Important things to know before renting out a property

Renting a property is just as big an investment, as compared to buying one. There are many important factors to be considered, even if your stay is temporary. Especially when you are moving in with your family, you have to ensure the following.

Area: The most important and first factor to consider is where are you planning to move exactly? Are you renting a nice quiet house in the suburbs where your kids could ride their bikes on the streets peacefully or are you renting an apartment in the city, because it is close by to work. Either way, make sure you can enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Basic amenities: No matter how good or great the neighborhood and your new house is, make sure you do a thorough inspection before agreeing to anything. The house or apartment you are renting out might be a couple of years old, so first impressions are not always the best impression when it comes to property. You have to take your time and ensure everything is just the way you need.

Pet’s or no pets: Check if the said property or apartment for rent is pet friendly or not. Some home owners are very particular about keeping pets in the house. Make sure you don’t move into a place and then realize that your furry fuzzy little friend was not welcome in the first place.

The agreement: Read every clause in the rent agreement which you are about to sign, make sure you understand the terms and condition. If needed, it is advisable to have an expert or attorney check out the draft before making it official. Check the advance money to be paid and ensure both have arrived on a reasonable rent arrangement.

Also if you do not like some of the terms and conditions of the agreement, you can always challenge and question them. The clauses in any agreement should be such that they benefit both parties to the agreement.

House v/s apartment: Renting a house and renting an apartment are two not so different things. In the city, someplace like New York, you will have to settle for an apartment and one which also fits into all the above-mentioned criteria.

Consider all factors like distance from work, shopping and grocery facilities around, good school and education systems and more. Renting requirements will differ for every person, but these are the few basic points which can be kept in mind to ensure you don’t end up in a place you will grow to resent.


