All about popular Alaska Cruises

A cruise, as we all know, is a large floating lavish resort to spend your dream vacation in. You will be pampered in every way possible, since cruise ships are dotted with restaurants, casinos, swimming pools, spa, and gym too. Alaska, which is the largest state of the U.S., is considered to be the best for cruisers. But when there are too many choices, you tend to get confused. Fret not, for we have listed the top-ranked Alaska cruises for your next vacation.

Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow is an exotic Alaska cruise ship, and it departs from Vancouver. All the suites have walk-in closets, double basin wrapped in Italian marble, sitting area, bathtub and also a shower, television and even a wonderful balcony to admire the sea. You will be pampered during your entire stay. It has various lavish restaurants providing open seating like The Restaurant, A French cuisine Le Champagne and even a terrace cafe La Terrazza. This Alaska cruise has bars, boutique shops, swimming pool, casinos, spa and even a library with on-demand movies.

Seven Seas Mariner
The Seven Seas Mariner can accommodate 700 passengers at a time. She was the first one to be an all-suite and all-balcony ship in the world. She has eight decks. The ship has a main dining room and three luxury restaurants. Apart from the mouth-watering food, other main attractions of this ship are the Observation Lounge which is a romantic spot and the Constellation Theater which organizes a live orchestra.

Crystal Serenity
The Crystal Serenity has a passenger capacity of 1,080. This ship has a soothing atmosphere with a touch of elegance. The Crystal featuring gourmet food and The Vintage Room are the main areas of attraction for the foodies. The main hotspots of entertainment in this Alaska cruise are The Galaxy Lounge, Crystal Cove, Crystal Casino, Pulse, Avenue of the Stars, Waves, Fantasia for your little angels, Palm Court, and many others.

The famous Alaska cruise, msEurodam might prove to be the best cruise to relax and unwind. For a truly special experience, visit the Greenhouse Spa & Salon. Try the food at the Pinnacle Grill, Rembrandt Restaurant, and Terrace Grill. Keeping in mind its elegance, msEurodam is the best in Alaska cruises Seattle category.

Disney Wonder
The Disney Wonder can accommodate 2,713 passengers. Whether you are with your friends, family or your better half, you will certainly enjoy your time on Disney Wonder. The names of the restaurants itself will make you excited about them Beach Blanket, Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, Pluto’s Dog House and the Goofy’s Galley. This ship is a real charmer. Other places on the deck for entertainment include Walt Disney Wonder Theatre, Wonder’s Atrium, Studio Sea, Promenade Lounge, Mickey’s Mates, Buena Vista Theatre, Flounder’s Reef Nursery, Goofy’s Family Pool and Vista Spa Villas among a never-ending list of lounges, clubs, and spas.


