Minimally invasive surgical methods to relieve spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces within the spinal cord, which can pressurize the nerves that travel through the spine. Spinal stenosis occurs most often in the lower back and the neck.

Mild forms of spinal stenosis can be treated with conservative treatment methods, such as physical therapy, exercises, and stretches. However, more advanced cases of spinal stenosis might require advanced treatment options like laser spine surgery to find lasting relief from chronic pain.

Spinal stenosis, if not properly diagnosed or treated, can lead to chronic pain that limits daily activities of an individual. These symptoms can radiate from the neck or back to the shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet. One can also experience numbness, weakness or a tingling sensation, as well as a loss of flexibility and trouble walking, sitting or leaning backward.

At most laser spine institute locations, surgeons offer minimally invasive spinal stenosis surgery for relief of chronic pain. This is an alternative to traditional open back surgery. The minimally invasive spine surgery for spinal stenosis has lower complication rates, shorter recovery time and higher patient satisfaction scores than traditional open back laser surgery spinal stenosis.

Types of minimally invasive spinal stenosis treatment and surgery

There are two types of minimally invasive surgery namely minimally invasive decompression surgery and minimally invasive stabilization surgery. The cause of the spinal stenosis and the severity of symptoms will determine if the surgeon recommends the patient for a minimally invasive decompression surgery or a minimally invasive stabilization surgery.

The purpose of decompression surgeries is to decompress the impacted nerve root or spinal cord segment by removing a portion of the affected disc or vertebra that is protruding into the spinal canal.

In case of a severe spinal stenosis, a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion or anterior cervical discectomy fusion is carried out to treat spinal stenosis.

Much like the decompression surgeries, minimally invasive stabilization surgeries first determines the exact location of symptoms, following which the nerve tissue is decompressed by removing the weakened disc that is allowing spaces within the spinal canal to narrow. Since, in cases of minimally invasive stabilization surgery, the affected disc needs to be completely removed, a large open space is left in the spine. During surgery, an implant is inserted into the open space to stabilize the spine and help prevent future spinal stenosis.


  • 6 reasons to install a home alarm system
    According to a survey, homes without an alarm system have fallen prey to theft and robbery 2.7 times more than a home with one. You can protect your home and family from such threats by installing a alarm system to your home. Neglecting to spend on a security isn't a wise move. The main reason why every home owner should install home alarm system is that it protects your home and family members from burglars and intruders. Read on about the reasons to install alarm systems: • Detects fire and smoke: Home alarm systems not only protect your home from intruders but also protect your home from fire and smoke. Once it detects smoke/fire it alerts the nearest local police/fire department by dialing your telephone or emergency number, notifying officials for help immediately. • It lowers insurance charges: Many insurance companies offer discount on a home with alarm system, since the chances for burglary and fire accidents are less. You end up saving up to 15-20% on your premium. • Provides peace of mind to your family: Having a home alarm system can really give you peace of mind whether you are at home or not. If your home senses any kind of break-in automatically, it gives off an alarm. So, you no longer have to worry about burglars even if your kids happen to be home alone and neither do you have to call upon a house-sitter every time you travel. • Control your home remotely: Most of the home alarm systems today can alert owners via text or Email. They send out alerts every time someone unknown enters your house. Many systems even let you view your home online on your phone or computer. You can thus keep an eye on your house whether you are on a business trip in Tokyo or vacationing in the Bahamas. • Monitors your home: Having someone monitor your house is beneficial as it provides constant scanning which you will be unable to do when you are out. These alarm systems not only act like watch dogs but also track any significant events and call for emergency personnel when needed. • Provides medical assistance: Certain alarm systems provide medical assistance which is a real blessing for elderly people at home. This service is designed in such a way that the individual can call for help with press of a button if they fall ill or face any other medical emergency. So, this feature comes in handy especially if you have elderly or a disabled member living with you.
  • Best Razor Brands For Women

    Hair removal is one of the most common problems faced by women these days because everyone wants a silky and satin finish skin. Even though waxing is one of the most common ways for hair removal, it might not suit everyone especially those women who have sensitive skin. Laser hair removal is a very expensive process which not everyone can afford. This is why people prefer to use shaving instead. With so many different brands in the market, it can get very confusing to pick your shaving products. Here’s a list of different shaving brands that are considered some of the best razor brands for women -

