• 4 tips to get great deals on Disneyland tickets
    Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are some of the most popular amusement parks all over the world loved by kids as well as adults. The very first Disneyland, originally Disneyland Park, was built in California and opened on July 17, 1955. Since that time, the company has now exanded to open parks in Florida, Paris, Tokyo, and even Hong Kong. Disneyland visits are associated with magic, and everything about the parks are so enchanting, they can make even the most cynical of individuals let go of their doubts for a day. Be it celebratory trips or just family get-togethers, a visit to Disneyland is dreamt of by many. It is for this very reason that the park is crowded all throughout the year. While a completely empty amusement park is right out of a horror movie, it isn't fun to keep jostling against other people for every little thing either. As the parks get so much footfall, it is ideal to plan your trip to Disneyland well in advance. This way, you can also take care of another crucial factor—the cost of Disneyland tickets! Aside from the base cost of the tickets, additional charges like food, travel, and stay make up for an extremely hefty bill. Listed below are some of the tips which you can follow to make your Disneyland trip less expensive and get huge discounts on tickets. Avail longer passes This is probably one of the best ways to get great deals and discounts on Disneyland tickets although it may not be an option if you're on a tight schedule. The truth is, the more number of days you stay, the less you have to pay for all your expenses at Disneyland. Visiting Disneyland is not pocket-friendly and as you will be spending so much on the trip as a whole, it is ideally better to make the most out of it. Therefore, if you get a five-day Disneyland pass rather than tickets for three days, then you have to pay comparatively less. You can look out for various offers various websites provide so that you can avail great discounts and offers. Get one park per day Disneyland ticket The Park Hoppers ticket is indeed one of the best ways to see the most of Disneyland but in case you are looking for some more cost-effective options, avoid buying more tickets than you need. The one park ticket can be used only once throughout the day so that you can save the remaining amount and then spend it according to what you choose later. On average a family of five members can save upto $250 in a single Disneyland package if they choose the one park per day Disneyland tickets and the one park per day route. Alternatively, multi-day cards are also available which allow you to select different parks every day so that you can spend two full days in Disneyland. Look for combo tickets In case you are planning on visiting any other theme parks during the vacation, then it is best if you avail the Disneyland ticket combos. There are primarily two kinds of options, and if you have a child with you, then the CityPASS® can be the perfect choice. It has various options including multiple Disneyland Resort Parks and a single day tour at the popular LEGOLAND® as well as the extremely famous SeaWorld®. You can also look into the possibility of getting combo tickets which enable you to visit Disneyland resorts and Universal Studios™ Hollywood. This can let you get a glimpse of how some of your favorite movies were made and is definitely worth a visit. Avoid buying tickets at the gates Purchasing tickets from the gates won't allow you to avail the Early Morning Magic facility which lets you into the park before it fully opens and all the rides are functional. Also, you have to pay full price for the tickets if you purchase from the gates. It is also easier to get bigger discounts if you look for deals online and well in advance. An important reason to pre-book your tickets is because this also lets you save money on the visit to Disneyland Parks. A lot of visitors tend to spend time in the queue for the tickets rather than enjoying at the park. If you pre-book your tickets, you can enjoy and relax at the park with your family and, avoid the serpentine queues, and hassle of getting offline tickets. These are some of the most significant and effective tips for getting huge and attractive deals on Disneyland tickets. Use them well to have the trip of a lifetime!
  • Know about the popular Alcatraz tours and tickets
