• 3 picture books that make for the perfect back-to-school read
    The lovely holidays have ended, and it is time to return to school. Mixed emotions with high levels of excitement and the sad feeling of having to let go of those super fun summer holidays the range is endless. It is indubitably true that the first few days at school set the stage for the year that is to come. A great way to ease kids out of vacation mode into the class is through various fun back-to-school activities. What better than to add some back-to-school picture books to the lineup. Reading aloud from picture books is a great way to facilitate discussion among kids and encourage them to feel comfortable while sharing their experiences. Moreover, it is a great way to establish the values within the class and create a strong identity. Here are some back-to-school picture books that will make for a memorable start to the year. The Name Jar - The Name Jar, written by Yangsook Choi is a beautifully written book that follows the life of a young Korean girl. The little girl goes to an American school and is confused on her first day as she cannot decide on whether she must or must not choose a new name that is easier to pronounce. With lovely and marvelous illustrations, it is sure to get students hooked on as a great back-to-school book. The valuable story revolves around the idea of fitting in while being true to one's identity. You're Finally Here - A book by Melanie Watt, You're Finally Here is the perfect back-to-school book. It is a great book for teachers to show their students how much they anticipated their arrival at school and the how excited they are. It traces the activities of the bunny through several different emotions and will help students realize the beautiful moment of returning to school. If You Take a Mouse to School - A silly and fun story, If You Take a Mouse to School is bound to be loved by kids. Written by Laura Numeroff, it is a fabulous way to pave through a systematic teaching sequence. The quirky mouse undertakes several activities at school. From wanting to have the lunch box to needing a note and pencil, the possibilities make for an amusing read. The list of the above back-to-school books is a great way to soothe the worries of kids as they begin school. Happy reading!
  • Factors that affect electricity rates
    Electricity rates usually reflect the cost to finance, maintain, build, and operate power plants and electricity grids. Every one of us pays our electricity bills on a monthly basis and seldom notice the tariffs and electricity rates until we see a skyrocketing amount in the bill summary. The first thing that we need to be aware of is that there are different electricity rates for different states in our country. There are other factors present that influence and decide electricity rates. A few of them have been listed below: Industrialization An industrialized city indicates towards it having higher electricity rates. This is based on the simple demand–supply phenomenon which can cause a considerable increase in the electricity rates. Mode of generation This factor mainly helps determines electricity rates. For instance, electricity generated from wind is costlier as compared to hydroelectricity. This is because harvesting electricity using wind requires complex machinery which comes with an upfront cost. Maintaining the machinery will also require skilled labor. This, however, is not true in the case of solar energy as it requires minimum labor. Electricity generated using solar energy does not have a complex setup which indicates towards the lower upfront cost. Hence, using alternative solutions can help you reduce electricity costs. Demographics The gross domestic product of a state or region also determines the range of electricity rates. The way the population grows economically also effects electricity pricing. Simply put, areas with wealthier people might have higher electricity rates. Weather patterns This is one of the most important factors that help decide the electricity rates of a state. People living in areas with extreme weather conditions experience an average of a 20 percent spike in the electricity rates when compared with ones living in moderate climate conditions. Type of customers The electricity rates are higher for residential and commercial consumers. This is because it is costly to distribute electricity to them. Industries receive electricity at less expensive rates because they receive it at a higher voltage which makes it more efficient. The average price of electricity rates in the country this year is roughly 12 cents/kWh whereas for industries it is 6 cents/kWh. Regulations Some states have regulated electricity prices and this is determined using public services and utility commissions; however, there are some states that use a combination of other unregulated prices for generators. Such states also use different prices based on the nature of transmission and service providers.
  • Keep Your Wooden Floor Clean With The Best Products

    Beautifully polished and luminous wooden floors definitely add depth and personality to any home. However, it is quite difficult to maintain the same glory after few days. Therefore, it is important to learn how to clean wooden floor to protect and sustain the beauty of your huge investment on flooring. Below is a list of the best cleaning products that will surely help you keep your wooden floor clean and sparkling.

    Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner
    To keep the floor looking shiny and new at all times, use the Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner. It is a water-based product which does not contain any toxic and is often easy to clean. Simply spray cleaner and wipe it off, that's all and the rest will be taken care by the cleaner. It's a multi-utility product that can be used to clean any type of wooden surfaces. Apart from being a good cleaner, it also scented with a fragrance of orange essence. Priced at $12.09 online, this one is quite a deal. This wood floor cleaner is one of the most recommended products that are safe to use on a daily routine.

    If you have a baby at home, this wood floor cleaner could be the best choice for your home.

    Bona Hardwood Floor Care System
    Have children who manhandle your property? This could be your solution. The product is well known as an NBA’s official wooden floor cleaner and is even one of the best wood floor cleaning products in the country. Bona Hardwood Floor Care System is recommended for its professional cleaning and maintenance. Being one of the ultimate choices for housekeeping as it removes stains and makes the cleaning process much quicker. The floor cleaner is available on online stores at an approximate price of $30.45. It is available in a triggering bottle, therefore, making it very easy to use while cleaning. Once the floor has been cleaned with Bona Hardwood Floor Care System it dries up quickly without leaving any residues.

    Pledge FloorCare Wood Squirt & Mop
    Pledge FloorCare Wood Squirt & Mop is well known for its tough duty and fast cleaning. It can easily clean large surfaces with ease. Online retailers provide the product at a reasonable price of $8.75.
    The tough stain cleaner makes cleaning easy for a wooden flooring with a large area. Just squeeze it on the floor and then spread it with a mob or a sponge to witness the stain-free wood floor. Scented with the essence of the citrus, this cleaning product works best for the wooden floor. Additionally, it can be used to clean any type of stains or residue on furniture as well.

    Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner
    A multi-purpose solution, this one can easily clean tiles, wooden floor or even carpets. No other cleaners can beat route Shark Sonic as it gives 1,000 scrubs per minute. At present, the cleaner is priced at $179.99 and is easily available in e-commerce websites. Designed with two ultimate scrubbing heads, the 7-in-1 cleaning solution can even clean dirt on hard surfaces. It is a pack of everything that cleans, polishes and even washes the floor, thereby giving a new look. By using the Hard Floor Cleaner and Shark Sonic Duo Carpet, one can make the most complicated task of cleaning to become much easier. One of the best wood floor cleaning products, this is a great buy.

    Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop
    This one is yet another multi-purpose and best-selling product to make floor cleaning much easy. It is formulated in such a way that it kills even minute harmful germs and bacteria thereby giving a bacteria-free floor. The duel tank system incorporated in it allows the users to clean every corner of the floor. This best cleaning product for wood flooring gives a professional cleaning experience. It has non-toxic ingredients and its mechanism is designed to clean the wood floor efficiently.

  • John Deere Lawn Tractors – What they are and their Types
    Anyone with a lawn, particularly a big lawn, would know the challenges that come with it. The constant clearing and cleaning are quite tough. Gone are the days when you have to manually do everything spending hours. With the help of the right type of equipment, you can save your energy and precious time. When thinking of lawn tractors, John Deere is one of the trusted names. John Deere is a well-established American manufacturer of different instruments and machinery items. It specializes in many areas including lawn, garden, turfs, and ground care. The company ranked 105th position in America’s Fortune 500 list in 2017. It was ranked 407th in the world ranking. For lawn care, John Deere provides you with all types of lawn equipment. These include utility vehicles, attachments, tractors, and tools.

    What exactly  is a lawn tractor?

    A lawn tractor makes your task of clearing out your lawn very simple. It takes away the physical labor that you must put in. In short, it does almost all the work. The maneuvering of the tractor is your only job. This makes lawn clearing efficient and quick. John Deere tractors are currently being used by many households for quick and thorough clearing of their property.

