Four popular and affordable online stores and websites to buy auto parts

Getting your car fixed can be a daunting task. Wanting your car to get fixed and back on the road as soon as possible is the need of the hour. However, it can be unsettling to leave the purchase of the auto parts up to a mechanic entirely. Buying auto parts like OEM, car batteries, etc. online is quite an easy option as you get quality parts without paying extravagant dealership prices. Below are the four popular and affordable online stores and websites to buy auto parts:

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is one of the easily accessible places for buying auto parts as they have over 5,000 stores across the country. This retailer sells the most basic parts like suspensions, brakes, and car batteries to other essentials like accessories, fluids, and cleaning products. Advance Auto Parts has a huge range of auto parts and a variety of brands on their website, which you can have shipped to your home.


Even though Amazon is not the first name that may pop into your head with regard to buying auto parts, it has a lot to offer. The popular online retailer has a huge line of auto parts for most models. Amazon’s service is especially great for tires, along with getting the parts shipped to you. It has deals and discounts on various auto parts with helpful services like at-home or in-store tire installation as well.

Pep Boys

Just like Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys is a popular auto parts store online as well as offline. Also, an additional advantage of opting for Pep Boys is that this auto part chain offers full repair services. You can simply shop for auto parts at their online store and choose an in-store pickup or even schedule an appointment to get the auto parts installed.

eBay Motors

Literally, anything and everything is available on eBay Motors, and auto parts are no exception. A vast selection of different models and brands are available on their website, and eBay also provides an in-depth diagram that helps better in the visualization of the auto parts that may be hard to order otherwise.


