A Guide to Buying the Best Washer and Dryer Combo

The best washer and dryer combos are all-in-one machines that facilitate washing and drying in one single unit. If you are looking for a combo unit, here are some suggestions to help you choose the best models that fit your needs.

Washer and dryer combo

These compact multi-functional units are ideal for small apartments where there might not be enough space for separate washing and drying machines. Even stackable sets may be a problem to fit into the small spaces available.

Long drying time and higher power consumption may have been issues with older models, but over the decades, the all-in-one units have evolved. They wash and dry your clothes quickly and efficiently, and they consume less power than vented dryers. These machines also come with UL and ETL approval. So, you can be assured that they have been manufactured to meet the best safety standards.

Selecting the best washer and dryer combo

Features to look for when shopping for the best washer and dryer combo are as follows:

-Look at the drum size or capacity. This is measured in cubic feet. Try to choose units with stainless steel drums as these last longer than plastic or porcelain drums.

-If you can afford the higher cost, get the best washer and dryer combo that comes with a lot of pre-programmed settings. These programs make it easy to use the machine, you do not have to experiment with different temperatures, wash cycles, etc., for each type of garment. Also, these preset selections let you know the type of clothes the unit can safely handle, like silk garments, cotton, denim, hand towels etc.

-Look at the Energy Star rating and UL/ETL certification to know how energy efficient a model is, and its safety rating.

-If you are worried about setting up a window kit to release the hot air in the machine, buy a ventless unit. Most of the best washer and dryer combos are ventless systems. The hot air in the unit helps dry your clothes and then it is directed to a condensation chamber. This is another feature that makes it ideal for apartments and other small residences.

-Spin speed is another important measure, it measures how fast the drum or tub spins while washing or drying clothes. The higher the speed, the faster the wash. Many washer dryer combos let you adjust the spin speed. This option lets you adjust the speed according to how delicate the material you are washing is, as some types of clothes can get damaged at high speeds.

-Look for models that have a self-clean option. This program setting cleans the drum and other parts of the unit, getting rid of accumulated dirt. This keeps the unit clean and functioning well.

Some of the best washer and dryer combos for 2018


This is one of the best washer and dryer combo that has a larger capacity than most other combo units and also comes with many other features that set it apart. It has a lot of pre-programmed settings that allow you to wash different types of clothes. It also has a self-clean setting that will clean the machine itself. It comes with noise control technology through vibration reduction. The washer has 14 different settings.


This is a compact unit that you can also fit into your RV if you are going on a road trip. This is a 14-cycle Front Load Model with a 7-cycle Dryer. It is a ventless model, so it can fit into small spaces and does not have to be paired with a venting kit. It comes with 12 pre-programmed settings.

Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3

This is an affordable washer and dryer combo, but it does not compromise on functionality. It has many different preset programs. This includes a de-wrinkle cycle and also a self-clean cycle to clean the unit itself. It can be hooked up to a water faucet, a good option for people who don’t have a separate laundry room.

Splendide WD2100XC

This is a compact washer and dryer combo that is ideal for small spaces like tiny houses and trailer homes. It has 10 washing cycles and three soil level settings. The soil level setting allows for a deeper cleaning of very dirty clothes. It comes with 7 different temperature settings. This unit has a load sensor that measures the cloth load which helps control water usage.


