Four most popular new convertible cars to look out for

A convertible car also known as cabriolet is a style in which an automobile with an enclosed roof can be converted into open-air mode. The models vary in degree of design. Here are some of the popular new convertible cars to look out for towards the end of 2017 and 2018.

  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06
    With a starting price of $80,000, it is one of the most amazing new convertible cars which popular across the country. Used either as a coupe or convertible, the new Chevrolet corvette has a drivetrain of supercharged 6.2 liters V-8 engine with a 650 horse power and a 650 lb-ft worth of torque. It is a seven speed manual for in hand shifting and an 8 speed automatic transmission. It clocks 0-60mph in 3 seconds.
  • Ferrari 448GTB
    The Italian marvel, Ferrari comes with a twin-turbo 3.9 liter V-8 engine that has situated in the boot. The engine revs up to 8000 rpm providing a horsepower of 660HP. Its ferocious acceleration makes the car go from 0 to 60 in flat 3 seconds. The new convertible car comes with a dual-clutch seven transmission. The efficient handling of the car is supported by the new compliant, revised and adaptive suspensions. For enthusiasts that are a fan of the car’s sonorous wail, they can hear it with the help retractable hardtop that lowers at speeds greater than 25mph.
  • Lamborghini Huracan
    Another one of the Italian automobile behemoths, Lamborghini is an archrival to Ferrari. The entry level sportscar, Lamborghini Huracan has an elegant angular design which makes it look quite intimidating. It has a combat aircraft-like cockpit which makes the interiors look intense. It packs a 5.2 liter V-10 engine that has a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The rear wheel drive churns out an amazing 571 horsepower while the all-wheel-drive produces 602 HP. The speed monster is also available in convertible version called as spyder. Huracan clocks from 0 to 60mph in flat 2.5 seconds.
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata
    Winner of the 10 best new convertible cars of 2017, Mazda is known across the country for pure driving bliss. The drivetrain of the car contains of 2 liter four cylinder engine that helps in producing 155 horsepower. The six speed transmission of Mazda MX5 is available in manual in manual as well as automatic. The use of aluminum keeps the weight of the car down. The RF model of Mazda MX5 comes with a foldable targa top, which is more expensive than cloth topped Mazda. Its top speed is 133 mph and clocks from 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds. The mileage of this new convertible car is 26/33mpg.


