How to select a good barber chair

When setting up your barbershop, you have to buy a lot of equipment, and one of the key requirements is a set of high-quality barber chairs. You need not buy the most expensive chairs, but keep in mind a few basic features to check for before you head out shopping.

This is the furniture your clients sit on while you cut their hair. The barber chairs should be sturdy, comfortable and come with other functionalities like height adjustment, and rotation.

Strength of construction
This is a vital factor, the chair should be strong and constructed with materials that can support your clients, whatever their weight. You don’t want a lightweight chair that will wobble or even collapse when a heavy customer sits on it. Check this factor first, a sturdy frame is of high importance.

The chair should have good cushioning, the seat and backrest should be firm and supportive yet soft enough for the client to feel at ease. A chair with a good, adjustable headrest can be beneficial to provide added comfort, especially when the styling takes a long time, or when the client is having a pedicure or manicure.

Height adjustments
You serve many clients of differing heights and weights; you also get children as customers. So, the chair should have a good hydraulic height adjustment feature, with the ability to set it at many different heights and stay firmly in the set position. The chair should also have good recliner adjustments to put clients in the right position for you to work on them.

While you are styling your customer’s hair, you need to change positions to cover different areas. A good rotating barber chair makes this job easier. You don’t need to move, nor does the client. You just rotate the chair slightly as you work. Make sure that the chair does not rotate too fast and also has a lock mechanism. This will help to lock the chair in the position you want and prevent accidental rotation as you are cutting his hair.

Foot or calf rest
When the client is sitting in the char for a long time, it is best to provide full comfort to avoid strain. A good, adjustable foot or calf rest will help support their feet as they sit in the chair while you continue your work. Look for sturdy footrests that you can adjust according to the client’s needs.

These are the main features and functionalities to look for in a good barber chair. Beside this, you can choose the style and materials that suit your shop’s style and decor. The chairs should also be durable, easy to maintain and repair, and long lasting. Check the warranty, the construction, the durability of the upholstery etc. Barber chairs are expensive, and you need a matching set. So, you have to ensure that these pieces of furniture will last for years and you will not need to make the investment again within a short period of time.


  • Find the Best Mascara Based on Your Personal Choice and Requirement
    Mascara has the ability to enhances the eyes. What you find to be the best may not be as good to somebody else. To find what is best for you, identify your requirement and accordingly start shopping for the product. To help you a little, here is a list of the best mascara varieties and corresponding products of different brands: Lengthening Mascara Lengthening mascaras are generally less dense. They are formulated in such a manner and contains ingredients that can easily glide and provide smooth even coverage reaching the tips. The wand bristles lengthening mascaras are more tightly packed and shorter in size to ensure the lashes are well coated from base to tip.
    • Mascara for thick eyelashes This type of mascaras works for people with thick eyelashes, long or short because it emphasizes is on maximizing and lengthening the lashes. You can avoid clumpy mascara by selecting this kind of wand and formulation.
    • Brands Lancome DEFINICILS Black Mascara is the best in the prestige category to give the lengthening effect. Mascaras in the mid-range quality brand include L'oreal Lash Out.
    Volumizing Mascara Volume building mascaras give thickness to the eyelashes thereby giving a stronger visual presence. In order to get that look, the mascaras are made with ingredients like waxes and polymers. They build on the lashes as they are applied. The wand of this kind of mascara is generally fine, longer, evenly spaced bristles offer even coats.
    • Suits best for fine eyelashes This mascara is ideal for people with sparse, small, fine and blonde or light colored lashes. This kind of mascara is formulated to give color, length, and thickness to the eyelashes.
    • Brands Lancome Hypnose Black Mascara is the best option among all the prestige brands. If you are looking for mascara within mid-range then go for L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Extender Magnifier Mascara.
    Curling mascara There are mascaras specifically formulated to curl up the lashes as well. Curled eyelashes make the eyes look wide. It creates larger looking, gorgeous dramatic eyes. The ingredients used are quite thick since they are meant to shape and hold. The polymer is the primary ingredient in this kind of mascara. The wand is packed with tightly spaced bristles to offer help while giving the upward curl.
    • Suited Best for People who find it difficult to use eyelash curlers can use this variety of mascara with ease and elan. Moreover, if you find other mascara brushes a bit weird, you will find the curve shape to be more feature-friendly as per your eye shape.
    • Brands Lancome COURBE VIRTUOSE Black mascara can easily be considered the best pick among the prestige brands range. An inexpensive option would be the L'oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara, which is also very good.
    Bold and dramatic mascara The bold and dramatic mascaras are those which offer length, volume, intense color and everything you want to get that stylish bold look.
    • Suited best for This is best suited for those who do not mind the feel and look of heavier mascara but really want a bold makeup style. The choice of product would depend on the kind of eyelashes you have. You can also use other products like false eyelashes to enhance the look and make it bolder.
    • Brands Christian Dior "DiorShow" Mascara which falls in the prestige category would give the much desired bold look to your eyelashes. Smashbox Bionic Mascara is also a very good option in the mid-range category.
    Natural looking mascara This type of mascaras gives you the look that feels soft, natural and light. However, what you actually get are longer, thicker and enhanced lashes. They are basically formulated in a specialized way to give you length, volume, and high-definition without getting clumpy.
    • Suits best for This mascara is for everybody who is looking for a less detectable, more natural look or for those who have sensitive eyes.
    • Brands In the prestige brand range, Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara is the forerunner in this category of mascara. Neutrogena Weightless Volume Wax Free Mascara, Brown Black is the one to opt for in the mid-range category.
  • Best Antivirus Programs To Keep Your Device Virus Free

