An overview of the evolution of puzzles

Puzzles are different types of games or problems which are presented to people, to test their ability to solve them. Puzzles challenge a person to think logically and find solutions, to put random pieces of the puzzle together to complete the intended objective. People who are good at working backwards to figure out the solution will be generally good at solving puzzles since the main idea is to put back together, what’s in pieces.

These are games which have been developed since the early 1700’s, called jigsaw puzzles. An image or a pattern is formed when you try and put together all the individual pieces. Some are time trial wherein the puzzle has to be solved within the stipulated time. others are simply leisure ones which are played over a long weekend to relax and bond with the person you are playing with.

Puzzles generally boost analytical thinking and logical reasons to understand different shapes, sizes and how to make them all fit together. The ability to recognize patterns and put them all together to match the image which normally acts as a guide.

The evolution started when a British engraver named John Spilsbury had created an innovative method to use puzzles as a mean to teach geography. He used a map to outline individual states and countries, then sawed around the edges to create a pattern so that each state could be removed separately. Thus, he created the first puzzle which then gained popularity amongst the public.

Puzzles were first devised for educational purposes, just like John’s puzzle to teach geography. These puzzles then evolved to forms of entertainment, but are also serious competitions with mathematical and logistical reasoning skills needed.

From a simple crossword puzzle to complex Rubik’s cubes, puzzles have both evolved in shape and formats. There are now international competitions which features the worlds best Rubik’s cube solvers, with prizes and attractive awards to be won.

Puzzles are now no longer your simple leisurely fund games to unwind after a long day, puzzle solver are very competitive and dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to prepare for these competitions.


