5 cell phone plans that give you the best of everything

Earlier, cell phone users were bound by two-year contracts with their carriers. The flipside of such contract-bound deals was that users were restricted from switching their carrier midway even if they experienced unsatisfactory service. Cell phone usage changes quite frequently. You must have assumed you are not a heavy data user and may have opted for a small data plan for your cell phone. Probably you needed more data later on, but there was no way to change your cell phone plan. Your service provider may have let you use extra data, but at an extra cost. The other way round was also true. You probably took up a huge data plan, only to realize later that you were a light data user. But you were stuck with your current plan for two years and there was no way out unless you shelled out a penalty to change your plan or carrier. Things, however, changed in 2013.

In 2013, T-Mobile was one of the first major cell phone plan carriers to stop its two-year contract plans. Following this, all major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint dropped their two-year contract plans and started offering their best cell phone plans on an installment basis. This has been a win-win solution for the carriers as well as cell phone users. Carriers no longer have to cover the costs of expensive cell phone plan subsidies and users can take advantage of multiple perks such as low-cost best mobile plans, ability to switch cell phone plans without any penalties, more transparency in the billing, and the advantage of comparing multiple cell phone plans.

With such benefits brought in by the carriers, the number of best cell phone plans in the market has been outstanding. Cell phone users have more options and flexibility to choose their cell phone plans. On the other, it has become quite overwhelming to decide which are the best cell phones deals in the market. To help users figure out the best wireless mobile plans for themselves, we have the best cell phone plans compared here. Read on to know more about some of the most popular and best cell phone service plans in the market:

MetroPCS $30 Unlimited Plan
This is one of the most affordable and best cell phone plans available from MetroPCS. There is no annual contract and the plan includes 2GB 4G LTE data with which users can stream 2 hours of videos, 100 hours of music, and surf social media for around 100 hours. The plan also includes a Scam ID, Wi-Fi calling, voice mail, and visual voicemail features.

Cricket Wireless $55 Auto-pay Plan
With $55 per month and data speeds of up to 3 Mbps, this is one of the best cell phone plans with unlimited data. With an auto-pay option, users get a $5 service credit each month and only have to pay $50 for the plan. The plan includes unlimited video and music streaming, unlimited downloads, unlimited calls, texts, and picture messages across the country.

T-Mobile One Plan
No best cell phone plans list is complete without mentioning T-Mobile One plan. This $40 per month plan for one line includes unlimited talk, text, and data along with streaming unlimited music and videos. The plan includes a Netflix subscription for 2-screen at no extra cost. There are no surprise fees as the $40 per month charge includes taxes and fees.

AT&T Unlimited Enhanced Plans
These plans from AT&T start at $40 per month for a single line with $160 for 4 lines. The plans include unlimited 4G LTE data, high definition video streaming, an HBO for life subscription, unlimited roaming in Mexico and Canada, and unlimited texting from the U.S to around 120 countries. Special military discounts are also available with these plans.

Verizon Single Device Plans
Users looking for easy and affordable single device plans can opt for these plans from Verizon. If a cell phone user has a basic phone, they can opt for a $30 per month plan that includes 500MB data and unlimited talking and texting. For tablet owners, there is the $10 per month plan with 1GB data and unlimited text and talk.


