• Best Deals on Universal Studios Tickets
    Universal Studios in Florida opened up in the 1990s, and it continues to attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. The central attraction of this theme park is the pop-culture-themed rides. At this studio, people can get a glimpse into their favorite TV shows and movies. Universal Studios Florida™, Universal's Islands of Adventure™ as well as Universal's Volcano Bay™ attract people of all ages. The live shows are well-received too. You can find many deals on Universal Studios tickets, and these include deals on stay, food, and merchandise, apart from the visit to the actual theme park. Following are the best ways to get deals on tickets to Universal Studios.
    • Purchasing tickets in advance You can buy tickets from the Universal Studio website to get a great deal where you can save around $21. At the entry gate, you're more likely to find full price tickets. Another option is using the Undercover Tourist website to purchase tickets. The Universal Studios website also charges a tax levy which is not mentioned on the site. However, when you make the payment, the tax is added. Undercover Tourist shows you the final price along with all the fees and taxes.
    • Annual passes People who purchase annual passes can get significant savings in the long run. Annual passes have days when they cannot be used, like during Christmas or springtime. Also, they do not include discounts on food or other merchandise. However, these annual passes do give you 10% off at the entry gate for multi-day tickets.
    • American or Canadian Automobile Association Discounts (AAA/CAA) Members of the AAA and the CAA can get a small discount at the entry gate. Many regions have varied offers. While some places offer good deals, other regions do not give any discount at Universal Studios. Citizens of Florida and Georgia often get better deals on Universal Studios tickets.
    • Best of Orlando This website offers a great set of deals for all the tourist attractions in the city. You will be hard-pressed to find better deals online. The ticket price varies depending on the day you are visiting and the number of parks you are planning to cover. The site is easy to navigate, and there are no admin charges or other fees. If you happen to have a problem, there is a dedicated call center to help you.
    • Maple Leaf Maple leaf is well-reviewed by all their customers for the great savings they offer. The site is also known for its transparency, customer service, and superior delivery of tickets for Universal Studios. They offer great deals on all the major attractions in the city as well.
  • 6 Reasons Why Travelers Should Pick All-inclusive Resorts
    Most of the destinations in the world, from the Caribbean to Mexico to Hawaii, have many all-inclusive resorts that travelers can pick. When you are traveling with your family, it is always good to opt for all-inclusive resort packages so that you do not end up spending a fortune on your vacation. Following are some advantages of choosing all-inclusive resorts.
    • Your finances are pre-decided, and you do not have to shell out for every indulgence When you go for an all-inclusive resort, you usually pay for all the activities in advance. Therefore, you will not be shocked when you receive the final bill, and you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.
    • Your transportation costs are taken care of Unfortunately, while traveling to international destinations, most tourists worry about converting their currency. However, with an all-inclusive resort, all your transportation charges are covered. So, you do not worry about carrying the local currency for your taxi fares or finding an exchange to convert your currency.
    • Make full use of all of the activities Most all-inclusive resort packages feature a great itinerary with plenty of activities. Generally, families prefer these packages as the resort's facilities keep the kids entertained.
    • Explore variety with sister resorts One of the best things about resort chains is that you can enjoy meals and other activities at discounted prices from their sister resorts. Thus, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from, and you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
    • Mostly, all-inclusive resorts provide buffet meals, unlimited food, and unlimited drinks While all-inclusive resort packages include meals and soft drinks, sometimes you can get unlimited drinks as well. You should always opt for such steal deals.
    • Enjoy time with different families Another benefit of choosing these packages is that resorts plan multiple activities for different age groups. They also plan fun sessions for all their guests, such as poolside dinners. With a pre-planned package, you can meet more people, and befriend fellow guests who are following the same itinerary as you.
    Besides these factors, there are a few essentials that you should look for in an all-inclusive resort package. These include the minimum package cost, a minimum of three meals per day, an itinerary packed with fun activities, as well as other complimentary benefits.
  • 3 Airlines That Offer Flight Deals for Senior Citizens
    While it isn’t easy to snag flight deals for seniors, there are a few options open on some flights. The discount is usually 10%, but keep in mind that you may get even better savings if you hunt for deals elsewhere. You can get cheaper tickets if you choose to leave on a Tuesday morning instead of a Friday evening. Another way to get some deals is to sign up for an airline’s exclusive newsletters so that you are always in the loop about discounts and deals. While getting the 10% discount, it is essential to read the fine print so that the airline doesn’t tack on extra baggage fees, fees for food, etc. Flight deals for senior citizen do have some advantages such as they could be refundable or you could get deals at the last minute too. Let’s look at some of the airlines that are offering flight deals for senior citizens.
    • Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines provides many benefits to senior citizens. If you happen to be 65 years or older, you may get a discount on your ticket. You can book these tickets at the airport, or you can call them for the same. However, there are some caveats because of which you may not be able to combine this discount with other deals. The “age verification” allows you to get around much quicker at the airport. Seniors also get to board the plane before other passengers because of their age.