    PCs always have a threat of malfunctioning due to malware, Trojans, spyware and more. Even if a person is exceptionally careful with using the PC, some threats just can’t be prevented on their own. To identify and remove these threats, one needs the best antivirus program installed in the device. Initially, antivirus programs were not considered a necessity in personal computers. But now the users have started seeing their importance. Rather than getting their systems damaged from inside out, they prefer to prevent such a situation by installing a suitable and the best antivirus program. Even though there are a number of free antivirus programs, paid ones usually provide greater and extensive protection from any kinds of threats to the PC. Especially if a PC is used for important purposes, users don’t shy away from spending a few bucks to protect their PCS. Here are some of the best-paid antivirus programs available in the market:

    Norton security premium
    Norton has been an old and trusted when it comes to choosing the best antivirus programs for your computer. Norton security premium is the flagship product by Norton. It has a very easy to use interface and the protection is strong as well. But these features come at a high cost of $110. However, the first time purchase comes at a discount of 50% ($55). After the installation, the system remains very much protected and the notifications are pretty limited as well. The settings may not be very apparent, but once a user gets the hang of it, they can be done without much effort. If one needs really high protection for one’s PC and does not mind spending a few bucks for the same, Norton security premium is the excellent choice.

    AVG internet security
    AVG is known for two amazing free antivirus programs: AVG free and Avast. Even though the flagship product of AVG is AVG ultimate, most users prefer this comparatively cheaper internet security program. As this antivirus program has all the necessary features required for a PC protection, it is preferred by a number of PC users. The only thing that could be improved upon is the user interface. For an average PC user, it might not be an easy interface to work upon. On the main screen of the antivirus, there is nothing that is clickable. All the work in the antivirus needs to be done through the menu at the corner.

    Avast premier

    It is another best-paid antivirus which has some great features and provides extensive protection and maintainability to the PC it is installed on. The free avast antivirus is very popular in its own segment. But the people who are willing to pay and are looking for some advanced features can go for the avast premier. In addition to the internet security version of avast, the premier has the ability to immediately delete files so as to make them unrecoverable. It also has a very useful software updater which helps to update other applications installed on the computer. Avast premier sums up as a great antivirus program with features like keeping the application updated as well.

    ESET internet security
    It is another paid antivirus which has some great features and is quite easy to use. It has a really simple menu bar which contains options like a custom scan. There are additional features like protection from theft and money and payment which prove to be really useful and make users choose this best internet security antivirus over others.

    Comodo internet security pro
    This antivirus program also provides some additional software downloads. While installing the antivirus program, one needs to read all the information pages, as it may install some additional software programs and also change the homepage of the browser. So, if a person is fine with the comodo dragon browser, the whole internet security suite may act as an asset. Otherwise, all one needs to do is read the pages while installing the software and make sure only those things are installed which is wanted.