  • Popular places to buy storm doors and frames
    A storm door keeps out unwanted pests and the elements of the weather, it provides ventilation and lets in more light. Apart from being a necessity, it provides a beautiful rounding off to the entryway of the home. Most of the manufacturers of storm doors offer pre-hung doors in a kit which makes installation easy. Some manufacturers such as Andersen provide customised storm doors to fit the beautiful entryway of your home. Storm doors are available in several combinations of screen and glass panels, some of which have retractable or removable panels depending on the season. Custom made doors and frames are made according to size and specifications. If one is buying a pre-hung kit then most of them can be adjusted. They usually come in standard sizes of 32 inches for the back door and 36 inches for the entry door. For added security, one can opt for doors with protective grills, laminated or tempered glass, and a multi-point locking system. Here is a list of places where you can best storm doors and frames. Lowes: A company which has been in the forefront of home improvement and offers solutions to your storm door and frame needs. It has a great selection of storm doors from all the leading brands including an extensive range of Larson, Pella, and others. The salespeople are ready to help with your queries and help in installation too if you need it. The Home Depot: Check out the storm doors and frames range at the store. If you need help with buying, the salespeople are always happy to help. Their buying guide helps in finding the ideal storm door and frame for your home. True Value: The doors of True Value lead you into a fantastic world of storm doors and frames. They stock locks, handles, and other hardware for installation of storm doors. Additionally, they also offer discount coupons when making an online purchase. Amazon: Navigate through a wide collection of storm doors and frames at Amazon. Also on offer is free shipping on eligible orders. Larson: Ranked as among the best in providing solution to door needs, they combine hard work with a strong commitment to quality and service. They have a wide range of retractable screen doors, security features, handles, and closures.
  • Here’s how to avail free cell phones for seniors
    Seniors who are financially challenged and need free cell phones for emergencies use can get free cell phones for the occasional calls through a few no-contract plans available for them. Wireless free cellphones for seniors are also available for free for seniors, depending on their income. This is along with monthly air-time minutes according to the criteria seniors qualify for. One can get free cellphones for seniors by looking up some cheap deals online or in the nearby stores. For example, free cellphones for seniors can be obtained through a few no-contract phones that work well for infrequent users of cell phones. These pay-as-you-go phones help save money as they are pre-paid cell phones that are not owned on a contract basis. With these free cell phones, there are no credit checks, fixed monthly bills, hidden costs, or contracts that are the usual features of traditional phone plans for cell phones. These no-contract phones allow users to purchase a special pre-paid phone with a certain amount of available minutes for texting or in the form of talk time that need to be used within the given period. Majority of national carriers like Verizon and AT&T offer pre-paid plans that are inexpensive, similar to independent networks like Cricket, Net10 and Virgin Mobile. T-Mobile and TracPhone also offer some good free cellular phones plans. Another option is the Doro PhoneEasy 618 that is sold via Consumer Cellular. It offers senior-friendly phones with simplified features and big buttons on a no-contract basis and is one of the cheapest options out there in the market. With calling plans starting at $10 per month, it costs about $60. Lifeline Assistance program The Lifeline Assistance Program is a government-sponsored program that subsidizes landline companies as well as wireless services that offer free cell phones along with 250 minutes of monthly free airtime and texts. This is done for those who qualify for the low-income criteria. Millions of Americans are eligible for this free cell phone offered via the Lifeline program, and only about 15 million have availed the service so far. Many different national pre-paid wireless companies like Assurance Wireless and Safelink offer free minutes and phones through tie-ups with other regional carriers within the country. It is true that more than one wireless company provides the free phones and minutes in most of the states. For those who are eligible, the free phone that is received is a basic cell phone that offers voicemail, text messaging, caller ID, and call waiting. To qualify for these services, the recipient needs to prove that they are receiving some government benefits like Food Stamps, home energy assistance, Medicaid, public housing assistance, or SSI. Another criteria for eligibility is the household income that needs to be at or below 135 or 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. These vary from state to state. The Lifeline program is a good way for low-income seniors to obtain a free cell phone, and seniors should check for service and eligibility requirements around their area by logging on to the site and locating the services available in their zip code area. The Lifeline program lets households with low income to get discounted telephone services to help them make ends meet on a monthly basis. A telephone is a necessity for most Americans, and more so for seniors. A cell phone or even a basic telephone is an important link to the outside world in today’s age. Whether it is an emergency, or for a job or even to simply know that help is a call away, a phone that is affordable is a necessity.
  • Gas grills – Things to know before getting the deal
    The shopping season is on, and you can get the best deals on gas grills by looking out for amazing offers at various stores. But before you get your hands on any deals on gas grills, let us become a bit more familiar with different parts of gas grills. Learn about the general features of gas grills Heat is generated by the burners, and just above the burners, a heat dispersal system can be found. On top of the burners, the cooking grates are located, and this is where you place the food. Equipment can be found under the hood, and it is the one that distinguishes a conventional grill from an advanced gas grill. If an appliance comes with at least two or more individual burners, you can expect more efficient heat control. When the grills offer even heating over the cooking surface, you can prepare better-tasting food. You cannot avoid dripping when you are barbecuing, and this situation may result in flare-ups. There are specific gas grills that have special systems for controlling the flare-ups, and these systems convert the flare-ups into tasteful smoke for improving the food flavor. Good products have solid construction Every indoor and outdoor gas grill has a solid build. Improper construction tends to wiggle, and it often falls apart after a few uses. You must create awareness about the stability of the gas grill, and a well crafted and high-grade appliance must be chosen to meet your food preparation needs. Indoor or outdoor gas grill maintenance is a critical aspect. When you purchase a grill, you should have a proper idea about how to maintain the grill correctly. This awareness allows you to operate the grill for a longer period without any faults or damages. It is advisable to identify a gas grill that offers simple but detailed product information. Leading manufacturers always provide a toll-free customer service line to help customers contact them immediately. You must also check whether a particular brand offers hassle-free access to parts and responsible companies offer timely services to protect the interests of the customers in the best manner. So, before you take advantage of any of the gas grill deals, be sure that you take a look at the factors mentioned above as well.
