Exotic bottled water brands in the world

Who would have thought that water being a basic necessity can also be luxurious to some! Bottled water are of different types. While some are purified, or distilled, others are directly taken from the spring, making them even more exorbitant. There are some of the bottled water brands that source the water from rainwater and artesian well. You might find flavored water as well, which might not be an exceptional attribute for some but there are brands that might make a hole in your pocket by offering mineral water. Here are some of the handpicked bottled water brands that offer luxurious and exotic water.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani
You might not have heard of a bottled water for $60,000 per 750 ml. This is probably the most expensive and exotic water bottle in the world and might quench your thirst along with emptying your pocket. The water is sourced from France or Fiji but the bottle is made suing 24 karats gold and is designed by Fernando Altamirano. There are also non-solid water bottle versions of the brand that cost around $3,600. And if this isn’t enough for you to feel exotic, then you should also know that the water also contains 5 milligrams of gold dust. So, you will be actually drinking water that has gold. Now that’s royalty!

Kona Nigari Water
This bottled water brand is sold in Japan and is marketed as the water that helps in weight loss. Apart from this, Kona Nigari water is said to help reduce stress, rejuvenate the skin, and improve the skin tone. The unique feature of this water is that it is made by desalinating the sea water that is collected from around two thousand feet below the ocean surface near Hawaii island. Isn’t this interesting? You pay more than $400 to taste the luxury of ocean purified ocean water. It’s not that a bad deal!

Bling H2O
The brand isn’t extremely expensive, but yes it does have some bling to its name. Sold at $40 per 750 ml, Bling H2O is not sold higher than its retail price value. The bottle is studded with Swarovski crystals and that’s where it gets all the jazz from. Here the luxury is not about the price of the water bottle but all the bling that it offers.


