A brief guide on luggage and travel gear for first time solo travelers

A brief guide on luggage and travel gear for first time solo travelers

Traveling solo for the first time is both exciting and scary at the same time. However, it is the one thing everybody should experience at least once in their life. There are a lot of things one can find out about themselves and the world when they travel solo. But to make that happen smoothly, packing becomes essential. Having the right things in your luggage and travel gear will let you make the most of your solo trip. You must have come across many articles online about solo traveling and what and how to pack, here is another one to make you as informed about your solo travel packing as possible.

One of the most important advices about traveling solo is to pack as light as possible. There are many reasons for this. The lighter your luggage, the better it will be for you to move around and since you will be alone, and you wouldn’t have to ask anyone to look after your luggage while you get some other essential work done. When you have less or just one luggage, you can take better care of your stuff and be free from any stress related to theft and misplacement of your luggage and travel gear.

If your travel includes multiple stoppages, you should consider packing cubes. Packing cubes help you tame your luggage for the better. Cubes are basically small bags that can be used to pack all your stuff in separate packs. This helps in packing one type of stuff in one cube bag. It makes your search for stuff easy and doesn’t let the luggage become too much. To add to the benefits of packing cubes, your entire luggage and travel gear becomes organized.

Universal travel adapters are one thing every traveler should carry. Especially, it is an international trip we are talking about. For people who carry their laptops and other electronic devices should consider carrying two travel adapters if incase there is a need to charge more than one device at the same time. For the same reason, an extension cable can be of a lot of use.

Sleep masks become essential especially when you are on the move and have to sleep. You tend to get tired on your vacation if you don’t get proper sleep, for that, it is better to add a sleep mask to your luggage and travel gear.

For your laptops and other devices, carrying a cover that is going to keep your devices protected is essential. A power bank can be of great help when you cannot find an electricity connection and yet have to charge your mobile phone.

Carry some safety-first items in your luggage and travel gear for emergency situations. This should be given more importance if your travel includes a road journey or trekking. The more equipped you are, the better you can take care of yourself in emergencies.

If you are going to buy a luggage for yourself for the upcoming vacation, make sure you buy a bag that isn’t too big or too small, has enough space for all your stuff and isn’t too heavy. The lighter the better. At the same time, focus on the quality as it is most important. In the end, do not over pack and try not to under pack either. It is better to write down all the things you will need while you are on the journey and then eliminate things you think will not be necessary. Take help from your friends who travel a lot or have travelled solo before and read up as much about the place you are going to as possible. This is help you prepare well and hint you about things you can afford to leave behind as well.

Have a great trip!


