A brief guide to the top fat burners for women

With obesity being a common issue in the country, maintaining a healthy diet has now become the need of the hour. There is no such fixated hard-and-fast diet that can shed those extra pounds which would work for everyone as all individuals would respond to different types of diet plans as per their body type. Women in the US are trying some of the top fat burner products. Many women in the US are using fat burner pills and supplements to kick start their weight loss journey. Some of the top fat burners in the US are listed below for women:

  • LeanMode: This gluten-free formula works towards burning fat, appetite support, boosting metabolism, increasing antioxidant levels, and creating a positive mood. This is also available in the powder form in 4 different flavors.
  • QuadraLean Thermogenic: This best designed thermogenic helps to burn fat while boosting metabolism.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore Next: Supports weight loss by boosting energy levels.
  • Shred Her: Natural fat burner designed specifically for females to boost their energy levels while keeping appetite in control.
  • Her CLA: Great for achieving a lean body.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite: This has been designed for extreme energy, super thermogenesis, and extreme weight loss. It is also available in the powder form.
  • Alphamine: A powerful thermogenic powder that can be customized for every user.
  • Burn: A well-defined 6-stage fat burning formula that is visible in less than 2 weeks.
  • Tone: Helps to get a lean body without stimulants.
  • Her Thermo Energy Chews: Designed for pre-workout, this tropical chew increases the energy levels while improving mental focus.

Essentially, one should look for the most effective ingredients in these fat burners before choosing one such as Green tea extract, Green coffee bean extract, Garcinia, Razberi-K, and Caffeine. Additionally, the Instant Knockout Fat Burner is a big time hit with women in the US.

However you choose to shed those extra pounds, these fat burner supplements are a perfect quick fix, provided you team it up with the right intake of calories, workout, and a balanced lifestyle.


  • How to kill the herpes virus
    Genital or oral herpes can be distressing, especially if you suffer from frequent outbreaks. While it may me difficult to kill the herpes virus, the disease can be managed by understanding its nature and causes. Herpes is caused by two kinds of herpes simplex virus; the HSV-1 that usually causes cold sores and facial sores, and HSV-2 that causes sores on the buttocks, genitals or rectum. One out of every three adults carries this virus. Most of the times, the carrier is not even aware of the presence of the herpes virus within his body. The virus usually enters our body through an opening in the skin, or the virus may become dormant, but it lives there forever. The carrier may become aware of its presence only after an outbreak, which may not come for years in some people. Causes of herpes infection: One way to be infected with herpes virus is by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, who is having an outbreak of sores or blisters at the time of contact. The virus is also transmitted by contact with body fluids including blood, saliva and semen of an infected person. This kind of contamination can occur even if the infected individual is not suffering from an outbreak, (or has no physical symptoms of the virus) because the dormant virus is present in his body fluids. Viral shedding: From time to time the herpes virus travels via the nerves to the surface of the skin. This is called viral shedding and the individual is highly infectious at such times. The infected person may or may not show symptoms during episodes of viral shedding. By birth: Women infected with herpes can pass the virus to their child during pregnancy. Outbreaks: While the exact reason for outbreaks is not known, scientists believe that it can be due to physical or psychological factors. Physical factors include run-down immunity due to another infection, STD's, hormonal imbalance, common cold and other genital infection. Stress and anxiety can also precipitate a reoccurrence. Treatment: Antiviral therapy is most commonly prescribed for the management of herpes virus. While the medication does not kill the herpes virus, it is quite effective in providing long-term relief. Besides relieving the pain, antiviral medication can help in cutting down the duration of the outbreak, prevent frequent reoccurrences, reduce the severity of symptoms and minimise the chances of passing on the infection to your sexual partner. Antiviral medication may be prescribed as and when you develop sores or suspect an outbreak. If you suffer from frequent reoccurrences, your doctor may prescribe suppressive therapy. You would be required to continue medication for weeks or months depending on the nature of reoccurrences.
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max – Check out the variants, accessories, and pre-order dates

    If there’s one thing that has not changed in 2020, it’s Techtober, a month where geeks yearn to boast the fanciest of technology. And that’s exactly what Apple did with the Apple launch event on October 13. The pre-recorded event introduced the new iPhone 12 line-up to the world and also announced that they are up for pre-orders starting this week.

    Pre-order details

    For those of you looking for just the right combination of size and power in your smartphone, the iPhone 12 modes are officially going up for pre-order. If you’re out for the biggest display, you can pre-order the iPhone 12 Pro Max starting November 6.

    Design and specifications

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the ultimate powerhouse and boasts the latest A14 Bionic chip, the fastest chip in a smartphone. The chip powers photography features like the all-new Apple ProRAW and the first end-to-end Dolby Vision video experience, up to 60 fps. The iPhone’s displays have taken a huge leap forward with their Super Retina XDR display, and the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G comes with an OLED display that makes HDR worth the watch and peaks 1200 nits of brightness.

