4 Smoothie Recipes That Help With Weight Loss

Everyone knows smoothies as a recipe that helps people lose weight. Across the country, nearly 40% of households prefer to have smoothies for breakfast. Besides the fact it is effortless to make one, a good, green smoothie recipe can help people with their weight loss regime. Smoothies are rich in protein and fiber. Unlike traditional breakfasts that we are so accustomed to, drinking a healthy smoothie for breakfast does not make us feel bloated. Besides, starting the day with a healthy meal gives us great motivation to be mindful of how we eat for the rest of the day. It also helps us maintain our fitness levels. Here are some smoothie recipes that one can make to aid them with weight loss:

Peach and cream oatmeal smoothie
Each serving of this smoothie has only 331 calories. This peach and cream oatmeal smoothie recipe will satiate your hunger and aid in weight loss. Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • 1-1.5 cups peach slices
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt, preferably unsweetened
  • ¼ cup oatmeal
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1-1.25 cups almond milk

Add of the ingredients in a blender and blend it until it’s smooth. You can add some ice chips if you wish.

Merry-berry banana breakfast smoothie
Bananas are rich in antioxidants, and this weight loss smoothie recipe is great as it boosts one’s metabolism. For this, you will need:

  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup strawberries
  • ½ cup raspberries
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • 1 cored and sliced apple
  • 1-1.25 cups almond milk

Freeze the bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries for five hours or overnight. The next morning, slice the frozen bananas and add them to the blender along with all the other ingredients. Blend it and serve fresh.

Dream of orange smoothie
This smoothie’s calorie count is just 129. You would be hard pressed to find a better weight loss smoothie recipe. Additionally, this recipe is quite easy to make.

  • 1 peeled orange
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • ¼ cup almond milk
  • ¼ cup Greek yogurt
  • ½ cup ice

Toss all the ingredients into a blender and churn them until smooth. The ice helps to reduce the thickness of this smoothie.

Choc-work smoothie
This one tastes wonderful. If you are looking to treat yourself on your cheat day, then you can certainly enjoy this chocolate based smoothie. Surprisingly, the calorie count isn’t too alarming. One serving has only 151 calories.

  • 1 banana
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • ½ cup ice

Freeze the banana until it is firm. Toss all the ingredients into a blender. Make sure that you don’t add more than one tablespoon of chocolate syrup as it will increase the calorie count drastically. Serve your smoothie while it is cold.


  • The benefits of owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    The Galaxy Note 8 and AT&T both help you unleash your potential. You can do everything bigger and better. You can do better with bigger with the help of Infinity Display, the smart S Pen, Dual Camera with Optical Image Stabilization for both camera lenses, and the power of the AT&T network. It delivers true-to-life, bright colors, providing a great true life experience. One of the carriers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is AT&T, and this phone comes in color options of Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. It is powered by an Octa-Core 2.35 GHz quad plus 1.9 GHz processor. Its main display is 6.3inches (6.2 rounded) with 2960 x 1440 pixels with dual edge Super AMOLED display. The front camera is an 8-megapixel autofocus type and the rear camera is of 12 megapixels and dual camera with OIS, 2x optical zoom, and autofocus. The photos are less blurred with the Optical Image stabilization and you can also switch to ProMode for extra options. It has memory is 64 GB ROM and 6GB RAM that is expandable to 256GB. The operating system is Android Nougat 7.1.1, it weighs 6.88 oz., its size is 6.40 x 2.94 x 0.34 inches, and has a 3300mAh battery. The phone comes with fast wireless charging. It is water resistant to a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes and dustproof, but it is not shockproof. The phone uses sync and backup, which can be required to restore the phone settings. It has sound data, onscreen features, and can be synchronized through Samsung cloud You can store downloaded photos and videos in Samsung Cloud. You get 15 GB of Free Storage Each Samsung account comes with 15GB of free storage and you can expand your storage with a subscription. You are able to store the following on the Samsung. The mobile has a step to step guide to resolve the problems of your device. The Samsun Galaxy Note 8 has gone through the toughest safety checks to ensure quality. With Samsung Premium Care, you get coverage for repairs, troubleshooting, and replacements. You will get in-person support from a Samsung expert. Photos are clear when the Dual Camera with Optical Image Stabilization on both lenses. It has a powerful built-in S Pen, you can take notes without unlocking the screen, write messages with hand and also make GIFs.  
  • How to choose a good TV package within your budget
    TV has become an important form of entertainment for people all over the world, not just USA. It is believed that on average a person watches at least 45 minutes of TV in a day. Today, thanks to technology, we come across so many types of TV packages that we get confused when we try to make a choice. If you do not pay enough attention, it is very easy for you to get stuck with a wrong TV package. You need to be smart and find a package that every member of your family enjoys. Modern features The more you pay the better features you get. Most of the phone and cable service providers offer you different packages that come with different features. You do not have to worry about missing your favorite TV program because you get an option to record it in your absence. Once you are back, you can resume watching it. One of the other latest features includes, pausing the LIVE TV. If you want to get a cup of coffee or have to answer a phone call, you can pause the LIVE telecast. And once you are back, you can resume watching the program. Choose the right plan Different service providers offer different plans. With so many channels available, you need to pick a plan that suits your needs, tastes and interests. The plan must include the channels that you and your family love to watch. Compare TV packages offered by different providers in your area and choose the one that comes with maximum entertainment for the price you are paying. Customer service You also need to consider the customer service offered by the service provider. Do research and find out how is their customer service because you need to get good support from the customer care when you need help. The service should be available at all times to sort out the problems as and when they arise. Access You can watch on-demand programs not only on TV but also on tablets and smart phones, once you download the service provider's app. You can watch your favorite TV shows now from anywhere and anytime once you have access to internet and your device has the app. The High Definition-HD channels and ultra HD 4K channels enhance your TV watching experience. You can also watch 3D movies and programs on smart TVs at home. The array of options offered by the service providers can be overwhelming. So do your research, compare TV packages and make wise decisions based on your budget and requirements.
  • Top Air Conditioner Brands You Need To Know About

