Know your bathroom faucets inside out

For a regular buyer, selecting a bathroom faucet is usually limited to style elements. We huddle over design manuals and debate about the finish, but are usually less concerned about what goes inside of a faucet. Most of us find the specs difficult to understand, so we just skim over this essential part. In this article, our aim is to simplify the valve construction to enable you to make a well-informed decision.

The make of the valve is not only important from the point of view of durability, but it is also essential for hassle-free day-to-day use. Most standard quality faucets are made from brass, plated with chrome or PVD to render them resistant to corrosion. Over the years, faucet technology has moved in the direction of lead-free construction. It is increasingly being replaced by bismuth.
It is always better to check the installation manual while purchasing a new faucet. This gives you a good idea about the plumbing essentials and the ease with which the faucet can be installed in your bathroom.

The valve controls the flow of water from the faucet making it the most important part of the faucet mechanism. There are four kinds of valves, which can be used in bathroom faucets.

  • Compression valve faucets: This basic valve design features a screw that compresses a rubber washer to regulate the flow of water. Usually, separate handles are provided for cold water and hot water. It is very common for this type of valve to wear out with continuous use. The rubber washer losses its elasticity or is snipped by the edges of the screw. Leakage and replacements are frequent in this kind of valve design.
  • Ball valves: They feature movable slots to control the mixing of hot and cold water. When you twist or turn the handle, the opening to the slots is changed, which in turn determines the amount of water flowing through them. Ball valves are usually used in faucets sporting a single handle.
  • Cartridge valves: This valve design comprises two concentric cylindrical cartridges of varying diameters. When you turn the faucet handle, you are actually moving the cartridges relative to each other. Rubber O-rings are used to control the flow of water. Cartridge valves are fairly reliable and durable in the long run.
  • Ceramic disc valves: These consist of two specially designed ceramic disks, which slide against each other to control the flow of water through them. Although ceramic disc faucets are expensive in comparison to other kinds of valves, they require the least maintenance and are the most durable.

Control options
Handles and levers are more yesterday; now bathroom faucets boast of a variety of sophisticated controls.

  • Hands-free operation: A motion sensor built-in to the faucet regulates the flow and temperature of water.
  • Touch-sensitive: Much like your smartphones, this technology activates by a simple touch or tap anywhere on the faucet.

Apart from these, you can also go for cross handles, joysticks, knobs push buttons or lever handles.