    The frame of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is literally a blast from the past, and it is available in four stainless steel finishes: silver, gold, graphite, and the eye-catching pacific blue. The entire iPhone 12 line-up comes with 5G functionality, offering faster downloads and uploads.

    Accessories to watch out for

    The latest iPhone 12 Pro models come with the much-awaited MagSafe technology and accessories. MagSafe features magnets around the wireless charging coil, optimized to perfectly connect with the iPhone. It makes way for new accessories like the MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Duo Charger for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Other accessories include silicone, leather, or clear cases that easily snap onto the back and a leather wallet.

    Another great accessory for the new iPhone 12 line-up is the HomePod mini, a powerful smart speaker with the purest of sound. It offers a great music listening experience, smart home capabilities, an intelligent assistant, top-notch security features, and a compact design, making for a great table-side companion in your home.

  • Tips to find the ideal shower bases
    Planning to renovate your old bathroom? You want to give a complete makeover to the bathroom and are looking for the latest amenities? Whether you are decorating the bathroom of your new house or getting the old one renovated, you cannot afford any mistake in this process. Every accessory that you select for the bathroom has to be worthy and increase functionality. Whether it is the tap or the shower, sink or the faucet, shower curtain or the shower curtain rods, each and everything needs to be picked with due care. When you are decorating a bathroom, you need to be quite cautious about the selection of shower bases. Finding the right shower base can be easy if you follow some simple tips. Size of your bathroom- Space saving is the main idea behind the installation of shower bases. However, that does not mean, only bathrooms with small area need these bases. You can also use it in spacious bathrooms as well. You need to measure the area carefully. The base that you select should be in sync with the area of the bathroom as well as the area that covers the top shower. An excessively large size base will not only waste the space but also it will dampen the look of your bathroom. Full resistance- Nowadays, you can find different types of shower bases for bathrooms. However, that does not mean, picking just any of them will be a good choice. Be it an acrylic base or a tiles base or ceramic one, you should ensure that the user will not trip and fall while bathing. Particular care should be given if children or elderly will use the base. Scratch resistance- The shower base that you install for your bathroom can turn ugly with multiple scratches on it and may seek a frequent replacement. If you do not want to waste your money in frequently replacing the shower bases, you should go for the scratchresistance models as these will retain their newness for a prolonged period. Budget and preference- Last but not the least, when purchasing shower bases or shower curtain rods you should also give due importance to the money that you spend for the purpose. Though these are important, it does not mean, you will compromise with the other necessities. Therefore, before browsing through the types of shower bases, make sure to determine your budget. Also, give importance to your personal preference and purchase the one that you find the best. Nowadays, shower bases and other accessories such as shower curtains and shower curtain rods are available online. You can purchase any of them and get the best piece without leaving the comfort of your home. Yes, make sure to place the order carefully.
  • 6 Best Online Symptom Checkers
    Various medical studies have highlighted the fact that more than one-third of the adults in the country use the Internet for self-diagnosis on a regular basis. Even though it is always advisable to seek the guidance of healthcare professionals rather than a self-diagnosis, the online symptom checker is excessively popular among the adult population. Here is a list of the best online symptom checkers that are free and publicly available.
    • Symcat – This disease calculator uses records of almost 500,000 patients to reckon the probability of any particular disease. Also, it helps in appointment scheduling along with mapping the nearby emergency care centers. A mobile version of Symcat is also available.
    • AskMD – With the efficient help of AskMD symptom checker app, the patients can successfully maintain an online health profile within a social network called Sharecare.
    • Isabel – This online symptom checker is a diagnosis checklist system tool that offers almost 69% accurate results.
    • iTriage – It is not only a great symptom checker but also an effective health literacy tool. It can offer almost 64% accurate results for symptom checking. With iTriage, patients can manage their health information secretly along with connecting patients to the care options. This online symptom checker is available in a mobile app version as well.
    • Healthline – Highly-skilled medical experts with years of experience in various medical fields and adept writers who can help to reach the diagnosis information to the viewers and users in easily understandable and plain language manage this website.
    • WebMD – One of the most popular symptom checkers that is currently trending in the digital market is WebMD. Along with helping the patients in checking their respective symptoms, this online symptom checker makes sure that the patients get necessary health information that is related to the symptoms. More interestingly, for the physician, the patients can take the printout of the report available on WebMD. You can get this symptom checker in the mobile app version as well.