  • Easy and inexpensive recipe ideas for broke days
    Is it that time of the month when all your financial prudence comes to the fore and prompts you to stay away from unnecessary indulgence before pay day? Blowing your pay check on a new wardrobe (or the like) often leads to serious implications. Neglecting a wholesome and healthy meal is one. Not anymore! Check out these easy homemade recipe ideas that will help you stay full even on an empty wallet. Roasted vegetable Buying veggies doesn't cost much and roasting them is a child's play. You could easily toss some broccoli, zucchinis, bell peppers and carrots (or any other vegetable of your choice) and work up a delicious and nutritious meal even on a rainy day. Tofu Tofu is a versatile food item that is not only delicious but also healthy. You could make a tofu meal with garlic/mustard sauce or add pepper and lemon to it and toss up a salad. With all the goodness of chicken for nearly half its price, tofu ranks high up in the cheap and easy to make meals. Mashed potatoes Potatoes are omnipresent and cost very little, this makes them your best buddy during crunch time. You can easily boil some potatoes and mash them up with some cheese, pepper and any seasoning of your choice. Mashed potatoes can be had as they are on atop garlic breads and the like. Chickpea curry Chickpeas are loaded with protein and therefore they make for an awesome broke day meal. What's more, you get all the nourishment and happiness for lesser than a dollar! Making chickpea curry is not tough as there are several recipes that you can find online. You could choose to boil them with some veggies or make them to a thick curry. One-pot pasta Not only is one pot pasta inexpensive, it's super convenient and quick. All you need is a prep time of about five minutes to chop and dice. What happens next is simple, all your ingredients land up in a pan and are brought to a boil. Making pasta never got easier, don't you think? Beef stir fry If you thought getting broke meant going green, you can't be more wrong. You can totally do a quick beef stir fry even on a budget. Cook some broccoli with the beef and enjoy a bowl full of pure delight! The best part about stir fry recipes is that they make magical meals with only a few ingredients. These, therefore, work wonderfully well when you are low on cash!
  • How to identify the best probiotic supplement
    The best probiotics available in the market are rated with the number of good bacteria content inside the pack. Research says at least one billion bacteria cultures are allowed and permissible by the lab for any given quality test. The lab scientists say they are viable and potent. If you dig deep into clinical trial findings with the help of probiotic and health experts, we can identify the best probiotics in the market. Take a sample of 200-300 supplements from different variants and sellers like and check the purity, potency and the efficiency that was projected while marketing and in real time. Narrow down to another 70-100 supplements. This should only be done under surveillance of certified scientists from either ConsumerLab, NSF or Labdoor. These supplements are not quality controlled by FDA but by lab scientists themselves. After this, make sure each supplement has at least 1billion Colony Forming Units (CFU’s). The supplement with more CFU holds higher chances of being effective. Be careful as a little overdose can lead to unusual cramps and bloating. Sometimes under testing, you can find that combination of two strains might work as a better probiotic. For example, combining Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum BB-12 they have proven to fight the antibiotic- resistant GI infection. Once you take a better check on the bacteria, you can find that linking strain of bacteria supports our immune system, antibiotic recovery, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, etc. Now test the proportion of or required bacteria combinations relative to their CFU count. After the sample is gotten with the Labdoor scores chose the duo force with minimum additives. Once you have checked all required tests verify the manufacturing date and expiry date because some bacteria die out soon. Usually, the best in the market will list their potency in Colony Forming Units promising the worth of your money. Even if they do not have a specific requirement, you can advise the customers to always read about the importance of good bacteria in our system. Finally, conclude the sampling process by picking the best among the group.
  • 5 best budget-friendly smartphones to buy for kids
    Some people prefer a big display and advanced features in their new smartphones. Others go for a mid-range device with basic features. But when it comes to buying a phone for children, it is challenging to decide. We feel that parents should balance the current trends with budget while looking for decent gaming performance and screen size. Here are our picks for the top smartphones in 2021 for kids. Nokia 7.2 Nokia is a pretty reliable brand. The 7.2 model offers a sleek finish and has excellent hardware. It is also one of the best mobiles for kids as it provides good camera vision. Children can enjoy multimedia graphics on the phone and also use it to attend online classes anytime and anywhere without difficulty. The best part? It will easily fit in your budget! Samsung Galaxy A21s This list of top smartphones in 2021 for kids would be incomplete without the mention of Samsung. The brand offers devices with good features at pocket-friendly rates. The Galaxy A21s comes with a 6.5-inch screen and is ideal for playing games and watching video content, something that all children love doing. This model is especially worth considering if large screens are in your criteria. iPhone SE 2020 This series consists of some budget-friendly smartphones. The iPhone SE 2020 is the same size as iPhone 8 and offers reliable performance while using applications. The device also offers a decent 4.7-inch display that kids can easily use. In addition, it has the Find My iPhone app pre-installed for easy tracking, making it one of the top smartphones of 2021 for kids’ use. And do not forget the brand value that an iPhone brings with it! OnePlus Nord OnePlus Nord provides the most beautiful 6.44-inch AMOLED display. It also has a higher refresh rate of 90 Hz, which means a better visual experience. It comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage that offers decent performance. However, it has a few downsides, such as the absence of a headphone jack. Realme 6 Pro The Realme 6 Pro comes in a 6.6-inch HD resolution display. It also has a high-resolution 16MP front camera that children would be delighted to use for taking pictures as well as for online classes. In addition, the phone is packed with several other features that make it an absolute value for money. It is undoubtedly a top smartphone of 2021 for kids.