideas and causes of creative nature gradually became simpler, and then the age of social media struck, building a community of like minded people all over the world. Anyone could build a blog and in a matter of months, gain thousands of followers and an impressive revenue. But more than making a career out of DIY, it is more important to recognize why DIY! Here are a few reasons explaining why you should be a part of the DIY Culture!

    Exploring yourself
    It is important to consistently seek and chase creative ambitions, as they are intimately related to our happiness. DIY will give you an opportunity to discover and develop a unique talent. As you keep learning new techniques, you can realize where your true passion lies.

    Sustainable approach
    Once you adapt yourself into the mold of DIY, you will tend to choose your products and brands with absolute precision. It's but natural that you will want to be on the greener side of whatever creative endeavors you pursue. You will automatically switch to the agenda of reuse and recycle. That's the power of making something, you want it to be a part of a better tomorrow, and not something that adds to the clutter.

    A sense of accomplishment
    How many times do you buy a product, and remember it because it has a special story related to it? When you do it yourself you have a certain emotional value and euphoria attached to it. It has a story and motive behind its existence. You don't take on projects in DIY just for the heck of it. Your idea can be deliberate or accidental, but never random, and that's its subtle beauty. As you progress towards completing a creative project, it will leave you feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

    Finding Value
    You will develop an ability to discern between what's valuable and what just comes with an expensive price tag. You will not only save time and money but will also make a creative resource out of yourself. Although it cannot be guaranteed that if you will be able to control your splurging habit on arts and crafts supplies. It's true once you're hooked, there is no going back.

    Building trust in yourself
    Self doubt is often the primary reason because of which you constantly keep limiting yourself. DIY requires a lot of patience and the eagerness to try again. This resilient attitude will not only help you succeed in your personal projects but will also make you a person who's afraid of uncertainty, but will try anyway because the curiosity within always wins.

  • 5 common medical conditions causing osteoporosis bone loss

    There are certain common medical conditions that are specifically linked with osteoporosis bone loss. Here’s what you need to watch out for.

    The bone is a living tissue, and as such it is constantly being broken down to create new bone. However, when the rebuilding process is slower than the breaking down process, the bones become fragile and brittle. This is what happens when you develop osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is more common in women than men, and affects about 200 million women all over the world. Even though this disorder affects women of all age and races, it is more common in older white and Asian women. When you are suffering from osteoporosis and it reaches an advanced stage, fractures become a part of daily life.

    The fractures that are associated with osteoporosis usually occur in your spine, hip, and wrist. The bones become so brittle that even everyday activities like bending over or stepping on to the pavement can result in fractures. Early stages of osteoporosis do not show any symptoms, but when it reaches an advanced stage, symptoms like loss of height, back pain, neck pain, fractures, and stooping posture can be seen. A simple bone density test that shows the extent of osteoporosis bone loss is used when you want to diagnose this disorder.

    Some of the risk factors of osteoporosis include body frame size, age, family history, race, sedentary lifestyle, sex, and eating disorders. Your treatment plan will include a combination of medications, lifestyle modifications, and dietary changes, and mainly depends upon your risk of breaking any bone.

    But what exactly causes osteoporosis bone loss? There is no definite answer to this question. However, there are some common medical conditions that are linked with osteoporosis bone loss either because of the medications used to treat them or because of the disease itself. These diseases may cause osteoporosis bone loss, which in turn increases the risk of developing this disorder. These medical conditions are:

    Rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
    Rheumatoid arthritis or RA and Lupus are autoimmune disorders where the immune system attacks its own healthy tissues and cells. There are around 3 million adults in the United States that suffer from either RA or lupus. Lupus is particularly problematic because it is much more common in women between 15 to 45 years, the years that are considered to be the peak bone building years. According to the associate professor of medicine and director of the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Center at Northwestern University, Dr. Beatrice Edwards, “Anything that impedes the growth of bone during these years puts you at greater risk for osteoporosis”. Osteoporosis bone loss may be caused by lupus or RA.

    Scientists still haven’t been able to figure out why people suffering from type 1 diabetes are likely to have lower bone density. Dr. Edwards says, “It seems that high blood sugar may shut down bone formation, just as with steroids. Since type 1 diabetes usually develops in childhood, when the body is still building bone, someone with type 1 diabetes may never have the opportunity to reach their peak bone density.” If the peak bone density is not reached it may lead to osteoporosis bone loss, which increases the risk of development of this disorder.

    Around 20 million people in the United States suffer from asthma, however, asthma itself does not lead to osteoporosis bone loss. It is the medications like the corticosteroids that are used to treat asthma which increase the risk of osteoporosis. These corticosteroids are indeed effective in relieving wheezing and shortness of breath associated with asthma, but they also have several side effects such as osteoporosis bone loss.

    When your thyroid gland becomes overactive and produces excess thyroid hormone, it can lead to osteoporosis bone loss. Dr. Edwards explains, “Hyperthyroidism increases the number of bone-remodeling cycles you go through. And after age 30, every bone-remodeling cycle is inefficient. You lose bone mass rather than building it. So the more cycles you go through, the more bone mass you lose”.

    Some of the other medical conditions that are linked with osteoporosis bone loss are multiple sclerosis and celiac disease. It is important to know which diseases lead to osteoporosis bone loss and increase your chances of developing this condition. This knowledge will help you take the necessary steps to prevent the osteoporosis bone loss. You can work towards building healthy bones by taking vitamin D supplements or by making necessary lifestyle changes.

