5 popular types of glass-top desks for your workplace

Shopping for office furniture is not an easy task especially when you have to go through all the details and specifications to make the right choice. There are wooden, glass, or metallic office desks that you can consider for your purpose. Among this, the glass-made office desks are returning into fashion as they are lightweight and effectively integrated into tiny places where a large metal or wooden desk might take up space in the room. The glass top office desks usually bring the minimal yet professional environment into the office place. Here’s a list of popular glass top office desks which you may consider buying for your workplace.

Homework desk
It’s a versatile as well as useful piece of office furniture. It generally comes in two sizes and can be used to store one’s work-related things. It can also have one or two drawers right beneath the clear glass. It seems like a floating desk with an elegant wooden framework at its sides to hold.

Jensen desk
Retro tops are quite influential in this type of glass top office desks. A Jensen desk comes with a solid wood frame and has a simplistic look. However, its modern and slick design is undeniable.

Academy desks
There are many people who think glass top desks do not radiate warmth and are somehow austere, unlike the wooden ones. However, Academy desks defy this ideology. The solid frame made of canaletta walnut wood, and the tempered glass on top of it makes the table look more beautiful with all its edges and corners.

Stylo desk
If you have a liking for wooden as well as glass top office desks, this one is the ideal one for you. The combination of wood and glass in a classy and minimal design is one of its kind. It features a metal frame along with walnut drawer cases.

Strata desk
People who prefer a full glass top office desk can go for this curious one. A strata desk is not only delicate and lightweight but also sturdy and heavy. The top and sides are created with transparent glass. A wooden white shelf right beneath the top can be pulled out without disturbing the curvature of the desk.

If you are looking to renovate or get new furniture for your workspace, you can choose among these as per your needs.


  • Educational benefits of MAGFORMERS magnetic building sets
    The market is full of hi-end games and toys for children now, and getting the best toy that can engage kids is tricky as children today get distracted quite easily. One of the best choices for growing children is the MAGFORMERS magnetic building sets which consist of pieces of various shapes and sizes and is even available with some extra sets of unique pieces like wheel-sets, geometric shapes, trees, and much more. These MAGFORMERS magnetic building sets are available with playbacks, which can help you engage with your children in building some unique figures. Every toy is educative in its own way, and the MAGFORMERS magnetic sets have some of the best benefits amongst many other toys because of the following reasons. MAGFORMERS help build teamwork. When you have two children or more, it's hard to stop the siblings from fighting over toys. MAGFORMERS magnetic building sets can be used by a single person as well as perfect for play in a group. Children tend to spark up ideas with the building sets and start on a building path that interests all of them, and they work unanimously in coordination to build their dream models. Children when in a group also tend to get creative around a MAGFORMERS magnetic building set because they get inspired by different models in the playbook and creatively build bigger or unique pieces of models with their imagination. This is not only relevant for a group within the same age line but also for children across any age because when one kid is playing the other tries to involve themselves with the older or younger kid proficiently in building different scenes. And what is even better about MAGFORMERS is that these building sets tend to hold the attention span of children far longer than most toys. MAGFORMERS magnetic building sets help children to learn color and shapes effectively. Children learn better with visual cues and MAGFORMERS shapes help build this in children as they learn to communicate using words. During the formative years of a child, language is taught by observation. When a child works on a MAGFORMERS magnetic building set with parents, a communication of colors and shapes emerge from parents to children and helps build the child’s vocabulary.
  • Top high-end electric cars you should check out
    Electric vehicles may be expensive as compared to those powered by gas, but these cars offer much more value for money. They offer tax incentives and are easier to maintain, and not to mention, the environment thanks you for using these cars instead of those that emit harmful gases. Read on for some of the best electric cars to check out if you’re planning to buy one:
    • Tesla Model S With autopilot safety and convenience features, this electric car provides a range of 402 miles on a single charge. You can recharge up to 163 miles in 15 minutes at any supercharger location, and over 17,000 superchargers are placed along well-traveled routes across the globe. Plus, the floor-mounted battery pack provides impressive impact protection.
    • Volvo S90 Recharge Hybrid One of the best electric cars, the Volvo S90 Recharge Hybrid comes with up to 58 kms of pure electric range and works in harmony with a petrol engine to reduce tailpipe emissions. It is equipped with assisted safety features like blind spot information system and an air-quality system to help improve the quality of the air you breathe in the cabin.
    • Porsche Taycan This electric car is quite a sleek sedan and lives up to the brand’s reputation. The Porsche Taycan 2020 is a combination of class and speed, and the Launch Control feature enables it to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. The 800-volt performance battery and two-speed transmission ensure superior driving experience every time.
    • Jaguar I-PACE The 2020 Jaguar I-PACE is an all-electric SUV that stays true to all that Jaguar is known for: amazing speed and agility. Besides, it seamlessly integrates technology and space for comfortable and spacious interiors and offers a range of up to 234 miles on a single charge. One of the best electric cars, the I-PACE accelerates to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and is powered by two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors.
    • BMW i3 This revolutionary electric sedan from BMW is a fully-electric car with 168 horsepower. It has engaging E-Copper accents on the kidney grille, and the side skirts offer a great contrast to the Jet Black wheels. Besides, it offers maximized interiors and uses low-impact materials for manufacturing an impactful electric car that can be charged on public charging stations. It offers 80% of range with 40 minutes of charging on public stations.
    • Audi e-tron® If you are looking for an Audi SUV with an electric build, the Audi e-tron® is the best electric car in the market for you. It comes with an 8-year or 100,000 miles limited warranty and combines long-range capability and amazing performance. So, if you’re an Audi fan, this is the ideal option for you.
    • Tesla Model Y Tesla is one of the pioneers of electric cars, and Model Y provides maximum versatility. It can accommodate seven passengers and has 68 cubic feet of cargo space. Additionally, the seats in the second row fold independently, creating flexible storage space for furniture, luggage, and anything else you might be carrying.
  • 5 popular plans for smartphone users

