• Top 5 luxurious train trips
    A trip by train is a delight for everyone, be it a child or an adult. Add to it dollops of luxury and you will be on a journey of a lifetime. The verdant plains, the towering mountains, and expansive prairies form the picturesque backdrop of the countryside. The busy cities, historic sites, and other attractions complete the picture. A journey through this fairyland takes on an altogether different meaning with a luxury train trip. Here is a list of the top five luxury train trips in the country. California Zephyr This train runs between Chicago and Emeryville near Berkeley, traversing through the Southern Pacific Donner Pass route. The train covers scenic segments through Rocky Mountains and the Sierras. The compartments have sleeper cars as well as dome cars to give the passengers the best view possible. The three-day two-night trip offers a scenic journey at all-inclusive prices on this luxury train trip. The Rocky Mountaineer This train enables the experience of five-star luxuries en route a travel through North America. The best route is from Banff to Vancouver, which captures the scenic beauty as well as your imagination. September to October is the best time to travel when the snow falls fresh and the leaves turn a dazzle of colors from reds to browns with the approaching autumn. The Canadian It is luxury redefined with a train trip offered by VIA Rail. This luxury train trip covers the route encompassing the most beautiful cities of Toronto and Vancouver. The journey takes a total of four days taking travelers in the lap of luxury with deluxe sleepers and gourmet meals. The all-inclusive tickets cover a washroom and a private minibar as well. An in-carriage TV screen will keep occupants busy when the train makes its journey through the countryside at night. Coast Starlight This is a stunning luxury train trip with once-in-a-lifetime travel experience through Seattle and Los Angeles. The luxurious journey by Amtrak is the most popular long distance and luxurious travel with a dining car, a sleeping car, and a lounge. The private rooms with beds provide an access to the Pacific parlor car with its dome windows. The evenings are filled with not-to-be-forgotten wine and cheese parties. Southwest Chief The train takes you on the journey following the same route between Los Angeles and Chicago as it did in 1930s when celebrities used to take this train to travel. The journey aboard the train in a private sleeping room will let you view the most iconic sights along the grandeur of West America.
  • Alcatraz tour options and prices
    Alcatraz tours encapsulate the beauty and history of the Alcatraz Islands on the San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz has been home to some infamously notorious criminals like Al Capone. Later on, the island served as a harbor defense fort as well as military prison. Presently, Alcatraz Islands have been renovated and restored to reveal newer insights into its astounding history. Although there are many companies that can sail around the islands, only one is authorized to land on it: Alcatraz Cruises. Their tours leave from Pier 33 near Fisherman’s Wharf. The Alcatraz tour tickets need to be booked at least six weeks in advance. Same day tickets are also sold, but they sell out as early as 6 in the morning. The tour is self-paced and the Alcatraz tour tickets cover round-trip transportation and the Audio Tour. The following tour options are available for those interested.
    • Early Bird tour As the name goes, it is the first tour of the day; so, it is the least crowded. Children below 4 years are free to enter. Those from ages 5 to 11 are charged around $22, while those from 12 to 17 (junior) have to pay around $38 per head. Anyone under 18 years cannot enter without being accompanied by an adult. Those above 18 are required to pay around $38 per head. Tickets for those above 62 years of age are discounted at around $36. Family tickets are also available at about $115, but these tickets are available only at the Pier or through a phone call at their registered number.
    • Day tour The tour options, the inclusions, and the pricing are the same as that for Early Bird tour. The only difference is that it gets a tad crowded as the day proceeds.
    • Night tour There is a slightly lesser number of visitors at this time of the day. The evenings can be enjoyed with special park programs. The Alcatraz tour ticket prices are different for juniors, seniors, and adults in the range of $42-$45. The toddlers below 5 are allowed free entry and there are no family packages.
    • Behind the scenes tour The tour requires one to join a group of 30 people or fewer on a ranger-guided trip. This allows you to access places which are otherwise not open to the public like a hidden tunnel, an underground jail, or a hidden doorway. The Alcatraz tour ticket prices range from $84 to $90 for juniors, seniors, as well as adults.