  • How is cell phone tracking beneficial?
    Do you know what cell phone tracking is? It's an activity through which other mobile phones are accessed. Many times, personal data needs to be checked without the other person knowing about it; this is when the tracking proves to be useful. It is indeed a very powerful tool to ensure the safety of a person or to find a phone that has been stolen. Many individuals use cell phones not only for voice purposes but also for other activities, i.e., accessing the Internet, sending texts, chatting, sending videos and pictures, and much more. These days, cell phones have proved to be quite useful, and they have features like GPS for tracking locations. Even the Internet connectivity is high-speed. Nowadays, many cell phone tracking apps ease the purpose; monitoring the activities has become very simple. However, always ensure that the activity of cell phone tracking is not misused. If you use it properly, it can be a great tool for safeguarding family and friends. Ensure that the guidelines are followed, and interests are protected. If misused, it might lead to unethical invasion or unlawful attack on someone’s personal life. Have a look as to how this works. For this, you need to install the cell phone tracker on the other phone. Stealth techniques are used so that the user doesn’t come to know about it. Once the app is installed, the storage and the service of the phone can be accessed, and the information is transmitted quietly to a central server. The configurations of the phone can be changed or controlled with great ease. Here are the functions that can be achieved with tracking cell phones. Voice calls can be monitored Outgoing and incoming calls can be tracked with great ease. The tracking can be done for particular numbers also. Text messages can be monitored All messages that are being sent or received are monitored on the phone. Sometimes, the tracker also allows sending a text message from the target phone. Who wouldn’t enjoy all these features? Simply set your goals and start tracking whatever you want to.
  • Tips to put your 12 foot pre-lit Christmas garland around the house
    Christmas garlands are an absolute must for the holiday decorations, and nothing better if they are of the pre-lit variety. The elegant long trails make up for much of the indoor adornments, and they look totally stunning and gorgeous anywhere you wrap them. The longer they are, the more beautiful they look. Here are some ideas where you can put the 12 foot long pre-lit Christmas garlands in your home: Mantelpiece Wrapping long Christmas garlands along the mantelpiece and giving your fireplace the most elegant look is a long-nurtured tradition of the festival. Pre-lit garlands should be no exception. You can drape your 12 foot pre-lit Christmas garland on your mantel to give your hearth a welcome makeover. Staircase banister You can also twist the 12 foot pre-lit Christmas garland around your staircase banister inside the house or from the lawn up to your front door. Give your way up and down the stairs a dreamy look with all the pretty adornments of Christmas garlands. Curtains Curtains are a bit uncommon place to wrap your Christmas garlands around, but if you have elegant and sophisticated ones which call for some attention, do not hesitate to do it. The muted shades of the window curtains will be contrasted well against the bright presence of the long Christmas garland trails. Window sills Though primarily a place for rope lights and string lights, you can make a place for long garlands for Christmas on your window sills and grills. The windows need to be big and spacious for proper display of the garland, but if your house windows allow it, try and experiment in Christmas decorations. Front door frame Garlands can be basically put up anywhere as long as they look nice where they are being put up. Frame your front door with a long 12 foot pre-lit Christmas garland to give our guests an ideal welcome. It will give your entrance a wild yet cozy, perfect Christmas-y look for the best night of the year. You can match the garland with the wreath on the front door, or you can go individually with each of them. Nevertheless, do not miss the chance of bedecking your main door with the sheer elegance of Christmas garlands. You will get different designs of Christmas garlands for sale during the Black Friday market from right after Thanksgiving till New Year. Choose the best one that suits your interior as well as the other plans you have for your Christmas decorations and do not hesitate to be a bit creative with them. They look lovely anyway, just quirk it up a little bit to create good vibes.
  • 5 best flip phones
    Flip phones are not a thing of the past. They are best to use when you need a basic phone for simply talking and texting. Here are our five best picks:
    • LG 450
    LG 450 comes with a compact flip design. It is one of the best flip phones by LG. It has cool features like text to speech conversion. The phone has a battery capacity of 950mAh and an internal memory of 256MB. It also has a 1.3MP camera along with a camcorder. The phone comes with bundled services from T-Mobile.
    • Motorola RAZR V3
    This Motorola model is perfect for regular use. The device has an ultra-thin design and offers a decent performance. It’s a full duplex speakerphone and lets you access the Web, e-mail, Bluetooth, and messages like SMS, MMS, and EMS. The phone has a VGA digital camera and a 680mAh lithium-ion battery.
    • Convoy 3 512MB
    This phone comes from one of the most premium brands—Samsung. The phone has a rugged and tough design. The sturdy body makes it withstand shock, dust, humidity, extreme temperature, and more. The phone comes with dual microphones that let you communicate easily due to the noise cancellation technology. It is one of the best flip phones you can own.
    • Blackberry Style 9670
    This Blackberry model is a smartphone. It is a 3G-enabled phone and comes with a full QWERTY keyboard. With its 5MP camera, you are sure to click amazing pictures. You may expand the memory of the phone with a microSD card to store more photos. Other specifications of the phone include Bluetooth stereo music, HTML Web browser, and wireless-N Wi-Fi.
    • Nokia 6350
    Coming from a trusted brand, Nokia 6350 is a phone with multiple features and capabilities. This phone supports wireless music streaming and downloaded MP3 files. The clamshell design of the phone offers internal screen protection and keeps the keypad clean. The phone also has a small external screen for ease of use. The above mentioned flip phones are among the best in the market. Depending on your preference, select the one you like the most.
  • Things you should know about balance transfer cards
    Balance transfer cards allow you to transfer and consolidate your debts to a card which charges a no or low rate of interest on the amount due. However, there are a number of things to be considered while availing a fee 0% balance transfer card. Credit score: Your credit score reflects your ability to repay loans taken within the stipulated period. The financial institution will check your credit score and credit report to determine whether you can be issued a fee 0% balance transfer credit card. Balance transfer credit cards allow you to transfer debt from one of your credit cards which might charge a higher rate of interest to one that has a low or minimal rate of interest to restructure your debt and provide relief on the payments. Usually, a fee is charged for this particular service. However, fee 0% balance transfer credit cards waive off this charge which is also given to people with excellent credit history rating and score. 0% fee is temporary: Usually, fee 0% balance transfer credit cards are issued for a promotional period which might last from 6 to 21 months depending on the financial institution. The balance also has to be paid off within the intro period for which the APR holds its 0% validity. Terms and conditions: It is not that easy to avail a fee 0% balance transfer credit card since you may qualify for the same, but getting an approval might take time. The credit limit will also affect your chances of availing this card since a lower credit limit will not serve your purpose if you have significant debts that need to be transferred. In such cases, it is not advisable to opt for a fee 0% balance transfer card since you will just end up paying for your balance existing debt and the debt on your new balance transfer card. Intra bank card transfer not possible: Balance transfer is possible only if you are applying for a card that is not issued by your existing banking partner. Most financial institutions will not allow a balance transfer within their cards for debt to be consolidated. Pay the full amount and not the minimum due: When it comes to a fee 0% balance transfer credit card, most people will be just tempted to pay off the minimum due rather than the total amount due, just because it is convenient. This is however not a good idea since the low rate or no rate of interest will allow you to make more payments and clear off your debt instead of stalling and taking advantage of the minimum due.
  • 4 remedies for lower back pain relief

    Lower back pain is a disorder involving the nerves, muscles, and bones of the back. It is a common problem that everyone suffers from at some point in their life. As the pain affects the lower end area of the spinal cord – the lumbar region, the condition is also called as lumbago. The lumbar region is a complex structure of joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves all of which perform together to give support to the upper body. Muscles in the L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5 regions of the vertebrae are responsible for flexibility and rotation of the hips. The nerves in this area support the muscles in the limbs. If any muscles or bones are strained in this area, it can impact a person's routine tasks.