    Cell phone plans are tailored to meet a range of expectations from customers. However, each package differs in some way or the other. Some phone plans come with unlimited minutes and texts but limited data. And there are those that come with unlimited internet and access to OTT streaming platforms at a steeper price. So, before signing up for a new mobile phone plan, users must evaluate carriers based on their individual requirements. 

    Mint Mobile Unlimited
    Mint Mobile is a network carrier that offers plans at some of the lowest monthly prices. The Mint Mobile Unlimited plan is available at the price of $30/mo. This plan is for new customers and comes with unlimited nationwide talk and text, free international calls to Mexico and Canada, and a 5Gb mobile hotspot. Customers can also enjoy unlimited access to high-speed mobile data up to 35Gb/mo, after which the speed drops. After the plan expires, customers can pick from the available three, six, or 12-month Unlimited plans.

    The Visible Plan
    Visible is a Verizon company that offers a single-line plan to keep costs low and plans simple. The plan is available at $40/mo. For the price, customers get unlimited 5G/4G data, talk and text, mobile hotspot, and unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada. Customers will also pay $0 activation fees. But a user's monthly cost can drop when they join Visible's Party Pay with other users. Two lines will cost $35/mo per user, three lines will cost $30/mo per user, and four or more lines will amount to $25/mo.

    T-Mobile Magenta 
    T-Mobile is another carrier that offers some of the top cell phone plans in the telecom market. The Magenta package is available for $70 for a single line. But the price is discounted further up to $32/mo. per user when someone buys two, three, four, five, or more lines with AutoPay. A few package benefits include 100Gb unlimited high-speed data, a 5Gb mobile hotspot, and unlimited talk and text. On the entertainment front, customers can enjoy access to Netflix (Basic, one screen (SD)). A year's access to Apple TV+ and Paramount+ is also included in this package. Users can also choose the Magenta Max plan, which includes several additional benefits.

