Eczema – Causes and management options

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a condition in which the skin gets itchy, with painful, red, swollen patches. It is observed that the illness commonly affects children and infants. However, it can develop at any age. It is common for a person to also have a history of asthma or hay fever along with skin rashes to diagnose eczema. Let us look at the causes, symptoms, and available treatment options for this illness.

Causes and triggers
There is little understanding of what causes this condition. However, research suggests that this illness is accompanied by other infections like hay fever and asthma. It is observed that eczema could also be an immune reaction to fight off allergies that could get worse.

There are some triggers that could worsen the condition:
Allergens: Environmental factors or allergies can trigger the symptoms of the disease. This includes cold or dry weather, dampness that could lead to infection and itching, pet fur, pollen, molds, or even dust mites.

Irritants: These include everyday products like soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, or cleaning supplies. Most of these products have harsh chemicals that leave the skin dry, which can cause inflammation and itching. Bubble baths using harsh soaps can also trigger symptoms.

Food allergies: Some foods like soya, cow’s milk, peanuts, eggs, or even wheat can cause a reaction. It is best to know the foods to eat and avoid with the help of a health professional who makes a complete diagnosis to understand food allergies.

Fabrics: Certain cloth materials like wool or synthetic fibers can cause irritation and rash on the skin. Be sure to speak to a doctor to understand which type of cloth material can be worn.

Hormones: This is mainly for women during pregnancy or those close to their period cycle. The symptoms can worsen around this time, and strict management is needed to avoid complications.

The common symptoms are as follows:
Tiny blisters are formed, which have clear fluid
These blisters can even burst and turn into scabs over a period of time, making them painful
The skin gets dry, flaky, and itchy to the point that it is painful

Treatment options
There is no permanent cure for the disease, but some management options keep the symptoms at bay.

Applying repair moisturizers can be helpful as they keep the skin from getting dry, avoiding any scratching that can lead to painful scabs. One of the treatment options is using Opzelura as a topical cream for mild to moderate eczema. This is a short-term treatment plan for non-immunocompromised adults and children 12 years old or older.
Using vitamin D supplements and probiotics is also a way to manage the symptoms to a large extent.
Some patients need UV light therapy over the affected areas in case other treatment options are not working.
It is also advised to avoid the triggers mentioned above to ensure no flare-ups or irritation.