    The pain symptoms can be in the form of a dull ache to a sudden stabbing sensation that can affect the body's mobility. Daily activities like standing up straight, bending or moving around may become painful and strenuous. The condition may occur in an acute form as a repercussion of an injury or a health condition.

    Over time the swelling in the muscles or the nerves heal, and the pain subsides. However, if the pain extends over a few weeks, then the condition becomes chronic, and effective measures need to be taken to assuage the discomfort.

    Measures to ease back pain 
    If you are suffering from pain in the lower back, here are a few ways to help reduce the distress:

    In most instances, lower back pain can be improved by putting a break on any strenuous activity – physical or mental. Resting for a few days will take off the pressure from the lower back and allow the muscles relax.

    Cold and hot therapy
    A hot application aids in improving circulation in the afflicted area. An increased blood flow brings with it essential nutrients and oxygen that help the muscles to heal and stay healthy. You can soak your body in a hot tub. Likewise, you can even use a hot water bottle or an electric heating pad on the lower back. Also, a heat wrap is a useful way alleviating low back pain. The continuous application of low-level heat helps to reduce stiffness and pain.
    A cold application, on the other hand, reduces inflammation and acts an anesthetic that slows down nerve impulses. The numbness that manifests after applying the ice pack keeps the nerves from experiencing painful spasms. Using both these applications alternately is beneficial. For painless mobility, apply heat before any activity for relaxing the muscles. When you are resting, cold compression can be used to evade resurging inflammation or pain.

    Medical treatment
    Medical treatments work in alleviating the painful condition. Along with medications, most doctors will recommend physical therapy for lower back pain relief. Following are some common medical treatments that your healthcare provider may prescribe:

    • Epidural steroid injections – Steroid injections are administered for gaining temporary relief from pain by bringing down the inflammation around a nerve root. The steroid is directly injected into the outer part of the dural sac surrounding the spinal cord, through the aid of fluoroscopy – a live x-ray.
    • Muscle relaxants - These medications are tranquilizers that act as an antidepressant for the nervous system. Once the brain stops sending pain signals to the affected area, resistance to mobility, any tightness, or spasms are numbed.
    • Narcotic pain medications – Generally termed as painkillers, these opioids weaken the signals that are sent to the brain. This works by altering your body’s perception of pain. Such drugs offer relief from the low back pain for a brief period.
    • Back braces – A back brace provides support and comfort to the lower back area and helps to get rid of any strain. Combined with physical therapy, a back brace can help speed up the healing process and offer relief from pain.

    Exercising is instrumental as part of a long-term strategy to achieve low back pain relief in case the condition happens to be chronic. Pain management through a physical regimen involves the release of endorphins that are hormones made naturally in the body. These endorphins act to block pain signals from interacting with your brain.

    Types of exercises used to alleviate lower pain:

    • Stretching – One of the simplest physical activities, stretching helps to increase your lower back's mobility levels. Stretching of the hips, and hamstring in the legs ensure that the lower back muscles stay supple and flexible.
    • Core strengthening – Your core muscles in the abdomen, hip and gluteus muscles play a critical role in supporting the lower spine. Therefore, you should adopt some useful exercises to strengthen your core muscles.

    Remember that you should only take any medications for lower back pain relief after consulting your doctor.

  • How to make probiotic yogurts with cheese and mayo?
    If you wish to keep your body healthy, you can simply ensure that your gut is balanced with good health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, daily intake of probiotic yogurts help a lot by providing enough nutrition. However, only some of the yogurt contains highly rich probiotics, while other yogurts in the supermarket consist of a very less nearly  10% probiotics to make a health claim. You can consume yogurt in various ways to improve your health. Try two best recipes that you can prepare out of yogurt, through the common items available in your kitchen. Have you ever tried some of the best delicious probiotic yogurt cheese? Are you aware that it is the very simplest recipe? How to prepare yogurt cheese? To prepare probiotic yogurts, take a half pint of yogurt or as per your requirement, pour into a cheese cloth, tie to a wooden spoon and hang it in a tumbler to drip. Let it drip properly for about 8 hours or more to make a dryer cheese. Once it gets separated from the spoon, you can flavor the cheese in several ways. Add sea salt to a tasty cream cheese, or you can even add herbs as well as spices for a delicious spreadable cheese. You can even consume it on crackers or fill a celery stalk with it. How to prepare mayo? While mayo may seem complicated to prepare from scratch, it is easy to make by simply adding the oil, and stream it too slowly. Ingredients needed to prepare the mayo include 1 whole egg, an egg yolk, 1 Tsp of organic mustard. You can add  1 and ½ tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tbsp of liquid whey, yoghurt cheese, also 1 cup sunflower oil, light olive oil, and other types of light tasting oil, a large pinch of sea salt, etc to get the perfect creaminess. Pour all ingredients into a blender except oil, and turn on to combine all ingredients, and finally blend until thick. Later leave this on the counter to culture for about 6 to 8 hours approximately.
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