  • LG door-in-door refrigerator – An ideal option for every household
    The door-in-door refrigerator is one of the models of a fridge that caught on the trend and is here to stay for its ability to provide easy access to reach more-often used items without having to enter the main compartment protected by another door within. They come in several variants with attractive features that provide impressive performance regarding energy efficiency, usability, and quietness among others. Hence, such models from LG and Whirlpool refrigerators can be an ideal option for your home. Below are some more reasons why one should go for door-in-door models.
    • Energy efficient
    LG refrigerator is highly energy efficient with its robust compressor. It features the new Smart Inverter Compressor, which dynamically adjusts the temperature depending on the load, thereby controlling the energy consumption. This is ideal for those of you endeavoring to curtail your electric bill or trying to transform your home into a 'green' one.
    • Great amount of space
    An LG refrigerator is perfect for any household. It provides double the amount of space with regard to the cooler, which means more room for groceries and products. The bottom freezers are designed as a pull-out drawer to provide accessible storage space for your frozen goods. Thus, there are no more chances of fall out on your head whenever you open the door. Also, the drawer design of this fridges is more modular than the single door, which has less space for storage.
    • Stunning look guaranteed
    Each LG refrigerator comes in the counter depth model, providing a more streamlined look to your kitchen. It is also available in the built-in design, which enables you to store lots of supplies. These fridges come in stainless steel, which is durable and portray various attractive design patterns. Door-in-door fridges from LG houses latest technologies like the top-mounted LCD and weather sensing that enables it to control the temperature automatically. Further, they also come with exceptional features such as smart diagnosis system, ice beam door cooling, and a 5-step process to eliminate microbes and odor to provide the best in class appliances. For more information, you can read reviews LG refrigerators have received till date on several websites, and have a better perspective before making your purchase.
  • 7 unhealthy foods diabetics should avoid
    Food choices matter a lot when you try to combat a health condition. And diabetes is a chronic, long-term disease that needs to be managed with a combination of a healthy lifestyle and food choices. Quality sleep, an active lifestyle, and nutritious food choices can be rewarding for those with diabetes. However, while some foods make for a good choice, some can do equal harm. This article highlights the worst foods for those with diabetes. Starch While carbs are important, the source of carbs is what matters the most. Some of the worst choices in this food category for people with diabetes are rice, white flour, cereals, fries, white bread, and fried tortillas.  Canned vegetables Vegetables are best eaten in their raw, organic form. Avoid canned vegetables and try to cook a meal from scratch, using fresh produce. Also, stir-fried veggies made using a generous amount of butter are not a good option too. Sodium-rich foods Pickles, frozen and canned foods are all high in sodium, which can spike the blood pressure levels in people with diabetes. Diabetes is an illness associated with the heart and kidneys, so the diet must be low in sodium.  Artificial fruit juices and packaged by-products While fresh fruits are a good choice and are recommended to be consumed as is, other forms of fruits are to be avoided. Fruit juices are loaded with a generous amount of sugar and are best avoided. And other fruits by-products include jams, jellies, sweetened applesauce, fruit punch, canned juices, and fruit drinks.  Dairy Whole milk, yogurt, sweetened yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and ice-creams are some of the worst dairy choices for diabetics. Instead, those with diabetes must rely on skim milk, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat or non-fat sour cream. Fried foods High fatty food items can adversely affect heart health. Avoid palm and coconut oil, deep-fried meat and potatoes, fried fish, turkey, or fried tortillas. Basically, avoid deep-fried foods; instead, you can try the shallow frying method. But keep a close check on the intake of oily foods. Beverages Sweetened sodas, canned juices, and fruit beers must be completely avoided as they are loaded with refined sugar. Quit the habit of having a cool drink during summers, instead try making fruit popsicles at home from scratch. You can control the amount of sugar in them. Avoid adding sugar to tea and coffee, and you can start by reducing the amount of sugar.
  • How to take care of your kitchen cabinet?
    Have you recently installed new kitchen cabinets? Wondering how to take care of them? If yes, then don't worry, here are a few suggestions which will help in prolonging the life of your new kitchen cabinets.
    • Gentle cleaning You can use a cotton cloth dampened with warm water and wipe the cabinet clean. If it is lacking, use a fresh solution of mild hand dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. After cleaning, wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth. Do not leave the moisture, or else it might damage the wooden cabinet. Refrain from using harsh detergents, soaps, and rough cleaning products such as scouring powder, tub and sink cleansers, steel wool, scouring pads, or self-polishing waxes. They can damage the surfaces and cause scratches.
    • Clean it immediately Wipe any spill from oil or food quickly. It can ruin the color or the finish if the spill is left unattended for a long time.
    • Be careful with glass doors Many the cabinet variants have glass doors. Use proper ammonia-free glass cleaner with a soft cloth to clean the glass. Avoid rubbing the glass surface with abrasive fabrics or concentrated cleansing agents.
    • Take care of wooden cabinets Usually, cabinet doors are covered by a layer, bonded to lesser-quality woods or medium-density fiberboard, rather than solid wood. No matter what, do not apply oil to sealed or painted wood cabinets. This because oil can attract dust and grime on such layers.
