4 websites for great hotel bookings at affordable prices

There’s hardly anything more fun than traveling and exploring new places. The excitement of creating an itinerary and the thrill of being on the road is unmatched, but it’s so much better if the “getaway” is well in your budget. Accommodation is an important factor that determines your overall travel expenses, so deals on that front can help you save big. Here are some of the best hotel booking websites to help you compare deals and plan a budget-friendly trip:

Priceline may come across as your regular hotel booking website, but it offers some outstanding features. For instance, it offers amazing discounts through its Express Deals® feature and free cancelation on most hotels to ensure flexibility. Additionally, Priceline offers a generous best-price guarantee and assures a 100% refund of the price difference if you find a lower price within 24 hours of booking. That’s not all! They offer a 200% refund of the price difference if you find a better price on an Express Deal®.

Kayak is one of the top hotel booking sites for comparing deals and is known for its filtering options and map feature. Just click on your destination on the map, and Kayak will give you all the information you need, including stay options. Clicking on any option will display the booking prices from several websites. A unique feature of this website is that it allows split booking, wherein you can save more by partly booking your stay from one website and using another site to book the other part of your stay.

This is another top entrant on the list of the best websites to find deals on hotel bookings and is known for its ease of use. In addition to deals and free cancelation on most hotels, Hotels.com offers excellent discounts on flight bookings. The rewards program that offers one free night on a 10-night stay is one of its notable features.

Tripadvisor is the place to go if you want to check out genuine customer reviews before making a booking. The website lists travelers’ experiences with the stays, helping you pick the best deals on hotel bookings. Simply enter your destination, and Tripadvisor will list the hotels and other stay options ranked according to amenities, deals, and customer reviews. Being an aggregator, Tripadvisor allows you to compare the prices offered by multiple hotel booking sites.