  • The must-have windows cell phones of all time
    Even though Windows OS in smart phones is new, it is worth taking notice of. These phones are like mini computers in your hand. You can check mails on the go, take spectacular pictures and watch a whole movie. All of this on a Windows phone. Apart from the ease of function, these phones are also like a mini workstation. You can sync your desktop with the phones or vice versa and continue your work without a break. So, which are the Windows phones worth taking a look at? Here are a few selected phones that you can check out if Windows cell phones are your pick this season! Lumia 1020 Launched in 2013, this smartphone is a classic for its time, with features of both a Nokia and a smart phone. It comes with a 32GB internal storage and a 41 MP primary camera. It is also one of the first phablets with Pureview camera sensor. It is also one of the first high end phones from this Nokia modern generation. Apart from these specs, the Lumia 1020 has 4.5 inches of display and a non-removable battery of 2000 mAh. A classic, this Windows cell phone also comes with the yellow casing that has become its prominent feature. So if you are a cell phone enthusiast, this is a must have for you. HTC 8X HTC launched its first Windows phone in 2012, the HTC 8X. It's notable features include a sharp display and great specifications. The 4.3 inch screen offers 720p display and is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 2. It also has an internal memory of 16GB with 1GB RAM. Apart from these features, the display of HTC 8X is sharp and crisp. You can take wonderful pictures with the 8MP camera. You can also stream videos of 1080p@30fps for smooth viewing. The 1800 mAh battery offers you a talk-time of 11 hours. In totality, this is a brilliant Windows phone, among the best. Lumia 650 Launched in early 2016, Microsoft Lumia 650 runs on Windows 10. It has a sleek design with a 5 inch display. It comes with a 1800 mAh removable battery that offers talk-time of up to 13 hours (3G). Lumia 650 also comes with Cortana, your personal voice assistant. The primary camera is 8MP and the secondary camera is 5MP. You can take brilliant pictures with its camera. Lumia 650 gives you a seamless connection between business and personal work. These are some of the classic Windows cell phones that have been around. Many other updated versions are also available in the market. If you are looking for upgraded features, these cell phones are worth checking out!
  • How to calculate your average 401K balance
    A 401k account is a largely preferred option for retirement savings. It gives you the option of saving your money and investing a large sum each year, which may be used as a corpus once you retire and have no financial stability. At the moment, the current maximum amount that workers under the age of 50 may save each year is $18,500. For workers above the age of 50, the catch-up option gives even greater amounts for saving in the 401k account. Taking 2017 into consideration, the average 401k balance of a person in savings was around $103,866. However, when the median balance was considered, it only amounted to $26,331 which implies that most Americans have saved much lesser than the average as a whole. Use your age and other factors for evaluating your average 401k balance To use a 401k retirement calculator, the most important feature is to consider your age. Other important factors are the amount your employer matches up to, the time period you have been employed and of course, your salary. The thumb rule that some investors suggest is saving half of your annual salary for retirement until you reach the age of 30. The average contribution rates as per your age which may help you get an estimate on the 401k retirement calculator are:
    • For people aged between 20-39, the contribution is 7%.
    • For the age group between 40-49, the contribution amount averages to 8%.
    • For the age group between 50-59, the percentage rate of contribution is 10%.
    • For the age group of 60-69, the contribution amount should average to 11%.
    • For people aged between 70-79, the percentage rate of contribution is 12%.
    An average calculation of 401k balance While each case is different, there is still a thumb rule you may follow to get an estimate from your 401k retirement calculator. Assuming that you start withdrawing 4% of your savings every year right after you have retired from the next year itself, then you would need to have an average 401k balance of $103,866 for the income to last you roughly for 30 years. This also takes into consideration the inflation amounts and the increasing interest per year of the corpus collected in the 401k account. But, with the right investments and right savings, you may end up with a much higher amount that will let you lead a life comfortably without any financial hassles.
  • Estate planning pyramid to ensure the best estate plan
    Estate planning is the legal structuring of current and projected assets for future disposition. The process assures estate holders that all their assets and properties would be in safe hands after their demise, only to benefit their families and loved ones. A mulled-over estate plan helps a person to minimize taxes imposed on all the assets after his or her death. Additional advantages brought to the table by an efficient estate plan includes providing benefits for survivors and determining the flow of assets. The estate planning pyramid is to ensure you have an effective estate plan in place. Estate planning pyramid The estate planning pyramid, consisting of six distinct levels, aids in developing a precise estate plan. Each level in the estate planning pyramid addresses a different necessity. Level 1 Aimed at providing basic protections, the first level is ideal for singles with few assets and no successors. A typical level 1 estate planning pyramid includes: Anatomical gift instrument - This allows a hospital, charity or a non-profit organization to use organs and other body parts. Health care proxy, a.k.a. medical directives, or medical powers of attorney - It allows the appointment of people who can make health care decisions when the person is not capable of doing so himself. Living will - This document states whether the holder requires heroic means to prolong life or not. Level 2 In addition to all the norms in Level 1, this level of estate planning pyramid adds a durable power of attorney. The documents grant authority to an appointed individual to manage all financial affairs of the person in his/her absence or if he/she becomes incapacitated. Level 2 is ideal for individuals in committed relationships. Level 3 Level 3 introduces the concept of will and guardian. This level is considered best for those with children. This level includes:
    • Beneficiary designations and ownership
    • Control over assets
    • Fiduciaries
    • Flow of assets
    • Guardian
    • Life insurance which provides death benefits to fill the gap between assets required to maintain the original lifestyle of survivors and the actual assets available.
    • Personal representative or executor
    • Providing for survivors This helps maintain the same standard of living of dependents, including kids and spouse.
    • Trustee
    Level 4 With the introduction of trust, Level 4 of estate planning pyramid addresses the issue of planning the best state taxes plans. This level is ideal for those having a combined estate of $1mn, along with the estate of their spouse and other beneficiaries. Level 5 This level addresses estate taxes in addition to the state taxes. Level 5 allows the unused portion of estate tax credit of a deceased spouse to pass on to the estate of the surviving spouse and also allows the creation of sub-trusts, such as a life insurance trust. Level 6 Rarely used, Level 6 of estate planning pyramid is a complex form of estate planning aimed at minimizing federal, state, and estate taxes through multiple generations. This level includes:
    • Other entities
    • 529 Plans
  • How to care for your African Violets
    African violets are scientifically known as Saintpaulia. This flower plants was first discovered by Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire, then the German governor of a place in Africa in 1892. Till now, there are 21 species that have been found. It is one of the most popular house plants in America and Europe. African violets are small, adorable, easy to grow houseplant. They bloom in lower light and best grow in bright indirect light. To plants your own African violet, you can either use the potting mix of an actual African violet plants or an all-purpose potting soil. African violets only grow in Africa naturally. They are not found in any other country growing on their own in the wild. If you want to grow you own African violet, you can do so with the help of existing plant that you have. There are many ways of doing so: You can start with a leaf from the existing plant cutting it from its stem and placing it in a bottle. The cut you make of the leaf from the plant must be 45 degrees. After the stem is placed in the bottle with lukewarm water in it and the lead is resting on the periphery of the bottle, cover the leaf and the bottle top loosely with a plastic. Placed in a warm place, the cutting will begin to sprout baby African violets. Same can be done with potting a leaf in soil. You must make sure the soil you are using is the right one. You can also grow new plants from the existing plant's seeds. Remember to choose the right soil and selecting the right pot not just for planting a new African Violet, but also for repotting. Things that you will need to consider while caring for your African Violet plants are light, water, air, soil, pot and pruning. Once all these things are taken care of the right way, your plant will always flourish. You will need to provide your plant moderate to bright, indirect, indoor light. The soil works great when moist to dry. Wait for the soil around the roots to dry out before you water them again. Doing this will encourage blooming. You African violet will grow well in a pleasant environment. What pleasant and comfortable for you, is pleasant and comfortable for them as well. However, additionally, the temperature you should keep around your African violet plants should be at least 70F and not less than 60F. African violets are perennial plants and very beautiful to look at. They are highly attractive too. When care for the right way, they will be their blooming best.
  • House cleaning tips you must know
    Cleaning becomes easier when you get to know about some hacks or cleaning tips. In order to get a polished house within not more than 65 minutes, follow the given tips and watch the magic. Bedroom Start with your bedroom, the very moment you get up from your bed. Look around your bedroom and have an image on your mind about the things that you need to clean and organize. After picturing the list of things to do, get up and start working. Make your bed properly by straightening the bed cover and arranging the pillows together. Move on to the curtains and floors after this. Quickly switch on the hand-held vacuum cleaner and clean off the dust.Rearrange the stuff in your bedroom while you brew your morning coffee. Over all, it would take 10 mins to restore the neat and clean version of your bedroom. Kitchen and clothing While making your breakfast, clean the countertop of the kitchen and mop the floors. After having breakfast, do the dishes and the tiles. You may do this while cooking too. Kitchen could be done in not more than 10 to 12 mins. For washing the clothes, use your washing machine for a quicker service and then dry them or put them in the dryer. Fold and stack your clothes in the closet after this. With these you will complete 70 percent of your house cleaning. This would approximately take 8 minutes. Living and dining room For the living and dining room, clean the corner baskets (kept for storing paper or plastic garbage) quickly. Clean the curtains in 5 minutes by using a machine. Wipe down your center table with a washcloth and some liquid detergents. Lastly, do the floors with mop while listening to music or while drying your face mask. Don't spend more than 15 minutes for cleaning your living and dining room. Washroom and entry hallway For the washroom, you may spend 12“15 minutes. For lessening the amount of work, divide it into two parts. In the morning, clean the laundry hamper and clean the washroom tiles quickly. At night, do the toilets, wash basin, and countertop. Make sure every time you use the shower, you use a cleaner and arrange the towels and essentials in your bathroom after you use them. By doing this, you won't have to spare time for rearrangement. For the last few minutes, you may mop the hallway and clean the shoe case. Also, change your doormat in every 7 days. Apart from these tips, try working on your basic habits for keeping your home clean. For example, always leave your shoes outside your house to avoid unwanted dust prevailing at the doorstep. Keep a doormat for this purpose. Put baskets at two corners of a room. Use a room freshener from time-to-time. This will give your room a sense of freshness and make you and your visitors feel good. Keep a room diffuser machine, if needed. Use one in your washroom too. If you run out of time every day due to your work, spend your weekends doing the major cleaning and keep the minor ones for the weekdays.
  • Top ways to save money using home depot coupons

