A three-course meal for Vegans

Vegan is the latest food trend of 21st century. Not only it’s light on the stomach but, it is also a great initiative if you are planning to quit meat once and for all. You don’t need to always rely on diners every time you crave for some vegan food. You can always prepare them at home. Let’s go through a three course meal that are exclusively for vegans.

A simple yet filling soup that you can prepare at home is the lentil soup. Easy to prepare, it requires less than half an hour of your kitchen time. Boil and pressure cook brown pulses (or pulses of your choice) for 5 to 10 minutes. Keep the consistency (thick or watery) as per your requirement. Add 2 table spoons of olive oil to a pan, once heated add finely chopped onion and garlic to the oil and cook them brown. Blend tomato in a mixer and add it to the pan, add kosher salt, pepper of your choice and cook it till it starts to form bubbles. Mix both, the pressure-cooked pulse and the gravy in a pot and cook it for another 5 minutes, serve hot in a bowl.

Cut a cauliflower into small pieces, wash them thoroughly in hot water and set them to dry. Add half teaspoon of smoked paprika, garlic powder and salt and mix them well. While you do this, preheat the oven for 15 minutes. Sprinkle the mixture on all sides of the cauliflower pieces and set them on baking sheet laid on a baking tray. Bake them for 10 mins, change the sides of the florets and bake them for another 10 minutes until you see them turning brown. Serve them with cream cheese sauce or a dip of your choice.

Main course:
Missing the old BLT sandwich? Those slices of bacon stuffed between slices of vegies and bread. The sauce and the slices of cheese would make it more irresistible. Well, fret not, you can still treat yourself with an all-vegan BLT sandwich. Take two slices of multigrain bread, apply vegan mayonnaise (available in stores) on either side of both the slices. Cut tofu into thin slices and drain-press them well add the slices into a margination of half table spoon soy sauce, two tablespoon tomato paste, one tablespoon liquid smoke and keep them set for couple of hours. Once set bake them in an oven at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Place the tofu slices between veggies of your choice (add jalapenos if you want to make your BLT a bit spicier) place a slice of cheese and cover with the slices of bread and grill them to perfection.