    Air conditioners are a part of every household whichever part of the world you live in. If you are living in the US and aspire to purchase a new air conditioner, the choices are galore before you and you can ideally choose from a number of air conditioners which can always be dispatched to your location by the supplier.

    Listed below are some of the best air conditioners which can be found in the US market.

    • Daikin
      This is considered among the best air conditioner brands across the globe and has left all its competitors behind. The air conditioner works on Japanese technology and is the most in-demand air conditioner in the world with our country being no exception to the same. The company has also come up with its inverter AC which provides more cooling and consumes less electricity. Quality and affordability are the key pillars of success for Daikin air conditioners which have made these popular for US as also across the globe.
    • Hitachi
      This is a multinational air conditioner company based in Tokyo but their range of air conditioners is also popular in our country. The air conditioner works on the self-cleaning system which provides an enhanced cooling effect to the user. Low power consumption is another of the additive of Hitachi which has made this air conditioner popular throughout the globe as well as in the US.
    • Blue Star
      This company has been in the air conditioning business since 1943 and is popular across the globe as also in the US. It has in recent times teamed up with Hitachi to provide affordable air conditioners to the users. The latest technological inputs added in these range of air conditioners have also made them quite popular across the globe.
    • Carrier
      This global company dealing in air conditioners was founded by Willis Carrier in the year 1920. Its range of products are known for their reduced gas emission ratios and these use less amount of water in comparison to any other air conditioners which make these the first choice of energy-conscious customers across the globe.
    • Whirlpool
      This company manufacturing air conditioners is located in Michigan. This brand of air conditioner is very popular with the customers owing to these being based on turbo cool technology as well as the MPFI technology. This technology is known to provide proper circuit design for any kind of rapid heat exchange. The company uses Japanese compressors which makes it truly reliable among customers including those of our country who have been using air conditioners made by Whirlpool.
    • Panasonic
      This company was founded in Japan and has been in business since 1918. Earlier it was known by the name of Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd. This company has been able to produce some of the most reliable air conditioners of all times and is very popular among users across the world. People have been using the air conditioners manufactured by Panasonic in the country. The advent of globalization has led to world market opening up and all leading manufacturers have set up their units globally including at locations within the US also.
    • L.G
      The air conditioners manufactured by this South Korean company have made its way into the world market including retail stores across the US also. The air conditioners manufactured by L.G are popular due to the fact that these are equipped with the jet cooling system and also come with an advanced range of operations including the inclusion of plasma filtration and inverter technology which has placed these air conditioners a step ahead of its competitor in the world market.