    Alcatraz, a popular federal prison turned into a famous tourist attraction, is located half a mile away from the Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco that is situated on the Pacific coast. Situated in the Western part of the country, this was the federal penitentiary that had popular convicts like Al Capone and George Kelly. This has now become one of the most famous tourist attractions. Due to its popularity, a lot of people visit this island. Alcatraz tours tickets will include the tours of the prisoners' cell. The prisons are quite dark and can feel extremely claustrophobic. The prison also has mess halls as well as libraries and a dark hole which is still intact. You can take the tour at your own pace. You can take the audio tour which is part of the Cellhouse portion of the visit. Listed below are two of the popular Alcatraz tours that you can choose from. Alcatraz Early Bird Tour In case you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy every part of the island peacefully, then it is best if you get the Early Bird Alcatraz tours tickets. It is the first tour of the day, similar to the day tour but the only difference is, you can avoid majority of the crowd that mostly comes in the later part of the day. Features of the ticket include a round-trip boat ride to the Alcatraz Island, regular programs as well as exhibits, and the award-winning audio tour of the Cellhouse. The Early Bird ticket costs around $39.90 for adults. The journey starts at 8.45 AM in the morning, and it takes about two and a half hours to fully explore every corner of the island. You can stay on the island as long as you want. There are plenty of programs offered if you take the Early Bird Alcatraz tours tickets. You can join the National Park Service Rangers & Docents to explore thematic guided walking tours to areas of the island where travelers mostly don't go to. Most of the guided tours are provided throughout the day and usually start either at the lighthouse or the dock. The tours and times often vary, so it is better if you carefully note program board at the Island dock. Also, do not forget to explore the permanent exhibits while visiting Alcatraz Island. The Early Bird Alcatraz tours tickets include the special and award-winning Cellhouse audio tour, and you can easily wander around the Cellhouse at your own pace by simply listening to the audio presentation. You can go inside the dark cells and learn the stories of life from the former inmates, and get to know about the prison breakout from the correctional officers who worked over here. Another interesting fact about the Cellhouse audio is that it is available in many languages like English, German, Dutch, French, Japanese, Korean, etc. You can enjoy the different moods of the Alcatraz Island with the Behind The Scene Alcatraz tours tickets especially if you visit in the evening. You can also cherish the stunning beauty of the sunset that enhances the look of the Golden Gate Bridge and learn about the history of the island. Also, the visit includes evening talks about topics on different escape stories, the life of inmates, and lots more. Also, with this particular Alcatraz tours tickets, you can enjoy various night tour activities, an additional guided tour which will take you to the passageways, hidden rooms as well as the different underground cells of Alcatraz Island. Alcatraz Behind The Scenes Tour You can also delve into the areas of the island where the public was initially not allowed. You can join a group of 30 people or less than that and go on an adventure to know about the interesting as well as fascinating history of the prison. You can find a tunnel through which you can get to the underground jail, and enjoy the magnificent views of the gardens. Traveling with the Behind The Scenes Alcatraz tours tickets will allow you to know the artifacts, hidden doorways, and the interesting secrets of the Alcatraz Island. With the Alcatraz tours tickets for the Behind The Scenes Tour, you will be able to enjoy the programs with limited people every evening. You will get many special tours, activities, and programs which are not included in the day time tickets and tours. Make sure to check all the permanent exhibits while you visit the popular Alcatraz Island. With this package, you will also get to experience the Cellhouse audio tour. The ticket for the Behind The Scenes Tour costs around $92.30 for adults. Therefore, these are some of the popular Alcatraz Island’s tour tickets which you can book if you want to visit the island and explore the stories of people who were imprisoned over there.
  • Different ways to look for cheap flight tickets