    Types of lawn tractors by John Deere

    John Deere provides you with five different types of lawn tractors for you to mow your lawn. You can choose a tractor depending on the size of your lawn, the obstacles present and the type of terrain.
    100 Series
    This is an affordable range of lawn tractors. They are easy to use. For instance, you can change the oil without breaking a sweat. They are comfortable to use. There are eight models in this series, and come with a warranty of 2 years or 120 hours.
    S240 Series
    These lawn tractors are able to mow your lawn more speedily than a 100 series tractor. It comes in two variants. The first tractor comes with a 42-inch deck and the other comes with a 48-inch deck. They both have a powerful engine and let you operate with simplicity. Their hood is rust- and dent-proof.
    X300 Select Series
    This series of lawn tractors are more precise than earlier models. They come with a power steering so that you are completely in control. It gives you better comfort and you can maneuver better. Some models come with 4-wheel steering. They come with a warranty of 4 years or 300 hours.
    X500 Select Series
    This lawn tractor series is bigger and more powerful when it comes to its performance. It works well on any type of terrain. People who want a tractor for heavy duty can choose a tractor from this series. The tractor runs smoothly. They come with a warranty of 4 years or 500 hours.
    X700 Signature Series
    This series of lawn tractors is the best John Deere has to offer. All tractors come with 4 wheel steering and diesel engines. They give the best trimming yet and can do loads of other lawn tasks. These include filling, blading and mowing. They come with a warranty of 4 years or 700 hours. Why choose John Deere when selecting a lawn tractor? John Deere gives you the most useful lawn tractors. Since its first lawn tractor, the company has produced some of the best and long-lasting lawn tractors ever. They give you a demo if you wish to. They also enable you to build your own too. You can buy your lawn equipment online or you can contact a dealer near you. These options are convenient and provide you with a way of getting your machinery without much time consumption. You can clear up your lawn like never before with the least amount of time!
  • Difference in terminology between an SUV and a compact SUV
    The very terminology of compact SUV vs. a regular full sized SUV is confusing to a lot of people as they do not see any major differences in the face of the two types. Understanding the difference is essential to choose out the right fit according to a buyer’s taste and budget. The essential difference between the two is much uncomplicated as it lies in their platform. Compact SUVs, or “crossovers” as they are infamously termed, have a single-body frame. This means that the crossovers are based on simple car platforms wherein the body and the frame are integrated into a single unit. On the contrast, SUV’s are built on the chassis of a truck as a result of which the body is mounted on a frame. This would mean that the body and the frame are two distinct pieces that are built differently and then put into a single unit for further construction. Although this definition is standard for any car manufacturer, there is a gray area to the whole construction of an SUV and a crossover. This is because there are unibody SUVs in the market and it is distinctly hard to tell based on a body always. A typical example would be that the Ford Explorer, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, or the Toyota Highlander are not usually called an SUV in the market in layman’s terms because they all have a single body unit. This is the major reason for the two distinct terms being used interchangeably in the market arena. Buyers have the misconception that SUVs were just large vehicles that were ugly and sturdy but not fuel efficient. This negative endorsement led the auto-manufacturers to revive the SUVs by terming the new fuel efficient cars with elegant designs being called crossovers, thereby promoting the truth of how their typical SUV has had an extensive makeover for customer satisfaction. The result of this process led to the birth of crossovers had power-packed performance, a rugged and chiseled elegant look, and functioned to some degree like the pickup trucks or full-sized SUVs.
  • Must-try no-cook appetizers
    Who would want to spend hours in the kitchen prepping when there's a list of no-cook appetizers to go with! All you need is a handful of ready ingredients, a few minutes, some creativity, and you are good to go! Check out five easy no-cook appetizer recipe ideas for your next get together. Salad-style appetizers Have you ever thought of turning a classic salad into a finger food? Why not! Chop your favorite vegetables into fine pieces and add some creamy sauce to get a smooth texture. Place this mixture into lettuce leaves and top them with cheese shavings. Try preparing handheld appetizers with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese slices dipped in olive oil, and some basil leaves. Voila! Different salad dressing and turning them into party-ready appetizers in no time is a great option for every occasion. Blending flavors to create easy bites Last-minute calls for preparing appetizers can be daunting. You might have guests waiting in your living room and you're left with a handful of vegetables, fruits and some slices of dry-cured ham. Sound worrying, right? But it is not. These ingredients along with some condiments are perfect for preparing a no-cook dish that is not only tasty but also quick and easy. Mix and match the sweetness of fruits with the saltiness of sliced ham to create a plateful of simple yet magical flavors. Salmon it is! Talking about appetizers and who would want to miss out on salmon. Take the bread of your choice and spread some spicy mayonnaise to add a twist of taste to its creaminess. There's not much to do though; just place a few smoked salmon on each bread and create a stylish dish in a few minutes. You can either go for canned salmon or smoke one at home, it does taste appetizing. Don't keep the shrimp away Easy and quick appetizer recipes might not just be with simple ingredients. You can also prepare a no-cook shrimp dish and amaze your friends and family. Add grapefruit or lemon zest to the shrimp and give it a nice toss with some olive oil. To enjoy the savory flavors of this quick and easy appetizer, make sure to refrigerate for about 5 to 10 minutes before you serve it. Cheese balls with a surprise Cheese balls are never out of style. So, instead of going the conventional way, why not try prepare with nuts and dates. Add the sweet flavors of dates and crunchiness of walnuts with that of creamy cheese balls.