  • Home remedies to clean a dirty or stained rug
    Nobody likes those dirty spots on their expensive rugs. People invest a lot of time and effort in buying proper color coordinated rugs for their home or office space, and a stain is definitely a No! No! So if your carpets are looking a little dirty and you're unable to afford a commercial carpet cleaning service, try these home remedies which are easy and cheap and can make the stain vanish giving your carpet a fresh new look. Remember that there is always a home remedy available before you hit the expensive option. Baking Soda and Vinegar Adding some baking soda to vinegar can help remove those tough rug stains fast and easy. Soak the stain with vinegar, and then sprinkle a little baking soda over it (Remember not to sprinkle baking soda first and then pour vinegar on it. It will only damage your rug). Wait for a few seconds once baking soda starts bubbling, and then wipe the rug. Ammonia To clean your rug with ammonia, make a solution by mixing a 1/4th cup of ammonia and a cup of warm water. Put this solution into a spray bottle. Spray your carpet with the solution and blot the stained areas. Repeat if necessary. White Vinegar Just like above, mix a 1/4th cup of white vinegar and a cup of warm water to make a solution. Sprinkle or pour the solution over the stained areas. Wipe clean and vacuum. White wine can act as a substitute in place of white vinegar. Steam Cleaning with Vinegar Vinegar is a magic liquid when it comes to home remedies. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar and add it to your steam cleaner. To avoid pungent odor you can add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to it. If the stain is tough, increase the concentration of vinegar. Liquid utensil cleaner The detergent you use for washing dirty plates can also serve as a great cleaning agent to clean your rugs and carpets. It is a really cheap and convenient product to use for removing stains and restoring your dirty carpets to their former state. Mix 1/4th cup of dish cleaner to a cup of warm water. You can either spray it on the spots or soak a white cloth in the liquid and wipe the stained areas.
  • How to track down your lost MetroPCS phone
    To track down your lost phone, you do not need to go for extreme options like filing a police complaint. The best way to track your phone is by using a tracking software that is previously installed on your phone. You need a software that could turn on your phone even when the phone is switched off. Wavesecure, Antidroid, iTag, and Lookout mobile security are few authentic apps that would work well on mostly all smart phones and control it remotely as well. An alternative option is tracing locations of the mobile and tracking where the number is calling from is handy in most of the devices. It all depends on how much money you want to spend, how much information you want to gather, and why you want this information. All mobile companies will have their own tracking options and the same goes for MetroPCS. Search through Google: This is a very basic thing one would do to know the mobile holder's name. Just by typing in the mobile number in the search bar, you can extract a lot of information about the cellphone number and its current location. Initially it will detect the area code, providing you the region of the country where the mobile call was made. This will give you a hit where the person calling you is and the place from where they bought the phone and where they are actually calling you from. Meanwhile the internet search does not give the exact area of the MetroPCS phone, it will generally give an idea where it was purchased. GPS tracking: Not all phones would automatically display who is calling you. Certain mobiles need to be connected with the internet or need a tracking software to instantly reveal it. Some smart phones with MetroPCS service will help you can who is calling via MetroPCS' screenIT service. It gets linked with your contact list and instantly recognizes the one calling if the name is registered to the number and reveals the city and state; however, it will only show the number if the number is not registered by the name. Help from service station: Suppose a stranger is calling you from a MetroPCS phone asking for a help with any bad intention or is harassing you, one of the ways to track them down is by contacting the authorities and their general, if they could not guess the area, they could at least point out the location. Many people are unaware of this option and directly go for filing a police complaint. Certainly, the MetroPCS service doesn't encourage people who come up with such queries because many would use it for things that would violate laws. But during emergency situations, they can help you out provided that you give a genuine reason.
  • 3 popular jackets by Woman Within
    Nowadays the fashion world is increasingly counting on the plus size customers for fueling up their growth. Plus size was a demographic which was completely ignored at the past. Sales of plus size clothing rose 21 billion dollars which is a 6% growth. The revenue could reach 24 billion dollars by the end of 2020. Some would feel the message that bigger is better or researchers would have come to conclusion that the average women wear size would have increased. Many brands have come up with products for plus size women understanding the trend. Woman Within is one such brand that offers an array of clothing for plus-sized women. They are a brand who were quick enough to understand the trend of plus size woman fashion and introduce a clothing line exclusively for them. Let us take a look at their jackets for plus size women. Jacket, anorak in weather-resistant Taslon with zip-out lining Word will fall short if one starts to say good about this jacket. A perfect waterproof jacket with varying color and changeable lining, this jacket would be a favorite for years. The jacket comes with an adjustable drawstring at hood, waist, and hem for perfect fit. The jacket has a zipper front and has four front pockets. It is made up of quick-drying nylon called Taslon. The jacket costs around $60. Jacket, cropped length, stretch denim & twill This jacket is comfortable for plus size women as it can stretch. Like any denim jacket, these will never go out of fashion and will feel better with aging. These Woman Within jackets will go with almost anything in the wardrobe. The jacket has a straight silhouette, which goes best with tees and knit tops. It has full button pocket which can be worn both open and closed. These Woman Within jackets cost around $30 to $40. Microfleece Jacket These super soft plus-sized fleece Woman Within jackets are ideal for keeping the body warm and comfortable. They are a perfect layering wear for everyday use. The jacket has an easy silhouette which is great for layering. The generous sleeve allows comfortable movement. There are side seam pocket on them and is made up of ultra-soft washable polyester knit fleece. The jacket costs around $30 to $40. The fashion industry is responding to a culture where curvy figures are appreciated, and clothing of all size is made considering the new trend. The number of mentions for plus size has tripled as compared to 2016, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Know about maintaining your Weber gas grills
