Minimally invasive surgical methods to relieve spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces within the spinal cord, which can pressurize the nerves that travel through the spine. Spinal stenosis occurs most often in the lower back and the neck.

Mild forms of spinal stenosis can be treated with conservative treatment methods, such as physical therapy, exercises, and stretches. However, more advanced cases of spinal stenosis might require advanced treatment options like laser spine surgery to find lasting relief from chronic pain.

Spinal stenosis, if not properly diagnosed or treated, can lead to chronic pain that limits daily activities of an individual. These symptoms can radiate from the neck or back to the shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet. One can also experience numbness, weakness or a tingling sensation, as well as a loss of flexibility and trouble walking, sitting or leaning backward.

At most laser spine institute locations, surgeons offer minimally invasive spinal stenosis surgery for relief of chronic pain. This is an alternative to traditional open back surgery. The minimally invasive spine surgery for spinal stenosis has lower complication rates, shorter recovery time and higher patient satisfaction scores than traditional open back laser surgery spinal stenosis.

Types of minimally invasive spinal stenosis treatment and surgery

There are two types of minimally invasive surgery namely minimally invasive decompression surgery and minimally invasive stabilization surgery. The cause of the spinal stenosis and the severity of symptoms will determine if the surgeon recommends the patient for a minimally invasive decompression surgery or a minimally invasive stabilization surgery.

The purpose of decompression surgeries is to decompress the impacted nerve root or spinal cord segment by removing a portion of the affected disc or vertebra that is protruding into the spinal canal.

In case of a severe spinal stenosis, a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion or anterior cervical discectomy fusion is carried out to treat spinal stenosis.

Much like the decompression surgeries, minimally invasive stabilization surgeries first determines the exact location of symptoms, following which the nerve tissue is decompressed by removing the weakened disc that is allowing spaces within the spinal canal to narrow. Since, in cases of minimally invasive stabilization surgery, the affected disc needs to be completely removed, a large open space is left in the spine. During surgery, an implant is inserted into the open space to stabilize the spine and help prevent future spinal stenosis.