  • Acquaint Yourself With The Different Types Of Air Conditioners
    What can help you escape the sweltering heat? No amount of ice creams or cold drinks can ward off the heat. So, we need to express our gratitude to the various innovations in the field of technology as we can deal with the increasing heat easily using air conditioners. Air conditioners have become an indispensable part of our lives as it is found in schools, workplaces, homes, and vehicles. Since the climate takes a turn to the worst every year, you cannot imagine combating the heat without the help of air conditioners. An air conditioner is a boon as it helps maintain a pleasant temperature and keeps various heat-related issues at bay. These air conditioners, which were a luxury once upon a time have become a necessity now. If you are keen on buying an air conditioner, you need to know about the different types of air conditioners. Here are the different types of air conditioners that you can come across and choose the one that fits your needs.
    • Portable air conditioners Imagine an air conditioner that you can move around the house! People usually opt for air conditioners that are either mounted on the wall or window air conditioners. It is an accepted fact that we cannot afford to have an air conditioner in every room, and in such cases, a portable air conditioner comes in handy. Portable air conditioners are free-standing, easily movable models that can cool the entire room by pulling in the fresh air and removes heat and moisture and returns cool air into the room. What makes this a viable option is these are quite affordable.
    • Window air conditioners Window air conditioners are one of the most common types of air conditioners you will ever come across. These became quite popular because of their affordability and efficiency. These window air conditioners are fixed into window frames or in certain cases, into measured wall holes. The part that cools the room faces inside, while the rest of the body is outside the window. These window air conditioners have features such as digital control boards, programmable timers, heat modes, etc.
    • Through-the-wall air conditioners Through-the-wall air conditioners, at first glance, might resemble window air conditioners, but they differ from window air conditioners in the housing designs, weight, and the cooling capacity. These through-the-wall air conditioners are installed inside a chassis sleeve, and unlike the window air conditioners, these do not have venting mechanisms on both the sides of the housing. Through-the-wall air conditioners have more cooling capacity than the window air conditioners and are priced more than them as well.
    • Ductless mini-split system air conditioners Ductless mini-split system air conditioners, more commonly known as split air conditioners are quite popular these days. Not only do they look sleek, but they are also quite powerful as well. Unlike the window air conditioners, these air conditioners are not a self-contained appliance, nor do they need ducting like central air conditioners. These air conditioner systems are comprised of two parts -a wall-mounted blower, which is the source of cool air, and a big condenser unit that is placed outside.
    • Package Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) There are instances when we visit hotels and yet cannot trace the source of cool air. The PTACs are mostly used in the hospitality industry, and are quite common in hotels, villas, and even in sunrooms and residential places. The PTACs are powerful enough to cool vast spaces, and some PTACs can be controlled from one location easily. PTACs are usually installed through an external wall or under a window, whichever location can provide optimum cooling.
  • Ideal bed bug control procedures
    Bed bugs are one of the most common infestations in our country. They pose a threat to common public health, and so it is advised that you take measures for bed bug control, in case you have them around you. Listed below are some effective measures that you can take: Adopt an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach The best way to tackle bed bug infestation is to develop an IPM approach to the problem. This should include the tactics of finding the root of the problem, developing a preventive measure and maintaining a clean and sanitary atmosphere around the affected area. Wash clothes with hot water All the affected clothing and bedding items must be cleaned at a minimum of 50°C or 122°F. Gather all the linens and cotton items including leather supplies, mattress covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, and clothes, and launder them at the mentioned temperature in your washing machine. Don’t wash them with other unaffected items. Clean them thoroughly and dry them under the sun. Use a steamer A good and easy way for bed bug control is using a steamer. You can buy a steamer from any hardware store. Directly point the steamer to the affected areas like curtains, bedding, clothes, etc. and spray the steam for a few minutes. This is perfect for a small infestation. Use pesticides Cracks in the walls are best for bed bugs for breeding and hiding. In such a case, calling a professional bug pest control will be the ideal way for handling your bed bug problem. They will use the best bed bug spray and fumigate your house completely to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bug control is essential for public health. So take utmost precaution for restricting this problem from spreading.