    Flight tickets are one of the most important parts of the journey and, most of you have to face the urge to somehow search and look for the cheapest tickets. In most of the cases, you fail to get cheap tickets and end up either spending hours with the laptop or paying more for them. Finding the best deals from the websites is a daunting task and, most of you get puzzled while finding the most suitable deals.

    Looking for cheap flight tickets is frustrating due to the huge number of search options and, the various website comparisons and also the changing prices. The airline companies come up with exclusive deals, special promotions, festive discounts and much more which is one of the proven strategies to compete with other companies. There are plenty of ways to get the most attractive and exciting deals and, some of them are listed below.

    Stay away from myths
    One of the primary things to do if you want to get cheap flight tickets is to stay away from all sorts of myths and believe in the fact that there are no such tricks available to get tickets at low cost. It is important to keep in mind that even if you use tricks to get cheap tickets, the airlines' company incorporates the advanced computing systems as well as price algorithms that help finding out costs.

    A lot of airline companies run sales depending on the passenger demand, weather, any events or festivals, time of the year and various other factors which leads to discounted ticket prices. The systems of the airlines are extremely smart and, the tricks which most people talk about do not work anymore in fetching cheap flight tickets.

    Flexibility in travel dates and time
    The price of the flight tickets fluctuates based on time of the year, day of the week and any holidays. Off season is one of the most significant time during which the price of the tickets remain low. This is the best time to travel as during this time the airline companies give huge discounts and offers which you can avail while booking.

    It is important to keep in mind that the prices of the flight tickets remain high during the holiday season, so if you want to avoid the high cost of the tickets, then you have to be flexible with your traveling dates and times. Also, another best way out is to travel during mid week as most of the people travel during the weekends due to which the prices of the tickets remain high during that time. Late-night and early morning flights are cheap as a lot of people do not travel during this time.

    Flexibility in choosing destinations
    If you think you can't be flexible with your time then be flexible with the destination you choose. It would be best if you can be flexible with both your time as well as your destination. If you want to get cheap flight tickets then you must either be flexible with your time or with your destination. In case you don't know, the search engines of the airlines have made it extremely easy to search the whole world and get the cheapest tickets in no time.

    A lot of flight booking websites provide various options which you can use to view the global map and look for cheap flights. This facility has made searching for the cheap flight tickets extremely easy.

    Check on budget
    Traveling in budget airlines can sometimes become the best way to save money on your tickets as compared to the bigger airlines. You have to make some sacrifices in your comfort as well as the delicious eateries that the airline companies provide. The comfortable legroom, movies, drinks and the free food which are provided in the luxury airlines will not be provided, but you will be able to travel in budget.

    Therefore, it is best if you get enough snacks and drinks before boarding the flight and, also you can get the facility of legroom and free food but those won't be free of cost. It is important to note that most of the budget airlines do not remain included in the comparison websites and, requires individual checking.

    Avoid direct flights
    Avoiding direct flights not only helps in making your travel dates and places flexible but also give you the advantage of choosing cheaper flights. A lot of carriers offer budget flight tickets as they offer attractive deals. The only drawback is that you may have a lay over of a few hours. 

    These are some of the effective ways by which you can get the benefits of booking air tickets at low cost and, get to fly to your favorite destinations whenever you want without worrying about investing huge for plane fares.