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    Payroll taxes are the taxes which are withheld from the paycheck of an employee by the employer. These taxes are local, state, and federal taxes which are withheld as per the law. They consist of income taxes, Medicare taxes and Social Security taxes. The Medicare Tax and Social Security will be matched by the employer. Form W-4 Each employee has to fill out and sign the W-4 form as the taxes are calculated based on this form. The employee will declare the amount being withheld accordingly. The refund for the taxpayer is also calculated through this form. The IRS will provide the income tax calculation, which is based on these declarations made by the employees. The employer uses a formula to calculate the state tax for each employee. This formula is provided by the state tax board and the employer needs to abide by the same. It is important that the employer is aware of the current tax rates so as to calculate the payroll tax accurately. It is the responsibility of the employer to make the payment of the taxes within the due date. Payroll tax calculator To help one calculate the tax, it is advisable to use the payroll tax calculator. It is a business calculator which will help make the right decision. Every business owner can use the calculator to determine the taxes. The payroll calculator helps determine the take-home pay and is suitable for individual use as well as business use. It also helps calculate 401K and determine the net pay for the employees. The calculator is easy to use and runs on the latest technology making it easier for both the employer and the employee to understand the calculations. The payroll tax calculator saves the time and effort it takes to calculate the taxes before the employer withholds the same from the salary of the employees. The calculator uses the specific formula assigned by the state tax board and calculates the taxes accordingly. One may only fill in the details about the employee, their salary, and bonuses. The calculator uses the rate and calculates the taxes within a few minutes. It also uses a supplemental tax rate to calculate the withholdings on a special wage payment, like the bonus. If there is no supplemental rate, one may use the aggregate bonus calculator for the same.
  • Here’s why you should consider buying Ninja blenders
    If you’re looking for an excellent blender to serve your various kitchen needs, this is your comprehensive guide with a complete review of Ninja® blenders. Ninja® is a brand known for their range of blenders and other small kitchen appliances such as coffee makers. Ninja® blenders are a renowned name in the professional blender category with some excellent features. The blender range comes with various Nutri Ninja® cups and provides robust performance (1100 watts of power with a pulse, 3-speeds, and single-serve functions). AboutNinja® blenders Ninja® blenders are known for their versatility and great performance in the kitchen for varied tasks including mixing, whipping, blending etc. The various models of Ninja® blenders including the Nutri Ninja® model come with excellent Auto-iQ technology that makes the working of the device much more strong and predictive. This technology consists of well designed and intelligent programs with unique pulsing actions to bring the desired consistency of the blended mixtures. Features of Ninja® blenders The common features of the Ninja® blenders include the following.
    • The package comes with a complete set of accessories including a 32 oz large cup, 18 oz small cup, and a 24 oz regular cup
    • The blender range has an instruction guide, a recipe book, pro extractor blades, and three lids
    • The Ninja® blenders range is designed in a way that ensures optimal extraction of essential vitamins, appropriate consistency, and great taste of the blended products including fruits, vegetables, smoothies, purees, and much more
    • SomeNinja® blenders have a touchscreen functionality to enable convenient operation of the blender
    Pros of Ninja® blenders
    • Ease of blending within minutes
    • Great consistency of blended products
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Compact size that doesn’t take much space in the kitchen
    • Sturdy, lightweight, and durable
    • Excellent blade system which is both safe to use and easy to clean
    What makes Ninja® blenders unique? Some of the qualities that make Ninja® Professional blenders unique in the blender category include-
    • Excellent warranty The Ninja® blender range comes with an excellent warranty that comes with several other products as well.
    • Easy maintenance Ninja® blenders and its variants including the Ninja® coffee maker and Nutri Ninja® range are extremely easy to maintain. You can easily clean them using warm water and a wiping material every time you use it.
    • High-quality blades This is an excellent range of blenders that are available with high-quality blades for superior performance. The stainless steel blades are both durable and erosion free to ensure the longevity of the blade system.
  • Insulin pumps – 3 best devices to buy in 2021

    An insulin pump is a computerized device mainly used by people suffering from diabetes. It mimics the functioning of the pancreas, which is an organ that breaks down sugar, fats, and starches into simpler substances. An insulin pump works by delivering small doses of short acting insulin continuously (basal rate). The device is also used to deliver variable amounts of insulin when a meal is consumed (known as bolus insulin).

    While the basal insulin rates in the pump are set up by your doctor, you can program the amount of bolus insulin directly on the pump. Most pumps also come with built-in bolus calculators to help you figure out how much insulin you need at mealtime based on your glucose levels and the amount of carbohydrates you are eating. With the basics covered, let us now look at the best insulin pumps in the market.