    All these leading air conditioner brands are available throughout the US market and you can choose any one of these as per your suitability by making a visit to the nearest electronic store in your city or state. Ideally, these can also be purchased online through different websites like Amazon and eBay.

  • 3 leading email service providers for your small business
    If you are starting a small business of your own, then the internet service is something you need to pay close attention to. Today, both large and small businesses require fast speed internet to get almost all their work done. Not just that, you need to have one of the best cloud email services that will help you bring together your clients, vendors, and staff all under one virtual space. It is true that you can use the free web-based cloud email services for your business but if you look from a long-term perspective, it is always better to have your own personal cloud email host. One of the main reasons for this is that if you work with a free web-based email provider, you will have to give up control and let the third party take all the final calls regarding your email services. Hence, it is best to select the best premium cloud email service that will allow you to run your small business according to your terms. Choosing the correct cloud email service is essential as every email service offers you something different. So, depending on the nature of your business, you must choose the best cloud email service. If you are not able to decide which is the best cloud email service for your business, then keep reading to find the top three companies in the market that are known to provide the best cloud email services. Google Mail Google Mail is one of the best cloud email services that both small and large business can use today. If you are already aware of how the free version functions, then it won’t be difficult for you to get familiar with the premium version. By getting a paid version, you agree to enjoy 30GB of inbox storage and an ad-free emailing experience. The paid version of Google Mail also gives its users free 24/7 customer service, where the staff will help you to have a smooth emailing experience. You will have to pay $5 per user per month if you want the 30GB storage plan. For those who are interested to subscribe to the unlimited storage plan, you will have to pay $10 per user per month. Amazon WorkMail Amazon WorkMail is another cloud email service that is gaining popularity amongst the emerging small businesses. It is a secure and well-managed email service and calendar provider that can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. This cloud email service allows users to access their emails, calendar, and contacts through their web browser, iOS or Android apps. One of the many reasons why many businesses are considering Amazon WorkMail over other email service hosts is that it provides additional features of enterprise-grade security and it gives you the luxury to choose the location where you want to safely store your data. Amazon WorkMail also allows users to first try the free version for 30 days for up to 25 users before they subscribe to the paid version. For $4 per user per month, you get 50GB storage per user. Rackspace Email Rackspace Email is one of the best cloud email services that is gaining popularity amongst small businesses because of its high-quality security and well-managed email services. This email service provider boasts of offering its customer a premium email filtering that keeps your inbox free from viruses and spam. The email service provider 100% UpTime Guarantee, along with free migration service that lets you shift from your existing email provider without any additional cost. The mailbox of Rackspace Email comes with 25GB of storage space and you can send messages that are up to 50MB in size. While the price starts from $2 per user per month, you can get an upgraded unlimited storage plan by paying $3 per user monthly. The best way to pick to choose the best cloud email service is to first understand the nature of your small business and to know what exactly you want your email service provider to offer you. Once you are clear on what you are looking for, do a comparative research about the best cloud email services and pick one that is affordable and has a great customer satisfaction rating.
  • Tips to Select the Right Garage Doors
    Garage doors are one of the most distinguished exterior features of a house. When done right, they can really add to the aesthetic beauty of a home. A perfect one not only adds to your home’s curb appeal but it also provides a positive feeling when you step inside your home. Garage doors which open at the push of a button make it easier for you to enter home especially on a winter morning or after a long day at work. These are generally big enough to accommodate big vehicles or small ones made in a single panel. Depending on your preference, they are available in attractive wood designs or made of steel or fiberglass. Larger versions of garage doors can be seen at warehouses or to park buses. However, choosing one with all the relevant features is not an easy task.

    How to select a garage door?

    If you do not want to get out of your car every time you are going out or coming back, you should get an electric door which opens at the push of a button. L Marks House makes the opening and closing so easy and convenient with no more noisy shutters. Electric garage doors are bit expensive so you may want to consider a steel or fiberglass one which is easier to open even without a door opener. Garage doors are available in various color and sizes and some of the brands also give you the option to customize your own door which accentuates the style of your home. For commercial purposes, large garage doors are preferable. Duro brand provides unique and captivating roll up doors which are suitable for shop fronts, counters, and warehouses. Duro’s Roll-A-Door model has center lift lock facility that makes it easier while opening. It also comes with a rubber weather strip at the bottom that helps in minimizing gaps on uneven floors, thus, protecting your vehicle from dust and wind. A wide range of doors made of high-quality steel is also available which gives a look of molded timber. These doors are available in different sizes and colors including white, grey and brown. Make your home noticeable with a garage door that matches the color and style of your home. Avoid using bold and bright colors that will cringe away from your guests, rather try to match the tone with the colors of your home. Attractive garage doors, especially the ones facing your street, can be a good investment while selling homes. Replacing them is a good idea before selling to boost the curb appeal and add value to your home.