  • What should be included in a promissory note?
    A promissory note is a legally binding document attesting a relationship between a lender and a borrower. It works as a promise to pay the loan amount as well as the interest within a specific period. A promissory note must answer six most important questions, as listed below. Who are the parties involved? The promissory note must mention who is being repaid (lender) and who is repaying (borrower) the loan amount. Check with your state law and confirm which parties need to sign the promissory note. Usually, it is just the borrower. However, it is considered a good practice to have it signed by the lender too. How much money needs to repay? A promissory note must mention the principal amount that is being borrowed as well as the interest percentage that needs to be paid. How is the money going to be repaid? The promissory note must mention clearly as to how the money is going to be repaid to the lender. It needs to state if the money is going to be repaid in installments, in installments with a balloon payment, in a lump sum or on demand. When is the money going to have to be repaid? A specific date for repayment has to be included in the promissory note. The borrower must repay the principal loan amount as well as the interest either on or before the date mentioned in the note. What are the consequences if the money is not paid back? A promissory note can act as an important evidence in the court of law if a borrower defaults a loan. If the lender notarizes the promissory note and chooses to undergo legal proceedings, then the borrower must have to bear the attorney charges as well as any cost related to the proceedings. What other details need to be mentioned? A promissory note may include other vital information such as acceleration, amendment, collateral, governing law, late charges, prepayment and right to transfer.
  • Disadvantages of laser color printers
    An increasing number of homes and offices are now opting for laser color printers, owing to the efficiency in printing and the speed of printing it offers. Printers are important for any business, be it small scale or large scale. There are several other benefits of owning laser color printers. However, it is an important investment for your home or office and one should always make an informed choice - knowing all the advantages and more importantly the disadvantages of the same. Here are the disadvantages of a laser color printer that you should aware of before investing in one. Cost of the device The cost of a laser color printer is higher than inkjet ones. So you need to consider your budget before investing in one. These cost more as they offer a number of advanced and efficient features. Maintenance costs The cost of the refills for toner cartridges for a laser color printer cost more than the toner refills for other categories of printers. However, the cartridges for the laser color printer do not need to be replaced as often as an inkjet printer or any other kind of printer. For example, the HP ink used in the company’s toner refills can last for a long time and print large volumes before running out. Warming time Laser color printers need time to warm up before they start printing. This feature may sometimes warm the room as well especially if it’s a small room. This reason is why a laser color printer may not suitable in places that are already too warm. Difficulty in moving around Laser color printers are mostly heavy and can be quite difficult to move around, not an ideal choice if you need a portable printer like a portable inkjet printer. Before you set out shopping for your printer, understand your printing needs and budget to help you choose the right device. The cons of a laser color printer are way less than the benefits it offers in comparison to other printers. These cons may or may not be an issue for many.
  • Ways coupons help you save for better
    Surrounding you is a bubble of inflation, high unemployment, rising gas prices and skyrocketing prices of groceries and essentials that you need every single day. No matter how much you earn, every day needs of food and other essential items take up a significant portion of your salary. Discount coupons are a blessing in disguise if you want to save some money on your daily expenses. Statistical facts: The US Consumer Packaged Goods marketers distribute coupons valuing almost $470 billion for daily use products like food, beverages, tobacco, clothing and other household items. Surprisingly only about 1% of these coupons are redeemed by consumers. These figures show that almost $465 billion worth of coupons go waste every year! Reasons people give for not using coupons: It is embarrassing Too lazy or disorganized or busy to make efforts to save coupons and use them appropriately But why should anyone leave an opportunity to save some money?Using coupons efficiently and intelligently is the best way for you to save some serious amount of money on things of everyday use. Let’s have a look at the coupons toothpaste example: Let’s take a simple item which is essential to each household- toothpaste. Now a tube of toothpaste will generally last a single person for, let’s say, a month. You spend somewhere between $2 to $6 on your tube of toothpaste every month. So for a whole year, you can spend almost $6x12 = $72. Now, do you think your toothpaste costs you too much? If you use general product promotional coupons toothpaste and even get about $1 off, you get a direct discount of $12 per year. Combine it with sales and discounts at the store from where you make your purchases, and you can literally buy your $6 tube for less than $2, which will bring down your yearly coupons toothpaste cost to $24. You can cut your grocery bill by more than 50% if you use coupon efficiently! Here are a few tips on how you can become a pro at using coupons smartly: Collect the ads for every store you shop at in your local area. These are usually delivered to your home via newspaper or email. You can also check out some of the websites which give out free coupons. Once in a while stop by a store you frequent, to pick up their ad. Make an initial shopping list for each store, all in one sitting. While this can be time-consuming, it ends up making a huge difference in the amount of time you eventually spend shopping and save more. Keep a tab on your current inventory of groceries and household products, so that you spend less time on this step. Know what is on sale. So, if your favorite Ken’s Steakhouse Ranch Dressing costs $3.29 for a 16 oz bottle and goes on sale for $1.65 per bottle, you can use your $1 coupon and get it for $0.65 a pop. Always try to combine two big deals at once and walk away with 80% savings multiple times. Buy branded products for better deals as generic products do not have a lot of scope of providing you discounts. With branded products, you get great deals if you use your coupons wisely and spend way less than on generic products. Remember the coupons toothpaste example. You will always get more coupons for your $6 toothpaste than the $2 toothpaste. Even if you are single or a family of four, try out the coupon shopping tricks for a few months and see for yourself the difference it makes to your budget!
  • Advantages of Using Fleet GPS Tracking Systems
    Global Positioning Systems, or GPS for short, has enabled commercial vehicle operators to track and manage their assets—that include equipment and personnel—in an efficient way. This proves to be an advantage as it helps reduce the cost as well as improve productivity. Fleet GPS tracking systems are used worldwide for various applications, and these systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial enterprises. Read on to know more about the advantages of using fleet GPS tracking systems.
    Technology used
    Tracking the position of an object with respect to the earth’s position has been important for over 3000 years now. With the advent of radios, advanced vehicles began using such signals to track objects. The fleet GPS tracking systems make use of satellite communication to locate vehicles and assets. Each GPS system consists of a receiver that is used in the fleet GPS tracking systems to establish the position of the assets and vehicles.