    • British Airways While British Airways does not offer cheap flights for seniors specifically, they may offer AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) discounts and benefits. The savings here are extensive and may go up to $200. There are three fares namely World Traveler, World Traveler Plus, and Club World. These terms stand for Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class tickets respectively. The discounts on the first go up to around $65, the second goes up to $130 approximately, and finally, passengers can get up to $200 off on their business class tickets. Passengers cannot club this deal with any other offer.
    • United Airlines United Airlines provides senior citizen discounts for select destinations. To see which destinations are covered by this offer, you will need to visit their website or make inquiries over the phone. United Airlines also offers a host of other services like wheelchair service and extra boarding time to passengers who are 65 or older. Passengers only have to select the “Seniors” category while making their reservation.
  • How to Find the Cheapest International Flights
    All of us know how difficult it is to book a cheap flight due to the endless problems with search results and constantly fluctuating fares. However, there are some tips that can help you get the best deals on international flight tickets. Here are some pointers that you can follow while searching for the cheapest international flights. Best searching practices Have you ever seen flight costs rise after repeatedly visiting the same site within a short span of time? Well, based on cookies, the site inflates the price of the flight tickets. Airlines scare you into buying the tickets by preying on your fear of a further rise in prices. The key to getting around this is using the Incognito Mode, which hides your search history. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all have options for browsing in Incognito Mode. Search engines Almost every search engine will inflate the cost of the flight so that they can get a commission. Some sites like Expedia significantly raise the prices. We have found that the best search engines to avoid this are Skyscanner, Momondo, AirFare watchdog, kiwi.com, Jet Radar, AirWander, and CheapOair. Of these websites, Skyscanner and Momondo are the best choices to get the cheapest international flights. Some regional airlines might offer better deals, so you should search for them accordingly. These tools are best used together as you get the best results by comparing deals from multiple websites. Cheap days To find the best days to travel, you should closely observe fare-finder calendars. They display the prices for the entire month, so you can get an idea about the fares for several days and grab the best deal. Google Flights is a good option as you can punch in some dates and your airport of departure, tick the flexible dates option, and it shows you the cheapest international flights. Similarly, JetBlue has a great feature for the same service. Many people visit or download the Skyscanner app for this. They select the whole month of departure or the cheapest month option to find the best prices. Budget airlines Using a budget airline is cheaper, but you may have to make some compromises. You might have to forgo the extra legroom or the free food and drinks that you get with full-service airlines. However, you should also read the fine print and make sure that your luggage requirements match the airline policy as this will help you avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Tips to Book Airline Tickets from $49
    Finding an airline ticket under $49 may sound a bit far-fetched, but it is the perfect business strategy for some airlines. Most people don’t want to shell out big bucks, and that is where the budget airlines come in. They offer low-priced tickets during the off-season. This move helps them generate a buzz and get some much-needed publicity. It is a win-win situation where the airline gets to sell tickets, and the passengers get a good deal. Here are some tips that you can use to book cheap flight tickets: Travel in the off-season Fall is a good time for taking a vacation as the prices of airline tickets plummet at this time of the year. Some people visit an orchard and pick apples while others may want to break away from the fall foliage and go to sunny and vibrant destinations. So, if possible, block your calendar and take a break during the off-season to enjoy a peaceful holiday at budget-friendly prices. Look for deals from airline service providers Different airlines provide discounts at different times of the year. For instance, in September 2018, Southwest Airlines offered dozens of great deals on its official website. They had short-distance one-way airline tickets starting from $49. If you were quick on the draw, you could’ve snagged a pretty good deal. These tickets were available in more than 80 cities in the country. Similarly, JetBlue offered several deals on airline tickets where the prices were $49 or lower during their flash sale in September 2018. Take up a membership Choosing the membership of a specific airline, preferably the one by which you travel the most, is cost-effective in the long run. For instance, people who take the membership of Spirit Airline's $9 Fare Club can save quite a lot of money. Even their international flights are very affordable. Book tickets for early morning flights or mid-week flights In order to get the best flight deals, try to get the first flight in the morning as that’s when the tickets are the cheapest. Also, if you are looking for airline tickets from $49, you will find that most of these flights are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Another thing to note is that the tickets from smaller carriers and budget flights are usually at the bottom of the search results page. So, don't discount them as they often offer the best prices. Avail of airline miles Many people use credit cards that have tie-ups with some airlines. This way, they can redeem some rewards after they reach a certain number of points. You can redeem these points for flight miles, or you can become a member of the airline’s frequent flier program to get cheaper tickets.
  • Tips to Get Discounts on Disney World Tickets