    Omnipod by Insulet
    It can be really hard to find a more cost-effective insulin pump than the Insulet Omnipod. It is small, compact, and can be programmed from a few feet away. It is completely watertight as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. The font size of the text on the screen is large, making it easy to operate by older people as well.

    Medtronic MiniMed 630G System
    Medtronic is known for manufacturing industry-leading products, and the MiniMed 630G Insulin Pump System is no different. It features an automatic basal shutoff and a high-resolution digital screen that makes it easy to read vital information. One can also receive information about carbs and insulin statistics on the screen.

    Animas Vibe Insulin Pump
    The Animas Vibe insulin pump is a commonly used product by diabetes patients. It is completely watertight, has a full-color screen, and features large texts to make it easy to read. The device also has a high rate of accurate dosing, which is especially important when you’re administering smaller doses. It runs on batteries, instead of a charger. This device is known to run up to three weeks.

  • Tips on maintaining your refrigerator accessories
    The kitchen is an integral part of your home. It is not just important in terms of functionality. The cooking area of the house also has a great role to play when it comes to the aesthetics. Therefore, when purchasing any kitchen appliance or using any kitchen appliance, you should make sure that it does not cause any adverse impact on the beauty of the premises. When considering the different types of kitchen or home appliances, you cannot ignore about the refrigerator. It is something that you can find in every kitchen. However, just selecting the right size or feature for your refrigerator is not enough. You should also select refrigerator accessories with due care. Nowadays, there are several stores, which sell different types of refrigerator accessories. You just need to provide the model number and the brand name of your refrigerator to find the ideally suited accessories for it. Refrigerator handle covers, which are among the most commonly used things are available in different materials as well as colors. You can check them out to find the one that you like the most. When it comes to refrigerator handle covers, you should make the selection based on not only your preferences but also the color or design of the fridge. The cover that you purchase should be in sync with the appliance on which it will be used, otherwise, it will dampen its look. Whatever be the material or type of the refrigerator handle covers you have purchased, you should be careful about the usage guidelines. Wash or clean the refrigerator handle covers as per instruction or else they will not be able to offer you the desired longevity. Also be a little more careful while using them. Harsh usage or careless usage can get them soiled much earlier than you would have expected at the time of purchase. With proper care, these covers can last for years and make your refrigerator shine for years. Just purchasing refrigerator handle covers once and getting them cleaned when needed is not enough. You should make sure to replace them from time to time. Handle covers are generally not quite expensive and can be purchased easily from any store. Nowadays, there are many online stores that sell refrigerator accessories. You can search for them online and place your order for refrigerator door covers and other accessories. If you are placing the order online, you should check out the delivery terms of the stores with care and also note the number of days required for shipping the product to your location. Some stores offer free shipping services to buyers. Getting hold of such service can help you save money, which can be used for purchasing any other important accessory.
  • The symptoms of menopause
    A woman undergoes a few medically significant stages through the course of her life. A girl is born with a fixed number of oocytes or potential ova which can all become children. These female reproductive cells remain quiescent until shaken awake by the powerful nudges by the new team of various very powerful hormones at an age of around 10 to 12 depending on her nutritional and fitness level. Puberty is a slow process and takes a few years to stabilize into fairly stable cycle to remain so for a very long time. She under goes a lot of changes during this period. The embryonic female eggs starting developing and one day it is released from one over the ovaries. The preparations the uterus has made to receive the fertilized ovum and nurture it to a child goes waste and sheds its degenerating lining with some blood. That time is the first of her periods. Menopause and its symptoms The last of the significant changes a woman undergoes is the complete reversal of the very first one she had. As the woman approaches the ages around 49 to 52 years, this process starts to reverse. In the initial stages of menopause, the cycle remains regular. The interval between periods get longer. Then the hormones try to cox the last ovum to mature and get released. The hormones start to fluctuate and the cycle itself becomes irregular with the period coming at different times and the flow also becomes highly irregular. The lady is as uncertain about her periods as a girl during her puberty. Her interest in matters sex declines and to trouble her more she gradually loses her attractiveness to males (sometimes more psychological and emotional than physical). Sexual intercourse can become painful as the vagina thins and the secretions reduce. The dryness may be more due to her advancing age. All these give her considerable anxiety. She starts getting hot flashes of varying intensity and duration and redness of skin. The duration hot flashes can be anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. These may have associated shivering, sweating and redness of skin. These subside in about a year or two. She suffers from sleeplessness, weight gain, soreness of joints, dry skin and mood swings. These takes some time to settle down. In most cases, physical exercise and a nutritious diet solves the problems considerably. Menopause by convention is defined to have occurred if the woman does not have a period continuously for a year. It marks the very last ovulation.
  • Range of Options at The Dump Furniture
    The Dump Furniture has made quite a name for itself in the past few years. People who gave up the idea of owning high-end furniture can now own them. This helps you save up without splurging thousands of dollars. You can find many stores that offer good-looking dump furniture at an affordable price range. The store buys several top-quality pieces of furniture from well-known brands at discounts and resells them to customers at exciting discounts and offers. The items are usually overstock items, factory sellouts and other furniture items that the retailer was unable to sell. You get quality furniture at just a fraction of the actual price.