  • Treatment for REM sleep disorders
    REM stands for rapid eye movement and is a stage in the sleep cycle of everyone at one point or another in their lives, and it accounts for about 20–25% of a normal person’s sleep. There are about 17 or so specific sleep disorders and REM sleep disorder is one among them. Below, a brief overview of REM sleep disorder symptoms has been given. In normal REM sleep, there is a temporary paralysis of the motor functions. The nerve pathways in the brain fail to induce this paralysis in REM sleep disorder. The dreams are flight or fight sort of situational and the patient trying to enact the dream live by flailing the arms and legs. The patient normally remembers the dreams too. The diagnosis of sleep disorders is based on the International Classification of Sleep Disorder criteria. The criteria to classify REM sleep disorder symptoms specifies that the patient has a number of arousals in sleep where one talks, makes sounds, or performs complex motor behavior like punching, kicking, or running that often relates to the contents of the dream and recalls the dream associated with these actions. If the patient wakes up during the sleep, he/she is fully alert and not confused or disoriented.  A polysomnogram shows increased muscle activity during REM sleep. The disorder should not be due to any other sleep disturbance, mental health condition, medicine, or substance abuse. Treatment has two aspects to it. One is ensuring the safety of the patient and the sleep partner from physical injury. Toward this, all unnecessary things including pointed and sharp objects that have any potential to harm are removed. The bed room is sanitized so to say. The windows are protected against breakages and projectiles flying out through. From the medical aspect, sleep medicines are prescribed to reduce REM sleep disorder symptoms or eliminate them altogether. Two medicines currently in vogue are the anxiety medicine Clonazepam and the other dietary supplement Melatonin. Both appear to be equally effective. Clonazepam has some unpleasant side reactions like excessive day time sleepiness, loss of balance, and aggravating sleep apnea.
  • Essential factors to consider when buying an electric scooter
    Very different from the conventional wheelchair, a mobility scooter is a battery-powered vehicle meant to address the mobility issues that differently abled, infirm, and elderly have to contend with. An electric scooter, often referred to as a mobility scooter, empowers the user with a greater control over his movement and helps belittle barriers imposed by the disability. Hence, the need for supervision during movements is eliminated altogether or minimized significantly. However, an inappropriate product choice can cast a pall over the mood and restrict the multiple benefits that a mobility scooter is supposed to bring in. If you wish to avoid such a situation, consider the factors mentioned below prior to making a purchase. Ergonomics The electric scooter you intend to buy must cater to your individual needs and comfort holistically. Prefer the one that facilitates convenient boarding and exit, if your legs do not show much movement. You can consider models featuring swiveling seats for added ease. If you have to travel long distances for work or leisure, ensure that the mobility vehicle is comfortable for such trips. Contextually, the seat must be comfortable, stable, and equipped with a proper backrest, while the battery life must be high. Also, make sure that the steering column is conveniently reachable. If otherwise, request the seller to adjust it as per your convenience. The controls should not be complicated. The front end must be articulated enough to facilitate better stability in all driving conditions. Convenient transportation Transportation of your mobility scooter is a major concern when you contemplate a move. Ensure you opt for electric scooters that are relatively small and make for easy dismantling and folding. This will allow you to transport the vehicle in a car from your present location to the next one without much hassle. Horses for the courses Remember to factor in the type of surfaces that you will be traversing to get the most out of your mobility scooter. If you commute on rough and bumpy surfaces more often, then prefer a product with air-filled tires for a better suspension and comfort that they offer. However, mobility scooters with solid tires are a better option for smooth surfaces and short distance travel. The additional benefits of solid tires are their durability and sturdiness. Weight capacity Determining the weight capacity of the purchase is integral to a great mobility experience. The manufacturers of today roll out models for all weight categories, making it easy for you to opt for a suitable product. As a heavy rider, you will be better served by a mobility scooter with a weight capacity of around 250 lbs. Providing convenient mobility, an electric scooter instills a sense of relief among individuals with restricted mobility. However, it ought to be in line with their individual needs and lifestyle.
  • Picture quality, HD compatibility, and DC power features of Jensen TVs
    Jensen Electronics was founded in 1915. The company's founder Peter L. Jensen was the inventor the first loudspeaker. Since then, Jensen Electronics has a successful track record of delivering innovative products and solutions with their extensive research and development in the field of electronics. Apart from Jensen, TVs by companies such as Mirage Vision, Ocosmo, Schultz, and Supersonic are gaining a name for themselves in the market. Presently, Jensen TV has various models in the market: right from conventional CRT models that have tube-based screens, and LCD and LED/LCD screens to DVD Player and TV combos. Customers can choose according to their requirement and budget.
    • Jensen 19" TV with DVD player The technical provision for operating the TV and DVD player through a single remote control is available with most models. Thus, users can enhance their experience of entertainment as they can control both units through a single remote.
    • Jensen 19" LED DC TV The most important feature available in select models of Jensen TVs would be the availability of a 12V DC power input. Thus, the models can be operated using 12V batteries in the absence of AC Power source. This feature provides two practical benefits for users: In remote, rural areas of countries where there are perpetual issues regarding power, users can use 12V batteries for operating the TV. Thus, this model would be most suited for the places where there is less availability of AC power through the electricity supply companies. Similarly, aspirants can effortlessly move the TV to other places owing to the option of usability with a 12V DC power supply. This TV can be taken into vehicles and can be used for watching videos by attaching it to the DVD player and a 12V battery. Thus, users get additional flexibility owing to this fantastic feature. Jensen 32" LCD AC TV Another salient feature of Jensen TVs is the fantastic audio options as it can be operated in combination with an amplifier, which is available in 32-inch model.
    • Jensen 24" LED AC TV The bright and eye-catching display of LED/LCD screen is a great feature of this series. Pictures are much brighter thanks to energy-efficient LED technology. Thus, enhanced view and fantastic graphics quality are its added features. Thus, the users would get excellent performance.
    • Jensen 41" LCD AC TV Most new wide-screen models are compatible with HDTV settings. Many DTH companies provide HD channels for high definition of color and sound quality. Users can enjoy HD channels only if their TVs are HD compatible.
    Thus, Jensen TV should be our new addition or replacement at homes.
  • 3 basic types of lighting styles to brighten your living space
    There are several factors that are instrumental in helping people create the perfect ambience in their homes, and proper lighting is one of them. Whether it is the outdoor lighting for your patio or the fancy LED lighting you wish to fix in your false ceiling in the kitchen to create the perfect atmosphere for a fancy dinner, you need to get the lighting right. People often assume that picking the right lighting is an easy task. However, what most people aren’t aware of is that there are different types of lighting, and each has a different task to perform. This is why you cannot use ceiling lights to highlight only a particular part of the room or why LED lights cannot double as patio lights. So, take a look at the basic types of lighting, and apply this knowledge while choosing your home decor items to create the “perfect space.” Ambient indoor lighting The ambient indoor lighting, also known as general lighting, is intended to light up the entire room. The main aim of this form of lighting is to offer a uniform level of illumination throughout the room independent of other lighting sources. Also, ambient indoor lighting strives to ensure safe and easy traffic and creates a perfect overview of the room. This ambient light is reflected off the walls and illuminates as much area as possible. This type of lighting includes a chandelier, floor lamps, or ceiling-mounted fixtures. Task lighting As the name suggests, this type of lighting is used for specific tasks that the person carries out in a particular space. For instance, there are reading lights or the ones on the top of the cooking stove that shed a brighter light on a particular spot and make it the focal point of the room. Task lighting allows you to see clearly, but it can be a little hard on your eyes. If such is the case, you should avoid harsh lights that cast shadows. Some examples of task lighting are pendant lighting, tape and extrusion, and portable or desk lamps. Accent lighting The major function of this type of lighting is to focus on a particular spot to create the desired effect. Such lighting is effective in making the room appear larger, and it is often used to highlight an architectural feature, a sculpture, a plant, or a collection of objects. The cardinal rule when it comes to making the desired impression with accent lighting is that you should install thrice the amount of actual light on the focal point than ambient lighting usually provides. Tags- Lighting(LED lighting,Outdoor Lighting,Ceiling Lights)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of opening a savings account
    A savings account is an interest earning account at any financial institution or a bank. The bank imposes a limit on the number of withdrawals that can be made from this account per month. Most often, banks do not provide check books with this kind of an account, as the ulterior aim is to save and not to spend. Advantages
    • Safekeeping of money: When people save money, they tend to carry it around or keep it in a certain place. This is not the safest way to store money. A bank or a financial institution provides a person with an account for storing money and this way the money remains safe.
    • The initial investment is small: Most banks allow one to open a savings account with the minimal amount of money. A person can open a savings account with as little as a spare $10.
    • Connection with checking account: Most savings accounts can be linked to the checking account of the account holder. This way, the account holder can easily transfer money from their savings account to their checking account, if their checking account balance is running low.
    • Automated bill payments: One can use their credit or debit card for automated payments every month. Although, if somebody does not possess either of the two cards, they may use their savings account to pay the automated bills.
    • Insurance is available, but only up to a certain amount: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) provides insurance to the account holders of savings accounts. However, each of these insurance claims is limited to a certain amount, which means that you will not get full coverage if your balance is higher than the limit.
    • Temptations: The quick and easy access to these savings accounts usually tempt the account holder to spend the money available. This makes it difficult to achieve any long-term savings plans.
    • Minimum balance: Most savings accounts require a minimum balance in the account and also charge fines if the amount in your account is lesser than the specified minimum balance.
  • Check out the Just Tires Sale if You’re Looking for New Tires
    “There is more to Just Tires than just tires” is the famous catchphrase of Just Tires and they go all the extra miles to live up to that expectation. Regularly offering an exciting Just Tires sale, this company has been around for more than a decade. Coming into existence in the year 2002, Just Tires outlets have been serving countless customers since then. With options to search for tires based on vehicles and on tire size, Just Tires has almost all the models of tires available in the industry. As stated in their motto, the popular auto services they provide are on an oil change, batteries, brakes, and free alignment. They are popular as they are more in demand from their customers. However, they are not limited to these services. The other auto services that they provide are 3-year alignment, air, cabin, and fuel filter. They also have automatic transmission fuel service, brake fluid check, cooling system fluid check and differential fluid check. Getting advice from a professional is always expensive but Just Tires have a free tire consultation. When you have so many services at your disposal, it becomes easy to tune your car back to perfection in one place. Let us look at the attractive Just Tires sale that is currently satisfying many car owners.