  • 3 best cities that have commendable public transportation
    Public transport can be a hassle, but there’s no way you can avoid it. There are several pictures on the Internet that show people squeezing themselves into overcrowded subway trains or buses. Though you might not like it, the subway trains are what will get you to your work in time. You cannot always take your car to work if the particular part of the city is notorious for its traffic, and hailing a cab in such slow-moving traffic can prove to be quite expensive. Contrary to what you believe, not every city has this problem with its public transport, some cities are incredibly popular for their seamless public transportation. Take a look at some of these cities that boast of hassle-free public transport. Washington, D.C The general public in Washington, D.C relies heavily on the buses and below-ground subways. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority manages public transport in the DC area skillfully and the subway system, known as the Metro or Metrorail, boasts of over 200 million trips per year. Moreover, the buses handle another 130 trips every year. The transit system performs a herculean task of managing numerous travelers with great efficiency. San Francisco, California San Francisco is the home to the historic cable cars that run daily up and down the city’s steep hills. Though the city retains only 3 of its 23 cable car lines, the majority of people using the cable cars are mostly tourists. This is because the locals have found a better way of commuting to work or other places with buses and commuter trains that are controlled by Bay Rapid Transit (BART). Moreover, the San Francisco Municipal Railway maintains a continuous availability of buses and light rail trains that handles more than 220 million passenger rides every year. Boston, Massachusetts Boston is one of the cities in the country that has managed to build a commendable transportation system for itself. The public transportation is managed by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), and the primary modes of transportation are a subway system called the T by locals. It consists of five separate lines and an extensive network of bus routes, which together handle about 390 million rides per year. These cities are free from the nagging traffic, and commuters have nothing to complain about. Some consider it plausible enough to go packing to these amazing, stress-free cities.
  • 3 quirky modes of transport globetrotters should try
    The various modes of transport—trains, cabs, and buses—are the major elements of our daily lives, and we do not find anything exciting about taking the subway to work. These different types of transport modes are something we are quite familiar with, which is why it holds no novelty for us; unless you have a kid with you who is taking the subway for the first time. However, as you move across different geographical locations, you’ll be enticed by the different modes of transport, which might leave you blown away, but might be a common sight for the locals. So, if you ever decide to go backpacking across the globe, there are certain modes of transport you must try before you reach the bottom of your bucket list. The Canal Taxi in Bangkok People often have a love-hate relationship with taxis. Often, taxis play hard to get when you are in a hurry. However, here’s a taxi that waits patiently for its passengers to board and takes them on an interesting journey. Bangkok is the home to canal taxis and has acquired the title of “Venice of the East” owing to its vast network of canals. These river and canal taxis are an important mode of transport as it helps you get to your destination faster than cars or buses as there is no traffic in the canals! So, when in Bangkok, hail a canal taxi. The Chicken Bus in Central America These quirky modes of transport with brightly colored buses are the major mode of transport for locals in Guatemala or Panama. These buses offer tourists the quintessential Latin American transport experience and are extremely affordable. The bus derives its name from the chickens that ride along with the passengers at times. There are high chances that your seat might be occupied by these chicken; after all, it’s named after them. The Cyclo in Vietnam Everyone must have come across cycle taxis at some point in their lives, but in Vietnam, you’ll witness a revamped and a more interesting version of the cycle taxi: the Cyclo. Tourists simply adore the Cyclo; they can climb in front of the tricycle taxi and the driver will be right behind them, peddling them through the city. Locals favor the Cyclo over other modes of transport as it helps them beat the chaotic traffic.
  • 7 destinations to visit with the cheapest airfare
    When making travel plans, everyone is on the lookout for super cheap airline tickets. One could look for airline tickets by filtering on cheap flight tickets to suit their budget. Although some of the destinations may not be cheap for everyone as the departure cities would differ, the cities, definitely are fun-filled and offer great value for your money. The months of June, July, and August generally offer very cheap flight deals.  However, if you are tight on budget, the destinations listed below are reasonable at all times of the year.
    • Boston, MA: Boston is not to be missed as it is a veritable treasure for history lovers. The superb architecture and the grand museums are a must-see. Enjoy the nightlife and the sumptuous seafood. One could take a walking tour to Faneuil Hall and the Old North Church.
    • Denver, CO: If you have an adventurous bent of mind, you must visit Denver. Also, famously known as the Mile-High City, it is a favorite of Ski lovers. Apart from that, there are hiking and biking options, along with art and shopping options. You can check out the music and brewery too! From Dallas to Denver, rates begin for airline tickets from $49.