    People often avail of great deals on hotel bookings, flights, and restaurants. But when it comes to Disney World, there are limited options for getting a genuinely discounted fare. However, there are multiple ways to get a good deal, and in this article, we have tried to compare the best combinations, savings options, and websites or operators that offer you the best deal on your trip to this magical destination. Let’s examine some of the best ways to get discounts on Disney World tickets. Undercover Tourist The Undercover Tourist website usually gives you great discounts on Disney World tickets. The tickets cost 8-10% less if you book them from this site. These tickets are bought at a wholesale rate by the website. Thus, they can pass on some of these savings to the consumer. You can save quite a lot of money by using this website, and there is no difference between their wholesale pass and the gate pass. The site also helps you manage your Disney account to ensure that you can link your purchases to your Disney account. They also help you with accommodation and hotel stays along with your Disney theme park tickets. Website and other discounts There are some discounts which are easy to obtain, and everybody can grab these offers if they dig around a little. You can get discounted tickets on the Disney World's website as well. You can get a discount of up to $20 if you decide to buy the tickets online instead of purchasing them from the gate. Residents of Florida get some special discounts on their Disneyland tickets. Their choices may be slightly limited, but the savings are as high as 30%. They may not get the discount on two-day visits, but they’re applicable for all the other tickets including the one and three-day visit. Disney Vacation Club members also get great deals from time to time. So, it is important to keep checking if there are any new offers or updates. People who are in the military or people who know military personnel can avail of some great discounts too. Deals You can also save money by buying gift cards as you get discounts of up to 8%. Undoubtedly, the best option for getting a discount on Disney World tickets is by purchasing the annual pass which is around $830. While this seems a bit steep, the cost of two or three-day Disney World tickets works to a little less than that. Note that the annual pass is inclusive of Photopass photos as well as discounts on some restaurants and other merchandise.
  • Things to consider before choosing a bus tour
    Choosing a bus tour is a great option to visit different places around the US. It offers ample of benefits including budgetary travel, guided tours, not having to book different modes of transport to get to your destination, and more personalized experience of traveling through the country. Bus tours offer the freedom of experiencing a less stressful journey. If you choose to explore the country by car, although, you may be able to do things according to your own itinerary, driving through new cities may mainly just involve checking the GPS to see if you’re on the right route. You also do not have to deal with the traffic while traveling or worry about driving through certain isolated roads. Apart from these benefits, you can enjoy a beautiful, cultural journey that can fit within your budget. But there are a few tips, such as the ones listed below, that can help ease the process of choosing the right bus tour. Book wisely and check for discounts It is important to do some research before booking a bus tour, especially if you are looking at a tour lasting from a few days to a week. There are many online and offline bus companies that provide different services to help you make an informed decision. However, before finalizing a tour, ensure to check the reviews so as to ensure a hassle-free trip. When booking a tour, be it for solo or group travel, you must ensure to check for any hidden costs, such as admission tickets and meals, so as to avoid any unplanned expenses. You can speak to the travel agent who will be able to guide you efficiently through the booking process and ensure you are updated with all the offerings in the tour. You should also try and make an advance booking as tour operators tend to increase the ticket prices if booked on the day of travel. Moreover, if you decide to cancel your booking, you may be charged a refund amount that may be more than what you spent while booking the ticket. However, you can check for some early-bird discounts and other offers that the tour operator you choose may have. This can help you save big bucks while planning a scenic trip. Choosing the right bus size for your tour When choosing a bus tour, you should ensure to check and research the bus size. If you are traveling with a group of 25–30 people, ensuring that your tour comprises a coach as it can help have a safe and hassle-free trip. Moreover, if you are booking for a smaller group, say 20 people or fewer, a mini-bus should be fine for a great bus trip. It essentially means that the size of the bus should be enough to accommodate everyone on the tour. This will help everyone enjoy even longer bus tours. Checking for essential amenities No matter how exciting the idea of booking a bus tour is, traveling for long hours or days on the road can be a challenge for almost anyone. You should ensure to check and choose charter buses that offer the most comfortable amenities. You can check various online reviews for various tour companies offering benefits such as extended footrests, luxury leather, more legroom, and the like. Some of the popular coach services that can be considered include Greyhound and Adirondack Trailways. Many bus tour companies also provide the services of a guide. These local guides will help enhance your experience and provide in-depth information about the various sites you will visit along the tour. Along with these tips to consider, some of the benefits of choosing bus tours include the following: With bus tours, you can plan other important things Charting down an itinerary can be considered as one of the most time-consuming and stressful aspects of travel. However, with a bus tour, you won’t have to worry about traveling from point A to B as that will be done for you. You will, thus, get more time to plan and figure out what you would want to see at your destination. You can choose to wear comfortable clothing Although walking shoes can sometimes be a real fashion-kill, but since you may not have to walk a lot, you can choose more fashionable options as well. Moreover, on unexpected hot days, if you’ve worn a new shirt or blouse, you can consider sitting in the air-conditioned lower deck as well. You can meet interesting people on your tour You mostly may not encounter many locals on a tour bus but may meet tourists from around the world. Meeting like-minded tourists may help you know more about the cultures of people from different countries. These tips can help you make an informed decision when choosing a bus tour.
  • Ways to make corporate travel easier