  • Five Problems that Need Plumbing Services
    From clogged drains to clogged toilets, there are many issues that can be solved without any need for plumbing services. However, some serious plumbing issues need professional help. Here is a list of the five such issues. Extending Hot Water Lines Extending hot water pipes is a difficult task to accomplish even if you have some basic plumbing knowledge. The task would include evaluating plumbing code, choosing the right pipes, and properly running these pipes through your water heater. Only a plumber can do this. Not only is DIY a waste of time, but also might lead to an unsafe situation with leaky hot water pipes. Backed up Sewer When the sewer backs up the chances are that there is an issue with the main line. You should call plumbing services immediately because there is nothing much you can do without the right tools and expertise. Fixing Water Mains If for some reason, you want to switch off the main water supply in your street, you would need permits, permission, and access. We advise you to ask the plumbing services to get it done so that you can stay away from legal hassles. Broken Pipes Although you can fix the dripping faucets easily with a new gasket, broken pipes is an issue on another level. Broken, frozen pipes, can cause a lot of damage to your house. We advise you to call the plumbing services immediately as this issue needs urgent attention. Upgrading Sewage Pipes If you are thinking of replacing or upgrading these pipes, it is advisable to call a plumber. It would need a lot of work as they’ll need to safely turn off the water, get the correct type of piping, and attach it properly to the drainage system on your street. The process can include some permits, and any code violation can result in heavy fines.
  • How to enjoy a cruise affordably!
    Sometimes, amusement is preceded by the angst of making choices and cruising falls under this category. There is a lot to consider before going on a pleasure voyage. The task of spending hours on the internet to choose the right cruise line for your purpose and taste is mostly overwhelming. But with the right choice and savvy strategies, you can have an onboard blast without having to bust your budget. So, say Ahoy and read on. Know yourself to know your cruise That's right. This secret and sacred mantra are true to every cruise journey. Are you a lone traveler or are you a family man? Are you a careless adventurer? Maybe you are a foodie. All these factors are vital considerations when it comes to choosing the right kind of ship with just the right amount of facilities and amenities you are looking for. The age of all-things-to-all-people experience' may be gone, as more and more cruise lines are coming up with specialized features for specific target audiences. For instance, a cruise with 128 single cabins won't be the right choice for couples looking for a sunset sail-away romance, nor would a Disney Cruise line with themed play spaces be the correct onboard option for families with older kids or night owls. The best personality match with the ship means the best cruise deal for you. Secrets of a budget cruise deal Do you desire to cruise on a shoe-string budget? Still looking for an upscale luxury cruise experience? It's absolutely possible as long as you know the tricks of the trade. One old trick is to go for the old timers; although an older vessel often lacks the latest splash and amenities of the younger counterpart, these can give you a rate as low as $42 a night each person. Some cruise lines offer super-short cruises throughout the entire season. Finding one of those is another great way of enjoying a grand cruise time at a lower price. Look also for a repositioning cruise as it tends to be cheaper due to its relocation and the change of route also means a higher than average time at sea as a bonus. Also, if you have a particular destination in mind, try for the voyages that take place at the beginning or end of a cruising season to get the seasonal discounts. Off-season cruises are also very cost-effective and may also have some exotic experience in store for you. Last minute cruise deal tips and strategies With access to the internet, it has become possible to enjoy last minute cruises at reasonable fares too. As a rule of thumb, the best time to find a good last minute bargain is 60-90 days before the departure of the vessel. It's imperative to keep in mind that these deals require you to be flexible with your choices as these are less likely to fetch the suite or cabin you demand. Also make sure that you look into the specifications of the offer including the port charges, service fees, and taxes carefully.
  • Effective Treatment Options for Joint Pain
    Joint pain is extremely painful and uncomfortable. You may experience sleeping difficulties and wake up in the middle of the night frequently or may not be able to sleep at all. You may feel fatigued at all times without doing any tasks. Arthritis is one such condition that could cause joint pain. It causes an inflammation of the joints and leads to immense pain and stiffness. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of this condition. It progresses with age and is generally caused due to wear and tear of the joints over the years. Another form of arthritis is known as rheumatoid arthritis. It is caused by the immune system attacking the joints in an inflammatory reaction by treating them as foreign tissues. You may also experience joint pain without any underlying condition. However, to get relief from such discomfort, there are several natural joint pain treatment options. Some of them have been listed below: Natural treatment options for joint pain
    • Lose weight - Losing weight could go a long way in reducing pain. The heavier you are, the more is the pain imparted on the joints. Losing weight will prevent further damage to your joints and will help increase your mobility.
    • Exercise - While exercise is one of the best ways for losing weight, there is more to exercise than just that. Moving regularly helps to maintain the flexibility between the joints. Try to swim or perform water aerobics. These exercises have a lower impact on the joints than walking or jogging and can help in the long run.
    • Hot and cold therapy - Cold and hot therapy can make a world of difference and help treat joint pain. Try to take long, warm showers in the morning and in the evening. This will help to ease the stiffness in your joints. Hot and cold therapy is one of the best join pain treatment options. You can also make use of an electric blanket while sleeping at night. Cold treatments aid in relieving swelling, inflammation, and joint pain. You can use a pack of frozen vegetables wrapped in a blanket or a gel ice pack. Whatever the case is, this joint pain treatment method will surely provide quick relief.
    Joint pain treatment options also include using painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. Some medications can lead to side effects so be aware. Try to abstain from using medications to kill the pain as they are addictive and can lead to further complications and issues over time. Following the abovementioned remedies could go a long way in relieving you of joint pain.
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