    Discounts and rebates

    To begin the Just Tires Sale, they have up to $200 cash back on The New Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady and up to $160 on other select tires. That is currently one of the best offers they have. You can also save $50 when you spend $100 on their services and $100 for $250 worth of services. They have a rebate of up to $80 on a purchase of four select Goodyear tires, and you can increase this rebate till $200 when you buy it using the Just Tires credit card. Owning a Just Tires credit card will grant you exclusive access to higher rebates, cash access at ATMs, 24/7 account management, and fraud protection. You can save a lot of money from this first category of Just Tires sale. Make sure to use them when you can.

    Clearance sale on tires

    Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly tires have a clearance sale. All you need to do is put in your zip code or city to find the nearest store that has the clearance sale on. This Just Tires sale will help you if the search for new tires is on.

    30-day pledge

    They have a fantastic offer where you can exchange tires on select models within 30 days. All you need is a sales receipt and the tire you have to exchange. This makes it very easy if you are not satisfied with the performance of your new tires.

    Free checks for coupons

    Now, this option is available for those of you who have coupons from Just Tires. If you have coupons then you can do the following. They have oil change specials for Valvoline motor oil, MaxLife high mileage, and full synthetic oil. "Free" is always the word that most of us are waiting to hear, which is why Just Tires has come up with Free Preventive Maintenance Check, Free Battery Check, Free Alignment check, and free 29-Point Inspection. You can redeem your Just Tires coupon at select stores that are offering these free services and take advantage of the Just Tires sale. These offers definitely live up to the definition of the word “sale.” It is also defined by the happy customers that have been part of it. Check out the nearest Just Tire Store, or if you don’t know the nearest store, do check them out online and find them. We urge you to make a conscious decision and get the best out of this Just Tires sale.