5 useful home remedies to get relief from cold sores

Cold sores or fever blisters are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). As per studies carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO), it affects almost 65% adults over the age of 50.

Cold sores, which are often mistaken for canker sores, appear on the upper part of the body or in the areas surrounding the lips and mouth. However, it can appear in any part of the body.

There is no foolproof cure for cold sores, but there are various cold sore treatments to help reduce the intensity, length, and frequency of a breakout. The top five home remedies that you can use for cold sore treatments are:

  • Ice packs: Though ice may not reduce the duration of the breakout, it will surely ease the discomfort and reduce the inflammation. It is one of the easiest and most accessible methods of cold sore treatments, which will give you instant relief from pain and itching.
  • Aloe vera: Whether you use the gel form or apply it directly from the plant, aloe vera is one of the most effective and soothing cold sore treatments. Applying aloe vera will soothe the skin and its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce the breakout.
  • Lemon balm: The anti-inflammatory properties of lemon balm are well known as it helps in reducing redness and swelling of the blisters. It also has soothing properties that give you comfort from the itchiness and pain of cold sores.
  • Lemon tea: Drinking lemon tea at frequent intervals cleanses the body internally and reduces breakout and the frequency of cold sores. Lemon tea and green tea have powerful antioxidants and Vitamin C, which help in boosting the immunity of your body.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E found in green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains etc. help in repairing damaged skin cells and should be included in your diet so that it can heal the skin, which has been infected by cold sores.
  • Reduce stress: Hormones can flare the occurrence of cold sores. So reducing your stress level can surely control its breakout.


  • How to develop healthy eating habits for your dog
    Every pet needs to follow proper and healthy eating habits. It's pertinent for dog owners to set these habits to ensure their pets remain healthy. It is also necessary to be aware of what foods are good or harmful for their digestive system. Additionally, there are certain specific food items that they need in plenty and if you fail to nourish them with ample nutrients, their health will be compromised. Below are a few useful tips to develop healthy eating habits for your dog. Prepare a daily routine As a dog owner you should make a daily routine to feed your pet and your dog should be aware of the time. You should not give snacks between two meals as it may lead to obesity. If your pet is not finishing his or her meal properly then it's possible that you are feeding him more than is need. If your pet is feeling sick after eating then maybe there is something in the food that is not suiting him or may be he is physically unfit. You should always consult with a vet. Free choice feeding This means that you will give the pet its meal in the morning and he will decide when to have it. For this you must be very disciplined. Again remember, do not feed your pet with snacks for a second or third meal. Required nutrients A dog needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and plenty of water. If you have a puppy, then consult a vet about its feeding habits. A puppy needs different nutrients than a full grown canine. If you go for commercial food products then do check nutrition content before buying. Consult a veterinarian You must talk to your veterinarian about the required food for your pet as well as the food to stay away from. Chocolate has to be avoided. Different breeds need to avoid different types of food items. Many large breeds have a very sensitive stomach and digestive system. So you should be very careful. Restricted diet to avoid obesity Bad eating habits may lead to obesity, causing problems in your dog's cardiovascular system. To avoid this you must restrict the pet's diet or change some of its habits. You may have to keep the dog out of the room at your dinner time, for instance. For older dogs Older dogs require different kind of nutrients than younger ones. Consult with a vet and feed your old friend with the necessary ingredients.
  • Popular methods for instant arthritis pain relief
    Living with arthritis is a daily battle, which every person who has arthritis goes through. In search of arthritis pain relief, people try various methods. Arthritis treatment varies from person to person depending on their body type, physical condition, and also the place they live in. Some of the most reliable methods to get chronic arthritis pain relief have been listed below.
    • Provide proper nourishment to your body by eating healthy food instead of junk food. Try to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and proteins in your diet to give your body the required minerals.
    • Maintain a good posture as it can work wonders for all types of arthritis pain and is a major cure for back arthritis pain relief.
    • Stay active as it is the most dependable arthritis pain reliever as it keeps your joints and muscles in good condition. Regular exercises to strengthen joints and muscles are the best knee pain arthritis treatment. Regular, simple knee and leg exercises are recommended for all arthritis patients to maintain their mobility.
    • Cures for arthritis knee pain include hot and cold treatment, which increases blood flow in the affected areas and reduces inflammation, thereby giving you the best arthritis knee pain relief.
      • Hot fomentation relaxes muscles and eliminates lactic acid from your body which causes stiffness and soreness. Cold compressions stop chemicals, which induce inflammation in the body, thereby giving you optimal arthritis pain relief.
      • You can use a warm bath or a heating pad for hot fomentation and an ice pack for cold compressions.
      • Avoid cold compression directly on bonny joints such as the knee and elbow and work around the muscles near the painful area.
    • Regular light massages and alternative treatments like acupuncture are also preferred by many to get relief from arthritis pain.
    A regular checkup with the doctor and maintaining proper body weight goes a long way in ensuring that you get easy arthritis pain relief. Medications are recommended for acute pain so that the mobility of the patient does not get affected. Regular intermittent periods of rest are also important for arthritis pain relief.
  • 3 Most-Selling Furniture from Bob’s Furniture
    Bob’s Discount Furniture store has been one of the leading stores when it comes to affordable and high-quality furniture for home as well as office. Right from living room furniture to mattresses, everything made of quality material can be found in every outlet of Bob's Discount Furniture store. Moreover, they also offer one of the finest customer services right from the first search to the final delivery of the product. Kennedy Leather Sofa This particular sofa has a traditional style and gives tremendous comfort. Made of 100% top grain leather, this well-designed sofa also features a transitional key arm style. Plus, for extra comfort, lounging is generously provided by the pillowtop seat cushions. Some of the notable features of this sofa from Bob's Furniture includes:
    • State-of-the-art temperature sensitive memory foam that just snuggles to your body and provides an increased comfort, pressure relief, and a gentle support.
    • Natural leather which is durable and strong, yet soft and kid-friendly.
    • Stunning detail around the trim created by individually driven nailheads which adds to the overall character of the sofa.
    • The fabric is pulled together at specific points in such a way to create an elegant uniformed pattern, resulting in a more unique style to the set.
    • The price of this furniture is around $999.00.
    Gulliver Trunk Coffee Table Walk-in to an exotic location with Gulliver Trunk Coffee Table that makes any living room feel like a holiday resort. This centerpiece is an instant conversation starter with its vintage look, a distressed finish, and classic buckle hardware. Below are some of the significant details of this coffee table:
    • This centerpiece will add a classic touch to your living room with its look and style.
    • If you need to tuck away your magazines and books, then this table is your answer with its ample space.
    • The price set for this piece is around $199.00.
    Ritz 4 Piece Sectional Your living room won't be complete without Ritz 4 Piece Left Arm Facing Sectional sofa loaded with 10 cozy pillows and memory foam. This set is perfect for lounging with family and friends with its 'leather-look' performance fabric, which is breathable, easy to clean, durable and fade resistant. Some of the details for this sectional sofa include the following.
    • This sectional is infused with Bob-O-Pedic Gel Memory Foam for extra comfort. The gel's attributes also help keep you cool by dissipating your body heat.
    • The color of the stitching does not match the color of the fabric. This is an intentional decision which results in contrast to the aesthetics of the piece.
    • The price set for this piece is approximately $1,499.00.
  • Best Razor Brands For Women