    With globalization, corporate travel has become much more diverse as people need to visit different cities for business meetings. It is also essential to prepare well in advance to attend corporate meetings. There are many things that one needs to keep in mind to make outstation corporate travel easier. In this article, we will be looking at the different ways in which corporate travel can be made lighter and more accommodating.

    Book your cab early
    It becomes easier for you to avoid the hassles of travel once you have pre-booked your cab to reach the airport on time. When you have important business to attend, it becomes less hectic if you have time at hand, and booking your cab earlier helps you with that. It costs a little more, but this service helps you to keep your appointments and to relax during your corporate travel.

    Book your stay close to the business meeting venue
    Traveling for your business becomes easier when you book a hotel close to your business venue. It is also an important corporate travel tip to book the same hotels if you are going to the same destination as it helps you to build a rapport with the staff, and they understand your requirements. The hotel staff also goes out of their way to help you out because you are a regular visitor to their hotel, which is good business sense on their part.

    Look out for non-stop flights
    Many people confuse direct flights with non-stop flights, but they are not at all same. Non-stop flights mean the plane doesn't stop along any route and flies direct to your destination. Direct flights, on the other hand, make stopovers, and the only difference is that you don't disembark. Non-stop flights tend to be comparatively expensive, but it is worthwhile to pay a few extra dollars to ensure hassle-free corporate travel. Although all companies' budgets may not permit you to use these flights, it's better to choose this option if you can over a connecting or direct flight.

