Cooking with bourbon, interesting recipes you can try at home

Bourbon can be used in a number of recipes creatively for a twist in the classic flavor and preparation method. Here are ten interesting variants of the classic dish incorporating some of the finest bourbon.

Chilli with a bourbon twist: If you like chili and also enjoy the occasional swig of aged bourbon, then this recipe will certainly tantalize your taste buds. If you can’t have it bottoms up, pour a generous helping of the best bourbon you can find your classic chili recipe to give it that extra kick.

Sausage puffs with bourbon mustard: An upgraded version of pigs in a blanket featuring chicken sausages wrapped in delicious buttery puff pastry, to be served with a tangy helping of mustard spiked with the best bourbon you can find in the market.

Spinach salad with a kick: A bourbon vinaigrette, drizzled over a delicious spinach salad, just the right amount of crunchy and creamy with bacon and blue cheese. A healthy salad recipe with a kick, rather!

Bourbon grilled cheese: Grilled cheese has always been a home made classic. With the recipe being modified slightly to introduce a nice generous swig of the best bourbon, enough to cut through the cheddar cheese oozing with the goodness of butter.

Bourbon sweet potatoes: Baked sweet potatoes drizzled with bourbon, giving a nice twist to the classic potato casserole recipe. The earthy rich flavor of the bourbon combined with baked sweet potatoes will certainly make an excellent conversation opener for your next big party.

Maple bourbon banana pudding: Maple and bourbon together will make a vibrant and creamy sauce base for this classic banana pudding recipe. Grab a spoonful of beautiful buttery, moist cake with a generous helping of the sauce to enjoy the blissful union of the best bourbon and banana pudding.

Pineapple bourbon shake: This tropical fruit boasts a sweet and tart taste, a perfect balance for all the sweet tooths out there. Adding a swig of the best bourbon will not only enhance the taste but will also cut through the tropical acidity of the fruit for you to enjoy something sweet with a nice kick.

Bourbon and grapefruit cocktail: The big Texan classic, you cannot ignore this colorful beauty. The citrusy taste of grapefruit combined with the best bourbon, tangy with just enough kick to cut through the flavors ever so delicately.

Chocolate bourbon tart: The chocolate bourbon tart is a blissful combination of rich dark chocolate combined with premium bourbon blend baked to perfection.

Bacon and bourbon brownies: Brownies are the classic ‘pick me up’ comfort food, sweet and rich in flavor to tide you over that bad day you have been having. Add a couple of spoons of bourbon to the recipe to enhance the flavor.


  • Questions to Ask a Breeder Before Getting a Boxer Pup
    Boxers are silly, sweet, and mischievous. This breed may fool around with family and friends, but they are patient and spirited with children. They also show an angry persona to strangers and respond with unmatched courage to anything that they perceive as a danger to their family. A Boxer can be a companion and a guard dog. Boxers are the 11th most popular breed as per American Kennel Club. Before you buy a Boxer puppy on sale, here are some points to consider: You can bring home a Boxer pup when they are about eight weeks old. If you do not have enough time to spend with them or if there is an infant in your home, you can consider bringing pups who are older and can be trained faster. These pups have immense energy, and they can develop behavioral issues if they are left unattended. Before buying a Boxer puppy on sale, you need to consider a few pointers. Has the tail been docked in a few days of birth? Have the ears been cropped? It is optional but if you want its ears cropped, the breeder can help you with the process as it is done between six and nine weeks from birth. It is recommended that you take the pup home after completing this procedure. The breeder has to share documents related to the following things before offering Boxer puppies on sale:
    • Pedigree: A three or four generation pedigree information of the sire and dam as well as their American Kennel Club registration numbers.
    • Registration from AKC: This document contains all information such as the date of birth, pup’s registration number, sex, details about the sire and dam as well as the details of the breeder. A breeder must furnish this compulsory document during the sale of a Boxer puppy.
    The breeder is also obliged to give you written information and papers regarding the following aspects:
    • Vaccination: Date and proof of the vaccination program for the pup. You can consult your vet for future shots based on this.
    • Worming: Date and agent used. Subsequent worming has to be done based on your vet's recommendation.
    • Diet: It is better for you to continue the same diet regimen that the breeder has been following for the Boxer puppy. Introduce changes gradually. Once the pup has completely adapted to its new home, you can make significant changes. It is ideal to give the puppy two small meals a day.
    Before buying a Boxer puppy on sale, make sure your house is “Boxer puppy-proof” as they love to chew on things.
  • Choose from different Frye boots to suit your style
    The highly sought after and gorgeous Frye boots that you see today had modest beginnings. In 1863, John A. Frye opened his little shoe shop in a small town in England. He was initially only interested in producing functional, comfortable shoes. It was just the beginning, and each generation of the Frye family added their valuable contribution to their business. Today, Frye enjoys a good reputation as suppliers of beautiful, comfortable shoes. If Frye boots are available on sale, make sure you get a pair for yourself, as this brand will become invaluable in your closet! The Frye shoe company uses leather that is tanned with natural oils to ensure comfort, durability and style. The materials are produced in some of the top tanneries all across the globe. Some of the most common varieties of leather used in Frye boots include: Glazed vintage leather: This leather is split for tanning, waxing, burning and washing. The result is that the shoes produce a cracked glaze and finish which has a vintage appeal. Dakota: This form of leather is a chrome tanned leather. This produces the iconic 'crunch' effect. Oiled suede: It is a thick and tough material for the enormous amounts of oil mixed into the leather. This gives it a soft suede feel. Soft full grain leather: If you are looking for Frye boots for sale which have a slouchy and soft appeal, you should buy the ones made of soft full grain leather. This softness is achieved after the leather is treated in the specialized drums and stretched. Vintage tumbled full grain: This leather is also tumbled in specialized drums to give a natural distressed appearance along with a soft feel. When to wear Frye boots If you are wondering whether buying the Frye boots will be a worthy purchase, then you can rest assured that you can wear them for a variety of different occasions. There are many casual styles which can be worn for casual days and running errands. The wide array of casual styles have everything from chunky lace-up boots and simple booties. The recreation range can stand the test of time and you can pursue a variety of physical activities wearing these boots. The hiking boots come with strong laces which will help the boots to retain their position even when you are on strenuous and long-drawn hiking. If you have decided to purchase a pair of Frye boots on sale, you must ensure that the new shoes are properly taken care of. You should use a dry cloth for wiping away dirt and dust. You may also apply weatherproof dressing so that the boots remain conditioned and moisturized. It is advised that you use an oil-based dressing from time to time so that the leather is treated to better endure the regular wear and tear process.
  • Surgical and non-surgical gum disease treatments