  • Types of automotive lifts
    Automotive lifts come in all shapes and sizes. The one that matches your requirement depends on your work, circumstances, and location. If you are running a home repair auto shop to fix cars, automotive lifts will vary on the basis of the grade of the equipment, maintenance requirements, the capacity, and the cost. Based on these factors, here are the most common types of automotive lifts you should know about: Four-post automotive lifts These are also known as alignment lifts, and they are most commonly used by the automotive repair companies and are mostly used for wheel balancing or alignment. Some four-post home automotive lifts require no anchorage to the floor and hence they can be moved relatively easily when needed using supplied casters. Two-post automotive lifts Also called "frame-engaging" lifts, they are available in two types, symmetric and asymmetric automotive lifts. They work great for small a “drive-through” garage where you drive in your vehicle, lift it, fix it, and drive out. If you are using the symmetric two-post automotive lift, ensure that your car does not bump into the posts because of the space constriction. Asymmetric posts are rotated to 30-degree angles and the front arms are shorter than the back arms for a well-balanced weight distribution. Automotive scissor lifts They are named as scissor lifts because they lift vehicles with an accordion-like mechanism. The automotive lifts have a metal frame of an "x" shape that is joined to raise the platform. Scissor lifts come in a variety of heights, making them suitable for both home and professional auto repair shops. They can be used for both frame and wheel engaging models. Portable automotive lifts These lifts are of big advantage for garages with space constraints as they can be packed and stored in the same garage when not in use. However, portable automotive lifts cannot be used for heavier vehicles such as pickup trucks. In-ground automotive lifts The best feature of in-ground automotive lifts is that they can be kept on a level with the ground. They are the best options for truck lifting and are generally more expensive than the conventional automotive lifts as they require stronger hydraulic systems to lift trucks. Parking lifts These types of lifts are beneficial for both public and private parking spaces as they give enough parking space vertically. They generally occupy two cars and are smaller than four-post automotive lifts.
  • 4 Factors to consider while buying luxury sport sedans
    The strange thing about luxury sport sedans is that even though they are quite expensive, people buy them. These people are delighted with their purchase as well. Nobody wants to go back to mainstream models once they have the experience of driving luxury cars. Several reasons draw these folks to buy luxury sport sedans. Some of these are discussed below: Safety Luxury cars come equipped with more and better safety features than its non-luxury counterparts. Due to these safety features, these cars perform better at crash-test ratings. This makes them a safer vehicle for the entire family traveling in it. Prestige Let’s accept that fact that cars tell the status of the people driving them. Thus, if anybody is looking for options to show-off a bit, buying a luxury sports car is the ideal thing to do. Your car would turn heads, command the best spot at the valet and make some people green with envy all at once. This is one thing that can do a lot without much ado. Design Luxury car brands incorporate performance, technology, and comfort to give you everything you want in your automobile. The design is never completed without the use of high-end materials. You do not have sacrifice elegance for performance when you buy a luxury model. You get the best riding experience in a stylish and comfortable accommodation when you decide to buy one of these exotic cars. Technology When you buy a luxury car, you can be assured that it is equipped with all the latest technology both in terms of in-dash display and inner workings of the car. A luxury car would always have the remarkable cutting-edge technology that is yet to make its entry into the mainstream. If you are somebody who is obsessed with the latest technology, then the luxury car is your call to redemption. Once you have bought your sedan, ensure that it is properly serviced from an authorized service center so that it lasts longer. If you need any help with the car, you can always check with your dealer so that your concern is duly taken care of.
  • Choose from the Popular Grills on Sale
    Grilling is an activity that is generally done outdoors, either on charcoal grills or gas grills. The word grill is commonly used to refer to cooking food directly over a source of dry heat, in which the food is placed on a metal grate which provides grill marks on the food. If you're looking to buy this amazing cooking equipment, read on to know more about popular models and from where you can buy those from. Sale on Green Mountain Grills
    • Jim Bowie - This grill is available in a stainless lid as well as in a black lid. It includes some of the best features like a Wi-Fi connection, the temperature can be managed and controlled, custom cooking profile, food timer, and power control. The original price of this grill is around $1099.00 but it is available for around $999.00 on sale.
    • Davy Crockett - This grill is best suitable for small families, campers, tailgater, and for those who want to cook two racks of ribs in one go. This stainless grill runs on 12V or 120AC, weighs around 68 pounds, and has features like foldable legs. During a sale, you can get this grill for just around $374.00.
    Best grills on sale on Amazon:
    • Weber Smokey Joe portable grill - This is a 14-inch portable grill that has a glass-reinforced nylon handle which allows for easy handling. This grill is best for cookouts, car camping, and tailgate. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty and costs around $39.00; this price, however, excludes shipping charges.
    • George Foreman - This is a 240 sq-inch grill that has an indoor/outdoor removable stand. It has a non-stick coating which is easy to clean and durable. It costs around $79.99 on Amazon.
    • Cuisinart tabletop grill - This portable gas grill has a 145 sq-inch grilling area and foldaway legs. It can cook 8 steaks, 6 to 10 chicken breasts, 8 burgers, or a 4-pound fish at once. You can get this portable grill for just around $90.49.
    Best grill sales on BestBuy
    • Charcoal grill - This grill has a steel body and a cast iron, 250 sq-inch cooking surface. It is easy to assemble and is portable as well. With a 1-year limited warranty, it would cost around $69.99 during sales at BestBuy.
    • Hamilton Beach electric grill - You can save $3 on the purchase of this grill, and the total cost will only be around $41.99. This electric grill has a 95 sq-inch non-stick cooking area, preheat and power lights, and a dishwasher-safe drip tray.
    We all love grilled food which is one of the most healthy and tasty options. You can pick a suitable grill for yourself based on which one suits your needs best.
