5 affordable hotels for a luxurious stay

The country is a traveler’s delight as there is a lot that you can see and explore, but before you head out for your next trip, you must make a list of the hotels that you would like to stay in while you travel across the country. Here is a list of best hotels to check out in the country for a luxurious yet affordable stay on your next vacation:

  • Hotel La Croix, Hawaii
    Hawaii is not exactly a place for tourists who are on a tight budget, and the hotels are quite expensive too. Hotel La Croix, however, is an exception. The three-star hotel that was recently renovated offers an excellent view of the nearby Waikiki Beach and is, arguably, one of the best hotels in the country. The rooms cost less than $150 for a night-long stay and feature a balcony each. The hotel boasts of excellent room service, and all the studios, rooms, and suites are designed with a luxurious touch to help you relax on your holiday.
  • Eagle Ridge, Illinois
    Eagle Ridge offers most of the services that you would expect to find in a high-end resort, but what’s great is that staying here will not burn a hole in your pocket. There is a spa in the premises and hopes to send across the thought that a luxurious stay does not have to be expensive. Apart from a spa, it has six restaurants and as many as four championship golf courses. There is also a wide range of activities that you can choose from.
  • La Quinta by Wyndham, Chattanooga
    If you wish to spend some quality time in a quiet, undiscovered location, heading to the riverfront city of Chattanooga would be a great idea. The hotels here are quite cheap as it’s not a destination frequently flocked by tourists, and the area has some great hotels. La Quinta by Wyndham is one of the finest hotels you will find in Chattanooga, and the three-star hotel combines quality and comfort for travelers on a budget.
  • The Jane, New York City
    New York is among the most expensive cities in the world, but the city has numerous options for tourists with varying budgets when it comes to accommodation. The Jane has tremendous historic value as it opened doors for customers way back in 1908, and a few years later, the survivors of the Titanic had stayed at this very hotel. As it was built for traveling sailors, the rooms were designed like cabins in ships. The rooms are small but comfortable and offer great convenience in minimal space.
  • Homewood Suites, Manhattan
    If you’re in Manhattan, you must stay at Homewood Suites. This hotel offers all the modern amenities you hope to find in a city-based hotel. The best part? The hotel is close to landmark venues like the Times Square. The rooms are available for less than $200, which is a great price given the location of the hotel and the amenities provided. You get complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and complete access to its business center and fitness center with every stay.


  • Learn about various floor mat options available for your home
    Choosing the right floor covering is very important. It can increase safety, productivity, and even reduce maintenance costs. There is a wide range of floor mats available in the market right from comfort mats that reduce the day-to-day aches and pains to grease-resistant kitchen mats and more. Anti-fatigue floor mats They are designed to ease the stress on your legs and backs. They are essential if you have to stand or sit for a longer duration to help ease leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain. They can be linear or can be cut to any length, making them a great option for long assembly lines. They are also available in a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from, to match your front-of-the-house decor. Anti-fatigue mats can be used in any commercial, industrial, office, retail or pharmaceutical environment. Wet area/kitchen floor mats For floors that need good traction in wet areas of your kitchen, use anti-slip/ wet floor area mats. There is a range of mats and runners that help keep you safe in slippery conditions. Ensure these mats have a proper draining system, otherwise, it will take longer for it to dry and also wears out faster when exposed to water. Entrance floor mats Entrance mats help reduce slips and falls. Any mat can be used as a carpet or entrance floor mat. For rainy season, a wet area mat is perfect for entrance as it not only keeps your inner floors clean but also ensures the floor remains safe and dry. There are innumerable options for entrance floor mats like water hog mats, rubber mats, vinyl mats, carpet mats, outdoor mats, and indoor mats. Customizable floor mats Custom door mats are most suited to promote your brand or intended function. You can create your own custom mats in a variety of sizes and vibrant colors. Customized mats combine the benefits of a floor mat with an eye-catching design that can boost branding and marketing efforts. These mats have beveled edges for easy wheelchair access and anti-slip backs to ensure that they will stay in place. Gym mats Gym mats are best suited to add comfort, safety, and appeal to exercise areas. Gym mats include single rubber mats for isolated areas such as weight lifting mats and exercise machine mats, or rubber mat rolls covering larger areas, or even interlocking rubber mats going wall-to-wall.
