Honda CR-V – A class apart

The Honda CR-V is a popular SUV choice amongst car buyers due to its recognition and reliability in terms of performance and safety. This SUV stands a class apart from other competitors in its category because of the following reasons:

  • Design: Visual impact is a strong influence that makes users buy a Honda CR-V as Honda has embodied an athletic personality in the form of the car’s stance for this particular model. Equipped with 18-inch aluminum wheels and the robust back end, this SUV has a wide appearance and the tires stand firm on the ground. The front of the car has chiseled LED headlights seated on either side of the solid yet stylish grille thereby projecting a very strong look in an otherwise small sized SUV. The very looks of the vehicle have been designed for elegance and class and stand as a profile of strength as well.
  • Comfort: As expected of any SUV, the Honda CR-V is ample with space even though the interiors may look simple. They still emanate a kind of modesty with ample head and leg room; the technological suite can be accessed from a comfortable sitting position. Honda has installed a panoramic moonroof on the CR-V for the relief of ventilation and for the luxury of looking at the sky above.
  • Performance: Every SUV has the trademark of either only performance or beauty, although the Honda CR-V beats all odds by being both. This model is equipped with a 1.5 liter 16-valve Direct Injection DOHC Turbocharged engine that generates around 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque. The credit for the ease of handling goes to the installation of Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System and a CVT transmission. It checks off well in the fuel efficiency factor and delivers a powerful punch in acceleration.
  • Technology and safety: Honda has ensured that the CR-V model is a combination of both, top-notch technology and safety, as these two are coupled to perform for the modern world. The SUV is packed with tech-savvy installations and cautionary sensors to both entertain and protect.