  • 10 facts about Danskos
    Danskos are comfort footwear based in West Grove, Pennsylvania. They are most known for their clogs. The company also manufactures heels, boots, and sandals. Danskos are known for the "all day comfort" their shoes provide.
    • The company was started by a couple who discovered clogs being used by farmers in Europe. After using clogs themselves they discovered its benefits. In 1980 they began manufacturing and selling them on their own in America.
    • Since 2012, 100% of the company is employee-owned. It is one of the fastest growing organizations in the country. The company provides employment to thousands of people in their factories.
    • The company founded a non-profit in 2003 called the Dansko Foundation. It was founded to encourage volunteers and philanthropy. Every employee is given twenty hours of paid leave which they can use for volunteer work.
    • They manufactured most of their products in China till a few years ago. Their setup is now moved to Europe and Asia where a majority of the raw material is available.
    • Their design is such that they aid in keeping the right posture. The thick soles help in maintaining balance. The heel is of uniform height through the length of the shoes with adequate space for the toes in the front. This keeps the wearer from having back pain. They are completely covered thus, protecting the feet from sharp objects. Danskos are made of different kinds of leather and fabrics.
    • The shoes were engineered such that they don't cause any pain or discomfort. The smoothness of the leather makes the shoes easy to clean. They protect the feet from any external harm.
    • Danskos are tested at each stage of manufacturing to ensure that they have no flaws. They are manufactured with precision and care. They have a detailed process where they are inspected at every point of production. The leather and fiber are combined at exact proportions to make the material for the shoe. It is then cut and stitched into place. They undergo one final test where they are inspected for aesthetics and craftsmanship. Only after they are verified are they sent to the stores.
    • They have received 'Seal of Acceptance' from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Hence they are even suggested by doctors to patients with foot and back problems. Footwear Plus magazine has awarded Danskos eight times in the 'Women's Comfort' category.
    • There are Danskos which have a removable footbed. They can be replaced by custom orthotics. The shoes are slip resistant and shock absorbent.
    • Danskos are available in a wide range of colors. They can be worn by professionals at the workplace and also be worn as casuals. They are available in neutral shades of black/brown and in neon eye-popping colors too. They also come in many prints and designs.
    Over 25,000 stores sell Danskos. They are also available online at discounted prices. Due to the material, they are made of, they don't tear easily. They can withstand rain or any harsh terrain. They are highly recommended to people of all age groups.
  • All you need to know about aromatherapy for dogs
    Dog owners always look for ways to enhance the calmness, well-being, and relaxation of their dogs. Vets advise that aromatherapy is a natural way that helps provide such attributes to your dog. Majority of holistic vets recommend the use of top quality essential oils for the dog. This will guarantee minimal reactions in terms of the dog’s sensitivity and allergies. Vets recommend focussing on the scent rather than on the application of the oil on the fur and skin, as the latter may result in an irritation or allergic reaction. Using essential oils for aromatherapy helps to treat both the physical and emotional pain experienced by dogs in a variety of species. The scents of the essential oils help to provide calmness, a feeling of happiness, promote focus, sleep as well as minimize nausea and sickness. Factors to consider when selecting essential oils Varieties of essential oils are available in the market which is made for multiple reasons or uses. When selecting essential oils for your dog, it is important to look for oils that are of high quality and are 100% pure. Look out for the following information on the package of the oil:
    • A label indicating the name, the part of the plant from which it was extracted, and the country of origin
    • The date of manufacture and expiry
    • Any additional chemicals that it contains and if so, the type of chemicals used
    • Cost of the oil
    • Type of tests that have been carried out on it as a mark of quality
    • Organic or inorganic
    • Membership to aromatherapy associations such as National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)
    Common aromatherapy essential oils When selecting an essential oil for your dog, ensure that it does not cause harm to your dog. Some of the essential oils are proven to have beneficial effects on your furry friends. Have a look at the following benefits.
    • Lavender helps ease stress, enhance calmness, and improves sleep due to its calming properties.
    • Frankincense boosts the immunity system, thereby improving the health of the dog.
    • Chamomile helps in calming the dog. It also helps with digestion by relieving stomach upsets and nausea.
    • Lemongrass and citronella provide a pleasant scent that acts as an insect-repellent helping to keep pests away from the dog.
    • Cardamom and cedarwood help to ease anxiety and aggression in timid dogs.
  • 7 ways to avoid dry socket after tooth extraction
    Wisdom teeth extraction is quite common among the adult population. However, the after effects of extraction pain, discomfort, or swelling is experienced by a very few. It is estimated that about 2% to 5% of tooth extraction patients suffer from dry socket later. When a tooth is extracted, a hole is left behind in the jawbone. This is called as a socket. After the tooth is extracted, a blood clot forms in the wound area. This clot is essential to speed up the healing process. However, the blood clot dislodges or dissolves in some cases and leads to the formation of dry socket. Dry socket forms after two to three days of tooth extraction with the intensity of pain gradually increasing. What does a dry socket look like? A hollow space can be seen from where the tooth was extracted. Bone and nerve endings can also be observed when a close examination of what does a dry socket look like is done. The bone and nerves become exposed to food, saliva, and bacteria. This leads to a lot of discomfort and pain. There can be bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth as well. Sometimes, the pain can extend to the ears and affect the entire face and neck. After tooth extraction, it is possible to avoid dry socket by taking a few preventive measures:
    • It is necessary to follow a proper oral hygiene routine of flossing and brushing. It is necessary to immediately remove any food particles that might get lodged in the empty socket.
    • A dentist can prescribe a medicated oral rinse that helps the healing process to be quicker and avoid the development of dry socket.
    • A solution of salt and warm water can be used to rinse the mouth after every meal. This removes excess bacteria from the mouth.
    • The wound at the extraction site should not be touched at all, other than to remove gauge or any medicated paste. This should be done by a dentist to avoid any damage to the empty socket.
    • Smoking or drinking through a straw should be avoided for at least 24 hours after tooth extraction.
    • For four days following tooth extraction, avoid the consumption of food that might leave debris between the teeth. Peanuts, popcorn, pasta or any hard food should be avoided. Have soft and easily chewable food such as soups, pudding, mashed vegetables and so on.
    • Avoid drinking sugary and carbonated beverages and juices.
  • Ease your cellphone plan shopping
    Find out some of the popular cellphone plans you can shop for. It can be a task to research the best cell phone plan for yourself. Here are some of the plans available for you to choose from. You can save your money on cell phone plans by comparing and choosing the one that is right for your usage. Companies that you can shop from are Virgin Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket Wireless, T-mobile, MetroPCS, Boost, Republic, Project Fi, and Republic Wireless. Virgin Mobile There is a plan called Love where you need to pay $35 a month and you get 5 GB of data along with unlimited talk time and text messages. It is a cheap option one can go for. Verizon Verizon too has come up with a 5 GB plan with various monthly plans like $60, $55, and a $5 discount if the payment method is online and automatic. Plan is similar to Virgin Mobile's as they too give 5 GB of data with unlimited calling and text messages. There is also an option of getting started with this plan even if one uses the traditional plan (postpaid) in case someone does not want to go prepaid. Cricket Wireless The name of the plan you can go for is Cricket basic with group save. Here the monthly price you need to pay is $100 and you get 4 GB of data per line as you get four lines in $100 in this pack. There is unlimited talk time and text messages. AT&T The AT&T unlimited choice plan offers you unlimited data, minutes, and text messages in $165 and $155 with a $10 discount if the payment method is automatic. The unlimited data is the attractive element in the plan. Boost Under the boost unlimited plan, you pay $50 or $45 with a $5 autopayment method discount and you will get unlimited minutes, texts, and high-speed data. You can check with the company directly to confirm the data size. In prepaid option, this plan offers you an 8 GB of mobile hot spot data. Sprint Go for Sprint unlimited freedom plan to get unlimited high-speed data along with unlimited minutes and text messages only for $55 for the first year. The price increases to $65 after the first year. You can save $5 by opting for autopayment method. There are many other such plans by different companies and their sister companies you can look up for and compare them online or with your friends too. You also need to check the activation fee that these companies charge for their plans. Not every plan will have an activation fee but some might.
  • Tips to prevent complications from a bleeding disorder
    Bleeding disorders can be quite dangerous and can lead to fatal consequences if neglected. In some instances, such as those with hemophilia, it is vital to know about the right diagnosis and treatment options available to ensure one's safety and prevent accidents from occurring. This article discusses some tips on keeping a check on the symptoms of a bleeding disorder. These tips help manage the condition daily and prevent complications. Tips to prevent complications from a bleeding disorder Frequent check-ups It is vital to get frequent check-ups done every year, including checking the joints, muscles, and bones. Physical therapy is necessary to prevent any joint pain, and consider visiting a dentist every six months to a year. Get X-rays of the joints to eliminate any other hidden complications. Blood tests Getting a factor level check every once in a while is advisable as it will help with blood clotting function. Ensure to check for inhibitors as well, which can be done every year. Liver tests, complete blood count, and an immune system check are essential to ensure all the vitals are good. Additionally, check for Hepatitis A, B, and C, and if you aren't vaccinated yet, get the vaccine if the results are negative. Education and awareness Staying aware of the preventive measures and educating those around you regarding bleeding disorders is another step in ensuring mishaps are kept to a minimum. Staying informed about basic treatment options and products as prescribed by the doctors, keeping factor at home during emergencies, maintaining dental hygiene, planning your medical insurance and finances to ensure treatments can be availed, and also keeping the family informed are some of the measures to be taken. While traveling, it is important to ensure that the doctor’s note, diagnosis, and treatment procedure are charted in the documents you carry to ensure the health professional in charge knows what to do in the case of an emergency. Miscellaneous tips Regular activity and exercise are important to keep the joints and muscles from stiffening up. Since dental hygiene is vital, flossing and brushing your teeth carefully at least twice a day is advised. Maintaining an ideal weight is also essential as the excess weight can cause joint pain. Keeping a treatment calendar can be handy, especially if there are overlapping commitments.
  • Samsung Galaxy’s smartest line-up to date