    • Gillette Venus
      Gillette has been in the business of shaving creams, razors, blades and all shaving products for decades. Since a few years, the brand launched their own like of feminine razors specifically designed for the delicate feminine skin. The razors have three blades with telomer coating that are completely stainless and shower water and moisture resistant. The Gillette Venus Breeze razors have a built-in gel cushion above the blades. The gel cushions are infused with glycerin and body butters to soothe the skin while the shaving process is done. The best part about these razors is that shaving head of the razor is movable with helps in the shaving process by reaching all those hard to reach areas like curved under arm areas, behind the knees and so on. The handle of the razor is ergonomic giving the women a good grip in shower. These razors leave the skin feeling smooth like satin and super moisturized. This is one of the best razor brands in the market.
    • BIC Soleil
      BIC has been creating razors for shaving for both men and women and has been well known in this industry. BIC Soleil is a range specifically designed for women and their shaving needs. BIC Soleil has a lot of different ranges such as Color Collection, Shine, Bella and Twilight. Each range has a specific element which makes it stand out from the rest. Twilight range has lavender scented handles specially designed for sensitive skin with Lanolin and Vitamin E infused lubricating strip above the three blades. The Bella range has 4 blades with a coconut milk infused moisture strip and a pivoting head for total control during shaving. The Color Collection range has colorful rubber handles to make your shaving experience a little more colorful. The lubricating strip is infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe your skin during the shave. The Bella range has a 4 blade pivoting head with a shea butter infused moisture strip to soothe your skin as your shave. The handles are made of rubber and are sun-twist scented for that extra feature factor. With such a wide range of options to choose from, BIC Soleil has made its way into the list of best razor brands.
    • Schick
      Schick has been known as of the best razor brands in the world and has been known for making some of the best feminine razors. Similar to BIC Soleil, Schick also has a list of different ranges that you can choose such as Hydro Silk, Intuition, Quattro for Women and Xtreme3. The Hydro Silk hydrates your skin while you are shaving and provides hydration up to 2 hours post shaving which is clinically proven. It also has a sensitive skin variant. The Intuition range has unique bi-directional blades which helps you shave in both directions without the need of even lifting the razor from your skin! Intuition razor range also has an Island Berry Razor which is a one of a kind razor system that not only shaves but also lathers and moisturizes! No need to even use shaving cream of body wash during the shaving process. It has special Acai Berry extracts to soothe your skin. Similar to this is the Pure Nourishment range which is infused with coconut milk for nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

    Shop for the best razor brands as per your convenience and requirements.