  • Minimally invasive surgical methods to relieve spinal stenosis
    Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces within the spinal cord, which can pressurize the nerves that travel through the spine. Spinal stenosis occurs most often in the lower back and the neck. Mild forms of spinal stenosis can be treated with conservative treatment methods, such as physical therapy, exercises, and stretches. However, more advanced cases of spinal stenosis might require advanced treatment options like laser spine surgery to find lasting relief from chronic pain. Spinal stenosis, if not properly diagnosed or treated, can lead to chronic pain that limits daily activities of an individual. These symptoms can radiate from the neck or back to the shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet. One can also experience numbness, weakness or a tingling sensation, as well as a loss of flexibility and trouble walking, sitting or leaning backward. At most laser spine institute locations, surgeons offer minimally invasive spinal stenosis surgery for relief of chronic pain. This is an alternative to traditional open back surgery. The minimally invasive spine surgery for spinal stenosis has lower complication rates, shorter recovery time and higher patient satisfaction scores than traditional open back laser surgery spinal stenosis. Types of minimally invasive spinal stenosis treatment and surgery There are two types of minimally invasive surgery namely minimally invasive decompression surgery and minimally invasive stabilization surgery. The cause of the spinal stenosis and the severity of symptoms will determine if the surgeon recommends the patient for a minimally invasive decompression surgery or a minimally invasive stabilization surgery. The purpose of decompression surgeries is to decompress the impacted nerve root or spinal cord segment by removing a portion of the affected disc or vertebra that is protruding into the spinal canal. In case of a severe spinal stenosis, a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion or anterior cervical discectomy fusion is carried out to treat spinal stenosis. Much like the decompression surgeries, minimally invasive stabilization surgeries first determines the exact location of symptoms, following which the nerve tissue is decompressed by removing the weakened disc that is allowing spaces within the spinal canal to narrow. Since, in cases of minimally invasive stabilization surgery, the affected disc needs to be completely removed, a large open space is left in the spine. During surgery, an implant is inserted into the open space to stabilize the spine and help prevent future spinal stenosis.
  • Meaning of service in the modern world
    The closely knit and dependent environment and the world that we live in demands a constant flow of change, evolution and it always is hungry for a bit more every time you assess it. Whenever a new element has been introduced to the market, since the time of its inception, it goes through a constant demand to improve in all spheres possible. Such is the demand and dynamics of the market. When looked at the world of commodities from a bird's eye point of view, the world in there has changed through lengths and breadths of its meaning. Evolved it has in the broadest sense of the meaning of the word. From having a singular existence in the world between a consumer and manufacturer, a commodity now has a partner in existence. Service by definition has become a commodity in itself that accentuates the overall dependability of the product it associates itself with. Tracing back the history of the word and how it became a household term used in daily lives, it once was considered not necessary to have service attached to a product or a commodity as a whole as the economy was functioning on a use and throw agenda, as was the trend of the decades. It was a common idea that if one had to invest in a product and if by any chance the commodity happens to show a fault, it would be deemed something that needs to discard. With the accession of modern day technology and the techniques that came with it, such is not the case. It is not known in specific measure and to where, how and where the term service was coined and how it got the meaning we know it as. Experts believe that a global demand for something to accompany the wide market of the commodity was massive. This demand gave way to the inception of services as we know it to be today. In visible recorded history, it's only in the latter part of the previous century that conglomerates accepted and majorly welcomed the idea of attaching services to their products. The US economy accepted the inclusion with much pomp and glory, taking each industry that took services under its wings to new heights of profit and overall success. Having made a place for itself in the market, service got a new identity of its own from being an accessory attached to products.
  • Does your vehicle need an alignment?
    The wheel alignment enhances the shelf life of the vehicle’s wheels. The tires last for longer and give better mileage. Correct alignment of wheels ensures proper handling of the vehicle and ensures the safety of the passengers. You can remain worry-free with proper vehicle alignment. Poor roads and potholes contribute to the discomfort when riding. The wheels are displaced from the actual alignment. Misaligned wheels pull the automobile unidirectional. The driver has to rectify the control of steering regularly. When the vehicle moves to one side during brake application, it could be due to the possible misalignment. Misaligned wheels often wear and tear with time. The worn out wheels fail to exercise firm control over the roads during bad weather. Negligence to poorly aligned wheels result in hassles and incur you a high cost for repair and maintenance. Many providers offer wheel alignment services along with alignment coupons and recommendations for maintenance of wheels. The alignment coupons ensure that you can avail the service at affordable cost. The knowledgeable professionals offer valuable suggestions and repairs for the vehicle. The technicians perform wheel angular measurements with advanced equipment. The wheel angle measurements help the professionals to find out if the wheels are in alignment with the settings defined by the vehicle manufacturer. The experts set the wheels as per the set standards. Symptoms that indicate your vehicle needs alignment
    • Vehicle pulls to either side (left or right)
    • Uneven worn out tires
    • Vibration in steering wheels
    • Rotation of steering wheel in left or right direction when wheels are positioned in straight forward direction
    If you want to get the alignment of your vehicle checked, contact some trustable vehicle manufacturer. You can take advantage of the alignment coupon codes. The professionals perform several inspections and deliver the best alignment service. Good alignment ensures better mileage and improves the performance of the vehicle. Misaligned wheels can result in severe implications. It is advised to play safe and seek quick repair service for the poorly aligned tires. If you detect any symptoms, it’s time to consider quick repairs before it gets too late. `