7 things to consider before buying gas fire pits

A gas fire pit is a decorative structure that can be built or installed for outdoor use and display. Gas fire pits can still be used for cooking nowadays. They are constructed using pre-cast concrete, metal, or a combination of a metal table and stone. The pit contains coal or logs that can be used for cooking or merely for display. They are actually fueled using natural gas, propane, and bioethanol.

Here are seven things to consider if you are planning to build a gas fire pit

Gas supply
Before you design your gas fire pit, you need to determine your gas supply. Both, natural gas and propane can be used as fuel, but the supply pressure and British Thermal Unit ratings should be regulated. The pressure for natural gas should be between 3.5” and 7” of the water column and between 8” and 11” of water column for propane.

Fire-pit burner
The shape and size of the gas fire pit can be selected after determining your gas supply. Choose a burner that is at least 6” smaller than the inner dimension of the enclosure.

Fire-pit pan
These are recommended for use with all fire pit burners, and they are required for fire pits that run on a propane supply. You can use a flat or bowl-style fire pit pan to accommodate the specific construction style of the gas fire pit. The purpose of a burner pan is that it separates the air mixer from the burner and helps with water drainage and ventilation.

Flange extension
The flange extension is used with the shut-off valve that is located inside the fire pit, and the enclosure should not be thicker than three inches.

This is one of the most important things to consider while building a gas fire pit. The recommended amount of ventilation is 36 square inches or two holes of 18 square inches each.

Installation collars
These are designed to simplify the installation process of a fire pit plan. They are flexible and can bended for round enclosures; moreover, they can be anchored with concrete screws.

Fire media
This is the final step in finishing to build your gas fire pit. Lava rock, fire glass, log sets can be used as fire media. The maximum area that can be used by a fire media on the burner or a pan should be 2”-4”. The choice of fire media completely depends on how you want your final gas fire pit to look like.