  • Tips to Control Diabetes with Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has a plethora of health benefits. Recent studies have pointed out that this ingredient can be especially beneficial for diabetic patients and help in the effective management of type 2 diabetes. Apple cider vinegar is a form of vinegar made from freshly pressed apple juice. The process takes several weeks in which the sugars break down, resulting in the formation of ACV. Apple cider vinegar for diabetes control ACV is a rich source of probiotics that aid the process of digestion. These probiotics or good bacteria are essential to regulate the functions of the gastrointestinal tract as well as prevent digestive and gastric diseases. Absence or shortage of this good bacteria in the intestine can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Thus, it is acknowledged that apple cider vinegar is one of the best solutions to control diabetes and manage other chronic health conditions. Additionally, vinegar contains a combination of chromium and acetic acid which improve insulin sensitivity and help regulate blood sugar levels. Tips to control diabetes with apple cider vinegar Remember that apple cider vinegar can control diabetes and improve the condition of diabetic patients. Use ACV in the following ways:
    • Add one tablespoon of ACV to your smoothies or juices.
    • Drink a mixture of one teaspoon ACV, one teaspoon honey, and ½ cup water every day.
    • Make a salad with your favorite vegetables and use apple cider vinegar as the salad dressing.
    • Include it as an ingredient for preparing sauces or dips.
    • Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to two tablespoons of ACV. Drink the mixture. To get rid of the sour taste of ACV, suck on orange wedges.
    • Add ACV to your drinking water.
    • Add two tablespoons of ACV to two tablespoons of water. Consume the mixture along with cheese before bedtime.
    • Make sure that you add apple cider vinegar to dishes that do not require heating, as heat destroys the probiotic bacteria.
    How much to take? Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are sufficient for controlling diabetes. It is best to mix this vinegar with something instead of consuming it directly. It is important to know that ACV is not a substitute for diabetes medications. Apple cider vinegar can only help control diabetes, not cure it. If you are prone to acidity, be careful before consuming this ingredient. It is best to consult your doctor before taking apple cider vinegar for diabetes control.
  • Top 3 laptops for students
    If you're a student, you know how important it is to have a good, working laptop. Whether you are a school or college student, a laptop can be a reliable tool that’ll last for years to come. So before you make that big purchase, look at the mentioned laptops for students. They are all affordable and power-packed with great features that’ll meet every student’s requirements. Lenovo ThinkPad T450s The Lenovo ThinkPad T450s is a solid choice for students who want a lightweight laptop with a comfortable keyboard and trackpad. It has a 14-inch display, which is large enough for most tasks but still manageable in smaller bags and backpacks. The Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM make it powerful enough to handle most productivity tasks, including photo editing and video editing. The touchpad is responsive, and the keyboard keys are spaced enough for comfortable typing. It doesn’t have any physical buttons below it— instead, two small buttons above it can be used to move around the cursor and click on objects in Windows 8 or 10. The trackpad also supports multitouch gestures such as two-finger scrolling, which allow you to scroll through web pages quickly. HP Pavilion x360 If you are looking for a 2-in-1 convertible laptop for use, then the HP Pavilion x360 is the best buy. The laptop weighs only 4.24 lbs, making it super comfortable to carry around and use the device on the go. You can't go wrong with the HP Pavilion x360 as it perfectly balances a super huge display along with performance. The 360-degree hinge lets you use it as a tablet as well as a traditional laptop to get work done. It is perfect for watching movies on the go or making last-minute changes to your assignments while traveling. The laptop also has up to 10 hours of battery life, making it a perfect fit for students. The HP Pavilion x360 also has an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, making it fast enough for most tasks. It also has an inbuilt storage space of up to 512GB, enough to store heavy files and documents. Furthermore, if you need more space, there's an SD card slot. You can add more storage easily without buying an external hard drive (which is typically more expensive). Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop This laptop is a popular choice among students because it offers everything they need at a great price point. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD storage drive that allows students to do their homework easily. The touchscreen display lets them navigate through programs like Microsoft Word and Excel with ease, as well as watch movies or play games -- all while saving battery life by not having to use a mouse or trackpad (depending on what version you get). A laptop is integral to most people's daily activities, including work or leisure. Selecting the right model from this list to meet your educational needs is essential. Therefore, thoroughly compare the products and their features before you decide to make a purchase. Make sure you do not compromise on the versatility, innovative features and quality of the laptops. Therefore, if you're a student and confused about which system to buy, you can opt for one of the laptops from our list that suits all your needs.
  • 10 popular dishwashers that are a sensible buy
    Home appliances have made our lives easier and the upgraded versions of these appliances have enhanced the user's experience as well. These home appliances are so common these days, that it is hard to imagine a house without a dishwasher or a refrigerator. We depend a lot on these appliances to reduce the burned of our chores. For instance, the dishwasher saves us from a sink full of plates waiting to be cleaned. If you are out to buy a new dishwasher, here are some options worth considering. Top 10 Dishwashers Here are the top 10 best dishwashers that are bestsellers and most preferred amongst households all over. Miele Futura Lumen Dishwasher This is the dishwasher that is currently reigning the market. Miele Futura Lumen tops the chart on all fronts – excellent performance, durability, large capacity, and energy saving certified. Miele Futura Lumen is easy to load and comprises of adjustable shelves. Speaking of performance, this dishwasher can finish a load of heavily soiled dishes in flat one hour! Bosch 300 series Dishwasher This dishwasher comes with a unique"RackMatic System" which