  • The benefits of playing music on Google Play
    Google Play Music has made things a lot simpler for music lovers. If you've never used Google Play before, you're missing out a variety of benefits. Google Play offers a lot of flexibility. You can buy your favorite albums, purchase tracks from your favorite artists, and all from the comfort and security of the Google Play Store. Google Play works for android based devices and can be used for streaming content and much more. The best part about using Google Play is that you can download free music, and have access to a wide variety of music and media available to download. Here are the top five benefits of using Google Play music on your Android smart phone: You can stream to multiple devices Whenever you are signed into your Google accounts on Google Play, you can listen to music on any media playing device. This includes PCs, laptops, Chromecast, Android smartphones, and tablets. You can sync your downloaded audio files together through the Play store and manage your music account more efficiently. You can stream a wide range of tunes If you don't have a subscription, you can stream whatever songs you like, whenever you want. Google Play offers users that flexibility. However, because it's free, advertisements may pop up. Google Play has a huge roster of music which includes various types of music ranging from Jazz, Soul R&Bs, Blues, Country Music, Electronic, folk, House, Rap, classical, and much more. You can skip songs up to 6 times in an hour. If you do have a subscription, you can download as much as you want, ad-free, from their huge catalog of music. The lists are constantly updated as soon as new albums are released. So, if you've got a favorite artist or band whom you want to download music from, they'll have it. Google Play Music has up to 30 million songs in their collection. You can listen to the radio Google Play Music has an open radio feature, which you can use anywhere you like. It's one of the best online radios, with state-of-the-art technology. This allows you to stream free radio stations and listen in on them based on your mood, activity, and other inclinations. It even recommends radio stations to you based on your preferences. You can create and manage playlists Every good music playing app allows users to create customizable playlists, and Google Play Music is no exception. You can create playlists based on your favorite artists, albums, and do much more than just that. You can share playlists and even download playlists according to your tastes and choices. Consign your dubious music taste to history What you liked in the 1990's might not apply any more. The benefit of not buying your music, but streaming instead, is that any terrible music choices are forgotten. You also didn't have to spend money on buying the latest singer's (your favorite singer) song, which you no longer enjoy because it's played every 10 minutes on the radio.
  • Champion jackets – Making a trendy comeback
    Champion, an American sportswear manufacturer, is an offshoot of HanesBrands Inc. Consequently, Hanes jackets and Champion jackets were sportswear that have been in demand for a long time. Champion jackets became increasingly popular in the '90s. It had a huge demographic reach even taking the limited number of clothing brands available then as compared to now. The market has been flooded with dozens of sportswear manufacturers springing up, each servicing specific sectors. However, Champion jackets have recently started trending again. This does not come as a surprise, as the brand is long overdue for a revamp. This iconic logo has been appearing on most social media handles. To no one's surprise, it has made a huge comeback, popular now as it was then. From an urban clothing apparel, it has evolved into a pop culture, alongside competition such as Haggar jackets, Hatley jackets, Cubavera jackets, and IZOD jackets. Because of its versatility, Champion jackets have gone through makeovers to keep them trending in the current market. The sweatshirt, for instance, was cropped by Weekday, given a printed pattern by Supreme, and given tears and droopy sleeves by Vetements. They have done so well recently that, at this stage, the jackets do not need any further collaborations to make them trendier. It is at a point where it can say people wear it not because it is a collaborative effort but simply because it is Champion. In two years, the brand turns hundred, with an interesting history to boot, which the marketing team can convert to money. Champion jackets still stick to tradition when it comes to silhouettes and the make. If this doesn't inspire loyalty, then there are the prices, which have always been affordable. Buyers feel like they buy both history and fashion with a jacket. In an era where designers cater to the current tastes and then move on to the next big thing, Champion jackets have stayed put in their style, giving them an aura of consistency and reliability. They had been named the kings of fleece, with good reason, and they hope to maintain it that way. Champion jackets have made a trendy comeback into the fashion industry. You can choose from a number of options online or in brick or mortar stores.
  • Choosing a plan and carrier with a no-contract phone
    What does an "Unlocked cellphone" mean? Most of the cellphones may come with an internal lock that limits its compatibility with certain carriers. This needs to be considered at the time of purchase to avoid expenses on features that may not be used or be usable. Although the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) was passed in 1998 to control piracy of CDs, somehow unlocking of cellphones also has come under this law. An unlocked phone or a "no contract" phone means that the device is not restricted to any particular carrier and the consumer can use the services by any wireless carrier of his choice just by inserting a SIM card. Unlocking the phones without proper permissions is considered illegal and consumers trying to do so may have to pay fine and be sentenced to prison. However, range of pre-unlocked cellphones are available in the market today giving greater flexibility to consumers in terms of switching between cellphones based on newer launches, latest features, resale value, for using devices received as gifts, and the ability to jump to a carrier that meets his/her choice. How to use cellphones without contract with a prepaid plan? Prepaid plan means paying a defined amount in advance to the services offered by the carrier. The services cease to work either after the set data/service is consumed or after the time period for service expiry is crossed, whichever is earlier. The services have to be paid for once again to resume the usage which is commonly called as a top-up. A top-up can be done through various modes. There are walk-in vendors from where a suitable service plan can be activated or bought online through the carrier's website using the PayPal, net banking, or debit or credit card options. Some carriers also offer the "Auto Pay" option in which the prefixed cost will automatically get deducted from the linked account to avoid undisturbed services if one forgets to get the top-up done on time. Factors to consider while choosing a carrier: If you are comfortable with any of the big carriers (T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon), then you can check on the MVNOs that run using their networks which can provide similar service at a cheaper price. Although dying, CDMA is a commonly used network in the US but the GSM (offered by T-Mobile and AT&T in the US) standard is the most preferred internationally. If you are a frequent traveler, a GSM phone gives you flexibility in choosing the locally available network and thus help you to cut on your roaming fees. The LTE and HSPA platforms provide better speed if your usage is high on the browsing features. The compatibility between the phone and the carrier should be confirmed before buying as some features in the phone may not be supported. For example, voice and texts may work but with the internet running at reduced speeds.