    Hair removal is one of the most common problems faced by women these days because everyone wants a silky and satin finish skin. Even though waxing is one of the most common ways for hair removal, it might not suit everyone especially those women who have sensitive skin. Laser hair removal is a very expensive process which not everyone can afford. This is why people prefer to use shaving instead. With so many different brands in the market, it can get very confusing to pick your shaving products. Here’s a list of different shaving brands that are considered some of the best razor brands for women -

    • Gillette Venus
      Gillette has been in the business of shaving creams, razors, blades and all shaving products for decades. Since a few years, the brand launched their own like of feminine razors specifically designed for the delicate feminine skin. The razors have three blades with telomer coating that are completely stainless and shower water and moisture resistant. The Gillette Venus Breeze razors have a built-in gel cushion above the blades. The gel cushions are infused with glycerin and body butters to soothe the skin while the shaving process is done. The best part about these razors is that shaving head of the razor is movable with helps in the shaving process by reaching all those hard to reach areas like curved under arm areas, behind the knees and so on. The handle of the razor is ergonomic giving the women a good grip in shower. These razors leave the skin feeling smooth like satin and super moisturized. This is one of the best razor brands in the market.
    • BIC Soleil
      BIC has been creating razors for shaving for both men and women and has been well known in this industry. BIC Soleil is a range specifically designed for women and their shaving needs. BIC Soleil has a lot of different ranges such as Color Collection, Shine, Bella and Twilight. Each range has a specific element which makes it stand out from the rest. Twilight range has lavender scented handles specially designed for sensitive skin with Lanolin and Vitamin E infused lubricating strip above the three blades. The Bella range has 4 blades with a coconut milk infused moisture strip and a pivoting head for total control during shaving. The Color Collection range has colorful rubber handles to make your shaving experience a little more colorful. The lubricating strip is infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe your skin during the shave. The Bella range has a 4 blade pivoting head with a shea butter infused moisture strip to soothe your skin as your shave. The handles are made of rubber and are sun-twist scented for that extra feature factor. With such a wide range of options to choose from, BIC Soleil has made its way into the list of best razor brands.
    • Schick
      Schick has been known as of the best razor brands in the world and has been known for making some of the best feminine razors. Similar to BIC Soleil, Schick also has a list of different ranges that you can choose such as Hydro Silk, Intuition, Quattro for Women and Xtreme3. The Hydro Silk hydrates your skin while you are shaving and provides hydration up to 2 hours post shaving which is clinically proven. It also has a sensitive skin variant. The Intuition range has unique bi-directional blades which helps you shave in both directions without the need of even lifting the razor from your skin! Intuition razor range also has an Island Berry Razor which is a one of a kind razor system that not only shaves but also lathers and moisturizes! No need to even use shaving cream of body wash during the shaving process. It has special Acai Berry extracts to soothe your skin. Similar to this is the Pure Nourishment range which is infused with coconut milk for nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