    Things to consider when buying a garage door

    Here are a few tips you should consider before investing in the right garage door. Make sure you make a right decision, as a wrong garage door may not look appealing. - Be it a classic or contemporary garage door, you will have to compare popular brands that offer sturdy garage doors. You can then choose the material like aluminum, steel, wood, and composite as per your requirements and their durability. - If the garage is attached to the house, it is advisable to get an insulated garage door to regulate the temperature inside and save your house from scorching heat and blasting wind. - Always buy a garage door opener while buying the door to make your life easy in many ways and prevent garage door accidents. Door openers can be chain-drive, belt-drive, and screw-drive openers. You can also enjoy your vacations without worrying about your home if you have a good quality garage door opener. - For those living in hurricane-prone areas, it is better to buy a garage door with additional bracing and heavier gauge tracking which can withstand heavy storm and wind during extreme weather conditions. Regardless of whether you want a fancy garage door or just a simple one, having a garage door is a necessity. For owners who take pride in their vehicular investments and want to protect them, we highly recommend buying a good garage door today.
  • This is why you may be suffering from abdominal pain
    Abdominal pain is one of the most commonly experienced ailments in the world. The abdominal region ranges anywhere between the chest and pelvic regions, any form of pain in these regions can be termed as abdominal pain. The causes for abdominal pain can be various and can, range from minor illnesses to medical emergencies. Here are a few causes of abdominal pain, their symptoms, and prevention. Viral Gastroenteritis Viral Gastroenteritis also known as the stomach flu. The symptoms can consist of inflammation of the belly and intestines and has numerous causes, The stomach flu or stomach bug is highly contagious and can spread through proximity to people or through contaminated water and food. The most vulnerable groups to this disease are: Children under five years of age. Elderly. Anyone with a weak immunity system. There can be numerous ways to catch a form of viral gastroenteritis, some of them are listed below: Unsanitary methods of food storage. Preparation of the food is not sanitary. Contamination of water and food. Food is exposed to unhealthy bacteria during transport. The Symptoms of Viral Gastroenteritis are: diarrhea vomiting and nausea fever pain in the stomach, head, joints or muscles excessive sweating Clammy skin Precautions against Viral Gastroenteritis: Washing hands often and thoroughly. The condition is transferable. The Utensils, towels or any other personal things of infected person should not be shared. Proper cleaning of fruits and vegetables. avoidance in eating raw or uncooked food. Vaccination for rotavirus. Food Poisoning Food poisoning is a common ailment that affects most people when they eat food that is either rotten or is close to rotting. Food poisoning if not treated properly and on time has the possibility of becoming fatal. It is recommended that medical assistance is sought in order to effectively treat this illness. Symptoms of food poisoning: Stomach Ache Diarrhea for extended periods, If diarrhea persists beyond three days it can be a sign of severe food poisoning Fever - Mild fevers are common with mild food poisoning. If the temperature continues beyond one hundred and one degrees for an extended period, it can be a symptom of severe food poisoning Severe dehydration - This includes symptoms like dry mouth and a lack of flow in the urinary stream. Nausea and Vomiting General lack of energy and loss of strength Headaches Loss of appetite Precautions against food poisoning: The most effective way to combat food poisoning is to ensure a healthy diet and hygienic food practices. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS It is also known as spastic colon, irritable colon, mucous colitis, and spastic colitis. IBS is a chronic condition that can impact daily life in extreme manners. Below are some of the symptoms of IBS The symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome are: Stomach aches Stomach Cramps Abdominal Bloating. Constipation Diarrhea Stress is a common cause for IBS and stress relieving forms of therapy is recommended to patients. Indigestion Indigestion also known as dyspepsia is the most common and least severe cause for abdominal discomfort. Below are some symptoms of indigestion. Symptoms of Indigestion: Vomiting Gas inflammation in the stomach Most common causes of Indigestion are: Smoking More than average consumption of alcohol Side effects of medicines Spicy food Stress