  • Here’s how to buy an unlocked iPhone X
    The iPhone X entails great features such as the 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display along with the HDR as well as the True Tone. The iPhone X clearance sale happens every year and had been attracted by millions of visitors. Designed with what can be described as the sturdiest glass for a smartphone and a stainless-steel band, the phone can be charged wirelessly and works with Qi chargers. The device also possesses dust and water-resistant qualities. The iPhone X also comes with 12MP dual cameras along with the dual optical image stabilization which makes for a great support to shoot photographs in a lesser light. It even supports the augmented reality experiences in the games and apps. The iPhone X deals today cost about $999 for a 64GB device; while, the 256GB model generally costs about $1,149. Likewise, the carriers offer best option to pay the smartphone price in the easy monthly installments (EMIs). Somehow, Apple offers a 24-month special financing program for the specific credit card customers. Thus, such credit card holders can make use of the opportunity. The price of the new iPhone X is quite high, and therefore, if you are planning to buy the iPhone X, you may look for an unlocked device. How to buy an unlocked iPhone X? The best option to get an unlocked iPhone X is to buy a SIM-free model directly from the Apple Store, either online or in an Apple Retail Store. The iPhone’s SIM-free version can be purchased and if you select this possibility, the phone arrives minus the carrier SIM card. This is great if you want to use your already available SIM card. Suppose you wish to buy the device without making a commitment, then you should know that, Apple will not do funding or financing; instead, you will have to pay for the upfront. With the help of Apple’s upgrade plan, you will find that while the 256 GB version costs $56.16 per month, the 64 GB iPhone X simply costs about $49.91 per month. People who have enrolled can simply upgrade to a new phone for annually, after which the 2-year cycle starts afresh. Some of the best carriers to get the best deals on iPhone X can be Verizon and Sprint. The iPhone X arrives with a SIM card for a particular carrier, but the phone itself comes unlocked.
  • Must-Have Tech Accessories in Your Home
    Technology has pervaded all aspects of life. From fitness trackers to home automation, technology is everywhere. While it is hard to find a home without gadgets, using tech accessories can help you optimize your technological utility. Here are some tech accessories everyone should own.
    Wireless headphones
    Want to enjoy good music when relaxing or listen to motivational speakers during workouts? Wireless headphones are your best accessories. With many brands available, these wireless headphones are quite affordable and comfortable and deliver exceptional sound quality.
    Bluetooth speakers
    A bluetooth speaker delivers excellent sound quality. With 4G smartphones on hand, you can access the internet to play your choice of music. A smartphone speaker does not match the audio quality offered by a bluetooth speaker.
    Portable smartphone charger
    Today’s smartphones have a longer battery life; however, with the amount of usage that a smartphone is put to, there is every chance that it runs dry when you need it the most. Having a portable smartphone charger ensures that you’re not stranded with an empty battery. Just plug your smartphone into the portable charger. This also makes one of the must-have accessories when travelling.
    VR viewer
    Virtual reality is what is doing the rounds these days. Of course, if you’re an avid gamer, you would need a high-end VR viewer. There are also cheaper alternatives like Google Daydream View that give you the excitement of VR gaming with your smartphone.
    Backup drive
    You never know when your hard drive may crash and you will lose all your important data, photos, and videos. A prudent move is to invest in a backup drive and backup all your data at regular intervals. Make sure that the storage space offered by the backup drive is more than your laptop so that a full data backup is possible.
    Memories are always worth preserving, and what better way than a camera to click these moments. Well, smartphones do have a camera, but nothing beats the picture clarity of a digital camera. If you’re an amateur, a DSLR camera would be a good buy.
    Selfie stick
    Selfies are the latest craze, and social media accounts are brimming with them. Well, taking a selfie is a bit tough indeed, and that’s where a selfie stick proves to be a savior. Get one, click, and post.
    Streaming stick
    Want to watch movies downloaded on your smartphone on the big screen? A streaming stick makes it possible to view video content on your television beamed from your smartphone. A few models like the Amazon TV Fire Stick come with handy remotes as well.
    Fitness tracker
    Keeping a tab on your workout schedule is now made easy with fitness trackers. These popular gadgets keep a track of how many steps you take in a day, your sleep quality, the number of stairs climbed, miles walked, and even your heartbeat rate. Strap one on your wrist and reach your fitness goals.
    Home security camera
    Ensuring security at home when you’re away is always a homeowner’s paramount concern. Technology helps you in this aspect with accessories like home security cameras. Linked to your smartphone, you can keep a watch over your home even while you’re miles away.
    If you’re a voracious reader, an e-reader like the Kindle is your best library. With hundreds of books, your desire to read, a book every day is easily readable. The best part about e-readers is that the e-ink print display is more or less the same as that of paperback/hardbound book print. The e-reader can be one of your best travel accessories.
    Flash drive
    No doubt, you have access to Google Drive, there are times when you have to transfer huge files from your desktop to your laptop. That’s when a flash drive tops amongst the list of tech accessories. With technology offering you these many accessories to ease your daily tasks, make sure that you own these and enhance your quality of life.
  • 4 easy-to-make canning recipes for beginners
