Check out the different types of office desks

There are many different types of office desks that can make our work life easier. But you have to know the correct kind of office desk which will suit the kind of work that you do. The office desk must be a sturdy piece and also comfortable and spacious enough too. So here are the various kinds of office desks and the criteria for choosing the same.

Computer desk
This kind of office desk is best-suited for people who work primarily with the computer. For this kind of a desk, you will first need to assess what kind of a computer you have. For a laptop, you can choose a simple desk with a flat surface. A desktop with a keyboard and mouse will require a pull-out tray under the desk and a shelf on the side for the processing unit. Meanwhile, a computer with dual screens for musicians and designers will require an L shaped table so that one can easily swing from one screen to another without much effort. Make sure that your seat is at least two feet away from the screen of the computer, so that you do not ruin your eyesight with computer vision syndrome or any such related condition that may affect your eyes.

Old school office desk
Classic old school office desks come with storage on the sides. The cabinets will form the legs of the table top and make storage a priority along with the work station. This kind of a style has also been adapted into a sleeker look with storage embedded into the sides or under the table top in the form of slim cubbies. So, you can invest in such a desk if you have many papers that you need to store and access while you are at work.

Shelves on top
If you have many supplies like pens and paints that you need to constantly use while you are working, then you can invest in a desk that features shelves on top. These are usually installed on either side of the table top so that you can easily reach out. Such tables are units in themselves and can be used for a variety of purposes including storage. It would be a good idea to store your essentials in cubbies and cabinets below while you use the shelves on top for your everyday items.

Folding desk
This folding desk is one that can be used for a home office, and especially when there is limited space available. This is ideal for compact apartments where the owners work from home. With these desks, you can instantly stow the table away to make way for other activities around that space. You can also have niches where this kind of desk can fit in easily when you are not working. You will, however, need to ensure that it also stores your other essentials and supplies easily.