    Tello Economy
    The Economy plan from Tello is also suitable for seniors who want an affordable, all-around option. The deal is available for $10/mo. and comes with unlimited text and minutes. These free minutes can be used for international calls to more than 60+ countries. Users will also get 1GB of 4G LTE/5G to perform basic tasks on the internet. The plans auto-renew after 30 days, but there is no contract. So one can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their plan anytime without additional charges.

    Xfinity Mobile Unlimited
    The company's unlimited price options depend on the number of lines a person picks. A single line will cost $45/mo, while four lines will cost $30/mo. per line (billed as $120/mo total). Those who go for the unlimited plan will have nationwide and ultra-wideband 5G access and standard quality resolution for video streaming. Customers can also opt for the HD Pass for higher-quality cellular service if there is high network traffic.

  • Best mascara for sensitive eyes
    Every woman is different, and so is their skin type and sensitivity issues. For women who have sensitive eyes, it is mandatory to opt for mascaras that are specially formulated for sensitive eyes. Sensitivity to mascara can be due to any number of reasons. The irritation can be caused by the ingredients themselves, the crudity of the brush or material, or even a weak formula. This is because as the mascara tends to dry up, it makes your lashes flake and brittle, and it can go into your eyes, it probably will cause discomfort and itchiness, and to people with sensitive eyes, it can also cause swelling or redness. If a cosmetic product can be used daily, without any drastic consequences, it can be a potential winner. A few reputed cosmetic companies test the product with years of trials before releasing it in the market. So here is a list of the best mascaras Of 2017 that are perfect for your sensitive eyes: Although this list is ideal, users need to try it before buying them. Sensitivity is often related to perfumes, chemicals, and allergens used in products. Read the labels carefully and shop wisely. Neal’s Yard Remedies Lengthening Mascara This is 78% organic. It has a great plastic brush and does provide both length and curl. This is one of the best mascara and has a formula that does not mess up your eyes as it has quick dry features. So on the first application itself, the liquid dries off without the least smudge. L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara This mascara falls under the affordable best mascara products which cost about $8.95. It looks fantastic right after first application, and the product is perfect for sensitive eyes. It is entirely waterproof and so even if there is sweat or a humid climate the mascara remains as it is and does not get into the eyes. Shu Uemura Ultimate Natural Mascara In fact, this mascara falls under the best mascara of 2017, although it is priced a little higher at about $30. The quality though is worth the price. It lengthens the eyelashes sturdily, yet it won't clump and is even waterproof which is remarkably unique when it comes to formulas that are non-irritating. However, it's somehow no more challenging to take off than a non-waterproof formula. Just a swipe with a cleanser and a cotton ball is enough. Ilia Pure Mascara Free from synthetic preservatives, this mascara is among the natural bunch and is light on sensitive eyes. The plastic brush that comes with this is concentrated on one side than the other. It thickens and lengthens lashes surprisingly well. RMS Defining Mascara It is the best mascara for women who wear contact lenses as it is mineral-based. Any women allergic to wheat should not use it, as it contains wheat starch. The other ingredients include organic waxes of plants and minerals. Almay One Coat Nourishing Lengthening Mascara It is a hypoallergenic and ideal for the thin skin around the eyes. It is very gentle and comes from a trusted drugstore brand. It is perfect for daily wear and does not hurt the skin. RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara It contains a mixture of raw minerals and organic plant waxes. Even an ophthalmologist will recommend it. The light bristle brush produces a very light, simple look on the lashes. It is natural and does not contain any allergens. Blinc Mascara This has a tubing formula which wraps lashes in tiny "tubes" for easy removal. Women with supersensitive skin can use it effectively. For them, it is the best mascara brand at a cost-effective price.
  • Financial planning tips for everyone
    The great self-improvement author Alan Lakein once said, Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. Considering the same quote with finance, financial planning would be bringing future financial problems to the present so that you can do something about it now to make your future more secure. Financial planning is the process of making smart, calculated decisions about money that help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Now, there are several types of financial planning ranging from children's future planning to tax planning to even retirement financial planning. This article is going to focus on financial planning tips on a more personal level. How to develop a financial plan