    • Prevent excessive exposure to sunlight If your cabinet is exposed to sunlight for a long time, there are chances of discoloration and damage very quickly. Try to place the cabinet away from direct exposure to sunlight to minimize its impact. You can also use UV inhibitors on your kitchen cabinets for preserving them.
    • Polish It is suggested that you polish the cabinets once or twice in a year. You can apply a light coat of high quality, wax-based furniture polish on the cabinets. It improves the appearance and adds years to the life of kitchen cabinets.
    Hopefully, above listed suggestions would help you protecting your kitchen cabinet for a long time.
  • A Brief Timeline Of The Evolution Of Vehicular Electronics
    From horse carriages (that helped us coin the term “horsepower” to define the power of an engine) to hot rods, we have seen vehicles evolving with the advent of technology. We are at the cusp of technology which has a promising future. The same can be said for car and vehicle electronics. But before we look ahead of what future holds in store for the field of car and vehicle electronics and automotive technology alike, let us take a step back and look at the steps that got us here. The following milestones—the automotive inventions—will help to tell the story of the advancement in the industry of car and vehicle electronics. Electric starters This type of car and vehicle electronics was invented back in 1911; this made the engine ignition a lot easier, as compared to the cumbersome cranks that once fired up the engine and were proven fatal in some cases. The electric starters took a step further when it was coupled with self-starters. Cigarette lighter Like it or not, this invention was earlier used by motorists and passengers to light up a cigarette in case they didn’t have a matchbox handy. This was 1925, the slot is now actually used as a DC port that helps you charge your phone or other DC devices. It comes with a circular “plug” that has a heating coil wound inside. This heating coil can be heated when pressed into the DC port, and can be used as lighter. Four-wheel brakes This automotive invention proved to be a boon for all drivers in the 1900s as this made braking the car speed a lot easier and safer. By the end of the decade, almost every vehicle started having brakes on each wheel. Little did they know, that a few more decades ahead, anti-lock brake systems (ABS) were going to revolutionize the braking power and provide more safety and traction while braking. Car radio A massive leap in the field of car and vehicle electronics, car radios in 1930s were a big deal for car owners as they provided radio broadcasts in the comfort of their vehicle, given the fact how ginormous the radio systems were back then. Aerocar The automotive optimism took a flight with the invention of “the flying car.” The so-dubbed car, never really took off due to technological limitations; however, recently, on the same lines, a flying car appeared in the automotive market with a lofty price tag of around $1 million. Power steering Contributing a more meaningful purpose, power steering made it easy for drivers to maneuver steep turns (even at high speeds) with the help of hydraulics that brought the wheels back to their original position without the driver putting in any effort. Automatic transmission In their development post World War II, automatic transmission came into demand in the late 1950s, because of their simple and powerful working. By the end of 1960s, it became a mandatory inclusion in most vehicles. The use of planetary gears reduced the use of transmission oil in the gear box. Electronic fuel injection A leap in the car and vehicle electronic systems, the use of sensors and microprocessors changed the playing field of the air and fuel mixture that is fed to the engine of the car. The use of electronic fuel injection technology certainly set a new baseline in the engine efficiency of the car. Sat-Nav’s Sat-Nav or satellite navigation systems certainly revolutionized the car and electronic systems. The early 2000s saw the use of GPS systems that helped the vehicles reach their destinations easily without getting detoured and avoiding bustling streets and highways. Later in the decade, manufacturers started developing portable in-car equipment.
  • How to find cheap vacation packages
    Vacations are the best way to unwind. But planning a vacation can be a stressful task. Not only do you have to sort out details like flight tickets, hotel accommodations, etc. but also keep in mind budgetary constraints. Usually, the best way out of this mess is to opt for vacation packages. These packages take care of you living, dining, and sometimes even touring essentials. Here are some ways you can get the best vacation packages at cheap prices: Be flexible with the dates It is cheaper to fly out to your vacation destination off-season. Not only are the prices on flight tickets and hotel rooms reduced, but you also don’t have to deal with large crowds. If you are not particular about flying out on the off-season dates, you can get yourself cheaper vacation packages. It is best to avoid flying out during the festive season. If you want to travel during this time, make sure you book the flight tickets way in advance. A study says that the dead zone for tourism is from January to February. Choose an off-beat destination Since an underrated location, usually sees less tourist footfall, the vacation packages for these places are cheaper. Although lacking in popularity, you can be sure that some of these local places are not short in beauty, culture, and amenities. Some of the underrated vacation destinations include Honduras, Albania, Bolivia, and the Philippines. However, since these off-beat locations are not a common route, the airline prices might be high. It is always better to consider the difference in cost and make a well-informed decision. More the merrier Vacation packages do not have to burn a hole in your pocket if you have a group to share expenses with. Sharing a room with your buddies is a great way to reduce living expenses. Try alternative living facilities While it is tempting to book that five-star hotel for a luxurious vacation, lodging is one of the few areas where you can cut down your expenses. Most of the time you would be exploring the place with