  • Importance of network security
    In this modern era, organizations have to be careful about preventing data leakage. A company should install a security patch in all the 7 layers of the TCP protocol. The importance of security software and network monitoring tools is very high these days. To combat such situations, there are software available that help simplify security policies and make it easier for a network admin team to formulate the management process. The aim of a network monitoring tool should be to provide end-to-end visibility, and this should be done across the whole infrastructure to enhance the handling of human errors and safeguard the system. Network monitoring tools should be able to analyze the performance of all policies and understand firewall optimization. You can clean up unused policies and rules and set up the configuration with no impact on the daily business. This includes downtime, unnecessary obstacles during work, and business loss. Organizations can consider moving all their data to the cloud and even automate their workflow through cloud services like Amazon or security software plugins. A centralized management of firewalls, the status of the device, optimization of RAM, and business agility all help in adjusting the process optimization through automation. This will be beneficial as it gives no errors as it is programmed to handle errors efficiently. With a network security monitoring tool, admins can also assign role-based control by giving access to certain members or restricting access based on the designation. The role-based access gives a chance to collate the external server data access components (SDAC) and create and modify security policies. It is also essential to manage the lifecycle of the software by troubleshooting, validate issues, and creating customized templates to feed in the information that can be automated every year. A security software should give you an application-centric coverage that has to be visible throughout. A topological view will give you an idea of all the rules pertaining to each application. Every enterprise might have in-house tools to manage their applications and security features. This might, however, not be the case with enterprises having more than 5000 applications.
  • Affordable cell phone options offered by AT&T
    There are several options available for those who are intending to avail cell phone services from AT&T, one of the most popular service providers in the country. AT&T offers sales on many phones including restored and refurbished phones, prepaid or postpaid connections, and some offers that are exclusively available for purchases made online. Here are a few cheap AT&T phones that are on sale. These phones run on the Android platform: ZTE Blade Spark: This is an online-only offer that works as a prepaid or pay-on-the-go connectivity plan offered by AT&T. This is available as a certified restored phone with a starting price of around $39.99. Motorola Moto E: This phone is available for both in-store and online purchases. The handset comes with an AT&T prepaid connection and a starting price of around $34.99. ZTE Maven 3: This is a good option that is loaded with features and works on an AT&T prepaid connection. The price range for this phone starts from around $39.99 ZTE Maven 2: This is an online only, AT&T prepaid phone. This AT&T certified restored phone comes with a starting price of around $19.99. Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 2: This is also a great AT&T prepaid phone that can be availed for a price of around $99.99. LG Phoenix 3: These are great phones with good customer reviews. It works with an AT&T prepaid connection and has a starting price of around $59.99. There are great options for those who want to upgrade to an iOS phone or switch from an Android. Some of the cheap AT&T phones on sale that run on the iOS platform are as follows: Apple iPhone SE: This phone comes with an AT&T prepaid connection. With a starting price of around $194.99 that includes a charge of around $149.99 for cell phone and around $45 account credit, this is a great option to switch over to a phone from AT&T. Apple iPhone 6: This phone is equipped with an AT&T prepaid connection and one can avail it for a starting price of around $244.00 that includes a breakdown of around $199.99 for the handset and around $45 account credit. Apple iPhone 6S: This phone is also equipped with an AT&T prepaid connection. This phone can be availed for a price of around $344.99 that includes $299.99 for the handset and $45 account credit. There are some limited period offers available on the AT&T website which include the following:
    • There is a "buy one get one" offer on the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S9 that is made on AT&T Next. Costing around $789.99 per handset, you can avail a discount of around $60. However, this requires new connections to be purchased and comes with free after-credits for over 30 months.
    • The "buy one get one" offer is also available on the new LG V35 ThinQ as well wherein you can avail each handset can be availed at around $899.99 when purchased with AT&T Next; this will allow you to get a discount of around $65 on the whole price.
  • Enhance your home decor with French furniture
    A real beauty and rich tradition of history can always be associated with French furniture. Most people love these wonderful artifacts. Proper maintenance is one of the most aspects and restoring this furniture is a not difficult task. These types of furniture pieces demand extra care, and you must be vigilant enough to take steps to make your furniture look stunning. Fresh polish for furniture restoration: When it comes to restoring French furniture, French polish is the material used. This polish is a proven one, and it has been in use for a very long period starting from the ancient time. You can give anew look to the furniture with the French polish. The use of this polish cannot be confined to ancient days, and it has been used extensively these days as well. French polish is certainly the best material for cleaning and providing a new look. If you look at the history books, you can find that the application of French polish goes back to the 18th century and majority of the furniture dealers are of the opinion that there is nothing better than this polish. Recently, you can see some other solutions for furniture restoration and efforts are going to find something superior. As a result of the research studies went in, several other materials have been launched into the market that offers excellent quality and effectiveness. Learn about natural products and artificial cleaners: A great amount of delicacy and elegance can always be associated with the finishing of the French furniture. You do not have to worry about the finishing getting faded if you use quality products. When fading occurs, the real beauty of the furniture is lost. There are some homemade solutions or natural ingredients that can be used to make a good cleaner to restore the French furniture. You can also come across different varieties of cleaners available in the market, and you need to sue them according to the clear guidelines of the manufacturers. Some people are using rosin from a pine tree or coniferous. It offers very good results, and you can describe it equally good as the French polish products available in the market. In fact; several finishes available in the market are making use of this ingredient, and it gets engaged in the process of cleaning the furniture properly. This ingredient also offers a nutrition agent that is capable of strengthening the bond between the wood layers, and it maintains the shine in a proper manner. Linseed oil is also a good option, and it can be applied directly to the furniture surface. This oil creates a weather proof shield on the furniture to prevent unwanted damage and other negative effects.
  • A Guide to Finding the Best Mattress for You
    Mattresses have become an important part of everyone’s life. Not only do they provide us with sleeping comfort, they also provide us protection from the cold and hard surface of beds. The best-rated mattress stores offer various range of mattresses that will suit your specific comforts and needs, and match the bed and decor of the room. The concept of a mattress is not limited to the modern man. There have been findings that a few ancient civilizations used feathers, tree leaves, and soft feeling materials as mattresses. The traditional mattress also went through various changes; however, they are available today in more variety than ever owing to its popularity at the best-rated mattress stores.