    Every morning, you may begin your day by brushing your teeth and repeat the same routine before going to bed at night. However, do you pay as much attention to your gums? Unhealthy gums can cause a number of problems, including the loosening of teeth until they eventually fall off. Thankfully, gum disease treatment is easily available and can help prevent this from happening.

    Gum disease treatment can be surgical or non-surgical. This depends on your overall health and your body's response to earlier treatment. In most cases, surgical treatment is resorted to, only if non-surgical methods do not show much improvement.

    Non-surgical forms of treatment for gum disease include:

    • Professional dental cleaning
      This is more a preventive measure than treatment and involves the removal of plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line of the teeth. Regular brushing does not help remove this plaque build-up and hence if you display signs of gum disease, a professional clean-up is usually recommended twice a year.
    • Scaling and root planing
      If you have a lot of tartar under your gums, your dentists may recommend this procedure. For scaling and root planing, the patient is put under local anesthesia and the plaque and tartar are then scraped off the tooth surface. Any rough spots left on the teeth are then smoothed out by planing the teeth. This gives the gums a smooth surface to reattach themselves onto.

    If the tissue surrounding the teeth is unhealthy, surgical treatment may be recommended. The most common types of surgical treatment for gum disease are:

    • Flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery
      This involves lifting the gums to remove tartar underneath them. If the bone tissue under the teeth has been damaged, the surface may be smoothed out to reduce bacterial access. After cleaning, the gums are refitted snugly around the teeth, thus reducing the risks of complications arising from periodontal disease.
    • Bone grafts
      Advanced stages of gum disease can damage the bones below the teeth. In cases of severe damage, fragments of the patient's own healthy bones, donated bones or synthetic bones may be used to replace the damaged bone as a graft. This allows the bone to regrow. Tissue engineering can further help speed up the process of bone and tissue regeneration.
    • Soft tissue grafts
      This involves reinforcing thin gums or spaces left behind by gums that have receded with tissue from the roof of the mouth.
    • Guided tissue regeneration
      If the jaw bones supporting your teeth have been severely damaged, a small piece of fabric may be inserted between the gum tissue and bones to keep the soft tissues from expanding into the space left behind by the damaged bone. This procedure is usually performed along with a flap surgery.