  • Top 10 dog food that your dog will love
    Every individual has their own needs and requirements. Same goes for animals. They have different body types with diverse age groups and varying metabolism rates. Older ones need different types of nutrition, and younger ones require different types of nutrition. This article will discuss the right nutrition for dogs. Dogs are human's best friends; they not only help you to guard your house but also love you unconditionally. There are hundreds of breeds of dogs found on the Earth, and as mentioned above, all breeds have some unique requirements and needs. Before we discuss the best dog foods, first let's see what kinds of food should never be given to a dog:
    • Chocolate: Chocolates contain a caffeine-like substance known as Methylxanthines. For dogs, these caffeine products can cause illness like diarrhea, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, seizures and death.
    • Grapes and raisins: Fruits produce certain toxins, which can cause kidney failures in dogs.
    • Avocado: It contains a toxin known as Persin, which causes stomach-related illness and breathing difficulties.
    Dog foods are of different types such as dry food, wet and semi-moist food, home-cooked food and raw food. Dry food can be termed more economical because they stay longer and don't need much attention. So what specific kind of foods can be given to different breeds of dogs? Below are the top 10 best dog food items you can feed your dog and which he will surely love:
    • Earthborn Holistic: This product offers a high-level protein-rich food, which provides your dog energy-sustaining ability and helps it in gaining lean muscles mass. The ingredients in this product contain meats like Bison and meats which are rich in amino acids, thereby helping in building a healthy body.
    • Nature's variety instinct: This product offers a raw diet meal for your dogs, and the best part is all the nutrients of the food items are retained during the making of this product.
    • Evangers: This is a wheat-free meal containing meat and rice-rich ingredients made mainly to meet the daily requirements of your dog. It is one of the 10 best dog foods.
    • Orijen: This brand is big on the whole and also one of the Top 10 Best Dog Food. It consists of non-meal meats with lots of good proteins and a lot fewer carbohydrates. The great thing about high-quality foods like Orijen is that you don’t need to feed as much to get the recommended amount of daily calories & nutrients.
    • Nutrisca: Nutrisca food products are high in protein, with vitamins and minerals providing a good source of all necessary nutrients.
    • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Food: This is a great option for lighter meals for dogs with a sensitive stomach.
    • Nutro Grain Free: It is one of the top 10 best dog food providing grains and chicken-free meal with high protein content.
    • Zignature: This product is a gluten-free plus meatless meal for those dogs who are allergic to proteins.
    • Victor grain-free: The list cannot be complete without this food product. This is one of the best dog foods for active dogs, which provides long-lasting energy with high protein content in them.
    • Blue Buffalo grain-free: This product is one of the top 10 best dog food. It offers dark and small-sized pieces, which are cold-formed to retain antioxidants and vitamins and give a bowl full of nutrients.
    With the above list of top 10 best dog foods, you have better options for your dog. You can cut down from the pool of choices and stick to top 10 best dog food. Also, you can also buy them online to cut the hassle for in-store shopping. Additionally, you may get fantastic deals online and save some bucks.
  • Food items to avoid when you have IBS
    Our diet directly affects our mental and physical state and in turn our overall well-being. Diet that is rich in fatty acids but lacks enough fibers often triggers many abnormal symptoms in the body, making you feel uneasy and visibly frustrated. One such condition that causes great discomfort and irritation is IBS or irritable bowel symptom. People with IBS symptoms do not exercise the wisdom to choose the right kind of diet for IBS and often find it extremely difficult to control their symptoms. It is always important to eat food items that are in sync with your dietary conditions. Since IBS can get triggered and aggravated due to quite a few food items, the trick is elimination of those from your diet. Here's a list of potential trigger foods that you must avoid. Cauliflower and broccoli Trigger foods often differ for everyone. Green leafy veggies or all vegetable in general may be recommended as an appropriate diet for IBS. However, often fibrous foods like broccoli have certain gas-producing elements that may adversely affect some struggling with a stomach condition. Quite like its cousin, cauliflower too induces gas and causes more bad than good. People with IBS often experience recurrent episodes of bloating, irritation and stomach pain with cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel's sprouts, etc. Green peppers Many experience excessive gas, bloating, and cramping after eating green peppers. To determine whether green peppers agree with your system, ensure you identify common foods that trigger recurring IBS attacks. If green peppers are one of those that cause uncomfortable condition, eliminate it from your diet. Lentils A specialized diet for ibs made to treat people with acute symptoms essentially eliminates will eliminate all food items that are heavy on your stomach or are difficult to digest. Lentils are legumes that are not only hard to digest and highly inflammatory but also quite gas inducing. Beans All individuals have varying tendencies, tolerance levels and trigger thresholds for different foods. However, bean is one such food item that invariably causes adverse symptoms in most IBS patients. Beans are a great source of protein and fibers and total elimination from the diet may not be the best of decisions. Therefore, you could try a different way to cook or consume them. Dairy products Cheese, butter, cream, milk, and the like often flare up symptoms of IBS. Direct consumption of milk products or using excessive butter may cause severe effects in patients of irritable bowel syndrome. Dairy products, therefore, are often exclude from diet for IBS.
  • 5 IT asset management software that are popular right now
    Every organization uses assets such as laptops, personal computers, software applications, printers, servers, and other equipment. Tracking these assets, equipment, and inventory is not an easy task. For this, an IT asset management software can be an indispensable tool in managing the various processes involved in maintaining all the assets within the organization. These processes can range from the procurement or purchase of assets to their disposal. This will help in cutting down unnecessary costs and improve efficiency in the management of assets. The following are some popular IT asset management software that are being used by numerous organizations globally.
    • EZOfficeInventory EZOfficeInventory helps in keeping track of assets, right from the procurement stage to the retirement stage, in a non-intrusive manner. It is one of the most popular IT asset management software with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes setup and installation very easy. The software can scan RFID tags on external scanners as well as QR codes and barcodes through the mobile app of the software. The various services included in the software are audits, asset reservation, maintenance, and checkouts. The software also lets multiple teams in an organization collaborate when it comes to asset management.
    • SolarWinds This IT asset management software allows for remote monitoring and management with a web-based interface. This software has some useful tools to improve and maintain IT solutions of an organization. It also offers security features such as antivirus, patch management, backup as well as recovery. Remote access and automated maintenance and monitoring are other notable features of this software.
    • Asset Infinity One of the notable features of this IT asset management software is its ability to assist organizations in tracking damaged or non-functional assets, assess their condition, and find out who owns them. The software has the capability of using RFID tags, barcodes, or QR codes for tracking assets. It has an easy-to-use dashboard and generates instant reports to keep track of various costs associated with all assets in the organization.
    • Oracle PeopleSoft By integrating this asset management software to Oracle's CRM IT Help Desk and financial systems, an organization can have a comprehensive and robust system for tracking and managing various assets within the organization. This software incorporates features such as audit management, inventory management, compliance tracking, maintenance management, and depreciation management.
    • UpKeep This is another IT asset management software with remote capabilities. With UpKeep, an organization can keep track of assets, inventory, and equipment located across various regions. UpKeep is known for sending real-time notifications and alerts about updated tasks on all hardware as well as software assets of the organization. Since this software is cloud-based, an organization can check asset information from anywhere and at any time. With detailed reports, this software also allows an organization to keep track of various costs related to the all the assets within the organization.
  • Best business computers by Dell