    Alcatraz tour tickets can also be availed as a part of the San Francisco City Pass and Go San Francisco Pass multi-tickets, but only when they have been purchased through Alcatraz Cruises.
  • Websites offering great deals on Las Vegas hotels
    Widely known for its gambling, fine dining, entertainment, shopping, and nightlife, Las Vegas attracts swarms of visitors annually. If you are also planning to visit this entertainment hub sometime soon, we would like to offer you some help regarding your stay. By grabbing the best hotel deals, you can save on many aspects. To make your experience the same, here is a list of some websites you can count on to avail the best Las Vegas hotel deals: Dealbase Dealbase has evolved as a sought-after resource for people seeking unmatched travel deals. The website flaunts the largest collection of flight and hotel deals offered. You can count on it for the best Las Vegas hotel deals, which are shown in a consistent way to ensure customer satisfaction. When you are ready to go with a particular hotel deal, the website takes you directly to the particular hotel to make the booking. goSeek goSeek is another website you can rely on for availing the best Las Vegas hotel deals. The website devotes its resources to offering more and more hotel stay options and better savings to its esteemed users. goSeek has become a go-to resource for travelers desirous of the very best travel prices. Suiteness Headquartered in Oakland, CA, Suiteness is an online suite booking platform. It was conceptualized in 2014 with a simple goal of letting everyone book exclusive luxury hotel suites across the globe with ease. The feature-rich website flaunting an easy-to-use interface can serve your purpose of finding the best Las Vegas hotel deals well. Vegas Don’t forget to give Vegas a glance when searching for the best Las Vegas hotel deals. Whether you wish to have a stay in a clean and strategically-placed hotel or in an exclusive luxury resort or in a hotel having good and competitively-priced accommodation, this website offers it all. If you get stuck anywhere or would like to clarify a few things, you can contact the website's customer support staff. They are a team of seasoned and trained executives who go overboard for ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. Travelzoo Travelzoo enjoys a reputation of being a sought-after information source for discount travel deals. For the latest Las Vegas hotel deals, simply click on “Las Vegas” under the Hotel Deals section on the website. All the hotels and their deals characterized under well-differentiated categories make the choice effective.
  • Tips to find the best extended stay hotels
    You can enjoy the amenities of a hotel without the exorbitant expenses when you stay in extended stay hotels. You can make the most of the affordable weekly and monthly rates. Big-brand hotels also offer decent deals to travelers on extended stays. Leading extended stay hotels Extend Stay America offers discounts on weekly stays and also if you stay for a month or longer. Each suite boasts of impressive amenities such as an equipped work area, kitchen, and free Wi-Fi along with an on-site laundry room. This is why this chain is a fantastic option for travelers looking for long-term stays. Choice Hotels® include MainStay Suites which offer attractive amenities for long-term stays such as studio, free premium movie channels, Wi-Fi, and one-bedroom suites. Facilities include a business center, on-site guest laundry, free continental breakfast, and weekly housekeeping service. Tips to find the best extended stay hotels Advance preparation is crucial to select the ideal hotel for your vacation. Planning and preparing an extended stay travel is undoubtedly a formidable task. Here are some tips to find the best hotels for extended stay across the country. Consider the options: Select from a wide range of hotels if you are planning to stay for a longer time at a particular location. Consider various options in order to find the right room for your stay as per your budget. Lodging options offer many possibilities. Confer with friends and family for options: The best way to select a reliable place to stay is by trusting personal recommendations. If you know someone who lives in the area or someone who has explored the region in the past, talk to them about possible places to stay. Compare different alternatives: Quite a few hotels provide extended stay options that are reasonably priced suites to guests. Compare different hotels for an extended stay and get optimum results. Assess the amenities offered: These hotels offer amenities which are not easily available at conventional hotels. This is an important consideration when you are far away from home. You can also ask the clerk at your preferred business-class hotel whether the place offers deals or a discount for a long-term stay. Getting a cheap hotel room is not an easy task. In fact, the average daily rate for a hotel room in the country has significantly increased in the recent past. Extended stay hotels offer amenities and an amazing ambiance which will always remind you of the things that you love about your home.