  • How to train your chihuahua
    More than the learning capacity of your dog, it's the approach toward the dog that matters. Chihuahuas are intelligent and can learn quick but are also very stubborn. Therefore, it's important to have the right approach toward them while training. Be as positive as possible when you train your pup. A happy and positive face with happy words will make your chihuahua more eager to learn. Scolding and punishment can have a negative impact on your pet and it might not even learn anything. Training and rewards go hand in hand. Every time there is a little accomplishment, reward your pet with treats for good behavior. As you proceed with the training, give them different types of rewards for different types of accomplishments and keep praising them with words like "good boy/girl" or "good dog," etc. and pet them. This way, they will know how to behave to get praises from you. Your training will probably have two parts: obedience training and potty training. Obedience training should last not more than 15 minutes every day. But you must train them every day till they are well trained. Many owners focus on potty training alone and let go of obedience. While most domestic animals, especially male dogs, tend to take the alpha male role in the house and often go out of hand. Obedience training is important to keep your pet under control so it never harms anybody. When you are obedience training your little chihuahua, take him or her to a distraction free zone in the house or outside. But the place shouldn't have any disturbances as that can distract the pup. Then you are in a quiet room or area, stand right in front of the pup and take out the treat and hold it right in front of its nose. The small will get you his attention and you can take move the treat toward its tail and say "sit." Its body will automatically acquire the sitting position as the treat goes behind them. Continue this till they understand and associate the word "sit" with the command and treats. Once trained, reward them with treats and lots of praise and petting. Start potty training when it is young. Look for a place where you want your pup to always to whenever it wants to poop or urinate. Use words like "No" or "bad boy/girl" every time they do their business in places that's not assigned for that job. Never hit or spank them. Just show your disapproval. Take your pup outside when you see the traits. Again, never forget to reward and praise them whenever they do something right.
  • Memory foam – The best rated mattress for your comfort
    The memory foam debuted in NASA to improve the safety standards of seat cushions of the aircrafts, and then gradually found its way to the commercial markets by the early 90s. It initially gained a hold in the health care sector for hospital beds and after a few years it impressed the general public as well. Since then memory foam mattresses have been a beneficial addition to the bedrooms. Its tendency to adapt itself according to the natural body contours, and to retain its shape back again has gained a lot of popularity amongst people. It relieves pressure points helping a person sleep better, an ideal choice for people having chronic neck or back ache problems. The memory foam mattress comprises of minimum three layers, though it can go up to four or five layers depending upon the brand. Over the years many brands have altered the mechanism of the mattress to provide the best sleeping experience to its consumers. For instance now it is much easier for you to find something known as a gel memory foam mattress. This technology basically incorporates a cooling gel in the layers to promote air flow in the mattress. The sleeper can be asleep peacefully without feeling uncomfortable because of the heat. If you happen to be particular about only using organic products, there are mattress companies that design memory foam with natural products. Apart from the usual beds, memory foam complements adjustable beds well. So, if you happen to suffer from sleeping disorders or bothersome body pain then this combination will be best for you. There are plenty of companies in the market offering you with the best rated memory foam mattresses. These brands cater to the needs of all kinds of sleepers, so whether you sleep on your back or on your side, a memory foam mattress can be an ideal choice for your body. Some brands also offer you with trial periods, so that you can assess its performance for real. Loom and Leaf, AmeriSleep, Serta iComfort, Tempurpedic, etc. are some of the popular brands that have an extensive variety of mattresses, with decent prices as well. They offer impressive warranty periods, some also happen to be over 15 years. Before buying you can check various websites that are specially designed for mattress reviews. You can peruse through their ratings, consumer reviews and comparisons. This will help you make a better choice in the long run. You don't have to worry about having limited number of alternatives. You just have to examine the pros and cons, and choose the best possible option that justifies your check list. Always remember that buying a mattress is an investment, considerably a pricey one, so make an intelligent choice.