  • The symptoms of menopause
    A woman undergoes a few medically significant stages through the course of her life. A girl is born with a fixed number of oocytes or potential ova which can all become children. These female reproductive cells remain quiescent until shaken awake by the powerful nudges by the new team of various very powerful hormones at an age of around 10 to 12 depending on her nutritional and fitness level. Puberty is a slow process and takes a few years to stabilize into fairly stable cycle to remain so for a very long time. She under goes a lot of changes during this period. The embryonic female eggs starting developing and one day it is released from one over the ovaries. The preparations the uterus has made to receive the fertilized ovum and nurture it to a child goes waste and sheds its degenerating lining with some blood. That time is the first of her periods. Menopause and its symptoms The last of the significant changes a woman undergoes is the complete reversal of the very first one she had. As the woman approaches the ages around 49 to 52 years, this process starts to reverse. In the initial stages of menopause, the cycle remains regular. The interval between periods get longer. Then the hormones try to cox the last ovum to mature and get released. The hormones start to fluctuate and the cycle itself becomes irregular with the period coming at different times and the flow also becomes highly irregular. The lady is as uncertain about her periods as a girl during her puberty. Her interest in matters sex declines and to trouble her more she gradually loses her attractiveness to males (sometimes more psychological and emotional than physical). Sexual intercourse can become painful as the vagina thins and the secretions reduce. The dryness may be more due to her advancing age. All these give her considerable anxiety. She starts getting hot flashes of varying intensity and duration and redness of skin. The duration hot flashes can be anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. These may have associated shivering, sweating and redness of skin. These subside in about a year or two. She suffers from sleeplessness, weight gain, soreness of joints, dry skin and mood swings. These takes some time to settle down. In most cases, physical exercise and a nutritious diet solves the problems considerably. Menopause by convention is defined to have occurred if the woman does not have a period continuously for a year. It marks the very last ovulation.
  • Best selling products offered by Dooney
    Originating from the creative vision of Peter Dooney and the entrepreneurial spirit of Frederic Bourke in 1975 in Norwalk, CT, Dooney & Bourke, is one of the top brands for bags and accessories for men and women in America today. Dooney & Bourke is famous for their classic products, which is a perfect union of timeless American style combined with the highest regard for material and craftsmanship. The perfection is visible in products dedicated to absolutely effortless functionality. They offer a broad range of fashion accessories for women and men including handbags, watches, weekend and travel accessories, men’s bags, unisex leather goods, scarves, jewelry and more. With over 25 retail and outlet stores throughout the United States, you can easily find Dooney & Bourke’s iconic designs anywhere you want. Here is a list of the best selling products from Dooney & Bourke:
    • City Large Barlow: One of the best and classic Dooney Bourke outlets handbags, this product is available in eleven different shades. Characterized by soft pleats, rolled top handles and a structured shape, this handbag adds the oomph to any outfit. With the divided interior, magnetic closures and convenient detachable strap it is stylish yet adequately functional for your busy life.
    • Florentine Satchel: This is one of the original iconic designs of Dooney & Bourke and remains an ageless beauty. Available in various colors and sizes, it has the look and feel of saddle leather and develops a rich patina over time.
    • Pebble Grain Charleston: These Dooney Bourke outlet handbags are available in more than twenty shades to cater to the varying tastes of all women. Renowned for the rich texture and exceptional durability of its leather, with well crafted and roomy interiors, this classic tote has become one of the favorite designs world over.
    • Pebble Grain Zip Zip Satchel: Amongst all the Dooney Bourke outlet handbags, this one is perhaps, the most loved all over America. Its modern dome shape, accented with gilded hardware, crisp contrast trim and with over thirty color options, it truly makes a statement everywhere it goes.
    • Pebble Grain Hallie: Perfect for a casual carry-all, this comfortable and chic Dooney Bourke outlets handbags are loved by women of all ages. Marketed in three classic colors, white, black and sunset; this is a bag suitable for the long haul with its enduring charm.
    • Pebble Grain Ariel Satchel: These Dooney Bourke outlets handbags are a modern take on the classic Dooney style. It features knotted tassels and rolled handles, which make it casual enough to be paired with jeans and also perfectly structured and sophisticated for formal occasions.
    • Pebble Grain Crossbody: With the largest collection of trendy colors, this Dooney & Bourke crossbody bag is definitely one of the most popular products by the brand. With exceptional quality of leather, this handbag features a slim, hands-free crossbody. It has just enough space for essentials and is ideal for weekend errands or happy hours with friends.
    • Pebble Grain Ginger Pouchette: Small yet efficient, these classic and colorful pouches from Dooney Bourke outlets handbags are simple and chic with their understated style and quiet elegance. They are perfect for work or a night about town.
    • Saffino Sawyer: Your perfect travel companion, this multi-utility Dooney & Bourke bag has a beautiful leather finish and exceptional durability. Its dual zip compartment and the outside pocket provide easy-access storage. The adjustable, extra long strap ensures crossbody comfort.
    Dooney & Bourke has been the pioneer in providing the average American woman with the luxury designer handbag that she always craved for and its lasting products are proof that Dooney & Bourke will never go out of style.