  • 6 Reasons Why Travelers Should Pick All-inclusive Resorts
    Most of the destinations in the world, from the Caribbean to Mexico to Hawaii, have many all-inclusive resorts that travelers can pick. When you are traveling with your family, it is always good to opt for all-inclusive resort packages so that you do not end up spending a fortune on your vacation. Following are some advantages of choosing all-inclusive resorts.
    • Your finances are pre-decided, and you do not have to shell out for every indulgence When you go for an all-inclusive resort, you usually pay for all the activities in advance. Therefore, you will not be shocked when you receive the final bill, and you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.
    • Your transportation costs are taken care of Unfortunately, while traveling to international destinations, most tourists worry about converting their currency. However, with an all-inclusive resort, all your transportation charges are covered. So, you do not worry about carrying the local currency for your taxi fares or finding an exchange to convert your currency.
    • Make full use of all of the activities Most all-inclusive resort packages feature a great itinerary with plenty of activities. Generally, families prefer these packages as the resort's facilities keep the kids entertained.
    • Explore variety with sister resorts One of the best things about resort chains is that you can enjoy meals and other activities at discounted prices from their sister resorts. Thus, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from, and you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
    • Mostly, all-inclusive resorts provide buffet meals, unlimited food, and unlimited drinks While all-inclusive resort packages include meals and soft drinks, sometimes you can get unlimited drinks as well. You should always opt for such steal deals.
    • Enjoy time with different families Another benefit of choosing these packages is that resorts plan multiple activities for different age groups. They also plan fun sessions for all their guests, such as poolside dinners. With a pre-planned package, you can meet more people, and befriend fellow guests who are following the same itinerary as you.
    Besides these factors, there are a few essentials that you should look for in an all-inclusive resort package. These include the minimum package cost, a minimum of three meals per day, an itinerary packed with fun activities, as well as other complimentary benefits.
  • Flavors and colors: Healthy Mediterranean Recipes
    Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most colorful cuisines from round the world. All it's flavors add to its amazing look, and of course its mouth-watering taste. Here are two recipes, which aren't just healthy quick bites, but tasty all the same. 1. Mediterranean Turkey meatballs with herbed yogurt sauce Ingredients For the meatballs: 1 cup cooked lentils (black or green) 1/2 pound ground turkey 2 large eggs, lightly beaten 2/3 cup bread crumbs 1/2 cup low-fat ricotta 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese 2 tablespoons red onion, minced 2 tablespoons chopped black olives 1 tablespoon capers 1 clove garlic, minced 2 tablespoons fresh Italian parsley, finely chopped, plus more for garnish 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano 1/4 teaspoon dried dill 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper For the herbed yogurt sauce: 1 cup Greek yogurt 1 clove garlic, minced 1/2 teaspoon fresh or dried chives 1 teaspoon fresh or dried dill, chopped 1 teaspoon lemon zest Salt and pepper, to taste Method Grind the lentils until mushy and pour them in a bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and fold them together. Stir is well for a good 15 minutes. In the meantime, pre-heat the oven to 375°F. On a baking tray, spread butter paper and grease it so it's non-sticky. Form 2-inch balls and place on the baking sheet. Meatballs do not spread while they cook, and hence you do not need to leave too many gaps in between. Bake them for 20 to 22 minutes, ensure to see that they are golden-brown in color. Once done, set them aside to cool. While the meatballs cook, you can get the yogurt dipping ready. All you need to do is gently blend all the ingredients for the sauce together. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cool this until they bake. And you can store both of these in the refrigerator. All you have to do next is dip the meatballs in the delicious sauce and eat when you are feeling ravenous. 2. Mediterranean Veggie Pita Sandwich Ingredients Makes 2 pita pockets, can be multiplied for more servings 1 whole wheat pita, sliced in half 1/4 cup hummus 1/4 cup shredded carrots Handful of baby spinach 1/4 cup chickpeas 2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese 2 teaspoons chopped sun-dried tomatoes 2 teaspoons chopped Kalamata olives Salt and pepper to taste Method Fill each pita pocket with some dip. Then add each ingredient in the pocket, and divide them equally among all the pockets. These are to be consumed immediately. These pockets are easy to make, and serve as a snack for your guests, or a quick bite for yourself.
  • Points to consider before buying the Google Pixel 3
    Google Pixel 3 has been one of the much-awaited phones for all android fans. Since the announcement, there has been a lot of speculation on how the product will fare in comparison to the affordable Android alternatives available across multiple popular brands. Google has always introduced a new feature or update that makes the Google Pixel phones stand out from the rest. With the official launch of Google Pixel 3, it is easier to narrow down the specifications and make an assessment. Here are the points to consider before you invest in a Google Pixel 3 smartphone: Updates In comparison to its predecessor, Google Pixel 3 will have the ability to screen calls and block spam more effectively using Google Assistant. The software is designed to monitor and receive calls from unknown numbers automatically. Google Duplex Google Assistant does a fantastic job in comparison to other virtual assistants including Siri for the Apple OS and Alexa for Amazon smart tech. However, the company plans to launch the newly redefined Google Duplex, which is a more advanced version of Google Assistant with ultra-realistic human voice capabilities. The feature will be rolled out in Google Pixel 3 phones available in select cities like New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Fransisco with the launch in November. However, Google will roll out the feature soon for global shipping of the Google Pixel 3 thereafter. Key specifications Upgrades to the hardware interface to support software capabilities make the Google Pixel 3 worth the premium price. A 5.5 OLED screen boasts a sharper resolution and higher pixel density in comparison to its predecessor. Google Pixel 3 is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 4GB of internal memory to handle multiple tasks and processes efficiently. You can multitask without any system lag and enjoy the best of what Google. Wireless charging is also among the main highlights of this phone. Camera Google has paid attention to the camera installment on both the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL with enhancement in image capture technology. The new AI software plays a key role in determining the quality of the image before it is even taken to enhance the overall output. The Google Pixel 3 is available in two distinct variants with two storage capacities and three color options. The 64GB and 128GB storage capacity are available with both Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL. Colors include Just Black, Very White, and Not Pink. The Google Pixel 3 can be bought for a price of approximately $799 while the XL variant is available for around $100.
  • Top 4 investment firms to consider