    • Miami, FL: As a visitor to Miami, do not forget to tour the Everglades. Indulge in Cuban cuisine and cigars. Splurge on dining and shopping from what you have saved on airline tickets or cheap flight tickets.
    • Seattle, WA: Get up and close to Space Needle. Merge into the shopping crowds at the Pike Place Market. Ride on the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry and enjoy the waterfront view. You can plan in advance to avail of airline tickets under the cheap flight tickets category.
    • Las Vegas, NV: The place needs no introduction. Be it a boy’s getaway or a girl’s party, a couple retreat or a family fun, it is ideal for all. Other than casinos, there is the astounding scenery at the Red Rock Canyon. A round trip from Minneapolis to Las Vegas would amount to $135.
    • Orlando, FL: Theme parks such as Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom are the reason that Orlando is called the Theme Park Capital of the World. Make beautiful memories as you spend time together with your loved ones after saving on cheap flight tickets.
    • Cancun, MX: This is an inexpensive and a relaxing destination whether one wants to relax on the beach, observe nature, or go on an archaeological escapade. From Washington to Cancun, it takes nearly $260 for a round trip.
  • 5 popular cruise lines for seniors
    Age can never be a barrier if you want to go on a cruise. You can explore different destinations with the best cruises for seniors. You have the option to decide if you want to travel on your own, with family, your spouse, with friends or in a group. Most river cruises for seniors feature hydraulic pool chairs and also have provisions for wheelchair accessibility. Some ships accommodate adults while others are ideal for multi-generation families. If you are considering going on a cruise, the following five best cruises for seniors will help you make an informed decision. Holland America Line With 15 mid-size cruise ships, Holland America Line offers over 500 sailings from 38 departure ports to seven continents yearly. You can get a glimpse of glorious destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Alaska and Yukon, Hawaii and Tahiti, Africa and Arabia, Europe, Asian and Pacific islands, South America and Antarctica, Bermuda, The Caribbean, Panama Canal, Pacific Coast, Canada/New England, and Mexico. Azamara Club Cruises This cruise line is popular due to the lavish and upscale service it offers. It includes the ships named Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest. Passengers can also benefit from overnight stays to leisurely explore the area. Each ship capably accommodates up to 686 guests. Destinations include the Caribbean, North and South America, Asia/Pacific, and Europe. Royal Caribbean International Fall in love with Royal Caribbean International’s impressive fleet! Active seniors can look forward to the ultimate thrills with a wide array of activities onboard. Destinations include Australia/New Zealand, Canada/New England, South America, Alaska, Asia, Dubai, Europe, Transatlantic, Panama Canal, Pacific Northwest, South Pacific, Hawaii, Caribbean, and the Bahamas. Silversea Cruises Silversea is an amazing amalgam of excellence, luxury, and elegance. Destinations include Canada and New England, Antarctica, Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Central America, South America, Australia and New Zealand, Russian Far East, Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Galapagos Islands, Alaska, Transoceanic, Northern Europe, and the British Isles. Oceania Cruises Ships in Oceania’s fleet include Nautica, Regatta, Marina, Insignia, Riviera, and Siren. Set off on a scenic sail to divine destinations such as Canada/New England, Europe, Alaska, South Pacific, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. Once you have decided to go on one of the aforementioned best cruises for seniors, ensure you select your itinerary and the ship size astutely. Moreover, look out for cheap senior cruise packages to save some money while having fun. Get set to explore multiple destinations and experience the local culture with first-class pampering, flawless service, and excellent food onboard.
  • Tips to get great deals on Delta flights
    With Delta, a major airline company in the country, you can visit your dream destinations across the globe while experiencing excellent services and savings. Delta Air Lines keep offering lucrative flight deals to amazing destinations, including Paris and Amsterdam. By availing some of the latest deals during sales on flights by Delta, you can save a lot of money and make your travel experience all the more satisfying. Following are some of the extra hacks and tips you can consider for saving big on flights via Delta. Rely on the main website A majority of people today count on websites offering the best airfare deals. However, browsing through the main website could also help you secure great deals on Delta flights. Delta posts many offers and sales on their website and a quick check could help you secure the best deal. Check comparison websites If you feel like browsing through a couple of travel websites, you can check for sites that provide a comparison of some of the best deals available on the Internet. On such comparison websites, you can just enter the travel dates and click on your preferred airline, Delta in this case, and you can get details on some of the popular sales and deals on flight tickets. Book at the right time It is also important to consider the period of booking. Whether you wish to book a flight ticket via Delta, JetBlue, American Airlines, United Airlines, you must ensure to book the tickets in advance. In this way, you can avail some of the best deals or you may be able to bag some affordable tickets as well. Sign up for price alerts To ensure that you get the best airfare deals every time you book tickets, you can sign up for price alerts by Delta as well. By tracking the daily price alerts sent to you over email or phone, you can purchase tickets when they are the lowest. Visit a travel agent If you are unable to get a proper deal online, you can always choose to visit a reliable travel agent. By visiting the office of a travel agent, you might come across ideal travel packages and crucial information about Delta flight sales. In case you have any questions or doubts, you can get them sorted out immediately.  