    Choose your luggage carefully
    It is better to choose your luggage carefully when traveling for business meetings. It is always suggested to travel light because you have to move a lot during your business meetings. Frequent sales travelers should keep their essential luggage packed all the time so that they don't have to waste time in repacking it. There is also an additional risk of lost baggage and waiting for a long time at the airport, so it is good sense to travel with only the bare essentials during your business trips.

    Keep duplicates of everything
    It is always better to purchase everything for your business travel in sets of two because you will have another item to fall back on in case you lose or misplace one. Photocopy all your important business papers and keep them safely in your bag. It is also advisable to carry a credit card inside a pocket of your suitcase to equip yourself to be able to deal with unexpected situations. This is an important corporate travel tip to ensure a safe and incident-free journey.

    Take help of travel apps
    There are many travel apps that are quite helpful for meeting your business exigencies. You can keep reminders on these apps as well as plan the itinerary for your trip well in advance. Numerous apps also help you to scan receipts, log car mileage, and submit expense reports easily. These apps also help you to book your hotels, making corporate travel easier.

    Charge your gadgets
    It is always better to charge all your gadgets like laptops and cell phones before undertaking a business trip. It will be extremely difficult for you to charge your gadget inside a plane or in the lounge if the battery is drained. You can also carry a portable charger or power bank with you in case of emergencies.

    Get adequate sleep
    Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things that can happen to you during business trips and is a major cause of concern for most corporate travelers. Jet lag is the most common cause of falling asleep during meetings, and it can cause a lot of embarrassment. So, it's advisable to get frequent naps in between your travel so that you stay fresh. Also, you can take supplements that can help you to alleviate your jet lag and reduce the symptoms.

    You need to be extremely flexible while planning your corporate travel because you may find many unexpected circumstances. Many other tips can improve your corporate travel, but the above-mentioned suggestions will surely help you to stay fresh during your travel and make it easier for you.