    Fleet GPS tracking systems help to know the position of a vehicle at all times. This helps in security as well as routing as the distance from the destination is always known as well as whether the vehicle is still on the way or has stopped. This proves to be an advantage as well! Unplanned requests and service calls are accounted for because of such a system. This system also enables better and faster transportation by checking for the best possible routes with the least amount of turbulence like traffic or bad weather conditions.
    Economic advantages
    These systems also help in reducing the maintenance costs because of decreased engine use accounting from lesser travel required when routing is improved. It also helps save a lot of fuel which can be otherwise used and thus causes fuel efficiency which ultimately results in economic advantages! Since these systems help in improving routing away from heavy traffic, engine idling is reduced and thus fuel is not wasted.
    Monitor the drivers
    Fleet GPS tracking systems have also proved to be ideal in keeping track of the activities of a driver like speeding, rapid acceleration, rash braking of the vehicle, and other rash driving that could harm the assets; this can also help save from harmful events taking place. Risk of accidents and also avoidance of traffic violations can be benefited from installing such a system that helps you monitor drivers at all times. Drivers who have these systems installed in their vehicles have shown in real-world environments to maintain good driving practices and thus improve their future in their careers by improving their CSA Score.
    Safety and security
    As mentioned before, such systems can also protect your drivers from impending dangers as well as harm. The drivers can always ask for assistance or even seek help and have it arrive with the least amount of delay by estimating the position of the driver as well as the vehicle using a fleet GPS tracking system. This helps him in traveling even during bad weather which can cause poor visibility while driving. Even during worst-case scenarios, law enforcement, medical emergency assistance, as well as repair trucks can respond at the earliest.
    Monitoring the assets
    The main advantage of such a system is to track and monitor assets at all times including when being transported. Asset management becomes very easy as fleet GPS tracking systems have the position of the item updated, thereby making it easy to track even when the concerned official is off duty. This allows for better anti-theft systems by averting the potential loss of an asset when there seems to be any change in position.
    Insurance benefits
    Another added advantage is that lower rates are offered by insurance providers to those carriers who have installed the fleet GPS tracking systems in their vehicles. This shows that they would want the assets to be protected by the technology of these systems.
  • Role of console protection plans for Apple game console and others
    While gamers fully concentrate on different variations of a gaming console, a new concept of protecting the ongoing gaming consoles have come to light. These protection plans, widely known as console care, provide protection against any sorts of damage or wear and tear of the game console. For example, the SquareTrade game console 3-year protection plan, Polade game console protection plan, etc. Concept of console care The gaming console care covers electrical and mechanical breakdown but may not cover breakdown caused due to disaster. It is inevitable that a mishap can happen to a gaming console. It doesn't matter how popular the console is, whether it is the HTC game console or an Apple game console, it is always desirable to cover the gaming console through or by using a console care plan that provides the desired protection for it. Benefits/advantages of console care plan Repairs are provided for an unlimited number of times. Thus, one is relieved of the tension of regular wear and tear and related damages. The plan essentially covers all costs and charges including spare parts, labor, and other related charges. It protects against all sorts of mechanical as well as electrical mishaps. The console care plans also cover replacement policies. Usually, the technical support team provides a 24/7 service of solving handy problems as well as answering to query calls immediately. Care in your hands From resorting to professional gaming care through the console care plans, one can even maintain the quality and condition of the game console by following certain basic tips and procedures. Consoles are electrical equipment. Hence, one should keep it in a well-ventilated place and free from damp. Damp destroys the inner circuits of the console. It is always advisable to keep the consoles on a wooden or stone placket rather than placing it on carpet or cloth-based materials. Carpet or cloth absorbs the moisture and the heat generated and hence damages the workings of the console. As it is said, handle with care. One should take care of the console with utmost diligence. Regular wear and tear mainly happen due to rough handling of the consoles. Further, regular cleaning and keeping the console in the dust-free state is an important issue in console care. In the event, if you choose to dismantle your controller to check whether you can manage the issue yourself, take photographs at each phase of dismantling. That way, you can return to where those fiddly segments, particular screws go. Attempting to clean yourself is often a better idea as most of the times, it is the potentiometer that needs cleaning. Once more, rubbing liquor will do it, however, be gentle.
  • Gum disease – Causes and remedies
    Oral health is an important factor that also affects our well-being and overall health. Cavities and gum diseases may often lead to serious medical conditions like diabetes and respiratory ailments. Apart from the fact that they affect the overall health of a person, cavities and gum diseases can also be painful and inconvenient. Here are some of the common causes of gum disease and effective remedies:
    • Plaque: Plaque, which is a colorless sticky film, is a very common cause of gum diseases. Bacteria in plaque get accumulated on and around the teeth and form tartar and cannot be removed by just brushing. Your dentist can perform simple cleanup procedures to remove plaque.
    • Medications: The American Dental Association lists blood-thinning medications as a cause of swollen gums and bleeding gums. However, various other medicines can cause gum diseases as well. Ask your dentist for more information.
    • Changing Flossing Routines: Frequent flossing and changing flossing routines can cause bleeding gums. Suppose if you weren’t flossing recently and had started flossing on a frequent basis, it can cause bleeding gums and other related gum diseases.
    • Nutritional Deficiencies: A diet that is rich in carbohydrates and sugar but contains less vitamin C and water is the perfect recipe for gum diseases. One of the best gum disease remedies for this problem is to have a balanced diet.
    • Hormonal Shifts: Another cause of gum diseases are hormonal changes during pregnancy. However, gum disease remedies include taking special care of your oral health when you are expecting a baby.
    • Smoking: Smoking not only affects your lungs and other internal organs, it can cause severe harm to the normal functioning of the gum tissue cells, making the gums more vulnerable to diseases.
    • Family History: Another reason for gum problems may be your genetic history. Your dentist can recommend proper gum disease remedies in such cases.
    • Apart from these factors, one should always be aware of any minute gum diseases as well. Make sure to take effective gum disease remedies such as rinsing the mouth with mouthwash to treat gingivitis, consuming green tea can help in treating the inflammation in the gums, etc.
    The causes of gum diseases are many ranging from improper hygiene to various other medical conditions. However, home gum disease remedies can heal gums most of the times. But before treating, it is essential to know the cause of the problem and consult a dentist.