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    From setting a rush of demand in the storage business to creating a never to be satisfied craze, which helps promote easy accessibility and comfort around one's home, canisters have made a mark in the storage business. Having derived its existence and use from large scale industries, where the canisters, as a product was coined to satisfy the need to store commodities used in the manufacturing unit, it has paved its way to our kitchen, living rooms and dining spaces where any and every item can be comfortably stored without worrying a whole lot about burning a dent on one's wallet. Although considered as a fancy name by some, the entire idea behind canisters is not all that flashy, however it's one of the most important components in an area, which aids in completes the perfect comfort one imagines in and around their living space. So now that we see a clear picture of what canisters are, where we got the idea from and in what ways its used for daily work, it's time to show focus on the categories, kinds and different forms in which canisters are available and how that modified its use. A random look in a search engine in relation to types of canisters has food canisters as a prime use of the commodity. This is self-explanatory that food is the most stored item in a canister one can find in a kitchen. Storage canisters found its way to homes from large scale industries and it was first used to store perishable edibles that needed water tight and air right compartments to be stored. The demand also included the options to be affordable and not too heavy on the pocket. Manufacturing cost for canisters were experimented upon using different grade of materials and various types of manufacturing methods. The more companies researched about materials and unique ways to produce the lesser the market price of such products reduced, hence making it more accessible to all customers. Apart from the kitchen, having canisters are a common scene in places like in a garage, to store items which are of daily used tucked away safely until it's needed next, it can also be found in laundry areas to stored used and clean linen and clothes. Canisters are also found in rooms like the play area or even the living room where small items can be keep in an organized fashion rather than being spread across the space. Modulating its shape and structure as per the use in the house, canisters come in any and all sizes and shapes as a customer can imagine. Although not realized quite often, canisters have in most ways made living comfortable, easy and organized.
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    • HP Spectre X360: Although this one is on the steeper side price wise, its fine feather-light body and long-lasting battery life will leave you assured that it is worth every penny you’ve paid. The 2017 model comes with a stylus, which means that you are easily able to flip this one over in case you would like to get some real-time notes or diagrams in class.
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    • Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA: With its high speed, this one is particularly good for your research projects. It has a slim aluminum body that can also be converted to a tablet.
    Make a good choice while looking out for laptops. We do hope that this list comes in handy while you are laptop shopping!
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  • 4 foods that may worsen breathing difficulties
    In most asthma cases, food allergies and intolerances will trigger inflammation or result in the narrowing of the lung airways. An estimated 19 million individuals in the country have mild to moderate asthma, and it is vital for them to monitor their food intake. Drastic changes in daily eating habits will not necessarily help; however, moderation lowers the risk of flareups. Here are 4 such foods that trigger breathing difficulties for those with asthma. 4 foods that worsen breathing issues in asthma Foods high in fat content Red meats are heavily processed and contain saturated fats, which leads to an increase in LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels in the body. Most saturated and processed fats tend to worsen symptoms like inflammation, causing difficulty breathing. The risk is especially high among people who suffer from conditions like asthma or COPD. Dairy foods and beverages Whole milk (the full fat variant) can trigger excess mucous production when the body breaks down the dairy product during digestion. Mucous buildup in the lungs increases the risk of infection and worsens the inflammation linked to asthma flareups. Preservatives and artificial sweeteners Most foods bought off the shelves in the supermarket are laced with preservatives and additives to increase their shelf life. These include different types of sulfites found in pickled foods and snacks, frozen seafood, and dried fruits or vegetables. Additives can trigger asthma flareups. Also, one of the more commonly used artificial sweeteners, aspartame, is the leading cause of food allergies that develop with asthma. Foods that are rich in salt Excess consumption of salty foods leads to an imbalance in sodium levels in the body. This increases the risk of edema, which is a fluid buildup that leads to swelling, causing blood pressure levels to rise. High blood pressure results in pulmonary hypertension, one of the risk factors associated with common respiratory disorders. If the symptoms flare up persistently even after modifications and changes in the daily food regime, immediate medical attention is advisable. It could indicate a sharp increase in food intolerances. Asthma cannot be cured, but early diagnosis and treatment will help improve the overall quality of life.
  • Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Melanoma
    It is important to be vigilant about the skin throughout the year and not only during summers. If the skin changes its appearance in any way, be it in the form of sores, unusual moles, lumps, markings, blemishes, it may be a sign of melanoma or any other type of skin cancer. Whatever the weather may be, it is important to examine the skin from head to toe to look for any suspicious lesions and changes. Self-examination can help identify a potential skin cancer early and seek a cure. The odds of a full recovery are at their highest when treatment starts during an early stage or progression. Warning signs and symptoms One can check melanoma pictures to get a better idea of how it can look in the earlier stages. The most important warning sign of melanoma is the appearance of a new spot on the skin or a spot that is ever-changing in its color, shape, or size. The spot may look different from all the other spots on your skin and is quite odd, to say the least. This early warning sign is commonly known as the “Ugly Duckling Sign.” The ABCDE rule is another specific warning sign of melanoma. It can be checked across melanoma pictures and is governed by five different rules to identify a potential case of melanoma. You may have skin melanoma in the following instances:
    • A for Asymmetry – One half of a birthmark or a mole that does not match the other at all.
    • B for Border – The edges of the mark are ragged, blurred, notched, or irregular.
    • C for Color – The color of the mark does not appear to be the same throughout. It may vary and be represented in the form of different shades of black, brown, pink, blue, red, or even white.
    • D for Diameter – The spot is more than 6 mm across. Melanomas can be smaller than this at times as well.
    • E for Evolving – The mark keeps changing its shape, color, or size.
    The treatment for melanoma differs as per the stages of the cancer. It could include antiviral medications, therapies such as immunotherapy and chemotherapy, or it could also include surgery. It is essential to spot melanomas or non-melanoma skin cancers at their earliest. The ABCDEs strategy is the best method for the early recognition of melanoma. Once you have identified melanoma, seek immediate treatment. Melanoma pictures can help you identify a potential symptom in its early stages, so make sure you go through them and always consult a doctor when in doubt.