  • 5 winter flowers for fabulous Christmas flower arrangements
    The Christmas season is almost upon us, and the air is getting crispier and more festive every day. People are waiting in sheer anticipation of the big celebration and everything cheerful it brings along; and nothing speaks cheerfulness more than bright, beautiful flowers. If you are thinking of throwing a small house party or sending a token gift for the occasion to a friend or relative, a charming decoration of popular Christmas flowers will be the perfect option. Here are five winter flowers for charming up Christmas flower arrangements. Poinsettia Indigenous to Mexico, Poinsettia is one of the most popular Christmas decoration plants of all time. The blooms, which are differently colored leaves of the plant itself, come in natural shades of green, red, yellow, pink, orange and so on. If you buy them from a commercial florist, they might sparkle up the foliage or decorate them with bells and tiny balls as per your wish. Amaryllis Amaryllis in Greek means 'to sparkle.' With its white and red shade which resembles the traditional Christmas colors, they make the best decorations for Christmas flower arrangements on your tabletop in a bowl or the corner stand in a vase with their long stems and trumpet-like blossom peeking out. The petals come in solid, striped or freckled varieties. Christmas Cactus This holiday plant gets its name from the idea that it blooms during the time of winter, but actually, it starts to spring close to Thanksgiving. By the time December arrives, the plants are covered with pink, red or purplish blooms, and they bend over and hang down from the pot like beautiful trinkets. Suspend the pot in hanging positions, and you will not even need to do anything more for decorations. Carnations A popular choice for bouquets, the ruffled assortment of red and white flowers is a perfect option for sending Christmas greetings to your loved ones. Also very much ideal for decking up your window grills, staircase railings or center table for the party, Carnations make beautiful traditional Christmas flower arrangements. White Chrysanthemums The significance of White Chrysanthemums as a popular Christmas flower has its roots in German folklore. According to the story, the Christ Child once visited a peasant family as a beggar, and after they gave him food and shelter, he revealed himself and left. The next day they found two white Chrysanthemums outside their door where he stood. Even today, many people keep the flower in their home or send to each other in remembrance of this story. Flowers bring out the best in your home and also speak the loudest while sending greetings of the season is concerned. Choose one in your favorite shade and let the blossoms do the rest for you.
  • Four reasons to take up a high paying part time job
    Extra income: If you're a mother of two children and a full-time homemaker, taking up a high paying part time job can help. The extra income can be used to spend for your needs, not having to depend on your husband. Homemakers are taking up more and more part time jobs not only to support the household financially, but also to break free from their monotonous routine. They take up these jobs as a diversion from playing the role of a perfect wife and mother! Time management: Taking up a high paying part time job not only manages your spare time, but also takes care of other activities that need to be done during the day. Instead of sitting idle, reading old magazines and watching the same TV soap operas over and over, taking up a job keeps you occupied. The extra income also allows you to explore other interests or take up a new hobby which would not have been possible otherwise. A job gives you a sense of responsibility, accountability and enhances your personality overall. Room for creativity: High paying part time jobs are not always your mundane day to day jobs, they range from various levels of creativity and skills. Not all jobs require the prerequisite of a monotonous repetitive action, giving you the opportunity to explore skills and the creative mind that would have otherwise been numbed down due to repetition. Variety ensures diversity and quality of work. It generates interest, enabling the worker to really put in the efforts and go for it. This ensures best quality and there will always be room for more improvements because at the end of the day, you will be accountable and responsible. Grow your network: Part time workers have multiple avenues to grow and explore their possibilities to collaborate with other people since they are not necessarily tied down to one organization or office. Part timers have the freedom to explore other alternatives which enable them to increase the size of their network to work in cohesion with professionals from all over the industry. This boosts productivity and gives part timers a chance to negotiate terms and remuneration as well. In short, working a high paying part time job gives ample opportunities for growth and sustainability.
  • Pneumonia – Causes, signs and treatments
    Pneumonia is a bacterial infection that takes place in the lungs. Various symptoms of Pneumonia are visible and may even require immediate hospitalization so that the patient may be treated under intense and appropriate medical care. Yet, for many people, the condition may be treated at home if the bacteria have not progressed to a great degree at the time of diagnosis. The condition is known to clear within a few weeks, but it may give rise to complications for those who are already suffering from other diseases. There are many causes of pneumonia. The top reason is exposure to very low temperatures. Let us find out more about causes of Pneumonia along with the measures that may be taken for diagnosis and treatment. • Causes of the bacterial infection: Pneumonia is a bacterial infection which is caused by the bacteria known as pneumonia. When we breathe in germs which enter our lungs, this bacteria gets activated. This happens during extremely low or cold temperatures when we do not have enough of protective layers of clothing on us. This leads us to start breathing from the mouth, which clears the way for germs to enter into the lungs. It may also happen when a person already has had a cold and flu. This can trigger the growth of the pneumonia bacteria, which can lead to the infection as well. • Implications: Pneumonia can leave your immunity in a bad condition and therefore, you will not be in the state to fight the onset of further infections. Also, for those who are already suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, the condition may get worse. Further, patients who are suffering from such kind of chronic diseases are at a far greater risk of contracting the disease as their immunity is already at an all-time low. • Symptoms: Pneumonia comes with a number of symptoms. One of the earliest signs of the infection is a persistent, racking cough. Also, the patient will experience chills and accelerated heartbeat. Nausea, vomiting as well as loose motions will be experienced by the patient. The patient will also feel a lot of fatigue. Chest pain is also another common symptom that comes along with the coughing. • Diagnosis: The diagnosis will be conducted with the help of an X-Ray and other tests like complete blood count or CBC. The mucus from the lungs may also be extracted and tested in order to determine the existence of the disease. • Treatment: There are many measures that will be taken in order to treat the infection. To begin with, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics that must be taken regularly. Also, it is imperative that one should not stop taking them but finish the full course. Not completing the course of antibiotics may lead to a relapse of the condition. Further, the patient will need to take complete rest and get lots of sleep so that the body's energy may get replenished. Also, a proper diet with plenty of hot liquids is be prescribed for the patient.