sightseeing, adventure sports, and other activities. These things will keep you away from your hotel room. Hence, booking a five-star accommodation with a fitness center and all the fancy inclusions will not be ideal for your budget. Also, it can be quite an experience, not to mention frugal, to stay in a quaint Bed and Breakfast or an Airbnb. For those strapped for cash, CouchSurfing is also an option. Gaining popularity in recent times, CouchSurfing lets you crash in a host’s home. Having a local family as your host, can let you learn more about the culture. You can find a valuable guide and get a more immersive experience as well. Play it smart with your online travel agent Most travel websites work on an algorithm that lets them track the amount of time you spend on their website, and which vacation packages you check out. If you leave the vacation package in the cart and close the website without making a payment, they usually sent you a voucher or discount offer as a means to push you to purchase. It is a common marketing tactic. Though this might not be the case with all websites, it is certainly worth the try. Also, make sure you do not accidentally buy the vacation packages through a one-click purchase or saved credit cards. Sign up for alerts and emails The best way to know about deals and discounts on vacation packages is by signing up for notifications and emails by travel websites. These alerts might seem like spam but are quite helpful for future travel experiences. You can get fare reductions and offers on flights and hotel bookings. For example, websites like AirfareWatchdog and Kayak send you regular updates on the cheapest flights for the next few months to your preferred destinations. Furthermore, the websites Travelzoo or Groupon send you emails with the hottest travel deals. Double-check your vacation package Sometimes, the vacation packages you choose have hidden fees and surcharges that increase your expenses. Certain resorts are notorious for adding a resort fee that goes unnoticed while billing but increases your fare quite a bit. Also, there is the case of amenities such as car rentals or tours that cost an exorbitant amount when included with the package but are quite inexpensive otherwise. It is wise to customize your vacation package and opt for stand-alone facilities as they may be cheaper. Fly from major airports A few travel websites add a surcharge to your vacation package if you fly out from a smaller airport. You could book a separate flight through major airport hubs like LA, New York City, or DC to reduce these charges. Choose to upgrade Sometimes, vacation packages offer you the option to upgrade to a better hotel for an increase in fee. It is always smart to make this upgrade as you would get much better facilities for the price offered.
  • Smart tips for purchasing a new smartphone
    Have you decided to buy a new smartphone? It is a good decision because these devices help increase your productivity in many ways. When you keep on searching online for a perfect device, you can come many articles with titles such as 10 best smartphones available in the market. These sources can provide you some useful information about different types of devices, but you should never blindly follow them. Since there are a lot of options available, choosing one for your needs seems like a daunting task. The most important aspect is to take an informed decision. In order to take such a decision, you have to conduct your own research and internet is the best place that you can depend on for research. When you collect quality information, making a choice becomes a simple task. Here are some valuable tips for selecting the best smartphone: Know your needs: First of all, you must ask yourself how you are going to use the phone. If your purpose is primarily social in nature, you must have a good suite of social networking applications. If you want a smartphone for your business, you need a suite of office software. When you know your needs, you can easily pick the best one that goes well with your needs. Browse through the 10 best smartphones keeping this in mind. Be clear about your own use: It is important to know how much you will be using smartphone. You need to check the battery longevity of different devices and if you know how often you will be using it, you can make the right selection in an easy way. For long term use, you need a device with a battery that lasts for a long. It is good to inquire about all those high-tech features, but you should never undermine the importance of battery longevity. When you read articles online,  you must check the battery life and compare across 10 best smartphones available in the market. Get clear cut idea about the menus and navigation features of the best models You must focus on looking at how the menus and navigation system function on each device. It is not necessary to concentrate on all the applications because it invites distractions. You have to check out whether you are feeling comfortable with the device and once you feel comfortable, you can consider technological aspects. Check whether you can multitask: It has a lot to do with how you are planning to use the device. You have to ensure that the device you are planning to purchase can handle various functions simultaneously if you are likely to utilize the phone for different types of applications at the same time. Ensure that the device offers these functions Best devices among the 10 best smartphones offer features like sending multimedia messages, making videos surfing the Internet through the laptop with the help of a USB connection, good camera and using the device as a GPS map. You need to make a note of all the functions you want and check whether the new device offers all these functions. Both utility and luxury functions can be checked based on your needs. Articles such as top 10 best smartphones familiarize with the functions available in different smartphones. These are the most important tips that you need to follow while searching for a new smartphone. As suggested above, choosing a new smartphone is a difficult task. The first thing is to know your needs and preferences, and you should prepare a list so that nothing is forgotten. When you search for a new smartphone online, you can refer the notes you prepared to prevent undermining the importance of any of your needs.