  • Top reasons to book all-inclusive Caribbean vacations
    Are you looking out for a holiday destination and don’t know where to go? Without even blinking twice, you should head towards the Caribbean coast. It is a haven for travel fanatics. With the sun and sand, you can have a lot of fun and still have a relaxed time. The Caribbean consists of the Caribbean Sea, islands, and the surrounding coasts. It is a picture-perfect holiday spot for those who want to unwind and relax. It has a plethora of holiday options right from the calm and quiet beaches to a reverberating nightlife and great water sports to bustling port towns. It is best to go in for all-inclusive Caribbean vacations so that all the expenditure and the effort of planning the holiday is taken care of. In fact, today, the all-inclusive holiday concept is gaining prominence everywhere and for good reason. These packages are designed to include everything starting from airplane tickets, accommodation to food and drinks and at times, even some recreational or outdoor activities. The main advantages of booking all-inclusive Caribbean vacations are as follows: No stress - When the entire holiday is charted out and paid for, there is no stress of searching, planning, and organizing for air tickets, hotels, and more. Just relax and enjoy the holiday to the hilt. Time-saving - All-inclusive Caribbean vacations let you save time in organizing and planning a holiday. You can concentrate completely on enjoying your vacation. Highly safe - If you go in for a reputed travel agent and let them plan the entire vacation, then it is safer as they already have tie-ups with hotels. This way, the chances of fraud are minimal. More affordable - Usually, the all-inclusive holidays are more affordable. This is because the travel agencies have a tie-up with various hotels and airlines and hence, get the same rooms or tickets at a cheaper rate than you would get on a personal booking. Also, many a time, these agencies also offer a few freebies, thereby making the deal more lucrative. Meet like-minded people - When you are on a holiday, you want your vacation to be spent with like-minded people. In an all-inclusive holiday package, you will be able to meet other people who have similar interests, thereby making your holiday more enjoyable. So, go on, plan for these all-inclusive Caribbean vacations and enjoy every bit of your holiday!
  • Popular places to visit in Iceland
    Iceland is one of the best international destinations that you should definitely visit. This Nordic island country is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe, and it has multitudes of attractive and adrenalin-rush sights to explore. However, choosing the right package from numerous Iceland tours that travel companies offer can become a little confusing and time-consuming. Therefore, a list of the best places has been given below which you might not want to miss out when visiting Iceland. The Golden Circle One of the popular guided Iceland tours among tourists, the Golden Circle comprises breathtaking views of the historic Thingvellir National Park, the majestic Gullfoss waterfall, and the first geyser called Geysir. Some travel companies also include Kerið Crater Lake and a visit to Geysir Multimedia Museum. The northern lights Perhaps this is the only reason why you’d want to visit Iceland in an off-season. This natural phenomenon occurring against the backdrop of the mountains at night is extremely mesmerizing. Volcano trekking Among the many Iceland tours, this is yet another exceptional and high-adrenaline excursion. Thrihnukagigur volcano is one of the many volcanoes that have been dormant for centuries. Snorkeling in the Arctic Snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the Arctic is an experience of a different level and should definitely make the itinerary of your tour. Glacier hiking Iceland has a large number of volcanoes and an equally high number of glaciers. Sólheimajökull glacier is one such glacier in Iceland, which is a favorite among hikers. Snæfellsnes peninsula One of the off-beat Iceland tours, this tour will take you through the Kirkjufell mountain, Snæfellsjökull glacier, and Berserkjahraun lava field. It will take you through rocky coastlines, waterfalls, lava fields, mountains, and more. Natural glacier ice cave Vatnajökull glacier is one of the biggest glaciers in Europe. It also has a naturally-formed crystal ice cave. There cannot be a better place for those beloved selfies. Game of Thrones filming locations This is a new entry in the list of Iceland tours. The popular TV show, Game of Thrones, filmed in many locations in Iceland and the show’s popularity has made those places immensely popular among Game of Thrones fans. Zero in on your favorite destinations and experience an adventure of a lifetime.