  • Honda CR-V’s LX and EX trims
    The Honda CR-V, completely redesigned in 2017, offers a wide variety of features for its buyers and competes as an all-round SUV that has great practical utility and performance. Apart from the apparent sporty styling on the 2017 edition, both the interiors and the engine have received a major uplift. While the base Honda CR-V LX trim is equipped with the previous generation’s 2.4-liter V4 engine, the 2017 edition offers a 190 hp generated out of a 1.5 liter V4 turbocharged engine that comes as a standard on the EX, EX-L and Touring trim levels. Standard on all the Honda CR-V trims is the availability of a choice between front- or all-wheel drive, a continuously variable automatic transmission, a standard backup camera, and comfortable seats for 5 people. While the front-drive LX trim is priced at $24,985, the AWD LX is $26,285. The standard features on this trim include 184-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, 17-inch alloy wheels, active grille shutters, CVT, BACKUP CAMERA, LED daytime running lights, power mirrors, automatic air conditioning, remote locking/unlocking, cruise control, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, cloth upholstery, manual driver's seat and 60/40-split folding rear seat, two 12-volt power outlets, one 1.0-amp USB charge port, and four-speaker audio system with 5-inch screen and Bluetooth phone/audio. The front-drive EX trim is priced at $27,635, and the AWD model costs $28,935. The additional key features on this trim include: 190-horsepower, turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, 18-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, rear privacy glass, power glass moon roof, heated outside mirrors with turn indicators, power driver's seat, heated front seats 1.5- and 2.5-amp USB charge ports, six-speaker audio system with 7-inch touchscreen, Honda link, Android Auto and Apple Carplay, forward collision warning with autonomous braking, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, blind spot and rear cross-traffic alert, automatic high-beam headlights, blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic alert, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, remote keyless entry with push-button start. The other two trims EX-L, and Touring model starts at $30,135, and $33,335, and varied according to the features and choice of drive.
  • 4 reasons why you need a storage shed
    A storage shed is used for storing equipment and various usable and non-usable items. Whether you work in the lawn, garden or do DIY projects that need a lot of space for experimentation, having a storage shed will expand your storage options. Let's take a look at four reasons why you need a storage shed:
    • It Helps You Clear Up Your Home If cluttered rooms and cramped living spaces are a problem due to things piling up, you should get a storage shed. You can list out all the things you don't need in your home and put them in the storage shed, freeing space in your room.
    • It Frees Up Your Garage Besides freeing up space in the home, storage sheds can help to clear out space in the garage as well. Investing in a storage shed would free up space in the garage which could make parking your car a lot easier. A neat and organized garage could also help prevent break-ins.
    • It Keeps You Organized Garden tools such as garden hoe, digging shovels, table tops, danglers, and chainsaws can be kept in storage sheds. If you're a gardening aficionado, you can resort to storage sheds for keeping all your equipment in one place in a neat and organized manner. This will help you find your tools more easily rather than scouring for them every time you need them. You can store feeding supplies, plant seeds, and the lawnmower, all in one place with a storage shed.
    • It Increases the Property's Retail Value A storage shed in the garden increases the retail value of the property. It is an added asset to the home's economical value and is an attractive feature for new buyers. If you do plan to sell your house in the future, the addition of a storage shed could help raise its value.
    The above-listed reasons are why you should buy or build your own storage sheds. A Storage shed is more than just a place for storing things, as it helps you to be more organized. It could save you time as it makes things easily accessible.