  • Everything you need to know about electric fireplaces
    An electric fireplace is usually installed to replicate conventional fireplaces that use wood, coal, or natural gas. They can be plugged into a wall and have two settings. The first setting is a flame-only setting which displays flames like a traditional fireplace. The other setting dispenses heat to the room, replicating the experience of a conventional fireplace. An electric fireplace is better than a traditional fireplace as it does not produce any smoke and therefore does not require a chimney. Electic fireplaces are often portable and can be moved to different spots around the house as well as to different homes. This is convenient for people who move homes often or live in rented houses. Electric fireplaces are cheaper to buy and install too. They run on electricity, which is cheaper than burning wood, coal, or natural gas. They are more convenient to use and are much safer as there is no real fire that can spread beyond the electric fireplace. However, the conventional fireplace has some advantages over the electric fireplace. While electric fireplaces are cheaper than traditional fireplaces, they cost more than regular heaters. They attempt to recreate the look of flames but the flames not realistic enough. Even with the best electrical fireplaces, it is obvious that the flames are not real. They always look like they are on a screen. Here are some types of electric fireplaces: TV stand fireplace These lie under the TV and act as a TV stand as well. They provide warmth to the living room and give it a homely feel. These are great to huddle around during the holidays and to get the whole family together in one place. Mantel fireplace These fireplaces try to recreate the look of traditional mantel fireplaces in a brick wall. These are portable and can be placed anywhere around the house. You can use them as heaters in certain rooms or place them in common rooms to add a look of elegance. Freestanding electric fireplace This small type of fireplace looks like a miniature mantel fireplace. These great for people with small homes or compact spaces.
  • Perfect care for your roses
    Rosa is the botanical name of rose. Roses need full sun exposure to grow well. They come in many colors and are perennial flower plants. They bloom is spring, summer and fall. Know more about your roses to care for them the right way. Caring consists of practices like pruning, watering, taking care of their soil, fertilizing and showing them the sun. Pruning is done right when you start from the bottom of the bush all the way to the top. Avoid pruning form the top canes and start from the bottom. Here, starting from the start is the way to go. Cut the older canes. Identifying an old cane is not that difficult as the ones that are old are dark, craggy and gray. The new ones are greenest and that can help you find the old canes. Water more when the weather is hot and less in cold. Sometimes, even steady rainfall is not sufficient for your roses, so make sure you water them regularly. When you water, water them deeply so the entire root gets the water. If your drainage is good, little extra water will not spoil the bush. Watering also depends on the type of rose bush you have along with the size of the bush. Whenever you find the soil drying out, water them. You might even have to dig a bit to check if the soil is dry inside so you can water it again. Roses require a pH level of soil to be 6.5 to 7. If you find that the soil is too acidic, you may add some form of lime to balance out the acidic content. If the soil is too alkaline, you may use aluminum sulfate and sulfur to balance the soil. You must use professional help of you cannot make the right soil condition for your rose bush. If you do not want to risk soil, you can buy soil meant for growing rose plant from the botany shop or online. Knock out roses are a shrub of roses that produce vibrant color of roses like red, pink and yellow. They are low maintenance and are great for someone who is a inexperienced in gardening. It is also easy to prune knockout roses but need to be regularly pruned. Only remember to make the cut an inch above a cane's bud. Time, angle of cut and purpose is usually not important here, but you can prune them at the end of summer or at early fall for the best results.
  • Top Pier 1 Coupons to Choose From
    Pier 1 is the best place for buying high-quality, modern, fun, and exuberant pieces needed around the house. It is best recognized for its home furniture and textile as well as it is a great place to shop for presents, dishes, and candles. You can also get good discounts on your purchases by using the Pier 1 coupons available on various websites. In the following article, we have mentioned various Pier 1 coupons available in the market; however, you need to check their validity, before making a purchase by using them. Pier 1 Coupons on Group On
    • In the "Give and Get" offer from Pier 1, you can get $20 off on a purchase of $50 by referring your friend. To avail this offer, you must send an email to them and get the promo code.
    • For only new customers, there is 10% off on the entire order and no code is needed for getting the offer.
    • Free shipping is provided up to the value of $40 for code FREESHIP49.
    • Free Shipping on $49 purchase for the code FREESHIP49.
    • You can save 30% on melamine dinnerware without the use of a code.
    Pier 1 Coupons at RetailMeNot
    • Free shipping is provided for credit card members on their orders for the code FREESHIP.
    • Get up to $100 off with minimum spend for the code SAVEMORE.
    • The existing customers can get up to 10% off on the orders for code 2862.
    • 30% off on the umbrellas+$10 cash back on spending more than $60. No need of a code for enjoying this offer.
    • No need of a code for getting 70% off on all outdoor furniture, including clearance.
    • Get all reed diffusers for around $17 or 2 for around $20. No code needed for availing this offer.
    • No code needed for getting up to 30% Off on all Night Stands.
    Pier 1 Coupons on GivingAssistant
    • Save $15 on your order for code SAVEMORE.
    • Get free shipping on your orders for the code FREESHIP.
    • Get $100 off on home products for the code GRPNLABOR.
    • Get 10% off on your order for the code BIG25.
    • Save 25% on your purchase for the code REMEMBER.
    • Get 20% off on the dining room furniture for the code SEATED.
    • Save 20% on the candle holders for the code HOLDIT.
    • Get 20% Off on Lighting and glimmer strings for the code SHINE.
    • Get 10% off on Halloween décor for the code SPOOKY.
    • Save $25 on home décor for the code AFFILIATE.
    There are numerous offers, use the Pier 1 coupons codes mentioned above and avail the discounts on the products like never before.