  • 7 ways to make your train tours more comfortable
    Most people find themselves debating over the comfort of traveling in trains and planes. While some prefer travling by plane, some choose trains as they find it comfortable and convenient. Trains mostly offer more room to sit comfortably and relax unlike the small cabins in airplanes. Trains also have no seatbelts, which help people move around freely without having to worry about their fear of flying. Also, the speed of the train makes time change less taxing. However, sometimes comfort could lead to other problems, like time. People hate the amount of time trains take during a journey. But if comfort trumps everything else, train traveling might be an ideal option for you. Listed below are some of the ways you consider to make your train journey comfortable. Choose window seats Window seats are mostly preferred by everyone who cherishes seeing landscapes. Most of the people tend to choose window seats either for the view or to lean on. A lot of trains have the option of front as well as rear-facing window seats so that you can enjoy every bit of the view outside while traveling. Carry entertainment If you love reading books, this is your chance to read one of your favorite books uninterrupted. Also, if you have a tablet stocked with music and movies, you can listen to music or watch a movie of your choice along the rest of your journey. However, ensure that your battery is charged in case of an emergency. Most of the trains have plug points near the seat, but if you are traveling to any foreign country, you should carry a portable charger to keep your devices running. Opt for comfortable outfits While packing clothes for the train tours, comfortable outfits are an essential part and primary factor of comfort when traveling. Refrain from packing tight clothes and uncomfortable shoes; instead, choose clothes that are soft yet easy to style. These will not only make you feel comfortable but will also help you relax throughout the journey. Select proper traveling bags This is one of the most important factors when traveling by train. Since you have no luggage restrictions, you can carry things without having to worry too much. Most of the trains allow two personal items, two checked bags as well as two carry-on items for free for each passenger. The best thing about train journeys is that you don't have to worry about fitting a week's worth clothing into a small bag as you don't have to pay extra for luggage. Pack snacks Packing a snack for yourself can help you more than you can imagine. You can munch on the snacks you brought along when you are hungry, watching a movie, or simply admiring the view. Most of the luxurious trains provide gourmet feasts but if you are on a budget, you can take your own food. Unlike flights, the ground rules of not carrying your own food do not apply for train tours. So, you can easily bring liquid items with you packed in a travel cooler. Also, try to bring reusable water bottles as you can save money on drinks as well. Carry inflatable pillows and cushions Train tours are comfortable and exciting but some people face problems with adjusting to a new setting. If you are one of them, consider carrying your own inflatable footrest, pillows, and mattress, so that you can rest comfortably throughout the whole train journey. Alternatively, if you suffer from back pain, you can carry an inflatable seat cushion as well. If you have a problem in your spine and experience pain due to pressure on your spinal cord, you can consider carrying a lumbar support pillow. Block the surroundings One of the greatest benefits of train tours are the serene views from the window. But as soon as it is nighttime, you may want to rest. At this time, using a mask or earplugs can help you relax without any disturbance. This will help you eliminate the chatter and light inside the train or of the fellow passengers. Good quality earphones are perfect if you want to listen to music for a good sleep. These are some of the ways in which you can enjoy a comfortable journey every time you travel by train.
  • How to search for the best vacation package
    Almost everybody loves to travel, and so it is essential to book your vacation package well in advance to avoid any last-minute surprises. Users can always check for deals online, but all sites do not provide you with all the information you might require. A travel package gives you a complete solution for your travel needs and includes the most essential things you might need while traveling. In this article, you will be looking at some of the different ways or tips through which you can book your vacation. Make a list of all the essentials The most important advice is to make a list of the essential items before traveling. List down the necessary items you might need for this trip and pack them in your luggage as you might not have to worry about the essentials later. Choose your travel options with caution because it's always better to travel by shorter duration flights. You can search the internet to narrow down on your flight listing and maps to locate a hotel of your choice. It is advisable to book early to avoid any rush at the last minute. Always book through designated travel websites Nowadays, it has become common for people to book their hotels and flights online to get the best deals. It is always better to book your stay from designated booking sites and avoid lesser known sites. There are some sites that also offer a combo deal with hotel and flight deals clubbed into a package that might be useful. Travelers should always do their homework when it comes to booking hotels and talk to a few travel agents before making their final decision. Book at the appropriate time Create a fare alert on your smartphone for the cheapest deals within your budget. Fares remain high during Sundays and holidays. It is also safe to book your tickets well in advance if you plan your travel because it will save you a lot than booking when you don't have much time left. Experts suggest that Wednesday is the least expensive day so you can book your vacation package on that day. Keep the prices in mind Before opting for an affordable vacation package, you need to get the base price to compare other packages too. Choose a travel engine and enter the possible dates during which you are likely to travel. It is good if you are flexible with your dates of travel because then you can judge your prices from various parameters. Try to get an estimate of the price to finalize on your vacation package. Book during the off-season If you are not worried about the weather, then you can book your vacation during the off-season times of your destination. This will ensure that you will get a much better deal on your package when you are traveling to your destination during inclement weather conditions. The hotels will cost you lesser and you will also get a much cheaper deal with your flight bookings too. It is also not advisable to go for customized packaged tours for every journey. Sometimes, it is also essential to customize your vacation package on your own as it will save you the hassle. Know about the resort fees Resort fees have increased significantly in recent years so you need to check out the fees offered by various resorts before making your bookings. Apart from the normal room rates, taxes, fees, resort prices also include daily maintenance charges that get added to your room rent. If the resort offers a loyalty program, it is better to opt for it because you might get some discounts. Check out the reviews Star ratings usually list you with the amenities provided by the hotel, and they are in no way proof that the hotel is tourist-friendly. So, it is important to check the customer reviews as they will give you knowledge about the level of customer service offered by the hotels. This is an important factor you should keep in mind while booking a vacation package for your travel. Go for vacation rentals Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular options with travelers to book their stays. These home stays offer you value for your money and you also get to experience the local culture during your stay. While some properties are tiny and cheap, other properties can accommodate a large group, and this is a great way for you to book your vacation package. While searching for the best ways to book your vacations, it is important to exercise caution and beware of scammers. These ideas are sure to help you find a suitable vacation deal the next time you are planning to travel.