  • Make your resume stand out
    Finding your dream job may not be as challenging as you initially thought it would be. More and more online portals are offering a variety of services, some even free of cost! Of course, the free plan may not offer all perks compared to the premium one but here are a few things you can do to make your profile stand out. Write your resume in plain simple English language, avoid unnecessary use of words which will have the recruiter reaching out for a dictionary or thesaurus. Boasting a superior vocabulary may not necessarily help your cause. Recruiters hardly spend a minute or two looking over your resume, making it plain and to the point is the only way to ensure quality. Format your resume properly, highlight the titles with bold or underlined which will get the recruiters attention first. Use a legible font, avoid using fonts such as Comic Sans MS, etc. The text size should also be appropriate and should not be used as a mere excuse to fill up pages. The page count is irrelevant if the information mentioned in the resume is precise. Every heading, should have proper subheading. For example, list out your education details in descending order starting with the most recently acquired. The same is applicable when it comes to work experience, list of achievements, projects and voluntary work undertaken. Recruits like candidates who take part and contribute for social causes, missions since it shows initiative your part towards corporate social responsibility. Skills should be listed out taking into consideration the position you are applying for and the company you are going to be a part of. Job winning resumes are the ones which are tailored to suit the company or industry requirements. Adding appropriate links to your resume will also enhance its quality and appearance. Links will provide the additional info which cannot be accommodated in your resume. Links will also enable recruiters to see more content including graphic, images etc. Be very true to yourself and the company you are applying to, never lie or misrepresent any information in your resume. A statement at the end saying 'I hereby declare all information is true to my knowledge' should also be supported by the fact. Recruiters can differentiate between good resumes and too good to be true resumes. These are just some of the tips which will help you to draft the best possible resume and make it stand out.
  • The three popular types of faucets
    It is almost impossible for a kitchen to look spectacular with a dripping, corroded, and leaking faucet. Faucets are one of the most reliable purchases as most come with a warranty of lifetime for the first buyers. Unlike before, there are several designs of faucets available these days according to specific uses. Below are three types of faucets that are currently popular: Single-handle faucets While purchasing a single-handle faucet, it is important to check the distance to the window ledge or backsplash as while the handle is rotating, it may hit anything that’s behind it. For any additional sinkholes, a separate nozzle or soap dispenser can be purchased. The biggest advantage of using single-handle faucets is that they are easy to install and use. They also take less space as compared to the two-handle faucets. However, they may not be able to provide precise temperature adjustments when compared to two-handle faucets. Two-handle faucets Two-handle faucets have a traditional setup, where you have two separate handles, one for the hot water and one for the cold. These handles can be a part of the baseplate or can be mounted separately as well. Also, usually the sprayer is separate. The biggest perk of opting for a two-handle faucet is the precise temperature adjustment it provides as compared to the single one. Installation of two-handle faucets is difficult and to adjust the temperature, you need to use both your hands. Hands-free faucets The best hands-free faucets have an activator on the front of the faucet, which makes it easier to locate hands. Also, one can simply switch to the manual operation by sliding a movable panel that covers the sensor. The biggest advantage of using a hands-free faucet is its convenience. Also, the water gets activated with the help of the movement sensor. This ensures that no matter how full or dirty the hands are, they can be cleaned without touching the fixture. Some hands-free faucets have designs that are not so user-friendly as the activator is located at the back or toward the bottom of the faucet. These locations are hard to find when your hands are full or dirty.


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