    • Set your goals for the short-term and for the long run: For goal setting, follow the SMART approach- S- specific M-measurable A-achievable R-relevant T-time bound: This is the most important parameter of all; you should be able to set yourself deadlines to accomplish individual goals, because without these you will be stuck, making no real progress. Habits are the building blocks of life, so find out what habits you need to develop to attain your goals. It could be something simple like, "I'm going to carry a little diary with me in which I will note down everything that I purchase." This sounds mundane but overtime you will hold yourself more accountable for the money you spend, and you will subconsciously develop tendencies to spend wisely.
    • Note down your assets and liabilities: Assets are anything that create an inward cash flow. Rising stocks, booming real estate, etc. are all assets. Liabilities are anything that suck cash out of you. Risky investments with poor return-potential are liabilities. It's crucial that you become well aware of your assets and liabilities and look to turn your liabilities into assets. You might inflict some short-term losses in doing so, but the key to financial independence is racking up assets. Always work on paper, making decisions mentally are not quite as effective as systematically working on paper.
    • Assess your current financial situation: The difference between your assets and liabilities is what's called net worth. Think about how much far from your goals is your net worth. Try to understand where you are standing and where you want to go.
    • Make mini plans to achieve each of your goals: For example, "To retire before I turn 50, I need to have earned x amount of dollars in y amount of years." After making plans, think of the most efficient ways you can implement your plans. Planning is just a fantasy; execution is what makes that a reality.
    • Monitor your plans regularly: This is the most critical step of all. You have to review your activity every month or every six months and find out if what you are doing is taking you towards your goals. Develop a flexible mindset to keep changing your approach until you find yourself heading towards victory. Failing to get feedback from your actions will turn out to be disastrous. You will have spent a lot of your most precious resource: time. Do not believe in failure. There are only victories or lessons. There's no such thing as failure. Always look to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.
  • A free Gevalia coffee maker for the perfect cup of coffee
    Gevalia is a world-famous producer of Gevalia coffeemaker and is the largest coffee roaster in entire Scandinavia. In North America, Gevalia is widely known for selling coffee directly to the consumers through home delivery services. The company started its journey in 1853 in Sweden and serves with pride till date. According to the official website of Gevalia, they provide 40 varieties of teas and coffees, and the majority of these are Arabica blends made of beans from Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya and Costa Rica. Invest in top-class coffee beans Each year, a growing number of people are signing up as members of Gevalia Kaffe for receiving special deals from Gevalia, free coffeemakers to be precise. When you sign up, you are expected to purchase four boxes of Gevalia premium coffee to get a coffeemaker by paying just $9.99. The Gevalia coffeemaker is worth investing as the company is satisfying the choicest taste buds of coffee enthusiasts all over the globe for more than 100 years and their reputation remain untainted. The customized coffee beans are rightly packed after roasting to make sure that the freshness and aroma are trapped well within the coffee beans. Why buy the Gevalia free coffeemaker One of the most sought after item for any coffee enthusiast is the 12-cup coffeemaker from Gevalia. This useful model is equipped with a brewing mechanism, which helps in the complete extraction of flavor and aroma from the coffee beans. Moreover, the pause and serve feature along with a round-the-clock programmable timer make the machine versatile and effective. Most people love the fact that the Gevalia free coffeemaker can pre-brew the coffee several hours before preparing a rich mugful of coffee. So, if you brew the coffee the night before, you can wake up to the freshness of coffee and enjoy it in no time. For most coffee enthusiasts, preparing and cleaning the coffee brewing machines is a frustrating and tiring chore, and they want to get rid of it at any cost. With the swing-out basket of the Gevalia coffeemaker, you can seamlessly add a paper filter and brew coffee effortlessly. The water chamber can accommodate 12 cups of water, which means you can make 12 mugs of coffee at a time. So the next time you have friends or guests at your home, there is nothing to worry about. This model is available in elegant black and stylish white colors and can be purchased at just $59.95. You can also get a package of the coffeemaker with a set of four specially crafted coffee mugs.
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