  • Vinyl hot tub covers can be your right choice!
    Work stress and everyday commitments can leave you physically drained out. Especially after a long day at work, the only thing you would want is to relax. This is the reason why spas have become quite popular, but what if you had your hot tub at home? Wouldn’t it be great to come home and give yourself an ultimate relaxation by taking a warm water bath in your very own hot tub? Most hot tubs come with hot tub covers, but to improve the efficiency of your hot tub, you need to understand the importance of hot tub covers. Why does a hot tub need a cover? Hot tub covers mainly serve the purpose of protecting the hot tub from any debris or dirt as well as to prevent heat loss from the tub. These covers also ensure safety by preventing hot water from causing any harm to children or pets. The material of the hot tub covers defines its durability as well as the efficiency of your hot tub. In most cases, you would get insulated covers whether you opt for wood, vinyl or aluminum. The vinyl hot tub covers have gained wide acceptance for their ease of use and also because it is easier to maintain these covers. But yes, one thing that needs to be given priority is to purchase thick covers as they are efficient. The fact is that hot tub covers are unlikely to last longer than your hot tub, so it is evident that you may have to replace them. But when you are choosing new covers, make sure you opt for materials that offer you protection against sunlight as the covers are most often exposed. In this regard too, vinyl covers can give you a great advantage.
  • 5 easy sewing machine projects for beginners
    Bought a sewing machine? Excited and confused, isn't it? Commencing new creative projects can often prove to be a perplexing experience. The first question that pops into a beginner's mind is what should I make with my brand-new sewing machine? And this first attempt is extremely important, as it not only encourages the beginner but also deepens their interest. The key is to choose your first project smartly, so that there is no room for mistakes, and even if an error occurs it's a negligible one. So, if you're a beginner, clueless, but ready with your sewing machine in a mint condition to try the new world of designs, here are 5 easy sewing machine projects that you can start off with.
    • Pillow cases Easy to make, a pretty to look at, pillow cases can change the whole vibe of a boring couch or a plain bed. You can go crazy with the colors and kind of fabrics and patterns you would want to use. It could be your old bed sheets or curtains, or the floral or crochet mandala design freshly hunted from a flea market. Pillow cases are the ultimate game changers.
    • Coin purse An adorable little coin purse can be a great gift, or a delightful accessory for you to carry. They are inexpensive, simple and eye-catching. If you're still getting accustomed to idea of adding zippers then an assorted set of colorful buttons can elevate its beauty.
    • Scarf Apart from saving you from the wrath of winters, scarves are an amazing accessory to make an uncomplicated style statement. You can start by making a regular scarf or an infinity scarf, the possibilities are endless when it comes to patterns and style. You can add thin or thick laces on the border of the scarves to make it more chic and unique.
    • Tote bag Functional and trendy, Tote Bags are every girl's essential accessory in the wardrobe. They are straightforward and can be fun if you're highly experimental in terms of colors and designs.
    • Simple skirt If you want to attempt sewing a piece of clothing, a skirt will be a safe first bet to make. They are easier than a shirt or a pair of pants. If you get the measurements, fabric and the style right, your skirt could be a wonderful addition to your closet.
    These were some hassle free and quick ideas that you can work with as a novice, as you advance towards a more complex style of sewing. You can find plenty of blogs and videos online to guide you with your sewing machine and innovative design ideas.
  • All you need to know about scalp psoriasis
    It can be difficult at times to identify between dandruff and scalp psoriasis as the symptoms of both are similar and involve an itchy scalp and white flakes of dead skin cells. But here's the thing about scalp psoriasis. It is a genetic and contagious skin disorder of the immune system. Severe conditions of psoriasis can even lead to psoriatic arthritis. Mostly, psoriasis occurs on the scalp, manifests thick plaques or mild scales. Find the root cause The psoriasis of the scalp is common and it occurs mainly when the immune system is damaged that your skin cells are affected as well. This is why psoriasis quickly develops, results in itching and uncomfortable burning sensation on the scalp. That's when you can have severe dandruff. If not taken care on time, the psoriasis of the scalp can further go to the back of the neck, behind the ears and even to the forehead. The chronic skin condition of scalp psoriasis can worsen at times and it is best to take the treatment immediately to avoid any more complications. Confirm the disorder The main symptoms of scalp psoriasis can be mild to severe and these include dryness of the skin, itching, raised reddish patches, temporary hair loss, bleeding from scratching the plaques on the scalp, flaking, burning and discomfort, and silver-like scales. The symptoms often occur on both sides of the head. Also, don't let it go without a treatment. Extreme climate and vitamin deficiency can trigger this issue. But see a doctor at the earliest. Ways to treat it The simple treatment that can be done for reducing the discomfort caused by raised red patches is through topical corticosteroid medications. Some of the topical medications include Vitamin D, coal tar shampoo, retinoid, and anthralin. Other products that can be used are like medicated foams, liquid gels, sprays and lotions prescribed by your skin doctor. Other treatments to cure scalp psoriasis are oral medications and photo-therapy; these can provide quick relief from the problem. It is, however, best to avoid self-medication. Consult a dermatologist and use the products as mentioned. Seek help when it goes severe There are certain complications that can occur due to psoriasis of the scalp and these include hair loss and bleeding. There are chances that the entire clump of hair gets removed, if the scalp gets damaged due to psoriasis. The scalp psoriasis is quite different from dandruff as it is silvery and large, and the scales must be removed carefully. The scalp must not be scratched to remove the scales. Also, a lot of people end up using hair oils. Many doctors say oil is food for the infection. You must be careful while combing your hair as it can cause a lot of pain, if pressed on the infected area. You can make use of the comb gently to remove the scales from the scalp, but make sure that you clean the comb to avoid spreading the infection to others.