  • Popular Kitchen Cabinets to Beautify Your Kitchen
    The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and kitchen cabinets make it more attractive and fresh. It is always a pleasure to have a well-designed kitchen as it will make you feel great when preparing various delicacies. One should select kitchen cabinets by considering the amount of storage space, convenience, layout, and longevity. In the following, a brief overview of kitchen cabinets has been given. There are four types of kitchen cabinets—Wall, tall, base, and specialty unit cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are commonly made of the following materials:
    • Wood
    • Thermo foil
    • Melamine
    • Stainless steel
    • Laminator
    • Acrylic
    • Lacquer
    Kitchen cabinets should be well organized. Keeping your kitchen cabinets well organized has many benefits such as the following:
    • Organized kitchen cabinets save time because it gives a better understanding of where everything is placed.
    • Organized kitchen cabinets make it easier for planning meals and even grocery shopping.
    • Organized kitchen cabinets make cleaning easier.
    Popular kitchen cabinet brands in the country: Some of the popular kitchen cabinet brands in the country are as follows
    • Kraftmaid: They have a wide variety of kitchen cabinets and even offer semi-custom kitchen cabinets. They have enhanced their creation to cater to all choices and tastes.
    • Snaidero: They manufacture high-end, euro-styled kitchen cabinets.
    • IKEA: IKEA is one of the largest distributors of kitchen cabinets. They provide high-end style and low-cost kitchen cabinets.
    • Artistic Cabinetry: They design and manufacture contemporary and traditional kitchen cabinets.
    • Porcelanosa: They manufacture sleek and smooth European-style cabinetry. They also manufacture traditional types of cabinets.
    • All Wood Cabinetry: They manufacture plywood core cabinets for the kitchen which are classic and traditional styled.
    • Aran: Aran is a super high-end kitchen cabinet brand. They manufacture Euro-style and sleek kitchen cabinets.
    • Canyon Creek: They provide custom and affordable cabinets for the kitchen. They also offer framed and frameless cabinets.
    Which are some of the popular kitchen cabinets to choose from? Alexandria kitchen pantry This kitchen cabinet is easy to assemble; it has two sets of tempered ridged glass doors. It comes with adjustable inner shelves and storage drawers with removable wine dividers. Windham 2-door Accent Buffet This is an adjustable shelf for custom storage. It comes with two doors with glass panes and drawers. This is an attractive cabinet with both a cupboard and a drawer. Candie Modern Multi-Storage Dining Buffet This is wooden rectangular cabinet that is slim and storage efficient. It features a glass door, storage, wine storage, and fixed shelves. Parsons Pantry Storage This has deep storage drawers and two adjustable shelves behind the doors. It is easy to assemble and comes in white color. There are many more popular kitchen cabinets which come in beautiful designs to give an elegance to your kitchen, so ensure to choose the right kitchen cabinet that fits your needs and budget best.
  • Why buy prepaid cell phones?
    The cell phone seems to be a must-have device, but the expense of the service that you use, can be too expensive.There are several prepaid cell phone plans that are useful solutions that offer contract-free rates for all those who don't spend several hours over the phone or stream videos over the move. These are flexible as well as adaptable and affordable, and you can make payment month-to-month and cancel any time without paying any termination fees. Ting Ting provides both prepaid as well as monthly options, and is an MVNO that provides Sprint's network. Even these devices have gained large appraisals in the tech-savvy community. This means that, you can select the number of minutes you need, the number of texts you require, and how much data you need. The main goal of the carrier is to be flexible enough to assist you to charge for whatever you require and it never forces you to pay for what you don't use. Just pay only for the data you use. That means, if you don't use minutes or texts or any data, the amount simply gets credited to your account. Suppose you are curious to know the details, you will get a calculator to see the data you can save by switching to a particular mode. Page Plus Page Plus is said to be a national prepaid wireless provider as well as an MVNO that rides the Verizon Wireless network. The service does not have monthly plans, but simply it is praised for its pre-paid plans which are available at amazing prices, and there is no waste agreements and contracts. Like many pre-paid carriers, you can simply purchase the things you need up-front at the start of the month by buying refill cards, filling your account, and moving on from there. In case you need more, you can refill more and you can check out their full list of plans online. Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile seems to be a collection of mobile brands and telecommunication companies that is operated under the same roof, but simply perform business independently. Virgin Mobile USA is a completely owned Sprint subsidiary, which rides their network and has established as an MVNO for Sprint, but Sprint purchased Virgin in 2009. Virgin Mobile offers both prepaid and monthly wireless plans (unlimited plans) at different price points. You can simply check out the list of all of their plans online. There is no need for contracts or any kind of signed agreements required.