    If you’re looking for desktops for your business, and your research for the best computer has left you a bit confused, there’s no need to feel down because you’ve finally come to the right place. Dell is known to have a wide range of the strongest business computers out there on the market. They have quite a few options that are suitable for large-scale businesses as well as small businesses.

    So to narrow your search down by a whole lot, here are a few of the best business desktops from Dell.

    • Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro Desktop
      This one is by far the best desktops Dell has to offer. It comes with a 7th Generation Intel Core, an Intel HD Graphic card, 4GB RAM, and 500GB storage space. Its dimensions are in line with the name, and its slim design makes it a must-have for an office space. This business computer from Dell also offers good specs that can be switched according to your needs. Not to mention, this is quite an affordable desktop computer.
    • Dell OptiPlex 3020
      Another business computer from Dell, this one is a great starter for any business. The 3020 comes with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit along with an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and offers great expandability on its specifications. The best part about this computer is that it is reasonably priced, making it worth for businesses that are large or small.
    • Dell XP S 8930
      XP S 8930 is a great tower desktop that is not only business-friendly but also attractive. The base model comes with specifications that can, of course, be expanded if needed. It is backward compatible and comes with a USB-C port on its chassis. Although it is sleek, it does have plenty of power for demanding needs. This means that it is excellent for photo and video editing and basic data processing.
    • Vostro 3000 series
      Dell Vostro is a line of desktops that is the perfect choice for small businesses. It’s not only reliable with scalable features but is also future bound. The series also comes with pre-installed Windows 10 Pro and an anti-virus solution and OS Recovery. It offers an impressive range of storage options and graphics.
  • Gout foot pain-a brief overview

    A gout is one of the most common forms of arthritis which can cause a sensation of a sudden burning pain, stiffness and swelling of the joint. Gout normally attacks the big toe and can take place from time to time unless there is proper gout foot pain treatment. Gout can get worse with time and may harm the joints, tendons and other tissues in close vicinity. Gout foot pain affects men more than women.