    Every year, Samsung launches new products during the annual Galaxy Unpacked event. This year was no different. The brand announced an upgrade to its flagship Galaxy and unveiled a brand-new addition to the Samsung Galaxy line, namely S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, along with some other affordable range of phones and accessories.

    Galaxy S20 Series
    The new Galaxy series comes with a handful of upgrades. These phones have upgraded batteries, better privacy protection, smarter AI-integrated camera functions, enhanced screen, and better gaming experience. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra especially has a smartly structured multi-lens camera that can provide a zoom of up to 100X. Some unique new features include the space zoom, 8K videos, anti-rolling stabilization, and the intriguing single-take mode. The single-take mode enables videos and pictures to be clicked and shot without you having to press down on the shutter button repeatedly.

    The three new additions to the Galaxy line are aimed at providing users with better overall-smartphone experience along with 5G support. Yes, you read that right! These phones are 5G-enabled. This also gives Samsung a 7-month head start to Apple’s much-anticipated launch of 5G phones. The S20 phones will be officially available starting March 6 and are said to be ranged around $1,000 and above, depending on the model and specs.

    Galaxy Buds+
    The quite predictably named Galaxy Buds+, Samsung’s wireless earbuds, were also unveiled at the said event. Boasting of a battery backup for a solid 11 hours, these are surely a leap in the right direction from their precursors, Gear Iconx. The plus side of these is that they are priced around $149 and are compatible even with iOS. For everyone avoiding the Airpods, pre-orders start February 14 and will be available in stores March 6 onwards.

    Z Flip

    The event held at San Francisco also saw a glimpse of Samsung’s renewed attempt at bringing in flip-smartphones. After its unfortunate failed attempt with the Galaxy Fold, it is going to be interesting to see how Galaxy Z Flip unfolds. Costing about $1,380, it is $100 cheaper than its rival Motorola Razr. The folding mechanism on the Z Flip allows you to leave it halfway open which is an advantage for tripod-free time-lapse videos and hands-free video calls.

    While the unpacked event has caused many to have some new phone goals, it still is a hefty price to pay. However, considering the features, we are quite excited to see how the users feel.