    Do you own a Weber gas grill? Then you undoubtedly enjoy great days and nights that are graced by perfectly grilled food. However, amidst all that grilling, it can be easy to forget the most important thing i.e., maintaining and cleaning. It is vital to thank your gas grill for all the love that it showers on you. Well, if you do not know where to start, a grill cover is what you need to get first. Your gas grill, like any other appliance has to be kept protected from external elements such rust, dust, etc. A good quality cover can prevent scum from accumulating over time. If your burners give out irregular flame, it is important to have the burner ports cleaned before the clogging becomes worst. Use a wire brush every one once in awhile and brush the entire length of the tubes to prevent this. Make it a point to clean the grates before every use. You do not want the flavor of the grates to get transferred to your food, right? Heat up the grates for a while and brush off all the ash that are stuck to it. If you think that the grates are too old and chipping off, replacing them is a good idea. Always clean the grease trap. If it gets too full, you are going to have a hard time cleaning spilled grease. In order to maintain basic hygiene levels, you have to always clean the grill after and before use. It is likely that your grill is dusty before you begin cooking. While your meat and veggies secrete many juices that should be wiped off after use, tough oily and greasy stains are stubborn and harder to remove when left uncleaned. Most Weber gas grills feature a table on the side. These tables are likely to have grime and sticky residue due to the food, knives, cooking pots, etc. that accumulate on them during the time of grilling. Use a damp cloth with a mild dish detergent to get this off. Whether you live in a region that snows or an area where the sun shines bright for most times of the year, avoid keeping your gas grill in the backyard when not in use. Constant exposure to the sun or extended periods in stagnant water can cause the body's quality to deteriorate faster than usual. Packing your gas grill for long-term? Have the battery removed out. Batteries can burst if left in for too long and corrode the inside of your grill. Follow these maintenance tips and enjoy a happy grilling experience.
  • An overview of video games
    Video games provide an exciting, interactive experience with a user interface that generates visual feedback on a video devices such as a computer monitor or a TV screen. The display device can produce two or three dimensional images, with which the user interacts and reacts accordingly. Video games have evolved over the years, from two dimensional to three dimensional, from single to multiple user interface, from offline to online and more. There is an ongoing argument about video games which are by some, considered a form of art. Video games are entertainment devices which provide an alternate universe in which the user is in control of the said game or scenario being played. Some say that playing video games on a regular basis improves hand-eye coordination. These games have the ability of enhancing our logical thinking since strategies must be played out in different scenarios, depending on the type of game and genre it is part of. All video games in general require a good coordination and on your feet thinking to react aptly, ultimately playing for highest points and score. The history of video games cannot be summarized in just a couple of hundred words, since its evolution has exceeded expectations. From big bulky arcade consoles to mini handheld devices, games have been developed and designed throughout to suit the everyday gamers fantasy world. Video games provide us with that much-needed break to escape into a world of endless possibilities with the outcome in our hands, even if it just for a few hours. This is especially true with simulation games which provide an extensive user and interactive experience, so vivid and realistic that sometimes we forget it is just a game! From, arcade to strategy, simulation to racing, sports to adventure and fantasy, the genres have evolved over the years with billions of dollars invested in their development every year. With more and more companies dedicating resources to give the best possible user experience and ultimately the best game ever, the industry is booming. Be it casual, serious or educational games, it is an entirely unique experience altogether which will have you reaching for that controller one more time to try and beat your own high score. Online games which are played across globally, in tournaments and sponsored events, players train feverishly to participate and compete for the title and sometimes a hefty prize money also. Platforms and consoles have also evolved over the years from personal computers to consoles, from arcade to handheld. Dedicated gaming websites can be found online to check out the latest and trending games, tournaments being held and more.
  • Garmin Golf GPS – an overview
    Garmin Golf GPS is a company that specializes in the manufacture of GPS aided devices. The company started from a discussion between a few engineers that they had way back in the year 1989. Thier idea was to form a company which will make innovative GPS-aided devices to enrich the lives of their customers. Their products span includes fields like aviation, automotive, fitness, outdoor recreation, marine and even wireless applications. The company designs, manufactures, market and sells their products all by themselves. The company that started with a handful of engineers today employs some 7,000 odd people. The company makes sure that all their products give purchaser gets more than their money's worth with relevant information packed into each of their product. Automotive products include navigation devices. These have features like easy to use GPS navigator with 12.7cm dual orientation display, independent of cellular signals, preloaded maps with details and updated free for lifetime, easily search addresses and a large number of points of interest and navigate complex interchanges easily. Its HD camera CDR C320 is an easy to use driving recorder with 3-inch LCD display. It has a wide-angle lens that captures the entire road ahead. One can set the date and time so the footages show when the events happened. It records excellent images in low light too. The camera is mounted on the windshield. It allows playback of the footage later on the computer. There is a camera to aid reversing. The footage is shown on the GPS navigator (to be bought separately). Connect to constant power and easily toggle between camera and navigator. Rugged enough to stand the harsh weather. There are also other accessories like tire pressure gauge, sporting aides for running, golf, cycling, swimming, multi-sports, activity tracker and some apps to go with them. The Marine segment has equipment like charter sonar combo, cameras, fishfinders GPS combos, wind sensors etc. Maps include automotive, golf course, Marine charts, and maps. Cycling maps, etc. Outdoor Recreation segment has GPS-aided devices for hikers, campers, and geo-catchers. Aviation HSA devices to suit various segments like general aviation, helicopters, head up display for supermidsize, midsize and light business air crafts. The system incorporates crisp, clear view of all pertinent flight information within a single display unit. While a detailed description of all items is beyond the scope of this write-up, an attempt has been made to give details of items that are more relevant to commoners.
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