  • How to build a doll collection
    Collecting dolls in this era seems like a rare occurrence, this is mostly because we are surrounded by various digital options for entertainment. But building a doll collection is still fascinating than ever, and for most collectors it transcends beyond a hobby. Collecting dolls gives you an amazing insight about the culture and art of the bygone time. If you are a beginner with no experience at doll collection, you need not worry, mostly because collecting dolls requires no rocket science but just a vast amount of passion. Before collecting dolls, here are some things that you must know as a novice, so that you can make the best out of it. Personal choice Buy what you love! Period. Don't divert your attention to what your fellow collectors are accumulating. It is crucial to understand that your sense of personal style is unique, and that is what you should pursue. You can later modify your collection, as you get acquainted with different kinds of dolls. Space Scrutinize the amount of space you can dedicate for your dolls. Cramming dolls in a limited space can make them look messy and unappealing. You can later on expand your collection as your find some extra room. A space constraint might seem like a hassle, but you can still make the most out of it by displaying your best dolls. Research Because you are a beginner, it is quite possible that you might overpay or make the wrong choices. So, to safeguard your personal interest always research about the doll collection thoroughly. You can investigate its authenticity by talking to an expert. Also avoid purchasing extremely low-priced dolls, as your doll collection should be more about its inherent value, which is derived from its history, and not quantity. Network The best way through which you can expand your knowledge about different kinds of dolls is by networking regularly. You can join various doll collection clubs or online communities that can help you filter your choices as well as keep you updated. If you have any questions you can connect with experienced collectors who will clear your uncertainties. Maintenance Depending on the material of your doll, you will have to be vigilant about any wear or tear and discoloration. Dolls are easily affected by sunshine, dust and high temperatures. So, make it a point that you nurture the collection from all these factors. If you have pets, be extra careful by keeping them at bay. Enjoy the process It is important that you truly enjoy your journey as a doll collector. Don't be obsessed about keeping your dolls under wraps. Embellish your space with them, with proper care and upkeep your collection will be in a great condition.
  • Factors that affect gold prices
    The price at which gold, as a metal, is traded in the gold market, is commonly referred to as the gold price, which is a significant indicator of any nation’s economy. For instance, when the prices skyrocket, it implies the economy is facing a downturn because of which people buy more gold to stay safe. On the contrary, when gold prices dip, it is a sign of a healthy economy. Factors that influence the price of gold Here are some of the most common factors that influence the price of gold even on a daily basis. Monetary policy: The monetary policy of the US usually has the biggest influence on gold prices. Any changes made to the policy by the Federal Reserve will have an impact on the price. Interest rates also have a substantial impact. If the lending rates are high, investors prefer to forego gold as they would get a higher return on it. Demand and supply: The simple economics of demand and supply will have an impact on the physical gold prices. An increase in demand with low global supply could pull the prices up while an oversupply could bring down the prices. Inflation: It is because of inflation that the gold prices are rising. A higher rate of inflation tends to push the gold prices up whereas a low inflation rate lowers the prices of gold. Movement in currency: The movement of the US dollar has a direct impact on the gold prices. A decline in the value of the US dollar will increase the price of gold. On the contrary, a strong US dollar will lower the gold prices. This is because the currencies around the world increase in value when the US dollar falls and vice versa. Gold is considered an investment commodity across the world and is still purchased and sold by many. When the prices rise, gold owners prefer to sell gold, and they purchase gold biscuits when the prices are low. Many people also like to invest in collectible gold coins, although it needs a tremendous amount of study and a clear understanding of the grade of coins. So, whether you are looking to buy gold biscuits or coins, remember that there is no one specific factor which controls the fluctuation of the gold price. Hence, do your research well before making an investment decision.
  • Popular interior paint colors that will make you happy
    The colors in our homes can have a tremendous impact on our moods - more so, the paint colors. The shades of your walls have been shown to affect your emotions. Example: There are certain shades that will relax you, some bring you down and some makes you super active. Here are some interesting paint shades that you can try for the interiors of your home. Yellow Yellow always stands for happiness. The shade has a subtle, luminous quality that feels like the warm rays of the sun (not in a piercing way but in a good way. The color does awaken the five senses. This shade is indeed a natural source of positive energy and sparks feelings of joy. Don't we all give out a loud laugh whenever we see something quirky especially if it is yellow in color? Sky blue Sky blue stands for renewal'. Ideal for bedrooms, this shade instantly relaxes you and helps to restore those natural rhythms. The shade is also known to strengthen relationships and give a sense of renewal for relationships that have been shaky. Get a shade of sky blue to bring in the restorative qualities of your bedroom. Violet Black It does appear dark, but there are this striking streaks of violet that gives the illusion of a far galaxy. Keeps you to the reality isn't it? This shade is great if you have a room where you would like to focus on and reflect. Creative minds often have a corner in their studio/homes to unwind and recharge themselves. This shade could just be the right one for you! Yellow green This shade stands for optimism. It's fresh got yellow in it and green too! What more do you want? You just feel energized by looking at the wall. Stack a couple of plants close to the wall and you will feel positivity brimming all over you. Siver sage Standing for balance, this perfect blend of sage green and silvery gray provides balance and harmony. It also looks luxurious enough and perfectly matches with households who believe less is more' - for the shade by itself is a piece of art. Sometimes it is worth skipping the interior decoration project of your home and just try your hand at painting the wall using different shades. Get your favorite hues for every space, shade and season. Hit the music and start painting em!