    Shop for the best razor brands as per your convenience and requirements.

  • Top PCs that are super easy on the pocket
    Buying a PC does not always call for a big investment as several top brands offer affordable options too. It is a misconception that only the high-end PCs give you powerful performance; some of the best budget PCs also boast the features and functions to meet all your productivity needs. To help you make a choice, here are the best budget PCs to buy. 
    • Acer Aspire TC-895-UA91 If you are on a tight budget, the Acer Aspire TC-895 is a great all-around PC for handling your daily productivity tasks. The 10th Gen Intel Core i3 quad-core processor offers robust performance when compared to others in its price bracket. Along with plenty of ports, you are getting a 512 GB solid-state hard drive for a great read and write speed and 8GB RAM for storage. 
    • Apple Mac Mini For Mac users, the Mac Mini is a great budget option that comes with a base configuration of 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage. It is powered by Apple’s most versatile M1 CPU that delivers faster speeds in terms of CPU performance, graphics, and machine learning. This sleek and attractive desktop also has enough connectivity options, making the M1-powered Mac Mini one of the best budget PCs to buy. 
    • Intel NUC Mainstream Kit 8 The Intel NUC Kit 8 is a budget PC that can fit nearly anywhere in your home or office without hurting your wallet. You can build your system by selecting the OS, memory, and storage configurations. This small PC gives you hefty computing power as it comes with a core i7 and Iris plus graphics. The double-drive storage option will meet just all your storage options. Its stalwart features make it one of the best budget PCs to buy. 
    • Lenovo Thinkcentre M90n Starting at $510, the Lenovo Thinkcentre M90n is a budget computer that you can not only carry along with ease but also gives you extra workspace thanks to its design. While the accessories, such as the monitor, can add to the total bill, the PC offers an up to 8th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB or 16GB RAM, and up to 2TB SSD depending on your budget. 
    • Dell Inspiron Desktop 3880 For those who want a PC for under $500, the Dell Inspiron Desktop 3880 is among the best budget PCs to buy ideal for home office or tight workspace. With a 10th Gen Intel Core processor (up to Core i7) with speeds up to 4.3Ghz, you can expect a fast and reliable performance. The Intel UHD Graphics 630 delivers rich visuals while you can also secure up to 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD if you stretch your budget.
  • Pinch Nerve pain – Symptoms and treatment
    Nerves help in sending important messages throughout the body. A pinched nerve is nothing but a type of nerve compression. The pain you feel due to nerve compression is actually a warning signal that the body receives. Pinched nerve may cause temporary minor or long-lasting severe problems. Hence, the earlier you get diagnosed and treat it, the sooner you will find relief. There are cases in which you cannot reverse the damage from a pinched nerve. The treatment can surely relieve you from the pain and provide relief. Symptoms: Pinched nerve may occur without symptoms. However, there are some common symptoms of compressed nerves or pinched nerve, some of them include: The person having a compressed nerve might feel pain in the area of compression. The pain may be radicular, meaning the type of pain that radiates from lower extremity of the body. Numbness or tingling is another type of a pinched nerve symptom. The most distinct symptom of a pinched nerve is a burning sensation or feeling of pins and needles being pricked on the affected area. A general feeling of weakness especially with certain activities. Treatment Options The treatment options and the duration of treatment vary from person to person. It also varies depending on the severity and cause of nerve compression. If the symptoms get severe, consult a doctor. You may need more than one type of treatment which will shrink the swollen tissue around the nerve. If the pain gets severe by the day, it might get necessary to remove the material that is pressing the nerve. The material might be a scar tissue, disc material, or even a piece of bone. The treatment options may include NSAID's (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen etc. that may help reduce the swelling. Some other oral corticosteroids, Narcotics and steroid injections might help reduce swelling on the affected area and allow inflamed nerves to recover. Physical therapy will help stretch and strengthen the muscles. Soft collar or splints allows the muscle to rest for brief period by limiting the motion. If the condition worsens, surgery might be needed if the above-mentioned treatments do not help ease the condition. It is necessary that you consult a doctor to find the best approach for treating the symptoms of pinched nerve.