    What can you find at the Dump Furniture store?

    The Dump Furniture has a wide collection of different furniture items for your entire house. Here is a list for you.
    Bedroom furniture
    You can find all types of bedroom furniture here. For example storage beds, pillows, bunk beds and bedroom sets. You can buy these at amazing discounts. Why not upgrade your bedroom to a refreshing new one?
    Living room furniture
    You can find all the types of furniture for your living room in this section. These include ottomans, upholstery tables, sectionals and home office related furniture among others. You can find a variety of items for each category of living room furniture type.
    Dining room furniture
    Have you always wanted to own formal dining table with a beautiful matching chair collection? Browse this section for fulfilling all your dining room needs. You can shop from a wide range of dining tables, chairs, and sets.
    Outdoor furniture
    The Dump Furniture has fire pits, lounge sets and all the patio furniture you always dreamed of owning. You can get an outdoor chair from a reputed brand at $179 only. You can browse the entire collection to pick your best choice.
    This section contains all the other furniture items that can be part of any room. The accessories include mirrors, accent tables, end tables and side tables. Did you know you can get dump furniture at around $79? Yes, the discounts are huge.
    Mattresses can have a high price tag. But you can get these at a lower price on the Dump Furniture website.You can select from various sizes, brands and choose according to comfort and your requirements. Since a mattress is a long-term investment, you do need to consider the type you want.
    Rugs are a vital piece of housekeeping and you can get loads of options when you shop at The Dump Furniture websites or stores. You can sort according to color, brands, style, size, and knitting. You will find numerous top brand rugs at jaw-dropping prices.

    Where can you find a Dump Furniture store?

    There are 10 locations of The Dump Furniture across the country. These are in Atlanta, Richmond, Norfolk, Dallas, Turnersville, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Hampton. Note that the stores are open only three days i.e. Friday to Sunday. You can find out the store timings from their official website. If you stay close to The Dump Furniture store, then you will notice that they have new items every Friday. These furniture items sell quickly. At present, The Dump Furniture does not provide you with ordering furniture online. However, you should visit their website. If you find a store near you, it would be better to visit during the weekend if possible. Shop today from Dump Furniture at huge discounts you cannot refuse. You are going to love the ever-evolving collection of excellent furniture pieces. Moreover, there is a surprise element to it all. You don’t know what you will find every weekend. This makes it even more intriguing. If you are an occasional shopper who hates splurging, you are going to love the furniture pieces at The Dump Furniture. You can visit their website for more information or you can visit the store near you. Select the best furniture from the variety of options available at The Dump Furniture for the dream home decor and that too at unbeatable, best prices.