Job benefits at Dollar General Corporation

Being one of the largest growing American chains of variety stores, Dollar General Corporation has its own sets of company benefits for its employees.

Some of them are listed below:

  • A job at Dollar General Corporation entitles the employee of health and welfare benefits. Dollar General Corporation offers multiple comprehensive plans that have varying levels of coverages based on the employee’s needs. Dollar General also contributes toward these benefits, one of which aids their employees to afford health insurance at affordable costs.
  • Employees with full-time positions and designated part-time positions that have averaged over 30 hours a week are qualified for medical, dental, vision, short term and long-term disability, life, critical illness, accident, hospital confinement, and prescription insurances. These employees are also entitled to medical care and dependent care flexible spending account and also health savings account. They also cover for business travel accidents.
  • Dollar General Corporation runs an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers all its employees with 24/7 access to licensed clinical professionals and community resources that provide them with a workable solution to personal challenges.
  • In the name of compensations, rewards, and work benefits, jobs at Dollar general have a competitive base pay, annual bonus opportunity, service award recognition program, vacations, paid holidays, and a non-smoking environment.
  • The retirement savings plan of Dollar General includes 401k savings and retirement plan. It works in such a way that the employee contributes (up to) 25% of its pre-tax income to which Dollar General offers a dollar for dollar program. The employees can choose as to how they plan to invest their contributions. Moreover, they also offer a variety of wellness resources which include budgeting assistance and accessing an economical health coverage.
  • Their “Better Life Wellness Program” intends to help employees at Dollar General to take control of their health and emphasize on preventive measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To avail the benefits mentioned above, an employee at Dollar General should meet certain eligibility requirements.