    How to choose the perfect mattress for yourself

    The perfect choice for the mattress would require some criteria to be fulfilled. First of all, the size is necessary, which varies from baby beds to single beds and double beds to king and queen size beds at the best-rated mattress stores. The next variation depends on the type of filling inside the mattress, and a lot of comfort depends upon the material used and your desired type in a mattress.
    Memory foam mattress
    This is the most comfortable and magical foam filling of them all. While foam in itself has the property to mold itself into the form of the pressure, memory foam takes it a step forward and, as the name suggests, memorizes your imprint on the bed and lets you fall deep into a relaxing soft surface. The best-rated mattress stores offer this type with a guarantee on the mattresses, which ensures its efficiency.
    Spring mattress
    Spring mattresses have a spring layer inside to keep the bed fluffy while not being too soft. This type of mattress has a history that runs back a long time since springs are one of the oldest modern mattress fillers. The steel and related material made springs are fitted below the upper cloth layer and coil. The soft and jumpy feeling can comfort many in an instant. In the best-rated mattress stores, you are provided with a perfect variety to choose from.
    Foam mattress
    Like memory foam, the regular foam is used extensively and is one of the most used types in the world. It is soft and wrapped in powerful binding with a comfortable cloth. The foam mattresses have a range of shapes and design in the best-rated mattress stores, which will enable you to choose the one that would fit the ambiance of your room.
    Latex mattress
    This type was once considered a luxurious item but now is more readily available for everyone. Latex mattresses are not only comfortable but they are also medically beneficial. A latex bed gives you better support to certain areas, which ensures maximum comfort and pain alleviation. Patients with pain in joints and shoulders have benefited from latex mattresses. It also is one of the most comfortable with its soft yet firm touch.
    Mixed or hybrid mattress
    Hybrids are known to be created for better output; similarly, hybrid mattresses use the year-long journey of sleep to provide the best to the sleeper. Different mixtures such as foam with coil and coil with memory foam ensure that you get best of both. The hybrid is one of the most economical choices as well giving the people a chance to experience the best at pocket-friendly spending. When you visit the best-rated mattress stores, the range of variety and the purpose attracts you to buy the best for you. However, you must remember to balance both comfort and spending and decide on the best. The mattresses give you the comfort of not sleeping directly on the wooden or metal surface of the bed and help with comfortable, undisruptive, and long sleep, which enables you to go back to your daily life refreshed and energized.
  • What you need to know when leasing a car
    A leased car and not an owned one is something many Americans consider, especially if they happen to be in the market for a nicer, higher end and more expensive vehicle. Maybe it is a lifestyle choice, maybe it is aspirational, maybe it is a business need to project a certain image whatever the reason, when you drive and step out of a nice car, a certain image is already formed. Now, not everyone has the money or indeed, the want to actually buy a fancy car. This could be for a variety of reasons, including not wanting to tie up the money, not being able to qualify for the higher financing and loan amount that a fancier car would necessitate, not wanting to deal with the maintenance and hassles of ownership, or simply wanting to be at liberty to try and use new cars every year or two. Whatever the reasons behind the choice to lease rather than own, one should be aware of what one's liabilities and costs will be, not just for the leasing itself, but with regards to lease car insurance of the leased vehicle that one is driving around. For starters, know that you absolutely must have insurance and that does not come with the leased car or is part of the cost and payment for one. So, insurance for the car and driver is mandatory, and it is your responsibility as an individual or company, if it is a business lease, to ensure that the proper amount and type of car insurance has been chosen and purchased for the leased vehicle. So do remember to let your insurance agent or company know that the insurance you are in the market for is for a leased, not owned vehicle, to avoid confusion and issues down the line. Now, given that the leased car is newer, if not brand new, and thus of a higher value, the cost of insurance too, will be greater. Furthermore, unlike when you own your vehicle and can take shortcuts or make the choice to skip on certain insurance coverage (like comprehensive or collision), as a driver of a leased vehicle, the choice is not up to you but something that most leasing companies will require to cover their own investment. So be prepared to pay for comprehensive, collision, and liability that is likely higher than the state's required minimum.
  • How the search maps feature in Google Maps can help you grow your business

    The benefits of using Google Maps are not just restricted to giving directions. If you are running a business, the benefits go way beyond that. The Search Google maps feature can prove to be an effective tool for businesses in building a trust factor among their target audience. The Google Street Maps feature allows customers to take a virtual tour of the business. This can be an effective way of attracting customers to your business. 

    There are many more benefits to the “find street maps” feature in Google Maps for business owners. Some of them are mentioned here.

    It builds a connection with your audience

    With the help of street maps feature, owners can humanize their businesses. This gives a boost to the comfort level of the customers, and they feel more connected to the place even before visiting it. The comfort also increases the likeliness of the customers choosing your business over your competitors’. Giving a virtual tour of your business also tells the customer that you are trustworthy and you have nothing to hide from them. Rather, you are comfortable disclosing everything to them.

    Increases accessibility

    The street maps feature enables 3D accessibility easily. The feature provides a 360-degree tour as soon as the user looks for some results. With so many options to choose from, more and more users are using this feature to pick what’s best for them. When your business shows up on find street maps results, the customers get an idea of what they are getting offered and how your products and services fulfill their needs. 

    Using street view for marketing

    Street view maps can be a part of the marketing campaign easily. When you put a 360-degree view of the business on the map, you don’t have to go back to it for regular maintenance. It will be stored there forever, and your customers can interact with your photos every day. This can work wonders for small businesses that might not have enough resources at hand for daily maintenance and yet need to be in touch with the customers on a daily basis.  

    It aids the research process

    It is a common part of the process for consumers to do online research before actually going out to a store or a restaurant. This online research can be done easily with the help of the street maps feature. Customers could get to know your business better if it has been listed on this feature. If it interests them, there are chances that they might pick your business over others.