    An investment firm's goal is to increase the value of the investor's capital assets, generate additional income through dividends, or do both. Investment firms typically offer services like portfolio management, recording, legal, accounting, and tax management. Their main tasks are to assess the client's goals, assess risk, design investment strategies and monitor the growth of the investment. Based on the above factors, the investment firms that have been successful and popular are: BlackRock Blackrock was founded in 1984 and is a large multinational advisory firm specializing in investment management and financial services. Its clients include private investment funds, pension funds, charities, real estate investment funds, governments, businesses, and individuals. Minimum account sizes of investment begin from $250,000 and may vary based on the firm's discretion. Some of the investment services offered by BlackRock include: Portfolio management Investment management Limited financial services Charles Schwab Asset Management Charles Schwab Asset Management is one of the largest and most experienced investment firms. They manage more than 100 funds with about $665 billion in assets with 9 million clients so far. High customer satisfaction and personalized portfolio management at different tiers have spurred their growth. The firm remains accessible to all types of investors, accepting minimum investments of $1000 for standard accounts. You can handle your investments online, by phone, or through their 300 offices across the country. Some key services Charles Schwab Asset Management offers include: Managed portfolios Managed account select Personalized indexing Wealth Advisory Automated investing and professional guidance Facet Wealth Facet Wealth offers virtual and online advisory services that are low-cost and customized. Not just advice, they assign a certified financial planner who helps and guides you about how an investment works. They allow you to handle your investments independently from your dashboard. Facet wealth provides services like: Stock investments Tax and insurance planning College and retirement planning Legacy and estate planning Debt reduction and debt management Investment management Fidelity Investments Fidelity has been operating since 1946 and offers personalized investment services based on extensive and meticulous research. They offer services for novices, casual and hardcore investors, and traders. Their services are affordable as they offer commission-free online trading for ETFs, stocks, and penny stocks. They do not charge for transactions through a check, domestic wires, or any investment transfer or account closure. Their online portal and mobile app are friendly to use. Some of Fidelity's products include: Stocks and penny stocks Mutual funds Corporate, municipal, treasury, and CD bonds Forex Fractional shares ETPs, IPOs, rights, warrants, foreign ORDs and ARDs, TIPS Key points to note before choosing an investment firm There is always a risk associated with investing. Therefore, it is important that you properly investigate the companies you are considering before choosing one. The level of customer service and general consumer satisfaction can be determined online. Ask them whether they provide individualized service and if they would designate a specific officer to you. To determine if their commission and fees are reasonable, compare them to those of comparable companies. Check if the company provides instruments and sources for instruction and direction. There are numerous investment possibilities. To make an informed choice, you must know the firm's offerings. Examine their most recent financial statements to understand their financial situation. Most importantly, research if the firm is facing any lawsuit for fraud or malpractice.
  • Six types of psychic readings
    A psychic reading is a modern form of an ancient practice called divination. Psychic readers are commonly referred to as “fortune tellers” because they are believed to foretell destiny. However, a genuine psychic is a person with an extra sensory perception (ESP), which means that he/she is able to "sense" or “read” things for information using unusual places or mediums. Mentioned below are some types of psychic readings: Clairvoyance This psychic reading is performed with the help of images and visions that are related to a person’s daily life. Clairvoyants provide information and perceive the future by tapping into a person’s energy along with the details of their past and present. Spirit animals It is said that spirit animals are where an individual's particular traits come from. The spirit animals symbolize the personality and skills that an individual might have developed over the years. A psychic reader relates the person’s emotions, linking it with his/her spirit animal, helping them find the true path in life. The human aura A psychic uses a person’s aura to discover emotional energy, thoughts, and memories. The human aura tells a lot about an individual’s personality. It can also include energies belonging to friends and family members. An aura reading helps in determining things that are blocking positive energies and hindering growth. Clearing and cleansing from negativity can help one in setting on a better path. Palmistry This type of psychic reading can reveal details about past, present, and future events in a person’s life by reading the lines on the palms of a person. Numerology This type of psychic reading can help in determining a path in a person’s life based on his/her birthdate, name, and sometimes, even on the basis of the time of birth. Psychics believe that these details have a prominent effect on one’s life, personality, and future. Mediumship A psychic reading that refers to the psychic’s ability to foretell future events based on the physical, spiritual, and intuitive medium by tuning into the energy around the person in question.
  • 3 things you should know about Nivolumab
    Nivolumab is a trade drug that has been lately attaining recognition in the medical world. Healthcare professionals use Nivolumab instead of opdivo as most of the people are well versed with the former. It was approved after attaining positive results from the patients who had participated in a Nivolumab clinical trial. What is Nivolumab? Nivolumab is a prescription medicine that is used to treat blood cancer and metastatic non-small lung cancer. It is majorly used to treat patients whose cancer has come back or has started to spread after having an autologous stem cell transplant and were treated with a drug named Adcetris. However, it is yet not confirmed if Nivolumab usage is safe and effective for children who have cancer. How effective is Nivolumab? The results obtained from a Nivolumab clinical trial has shown that Nivolumab has managed to shrink tumors and even eliminate tumors when all other treatments have failed. 95 cHL patients had participated in the Nivolumab clinical trial. 2 out of 3 patients, i.e., 65% patients who had undergone the trial had responded positively to Nivolumab. 7 out of 95 patients had their tumors disappeared completely. How does Nivolumab function? Nivolumab is an immunotherapy treatment that strengthens the T cells of the immune system. The function of T cells present in our immune system is to recognize any alien object and cancer cells that are a threat to the human body. Once any threat is detected, the T cells turn active and attack the threat. But many times the cancer cells present in the human body can disguise and hide from the T cells. The hidden cells later develop and grow. This is where Nivolumab has a vital role to play. It strengthens the ability of T cells to recognize the cancer cells. Nivolumab prevents the ability of cancer cells to disguise, hence helping the T cells. There are also some side effects of Nivolumab, but they vary from person to person. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a professional doctor before signing up for a Nivolumab clinical trial.
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