  • Top 3 cloth face masks to spend on
    Face masks have become necessary for multiple reasons, but the many designs, prints, and materials out there can make choosing a suitable one challenging. That said, the goal is to buy a mask that helps you breathe better while also being efficient in keeping the microbes at bay, and no other material can match the comfort that cloth face masks offer. Why cloth face masks? There are umpteen benefits of wearing a cloth mask, starting with the fact that they help us breathe better than maks made of other materials. They're also washable and can be reused, which gives them the upper hand as compared to single-use disposable masks that create unnecessary waste. Here's a list of cloth face masks you can choose from:
    1. Kitsbow Wake ProTech™ Reusable Face Mask This brand makes one of the best reusable cloth masks. The adjustable straps promise a secure fit that minimizes fogging of glasses, and the nose bridge strip helps keep the mask in place. The mask itself consists of three layers: an exterior layer of premium jacquard fabric, a layer of protective filter media, and 100 percent cotton muslin. The Wake ProTech™ Reusable Face Mask is washable, comfortable to wear, and looks attractive, so you can ditch the disposable masks happily. This cloth face mask is available on the brand's website for around $30.
    2. Graf Lantz Zenbu Organic Cotton Face Mask This cloth face mask comes with a removable filter (must be purchased separately) and tents up over the nose and mouth, helping you breathe and talk without the cloth getting in the way. As for the fit, the mask features adjustable earloops and a lightweight noseband that helps secure the mask in place for maximum comfort. The reusable and machine-washable Graf Lantz mask is currently available on Amazon for $11.
    3. Proper Cloth The Everyday Mask 2.0 This mask features pleats and tents away from the face, allowing more room for the mouth, and it efficiently avoids slippage too. And the clean finish ensures that it's attractive. As for the secure fit, the brand provides the mask with ear loops and also with headbands to suit individual preferences. These cloth face masks are available on the brand website for $20 and on Amazon for $25, respectively.
  • Popular Speed Queen top load washers that are worth a shot
    Washing machines turn out to be your first device when you think of washing those dirty clothes of yours. For most domestic stores, you need a machine that performs well and is highly durable. Speed Queen washer is the best washing machine if you are looking for a machine with good performance and long-term utility. One can never get disappointed with the service that Speed Queen products provide. Listed below are four online places where you can buy Speed Queen washers from. Amazon is by far the best portal to buy a Speed Queen washer from at an economical rate. You can even find some exciting deals and offers on your purchase. eBay Amongst the vast variety of electronic products available on this website, you can easily find several impressive models of Speed Queen washers here. Best Buy Best Buy is the perfect online portal to find products by its specifications. It has a very user-friendly interface, and the filter contains a number of options. If you wish to shortlist a Speed Queen washer, filter on the price, style and other specifications to get the right pick. AJ Madison AJ Madison is the ideal website to look for all types of electronic products, including both top load and front load Speed Queen washer. It also provides some good discounts on your every purchase you make. Before you invest in a washing machine, do a thorough research on the product. Look at its specifications and features and try to understand your needs. A good way to determine your needs can be checking your family needs and deciding the volume of your washing machine accordingly. Most of the above-mentioned sites are some of the best places to find Speed queen washing machines. It is, however, essential that you be careful of duplicate products online and buy only from sites for a smart and hassle-free shopping experience.
  • Here is why MBA programs are worth the effort and money
    Deciding on whether go in for an MBA program or not to can be a very tough decision to make. This is because one is expected to put in a lot of effort as well as money and being confused may not be the right sign. However, earning an MBA degree can help in building a strong career, provided that the degree is acquired from a prestigious institution. MBA programs not only enhance the one’s career opportunities but can boost the chances of job promotions as well salary hikes. An MBA is now also required to hold managerial positions in several high-end companies. If you still haven't made up your mind, here is why MBA programs are worth your effort and money: Polish your managerial skills - Whether you are looking to develop your managerial skills or already have a fair idea and want to enhance your skills to reach top notch levels, MBA programs can do the best for you. MBA programs give students a wide spectrum to learn from and that includes economics, communication, entrepreneurship, accounting and several other areas of study. This makes one capable of handling the real business world. Opens the doors to a higher salary package - It is a known fact, people who earn their MBA degree from well-renowned schools and universities are likely to get a bigger salary package. And although regular master’s degrees are good, the salary expected when holding an MBA is much higher. This means that even if you invest a high amount of money for your MBA degree, you are likely to cover up the money in a very short span of time. Start your own company - Want to be your own boss, considering MBA programs can help you in learning how to run your own successful business. It gives you an in-depth knowledge of the working of a business and prepares you for the practices that are required to run your startup. No matter which state you acquire your MBA degree from, it is sure to increase your credibility in the business world.
  • Car maintenance checklist
    Car maintenance is something everyone should do periodically. So, it is necessary to prepare a checklist to work on a routine of every month. It sounds displeasing but having a regular check up will save you a great deal of money. Maintaining your car right will extend its life and prevents expensive repairs. Regular DIY repairs will pervert from causing major issues with your car namely sudden break downs, tire wear, battery connections and more. Here is a car maintenance checklist that you would all like to know. Check on oil: This is the first and best check up that you can do to keep your car in good running condition. It's always good to refer to the user's manual to check when to change the oil if your car is new otherwise it is advisable to change the oil for every 3000 miles. Check tire pressure: Check the air pressure in your car tires regularly. Set the exact pressure in your tires not more not less. If the pressure is more, there are chances for the tire to stretch or crack if the pressure is less speed will reduce and tire will become wobbly and cause more chances for tire wear and tear. Replace engine air filters: Replacing your engine air filter is very important if you frequently drive open roads. You can refer to the user's manual for fitting a new air filter or check out some tutorial online. You need to change the air filter estimating the mileage of your car. If it has run more than 4000 miles, then there is no doubt that the air filter is dirty and it's time to replace. Check on battery condition: Have a regular check on your battery condition. If you find any leaks or cracks, then it's time to replace your battery. Corrosion at the battery terminal leads to poor connection which stops the car from getting started, so it is important to make sure the battery terminals are tightly connected. Check on windshield wipers: Check on your wipers as they get dirty soon being exposed to dust regularly. At some point the rubber will become hard and cracks letting the dirt to stay in and the hard rubber will create scratches spoiling the front glass. You need not spend money on changing the whole set but replace with rubber refills that cost only few bucks. Use lubes: As your car runs in hot sun or during cold it not only attracts dirt but also the temperature variation makes the lube evaporate or harden that will cause screeching noise when you open or close the door, when applying brakes and from wheels. If you just let it go then the parts will become dry and start to rust. The purpose of the lube is to reduce surface fiction and prevent engine from heating.
  • Here’s how to pick between contract and prepaid cell phone plans
    Before cell phone users had only a few options to choose from mobile phone plans. Now, one can easily find a plan for every calling, texting, and data need according to the budget or phone usage. These plans broadly fall into two categories: contract plans and prepaid plans. Here are a few points comparing each of these plans to help you decide what plan suits you the best.
    • With the best prepaid cell phone plans, users don’t need to worry about any wasted minutes or data at the end of the month. You get what you pay for; nothing less or more.
    • There are some perks like music features and plans that one can get with contract plans. To get these features with the prepaid phone, the users will be required to pay more.
    • Prepaid plans offer the freedom of switching between different plans and carriers at any time as users are not bound by any contract whereas this may be difficult with contract-based plans.
    • Contract phone plans are more convenient as one does not have to bother with refilling the phone plan. Even with some of the best-prepaid cell phone plans, the talk time and data are limited to a fixed duration.
    • Users opting for a contract cell phone plan have more options when it comes to compatible phones. Apart from this, the phones with contract plans are often cheaper than the ones offered for prepaid cell phone plans.
    • Sometimes even some of the best prepaid cell phone plans do not provide good network coverage as compared to contract cell phone plans that very rarely have issues providing coverage to its users.
    • Before you opt for any one of these plans, it is essential to take into consideration the kind of cell phone usage you have.
    • Other factors to consider include budget and the phone cost.
  • 5 Popular Master’s Nursing Degrees
    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nursing is one of the fastest growing professions. The bureau has predicted that this particular field is going to see some significant growth, and the country is going to see a rise in the demand for nurses across all healthcare departments. So, you will have excellent career prospects if you take up a master’s degree in nursing. Following are the top master’s nursing degrees that can help you get a well-paying job. Nurse Midwife Master’s Degree This degree will help you become a certified nurse-midwife who can work in health care centers. The demand for this particular position is going to increase because many expectant mothers require assistance during and immediately after childbirth. The average salary after completing this course is $79,000 p.a. Master’s in Critical Care After you finish your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you need to study further to become a critical care nurse. These nurses are responsible for the care of critically ill patients. To become a critical care nurse, you will need an extra specialization in critical care trends. Therefore, a supplementary degree and other certifications are essential for this job. The annual salary of a critical care nurse is $61,000. Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Completing an MSN will help you become a Family Nurse Practitioner. With this title, you can work in community centers and help families stay healthy and live a long life. If you can get an additional certificate from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, you will improve your job prospects and salary scale. The average annual salary of a Family Nurse Practitioner is $94,000. Master of Science in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner License This combination of a degree and certification may help you become a nurse who specializes in elderly care. Therefore, you can become a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. Sometimes, to get this position, you will also need a license from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The average annual salary is $94,000.

    Nurse Anesthetist MSN Programs Our health care system is in need of many nurses who specialize in anesthesia. Therefore, this master’s nursing degree specialization in Anesthesia will give you great scope for growth. You will also draw one of the best salaries in the healthcare segment. After getting enough work experience, you can work in emergency rooms and earn an average annual salary of $154,300.

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