  • Best-selling tour packages for Ireland
    Located on Europe’s northwest edge, Ireland is ideally called the green jewel owing to its sprawling green landscapes, emerald hills, and mesmerizing ancient ruins, and castles. There are many Ireland tour packages that allow you to visit the country of myths and legends. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones you can opt for.
    • 11-day best of Ireland tour An award-winning tour operator, Trafalgar Tours offers visitors one of the best Ireland vacation packages you can opt for, which is an 11-day Best of Ireland Tour. Offering a memorable visit to the green jewel, the tour takes you on a round trip from Dublin to several of the country’s mesmerizing sites and attractions, allowing you to enjoy first-class accommodations, world-class meals, and dozens of exciting stops along the way.
    • 6-day iconic scenes of Ireland tour This is an ideal tour package for those who don’t have much time and still want to enjoy the best sites and sounds of Ireland. Also called a “hub-and-spoke” tour, the 6-day package features accommodation in only two days for the entire duration of the trip, which means you don’t need to pack your bags repeatedly while hopping between different destinations. This, in turn, allows you to focus less on packing and more on making beautiful memories instead. Definitely, it is one of those Ireland tour packages you need to opt to enjoy a short getaway!
    • 5-15 days CIE customizable tours CIE Tours Ireland has repeatedly been the number one choice for many tourists returning to the country, thanks to its customizable Ireland vacations packages. With over three dozen tours to choose from, you get to choose the destinations you want to visit, as well as the duration of your trip (from 5 to 15 days). The tours are all-inclusive and come with luxury accommodations and meals. While the short tours focus more on the important parts of the country and cover half of it, the 15-day tour packages cover the entire island.
    • 10-day deluxe castles tour of Ireland This small group tour allows you to enjoy the luxury and be treated like royalty as you stay in some of the most historic castles and country manor houses on the island. As one of the premier Ireland tour packages, the tour lets you enjoy the best in accommodation, food, and transportation services as you tour the best attractions and sites in the country.
    Planning on visiting Ireland this holiday season? Take your pick from these tour packages, which are considered nothing but the best Ireland vacation packages you can opt to tour the island and bring home loads of beautiful memories. While you're in Ireland, you can even spend a little time in the best Scotland as part of your vacation package.
  • All-inclusive resort destinations in the Caribbean
    The Caribbean has dozens of luxury resorts that allow you to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with your loved ones. Most of them offer all-inclusive island packages which include accommodation, meals, beverages, and select activities in the rates. Take a look at some of these resorts, which clearly stand above the rest when it comes to offering stellar all-inclusive island vacations for great prices.
    • Jade Mountain Resort Located in St. Lucia, the Jade Mountain View Resort is one of the world’s best romantic getaways and features over 29 spacious all-inclusive suites. Each suite features an open fourth wall that provides stunning views of the sea. Almost all the rooms have a private infinity pool as well. Added to the bliss are the open-air restaurant serving organic cuisine and the availability of numerous hiking, biking, jogging, and walking trails on the sprawling resort grounds and nearby areas. The package includes stay, meals, drinks, water-sporting activities, and guided tours.
    • Zoetry Agua Punta Cana This tranquil haven boasts of offering one of the best all-inclusive island vacations for its guests. Featuring lush green grounds and pristine pools, the resort also has access to a white sandy beach and houses one of the best spas in the Caribbean. The all-inclusive rates include food served a la carte at the resort’s four restaurants, unlimited access to top-shelf liquor, 24-hour room service menu, laundry services, yoga classes, and horseback riding sessions (one per guest).
    • Fowl Cay Resort This resort sits on its own private island in the Exumas and covers an area of 50 acres while providing guests access to three beautiful, unspoiled beaches. The resort features spacious villas that offer stunning views of the island and come with fully stocked kitchens and bars. The all-inclusive island vacations package includes the cost of the stay, meals, drinks, water sports, and other activities on the island.
    • Sandals Lasource Grenada You cannot miss out on Sandals Lasource Grenada when talking about all-inclusive island vacations in the Caribbean. This luxury resort comes complete with spacious rooms, five stunning swimming pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a world-class spa, 10 restaurants, a tennis court, and a water-sports center. The all-inclusive price also offers you unlimited access to scuba diving. While swimming is restricted to a small beachfront cove owing to the rough waters, the swinging chairs, gazebos, and fire pits make up for the loss in beach time.
    Planning a trip to the Caribbean? Then make sure you opt for the best and choose from these resorts and island getaways that offer the best all-inclusive packages for visitors.