  • 8 popular and affordable beach destinations
    For most people, beaches are the best destination for a vacation in all seasons. There is a factor that helps rejuvenate your soul and makes you feel relaxed from the daily grind. However, many people believe that vacationing on a beach may burn a hole in their pocket and hence, they try and avoid it. To clear those incorrect notions, a list of cheap beach vacations has been given below. These destinations can be enjoyed without worrying about the financial dilemmas. Poland The long Baltic Coast of Poland has miles of sandy shores and beach resorts that cost significantly less than their Mediterranean counterparts. The beaches in Sopot, Gdynia, Gdansk, or Ustka are some of the best beaches in the country. Malta Malta, in the central Mediterranean region, is famous for its sea and sun and all-year-round events. It has a couple of wonderful beaches, such as Gozo and Dwejra, which offer exceptional diving conditions at a reasonable rate. Greece Corfu is an island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea. It is a fantastic beach for those running on a budget. Mexico The Playa del Carmen, the most famous beach in Mexico, is just at an hour’s drive from Cancun but serves the purpose of a cheap beach vacation. Thailand A popular tourist destination, Thailand has many beaches that will be gentle on your pocket and still be very relaxing. Beaches in Naithon, Batok, and Patong are among some popular destinations for cheap beach vacations. Portugal Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal gives a tough competition to its European counterparts when it comes to its beaches. Algarve and Madeira have many beautiful beaches along their picturesque coastline. Bulgaria While its neighbor, Romania, is more famous as a beach destination, Bulgaria is the place to be when it comes to cheap beach vacations. Its beaches along the Black Sea, such as Albena, Balchik, Nessebar, and Sunny Beach, offer cheaper and warmer beach destinations. Panama This hidden gem of Central America with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea as well as the North Pacific Ocean has a lot of cheap beach vacation spots to offer. Its beaches in Bocas del Toro and Balboa are some of the best budget options that you should explore. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your swimsuit and hit one of these cheap beach destinations for a thrilling and relaxing vacation.
  • Top 3 deals on Galapagos tours by Metropolitan Touring
    Want to book Galapagos tours? Irrespective of whether you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation, family holiday, or a romantic trip, Galapagos tours offered at Metropolitan Touring will make planning your vacation affordable and simple. The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the most extraordinary wildlife spots in the world. These islands are unique because of their archipelago isolation. Species of different animals have evolved at these islands amidst barren volcanic landscapes. This is an apparently new and strange phenomenon that does not exist anywhere else in the world. It is this unique feature that forced vacationing enthusiasts into looking for special deals on Galapagos tours. Some of the best deals available at Metropolitan Touring are as follows: Galapagos family vacation This travel package to the Galapagos Islands is best during the summer season when you get the flexibility of choosing a cruise for children. This seven-day tour includes private services with a driver and a guide during airport and hotel transfers. Your journey starts on the second day when you head off for the Quito city tour for relishing its treasures of architecture and art. There are different city destinations that you get to visit like Quitos Colonia Quarter, Independence Plaza, Archbishop’s Palace, and La Compania de Jesus. Tickets for Latam Ecuador and a cruise journey on Santa Cruz II also come included in this tour package. Home on the Equator: Quito and Galapagos exploration This travel package for the Galapagos Islands available from Metropolitan Touring will enable you to head up to the Andes Mountains and pay a visit to the Historic Centre of Quito, which is the very first UNESCO World Heritage Site. You also get to enjoy a visit to the enchanted isles. This eight-day tour package also includes a Galapagos cruise of five days and four nights. Luxurious modern exploration: Quito, Galapagos, Guayaquil Go for this Galapagos tour package from Metropolitan Touring if you want to check out the majestic islands, the cultural coast of Ecuador, and the historic highlands—all in one single journey. This is a nine-day and eight-night travel package that includes scuba diving fun; full city tour, and Galapagos cruise as well. So, pick from one of the Galapagos tours and cherish memories for a lifetime.