    What are the causes of gout? An individual is more likely to suffer from gout foot pain if he is obese or overweight, consumes too much alcohol or meat or eats fishes which are high in purine content. Certain medications may also bring about gout. What are the common signs and symptoms of gout? Most people suffering from gout foot pain, experience an attack of swelling, redness, tenderness, a throbbing or a sharp pain in the big toe. You may also have gout pain in the ankles or knees or some other joints in the body. The gout attacks can last for a few days or prolong for weeks together. There are also individuals who have gout foot pain but have not undergone any discomfort in months or years at a stretch. How is gout diagnosed? If you feel pain in your foot without any reason, it is imperative to consult  an expert to know whether you have gout foot pain. Your doctor would ask you a few simple questions about the symptoms and signs you are experiencing and then conduct a physical examination. In some cases, doctors also extract little amounts of fluids in the joints to look if there's any instance of crystals of uric acid. This method of diagnosis is the best possible means of determining whether the concerned individual suffers from gout. Your doctor may also suggest you have a blood test to check the level of uric acid in your blood. How is gout treated? To help alleviate the pain and discomfort you are experiencing, your doctor would carve out a gout foot pain treatment plan to suit your requirements. First of all, he may  ask you to take a combination of high dosage medications to alleviate the pain in the first place. The dosage would gradually get smaller as the intensity of your gout foot pain reduces. In order to get rid of the gout foot pain, it is very crucial to start the treatment without any further delay. Your doctor would recommend you take rest and not to use the joint that is affected by gout. You may have to take anti-inflammatory medications if the pain becomes unbearable. The gout foot pain treatment typically comprises of an ongoing medication that helps in bringing down the uric acid buildup in the joints as well as blood.
  • Top Six Benefits Of Using Wearable Technology
    Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the wearable tech industry. But many of us are still wondering “what exactly is a wearable tech?” And it is justifiable as this form of technology is still relatively new, and it is gradually targeting the mainstream markets. In simple terms, wearable technology is a hands-free device that can be worn by consumers on the wrist, arms, or face which can be connected to smartphones. Its purpose? Such devices primarily are used to track vital data about health and fitness. Apart from quantifying physical activities, numerous variants are used to provide information about calls, texts, e-mails, app notifications, etc. Currently, several professional domains are utilizing wearable technology to enhance productivity at their workplace. Are you planning to purchase a wearable gadget for yourself? Then, here are some of the top benefits of wearable technology that you must be aware of. These will help you make better shopping choices.
    • Connectivity – As mentioned earlier, wearable technology intelligently links to smartphones. These can notify you about incoming calls, messages, app alerts, etc. This liberates you from the hassle of checking your mobile every now and then. Some have also gone one step ahead and coupled them with home appliances like air conditioners to modify the temperatures. If you ever lose your smartphone, the technology can also be used to trace its location.
    • Monitors health – Many wearable technology products are marketed for their health and fitness tracking features. Such devices are useful for athletes, fitness buffs, or people who merely want to keep an eye on their body’s daily activity levels. Such wearable technology monitors how many steps you have taken or how much distance have you covered in a day. When linked with its smartphone app, it will draw statistics about your calorie levels, pulse rate, daily targets, and weight management. You can even put it on while sleeping as it analyzes the quality of your slumber time.
    • Safety – Some forms of wearable technology offer vital safety features which notify the network to coordinate with first responders. Such feature narrows down the location, gathers audio via your smartphones, and also tracks the speed of your movements.
    • Aesthetics – The wearable technology industry has undoubtedly identified the significance of beautiful designs. Like they have evolved their features, brands have also taken the effort to modify their products to be compact, vibrant, and classy so that they could easily pass off as accessories. Aesthetics might not be a priority, but they are a fantastic incorporation in wearable tech.
    • Innovation – Not just for conventional markets, wearable technology has even entered the healthcare sectors. Its innovative mechanism is used to target a number of diseases. Moreover, they can also be used by medical professionals to receive notifications about emergencies. Although, it is yet to be popular, as not all medical facilities are equipped with the much-needed technological infrastructure. It is also increasingly gaining momentum in specific types of workplaces to raise productivity among employees.
    • Motivation – The progress charts provided by the wearable technology can often be motivating. This is because it records the real-time data which can be accessed anytime to see the growth so far. For instance, a runner can assess their progress or setbacks to achieve their goals efficiently. Similarly, in professional settings, employees too can access their performance. This can aid in identifying their strengths as well as areas of improvement to increase output.
    If you are fascinated by the idea of wearable technology, you can consider buying products from popular brands like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Xiaomi, Tomtom, Polar, Philips, Lumo, etc. All of these companies specialize in different types of gadgets. You can select the ones which suit your needs the best. Tag – wearable technology