  • Everything you need to know about essential tremors
    Neurological disorders are those that affect the nervous system. Essential tremor is one such disorder that causes rhythmic shaking of any part of the body. Signs of essential tremor can also be seen in the head, neck, torso, tongue, and face of a person. It is involuntary and is most often felt in the hands. What are essential tremors? The root cause of essential tremors is not yet known. It is a brain activity that is abnormal and is caused by the thalamus. It is a genetic condition which has a 50% chance of getting passed onto the next generation. The disorder can be seen only as the person gets older. An essential tremor is most noticed when the person is performing simple tasks like tying the laces or holding a glass of water. Though it is not a dangerous condition, it can worsen over time. There are cases where it can be severe as well. Essential tremor signs can easily be confused with other conditions like Parkinson’s disease. Signs and symptoms of essential tremor The frequency of the tremors cannot be predicted. Also, the signs of essential tremor may not be the same on both sides of the body. There are two types of essential tremors that you need to know about. The one that occurs when the person is trying to do some sort of physical activity is called as action tremors, while the one that occurs when the person is still and immobile is known as tremors at rest. Here are some of the signs that may affect different parts of the body.
    • The constant shaking in the hands while performing even the most basic activities is the most common sign of this condition.
    • When the tremors affect the neck or the head, it can make it move side to side or even up and down.
    • Twitching in parts of the face especially eyelids can be noticed.
    • When it affects the tongue, one can experience slurring of the speech.
    • If it has affected the legs, it may lead to an imbalance while walking or even have you walking with a gait.
    These are few telltale signs that can help you stay alert. The extent of essential tremor signs in some cases are very minor and so they even go unnoticed. On the other hand, if it is severe, it may become very difficult to go through everyday life. Extreme signs of essential tremors need timely treatment and care to let the individual live a normal life.
  • How to Get Rid of Warts Effectively
    Warts form when the cells of the skin grow at a faster rate than usual because they are infected with something known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). Some other strains of the HPV are known to cause severe issues like anal warts and genital warts. Some sexually-transmitted types of HPV are implicated in cervical and other genital cancers. However, one need not worry about this as the strains that cause skin warts have rarely been linked to cancer. Here are some treatment options for getting rid of warts effectively:
    • Salicylic acid This chemical compound is the main ingredient in aspirin, and it should usually be any patient's first choice. According to a recent survey, salicylic acid is the only topical treatment that can treat warts. It is applied directly to the skin and outperforms everything else. Salicylic acid does not cost a lot, and additionally, it has minimal side effects. It also comes in various over-the-counter preparations and forms, which include liquids, gels, and patches.
    • Freezing This particular type of treatment for warts, which is also called cryotherapy, employs clinician swabs or it sprays liquid nitrogen onto the wart and its surrounding areas. The temperatures are low and could go down to -321 degrees Fahrenheit. It effectively burns the skin, causing a little amount of pain, redness, and usually a blister. If a patient decides to get rid of the wart this way, they will have to undergo three or four treatments, and the frequency is about once every two to three weeks. One should stick to the doctor's recommendation during this treatment as using this method more frequently would not cure warts any faster.
    • Duct tape Although the findings related to this treatment method for warts have been mixed, anecdotal evidence suggests that this low-risk and low-tech approach might be worth a try. In a recently concluded study, cryotherapy was compared with the duct tape technique. In that survey, subjects were asked to wear duct tape patches on top of their warts for six days. This method was found to be quite efficient at treating warts.
    In conclusion, we suggest that you take your warts seriously because they might lead to other skin problems. These treatments for warts mentioned above are well-tested. So, they should provide a substantial amount of relief to you.
  • Unique decorative bowls that you can make at home
    Creating something new at home instead of buying it from a store is a fun activity. You can use all your creativity and use any tools and supplies you see fit to make an original piece. Unique decorative bowls are one such example of things that a person could make at home. They will add a character to your dining table or furniture, and anyone who visits your home can see your creative side. Some unique decorative bowls you can make on your own at home include: DIY sea glass bowl If you are fond of the sea or the beach and would love to add a similar décor to your home, try to make this sea glass bowl. The steps to make it are extremely simple. You can get started by first collecting sea glass pieces of different colors. This bowl will remind you of summer days at the beach right in the comfort of your home. DIY metallic confetti bowl This unique decorative bowl exudes a flashy or retro sense of style; so, if you want your bowl to catch people’s attention, make it the next time you are in the mood to create something new. You can use silver metallic confetti to make an attractive bowl, which can also be used to store colorful beads or candies. DIY autumn leaf bowl A simple and bright autumn leaf bowl could be your next project, especially if it is the autumn season and you cannot get enough of looking at the trees outside. All you need to do is collect a few beautiful autumn leaves and get ready with your glue and balloon to make this pretty autumn leaf bowl. DIY confetti bowl You usually see confetti during parties and celebrations. It comes in various mesmerizing colors and can be the ideal item to make a unique decorative bowl. The process to make them is quite easy. Choose your favorite colored confetti and get started. DIY chocolate nest bowl Anyone with a sweet tooth should refrain from making this chocolate bowl, as you might end up eating it instead of using it as decoration. This bowl can be the ideal choice for any celebration, especially for kids. Once made, fill the bowl in with the child’s favorite treats and watch as the sweets vanish along with the bowl!