    If your garden is full of ripe tomatoes, or if you are fond of the strawberries that accompany winter, they can be canned in the form of jams, pickles, and sauces that can last over the year. Canning is what preserves your favorite food and allows it to last longer. There are a lot of free canning recipes on the Internet that will introduce you to innovative ways of making pickles and jams. If you are new to the entire process of canning, it is advisable to start your journey with canning recipes that are easy to make. Here are some of the free canning recipes that are quite simple.
    • Pickled Peaches- Who would have thought that sweet peaches would make for amazing pickles? This simple free canning recipe requires only five ingredients- soft peaches, sugar, white vinegar, stick cinnamon, whole cloves. Boil these ingredients on a slow flame for 10 to 15 minutes till you can slice a fork through the peaches easily. Allow it to cool down, and fill it in an air-tight jar. Add a cinnamon stick to it and ensure that there's no space for air to get in. And, your pickled peaches are ready.
    • Dill Pickles- You can avail of a plethora of free canning recipes for making dill pickles on the Internet since it is quite easy to make. You will need cucumbers, fresh dill, clove garlic, dill seeds, peppercorns, horseradish, and pickle master. Mix all these ingredients in a jar and pour the hot pickle master over it. Allow it to cool and refrigerate it. This pickle will last for around 2 months if you keep it refrigerated.
    • English Pickled Onions- Pickled Onions taste great with your fries and burger, and it is quite easy to make. The ingredients for this canning recipe includes onions, salt, malt vinegar, granulated sugar, bay leaves, pickling spices, etc. Sprinkle the onions with salt and add them to a jar. Mix vinegar, bay leaves, pickling spices, sugar in a pan and heat it for 10 minutes. Add this concoction to the jar with onions and seal it tightly. Store it in a cool place for 3 to 4 weeks before consuming it.
    • Pickled Asparagus- For this free canning recipe, you will need asparagus, garlic, sea salt, red pepper flakes, organic dill, organic dried oregano, mustard seeds, and black peppercorns. Fill the jar with each of these ingredients except the asparagus, and pour vinegar into it after heating it slightly. Cut the bottom stem of asparagus and fit as many as you can in the jar. Heat it in the boiling water bath, and later, allow it to cool. Store it in a cool place for 2 to 3 weeks, and then, it's ready for consuming.
  • 10 anticipated deals on home security systems for Black Friday 2022
    During the Black Friday sale, you can enjoy big discounts on various products, including home security systems. A home security system is a smart device that protects homes from burglary and prevents crime. Since it is an expensive technology, the holiday sale is the best time to get it when retailers offer price cuts. Below are some of the best home security deals to expect in 2022 from top brands. Abode Abode is known to reduce the prices of its starter kits, cameras, and security system components during the year-end sale. This time, too, there may be a lot of discounts. Its iota All-in-One Security kit currently sells for $245, 26% off its original price of $329. The cost may drop further during the sale period. Some other Abode products to check out are the Smart Security kit and Abode Cam 2. SimpliSafe SimpliSafe’s discounts help people save money throughout the year. Ahead of Black Friday, its home security systems are selling at a discount of around 40%. Besides other products, you can expect to see its newly launched Wireless Outdoor Security Camera appear in the sale. Early shoppers may get 45% off security systems for a limited time. ADT While this year’s deals are not out yet, expect to get the newest and best-selling ADT security cameras and video doorbells from SafeStreets at the lowest prices during the Black Friday sale. You may also get a $100 gift card from SafeStreets on signing up for a new ADT home security system. Further, expect free installation for ADT video doorbells and outdoor cameras. Cove In the past, Cove has offered attractive discount codes that have helped customers save up to 50%. They may offer bigger discounts in 2022. Cove’s DIY security system is one of the best. It includes door and window sensors and indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. Frontpoint Though Frontpoint offers deals all year round, some of the best ones are seen during the Black Friday sale. Expect 35% off on security system packages, free shipping, and a free doorbell camera with it. You may get an additional 20% off if you submit your email ID and agree to receive promotional updates. Eufy Eufy is known for its affordable security systems, but their prices can go even lower around key shopping days. Expect a discount on popular security cameras, including the eufyCam 2, Eufy 2K Indoor Cam, and 1080p Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt. Ring Ring already has competitive pricing but still discounts its security systems during Black Friday. The brand currently advertises 25% off alarm kits, security cameras, and more. The deals may get even better during the sale. Ring also has security products for businesses. Night Owl Over the years, Night Owl has been offering great discounts on its home security systems, and this year will be no different. You may see price cuts on most of its popular products. Among other deals, the brand may offer coupon codes to reduce costs by 20%. Blink Blink’s home security systems are relatively affordable. During the holiday season, prices drop further, allowing you to bolster your home security. In 2021, you could get the Blink Outdoor wireless camera for $60 instead of $100, saving $40. Wyze Just a month before Black Friday, Wyze celebrates its birthday for an entire week by offering discounts and giveaways. Early shoppers can check out the fantastic deals on home security systems. Last year, you could get a free Wyze Sense Hub with a year’s subscription to Wyze Home Monitoring. This holiday season, stock up on smart home security gadgets at incredible prices and build a safer, smarter home. Check major online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target for deals and discounts.