    Other than the aforementioned popular online symptom checkers, some other options include DocResponse (Provides almost 67% accurate results), Mayo Clinic (Generates almost 59% accurate results), FamilyDoctor (Offers almost 56% accurate results), and HMS Family Health Guide (Provides almost 52% accurate results). Even though a lot of online symptom checkers are available in today’s tech-savvy era, the pharmacists should always encourage patients to consult a medical expert or health care professional for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Slipcovers: An easy way to revamp the furniture
    Simply buying some elegant furniture pieces to jazz up a room is not enough when it comes to home decor. These items must be properly maintained over time so that their original look and feel is preserved. And this is where slipcovers come in. Be it a sofa, chaise lounge, daybed, chair, or ottoman, slipcovers can keep dust away and protect the furniture from stains and scratches. Available in a wide array of sizes, fabrics, colors, and prints, these covers are just what you need when you want to change your interior decor style without spending a lot. While furniture in standard designs can be easily complemented by readymade slipcovers, unusual shapes might need customized covers. Some benefits are discussed below. Flexible: Slipcovers are quite flexible when it comes to covering various sofas, recliners, and chairs. These can easily enhance the durability of the furniture, and give it a whole new look. Use light-colored slipcovers if you want to create the illusion of spaciousness, and dark ones if you want to contrast plain and neutral walls. Avoid light hues if you have pets or kids, as they will surely get dirty in no time and will be harder to maintain. Machine washable: Gone are the days when you had to worry about the condition of the cover. The modern varieties are machine-washable if they get dirty. The fabrics are quite strong as well and remain undamaged even after repeated washing. Some of the materials that are used in making the product are twill, denim, and faux suede. Any accidental food or coffee spill can be quickly removed without any hassles from these. Colors and patterns: Diverse patterns are available to suit the preferences of the customers. You may purchase the product in different colors too. If the room's decor is minimal or simple, bold or colorful patterns will look great. But if you have a variety of artifacts all around the room, then covers in neutral hues will work best. Change seasonally: Tired of the same old interior decor style? Bring in some spunk with slipcovers in a different color, fabric, or pattern. You can change them with every season too! For instance, soft pastels can look very soothing in summers, while bold reds, oranges, and browns can be perfect for winters. Floral prints can create spring-like vibe anytime though. Easy to use: It is quite easy to put slipcovers on and take them off from furniture pieces. If you notice some wrinkles, you can deal with them with a damp towel. Regular dusting can be carried out with a dry cloth. Reputed retailers: As it happens with any product, slipcovers if bought from a reputed retailer will last for a very long time. They will be immune to wear and tear; however, you should find popular websites to shop from. You might want to compare prices and variety across retailers too, before making a purchase decision.
  • Natural ways to get rid of a tan
    You have just had a wonderful summer break basking and fishing with loved ones in the sunny weather. However, when you come back to reality, you see a how tanned you are from your summer holiday! There is no reason for panic, for there are umpteen ways and wonderful remedies that can help you get rid of this tan and revert to your normal shade within weeks. Tan lines are dark lines that are sometimes accompanied with burning and itching and makes you feel like your skin is completely ruined. They normally make their appearance when you spend lots of time basking in the sun, swimming or fishing in a hot, tropical or humid climate. A tan that is caused by the sun usually takes a good couple of weeks to fade off. Home Remedies to Clear a Tan
    • Cabbage Leaves: Cabbage leaves are known to work wonders to get rid of the tan. All one needs to do is position the leaves of a cabbage on the tanned areas for around twenty minutes. Cabbage leaves boast of anti-inflammatory properties and are also rich in Vitamin C, K and A, helping remove a tan very easily.
    • Turmeric and Milk: Take around two tbsps. of milk and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply this mixture on the tanned areas and wash off with water once it gets dry. Ensure you repeat this routine daily until the tan vanishes.
    • Bitter Gourd: Squeeze the juice of a bitter gourd and apply this on the tan affected areas. Ensure you massage this juice onto the area for a couple of minutes. Leave this for around seven minutes and then rinse it off.
    • Plain Yogurt: Applying yogurt on tanned areas for about a quarter of an hour removes a tan.
    • Wheat Flour: Mixing a couple of tbsps. of wheat flour along with water and applying this onto the affected areas removes a tan.
    • Sugar and Lime: Mixing sugar and lime and applying this as a scrub by massaging it onto the affected parts gently is known to work wonders for removing tan.
    • Honey and Ripe Papaya: Mash up about half a cup of papaya with one tbsp. of honey. Apply this mixture on the tanned areas for 30 minutes and wash with cold water.
    • Cucumber Extract, Lemon Juice and Rose Water: Mix one tbsp. each of rose water, lemon juice and cucumber extract in a bowl and dab generous amounts on your tanned skin.
    A great preventive measure for tanning is to apply sun screen lotion and wear full sleeved attire when you're out in the sun.
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