works to adjust the shelves without any inconvenience. The Bosch 300 series is one of the top brands and features amongst the top 10 best dishwashers across all retailers. The best feature of this dishwasher is its capacity, which has 30 percent more space, as compared to other brands. Maytag Dishwasher One of the most affordable dishwashers, Maytag comes with 12 place settings. It comes with a technology called "Soil Sensor", which can adjust the cycle duration according to the leftover dirt in the water. Maytag dishwasher comes with a one year warranty for parts and labor and an additional 9 years for the grinder, tubs, and racks. KitchenAid Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher The KitchenAid dishwasher has made its place in the top 10 best dishwashers. From over 20 models to choose from, KitchenAid dishwashers come with a special Pro-Scrub feature that uses 40 spray jets that can cut through toughest food stains, thereby saving the routine pre-wash and soaking of dishes. Considered as one of the quietest dishwashers, the noise ranges between 39-44 decibels depending on the model. Whirlpool Gold Series Dishwasher This is a budget-friendly dishwasher that easily finds its spot in the top 5 dishwashers. Whirlpool dishwashers come with a sensor cycle that can adjust the time and water according to the treatment required for cleaning. Another plus point of this dishwasher is its NSF Certified "Sani Rinse" option that cleans 99.9% of germs and stubborn food stains. Fisher & Paykel Semi-Integrated Dishwasher This is a one of a kind of dishwasher which comes with a double stacked cutlery basket. The Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher is ideal for a small family or a couple, who want smaller and more frequent cycles. Magic Chef Portable Dishwasher This is the smallest and the cheapest in the top 10 best dishwashers category. This dishwasher can be installed even on the countertop if you have a space crunch or cannot install one in your apartment. Magic Chef Dishwasher comes with a 6 cycle setting making it convenient for small offices or a single household. Frigidaire Full Console Dishwasher This is one of the most economical dishwashers available. All Frigidaire Dishwashers are Energy Star Certified. It has a special "My Favorite" setting, which allows the user to set his preferred setting for a quick start. Samsung Fully Integrated Dishwasher Samsung, which is mostly associated with smartphones and televisions, has even ventured into the Dishwasher segment. These dishwashers start from as little as USD 500 and have over 11 models to choose from. Samsung uses the rotating jets technology for spraying and cleaning tough stains with its powerful spray arm. Kenmore Dishwasher One of the oldest and most reliable, Kenmore comes with a model for every price range. Though the wash cycles and noise depend on models, an average noise of 50 decibels is produced in any cycle. These are the best dishwashers of 2017, that are preferred by consumers at large.
  • Five best meal services in the country
    Planning for a meal is time-consuming as you have to take a lot of efforts to find and curate the ingredients from different sources. Although you know what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you may not have the time to prepare. Meal delivery services offer you the best of both worlds. You can try fancy recipes without having to worry about the ingredients as they will be cut, prepped and portioned for you to simply put everything together and cook. The average cost per serving is less than what you will spend in the market while buying and rationing ingredients. Before you subscribe to a meal delivery service, ask yourself the following questions; does the service have any vegan options? Do the best meal delivery services offer nut-free and dairy-free portions? What will be the average preparation time for one meal? Here are the five best meal delivery services that are worth subscribing in 2018 HelloFresh The meal service offers up to six options a week. You can easily set up an account with HelloFresh online and place orders during the day or at night. The service ensures packaging is of premium quality with recyclable boxes and reusable ice sheets for the meats. HelloFresh offers three basic subscriptions for the service including classic, veggie, and the family plan. The classic and veggie meals offer two to four servings depending on the type of meal. The family plan can feed four people in total and all subscriptions cost under $10 per meal. You can find ingredients for popular recipes like the Thai pork stir fry, oven baked corn and tomato risotto, and crispy chicken parmesan salad. Blue Apron One of the best meal delivery services, Blue Apron is an excellent choice for two people. The service offers fresh and seasonal produce from the local farms and is one of the few services that has wine pairings with your meal. The service only delivers three days a week making availability a big issue. Blue Apron is still a decent alternative you can consider for under $10 per meal. Note that there are limited options when it comes to vegetarian and vegan recipes. Plated With over 20 recipes per week, Plated offers more meal options than some of the best meal delivery services in the country combined. The service is also one of the affordable meal services as you will be spending less than $50 per week. Enjoy some of the best chef-designed recipes that can be easily made with preportioned ingredients. You will spend less than an hour preparing for the meals as Plated guarantees more cooking efficiency in comparison to some of the best meal delivery services in the market, for the price. Sun Basket One of the best meal delivery services that offer sustainable, gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian recipes. Sun Basket also has a wide range of selections in produce for 18 different recipes every week. The average spending per week is slightly higher owing to the special requirements for a paleo diet and gluten-free sustainable products but otherwise is a decent option if you are planning to go lean and green. On top of the price, you will have to pay extra delivery charges that are mostly waived off by other popular meal delivery services. You may subscribe to Sun Basket's basic meal delivery service that will cost you $11.99 per serving. Home Chef A premium service for an affordable price true to their motto, your price, your schedule, your way. With Home Chef, you have the option of choosing from 13 different easy to follow recipes for the calorie and gluten conscious not to mention the carb conscious appetites. The Home Chef smartphone app allows you to adjust and make changes to your delivery schedule, meal choices, and extras with ease. Home Chef is among the affordable meal delivery services with the average cost of just under $8 per meal. You can plan meals up to five days in advance and sit back, relax and enjoy the free delivery to your doorstep.