    Regardless of whether you are heading to shop for paints, new home appliances or groceries, there are multiple ways to save money using your home depot coupons. Ever since its inception, the home depot coupons are highly popular among homemakers and if you are looking for measures to utilize the coupon offers, here is a guide for you.

    Take advantage of the available discounts: To boost your savings, make sure that you are using all the home depot coupons diligently. For instance, if you are a veteran, you are going to get a substantial discount on the Independence Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day upon showing your proof of service. There is also a 10 per cent discount for active-duty service members as well as retired and disabled veterans after showing your valid military identity. It is helpful if you are aware of all the home depot coupons you are eligible of and utilize them to add to your savings.

    Find out the places for home depot coupons: Did you know that if you are looking for any particular deals, you can get them in any retail store if you know how to spot it? You can also find price markdowns and items on clearance sale on some products if you be a bit more careful while strolling along the aisles. You could be fortunate enough to get exactly what you had been searching for. For instance, in a case, you are looking to purchase paints, the home depot coupons can get you big discounts on the paints that are not as per the previous' clients specifications.

    Secret to savings on regular tools: You will be surprised to know that the home depot coupons can get you different types of essential tools and equipment on rent which you used to buy before for a one-time usage. Renting tools would not only spare you from paying hefty bills but also save storage space in your home. Regardless of whether it is a simple landscaping or a gardening or a home refurbishing work, you will first have to make a list of the tools that you will need. Then you will have to look for them online in the inventory of the local home depot store and their rental rates. You can take them for a few hours to a couple of weeks.

    Look for special offers and deals: Before you are out for shopping, it is advised that you check online for the home depot coupons and deals pertaining to your shopping requirements. If your luck favors, you can secure a whopping 70 percent discount on appliances, furniture and other essential items with your home depot coupons. It pays to subscribe to the text message alerts from the home depot so that you can stay ahead of others in your hunt for home depot coupons and save on your monthly budget.

    It goes without saying that the home depot coupons are a great way of saving money and time. With loads of special offers and deals, the home depot coupons are bound to make shopping a pleasurable and satisfying experience for you.


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