  • General treatments for chronic pain
    Chronic pain is pain that lasts for three to six months and more due to some previous injury or surgery, migraines, arthritis, infection, nerve damage, and back problems. It can be felt in the form of a dull ache, a burning or throbbing sensation, a shooting pain, a squeezing or stinging pain, soreness or stiffness. Sometimes, the pain is accompanied by fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, mood swings or merely lethargy. Because it interferes with daily life, it can leave one feeling angry and depressed. As far as a general treatment for chronic pain goes, there are several medications, both oral and topical. Oral medication is one that can be taken by mouth. These include anti-inflammatory drugs that are nonsteroidal, opioids and acetaminophen. Topical medications are those that can be applied to the skin in the form of creams, ointment or patches. Some patches are made to work when they are applied directly on top of the area where the pain is. Others need to be used far away from the centre of the pain, such as fentanyl patches. Some of these medications need a prescription while others are over the counter. There are also other avenues like interventional techniques that involve injecting into or all about the area of the spine. Some of these injections may be superficial. These are injected into painful muscles. While these are called trigger point injections, others are more invasive. There are epidural injections given for pain in the neck, arm, back or leg. There are facet injections to the joints to enable movement of the neck and the back. There are also injections specifically given for burning pain. When it comes to general treatment for chronic pain, medication is not the only way to go. Exercises, for instance, go a long way in relieving pain and reducing dependency on drugs. Exercises in these situations work best when done under the supervision or guidance of a physical therapist. Another method that could help relieve dependence on medication is acupuncture. Pads are placed on the skin over affected areas by Transcutaneous Electro-Nerve Stimulator or TENS units to help reduce pain.
  • Upcoming trends in gaming consoles
    Be it fashion, books or movies, humans always look forward to the latest and upcoming trends. Thirsting for upcoming video game consoles is no different. The game lovers are always on a hunt to invest in the next gaming console or look forward to upgrading their old devices. Distinctive Features In Gaming The gaming world is very competitive. Manufacturers are consistent in their innovation, and they make sure they come up with distinct features in their next gaming device. Every new release will have added features which will make the device more popular among the gaming peeps. Apple is the unquestioned king of touchpad gaming, while Microsoft is trying to beat the benchmark by offering multiplayer games. Motion control in the console was an initiative by Nintendo. Gamers are waiting for future game consoles. "What's next" is the constant buzz in the gaming world. With 2017 coming to an end, the gaming companies have geared up for 2018 with their trendsetters. Factors Contributing To Trends In Console Karl Stewart, the designer of Tomb Raider, believes emotion will play a more important role as the gaming matures. Latest hardware and processors are the driving factor in the innovation of consoles. Some of the popular brands are giving the option of online download options as well. So, will digitization of consoles hamper the systems of the wholesalers and retailers? Well, the future has its hold. Electronic Arts Inc.'s latest version of Fifa (football game) allows players to manage their teams on mobile or tablets. EA sees mobile gaming as an added experience for the gamer. Gaming in 2018 In 2018, the line-up of game releases is promising. Platforms of the games vary from PC to consoles. Future game consoles are compatible with both PC as well as handheld consoles. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom and Monster Hunter, releases in January 2018 while Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Far Cry 5, and Dragon Ball FighterZ release in February. There are other exciting hosts of releases lined up for 2018. The future gaming consoles look very promising in the near future. Augmented and virtual reality is the next big thing in the gaming industry. VR with friends will be the trend to look for. VR developers are collaborating with the companies to give the best to the gamer. It will be awesome to play with your friends using VR. Experimental tech companies and VR developers are exploring physical collaborative games. One such example is the latest Pokemon Go which has made a phenomenal impact in the gaming space. Mobile and tablet games are going to be popular in the near future. With the constant upgradation in mobile software, many gaming companies are joining hands with the company. The collaboration between the mobile company and game developers will bring about a huge impact on the gaming industry. The reason for the growth in its popularity is that they can be played on the go. There are some games that do not need internet to be played while the others do. With game developers breaking the league with each release, gamers can definitely ask for more. As long as the gamers are enthusiastic, the world of gaming will always flourish. It works both ways, you see.