  • Tips to get great discounts on Europe tour packages
    Traveling to Europe for holidays? Well, with some hacks, you may avail of great discounts on Europe tour packages. Here are some of the money-saving hacks that can be of great help to you while visiting Europe. Check all transportation options When it comes to transportation, most travelers tend to stick to trains and flights. However, you will be surprised to know that many other transportation options in Europe cost far less than trains and flights. For instance, a trip from Paris to Amsterdam can cost you around $200 by flight or train, but just around $45 via a service called Rideshare by BlaBlaCar and just around $21 via OUIBUS. Thus, when booking Europe travel packages, choosing the ground transportation options instead of flights can help you save a lot of money. Sign up for deals, discounts, and reward points Airlines usually offer deals in the form of discounted prices, seat upgrades, and even free trips as a part of their frequent flyer program. The same goes for hotels as well, which offer everything from room upgrades to complimentary amenities for those who sign up for a membership program. Signing up for such programs can help you avail of lucrative discounts and deals, which may not be available with standard Europe tour packages. Stay away from the city centers While staying at a hotel located close to the city center may feel more reasonable, it may run you up by hundreds of dollars. Hotels and other accommodation units located close to city centers usually charge twice the standard accommodation fares than hotels located at the outskirts. By choosing to stay at a hotel that is a short bus ride from the city center, you can be sure of saving some bucks. Make use of the Hacker Fare Not many airline operators will tell you that booking two flights separately tends to be cheaper than booking a round ticket. This smart yet simple Hacker Fare of booking two one-way fares from different low-cost airlines can save you a significant amount in travel-related costs. Make sure you ask about this Hacker Fare when booking your Europe tour packages. If you are traveling to Europe and intently looking for Europe tour packages, take note of these money-saving hacks that can help you stay within a budget while still enjoying your trip to Europe.
  • Here’s how to get the best deals on luxury Japan tours
    Japan, the land of promise and exciting adventure, is the newest destination on the list of avid travelers. You can go sightseeing at your own pace when taking one of the small Japan tours. They provide a perfect mix of spending some quality “me” time and taking part in group activities at the same time. You can get the best deals on all-inclusive vacation packages by logging into various websites, some of which are mentioned below: GAdventures They offer a Japan tour which touches the cities from Osaka and Tokyo. This Japan Express trip allows you to learn about Hiroshima and visit this amazing Nijo Castle. One can enjoy a delectable locally-cooked cuisine and soak in the natural beauty of hot springs. This trip delves into the cultural heritage of Japan. Super Value Tours Japan Classics will take you on a nine-day journey from Tokyo to Osaka. This Japan tour will take you on a relaxed sojourn, which is the famous hot springs. When on this tour, you can take in a breathtakingly spectacular view of the Mt. Fuji. You can sing karaoke in Tokyo and look for a geisha in Kyoto, which is yet another beautiful city. Oku Japan The tour takes you on a trip to Tokyo. The tour is Nakasendo self–guided walking tour. It includes accommodation as well as meals and transport. You can enjoy the local landscape and untouched beauty with train and rail transport. The journey takes you through numerous destination cities. Intrepid Travel The tour organized by Intrepid travels is called Japan: Land of Rising Sun. This Japan tour allows you to feast on a traditional Japanese cuisine and catch a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji. Besides visiting the Hiroshima Peace Park, you must not miss exploring the numerous temples in Kyoto. The tour also includes accommodation, meals, and transport. The best part is that it comes with an expert guide to help you unravel the cityscape. Geckos Adventures Discover Japan is the name of the tour organized by Geckos Adventures. True to their name, it takes you on a journey of discovering Japan. Starting from Tokyo, this Japan tour ends at Osaka. One Life Adventures This adventure tour involves spending a rollicking time from Tokyo to Osaka. The tour is a journey of discovery that includes a stay in a hostel, a guesthouse, and a temple.