List of colleges offering college grants to women

The last century or so has seen a considerable surge in the onus given to women’s education as more and more women are striving to break the glass ceiling, becoming more than just bread winners but more importantly, business leaders.

However, the fact still remains that women are largely underrepresented when it comes to institutional support especially for non-mainstream interests. In such a situation where many coeducational centers of learning are unable to support funding for exclusively women-centric subjects of interest, a large number of private colleges have stepped forward and are offering a diverse and eclectic range of subjects that can appeal to and draw female students.

A major factor that has supported this is the considerable funding that goes toward sponsoring college grants specifically for women. These grants offered by most private women’s colleges are based both on merit and need and are generous enough to fund the entire education of the recipient.

Many young women, not only from the low-income category but also from the middle-class, receive a quality education at topnotch institutes in the US on account of large donations made by corporates, individuals, and also alumnae of the respective colleges.

The colleges known for the grants offered to women, especially the minority and under-represented groups, include the following:

Wellesley College in Massachusetts – The funding offered to students is significantly not based on merit but focuses on supporting the aid requirements of students from diverse backgrounds pursuing a wide range of subjects.

Spelman College, Atlanta – This is the only educational institution in America that has made a commitment to supporting the educational aid requirements for African-American women.

Barnard College, New York – This is another well-known center for learning that offers need-based grants and provides its students with access to constantly updated lists of private scholarships, not directly provided by the college.

Agnes Scott College, Atlanta – The Goizueta Foundation Scholarship instituted by Agnes Scoot College, Atlanta specifically focuses on funding socially and economically underprivileged female students of Hispanic origins, with an emphasis given to those who demonstrate very high levels of academic excellence and leadership skills.

Other institutions such as the following also support and provide help and grants for women:
Raise the Nation is an NGO that supports the interests of single mothers.

The Sunshine Lady Foundation’s Women’s Independence Scholarship program offers educational funding to women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Such funding of women’s collegiate education through grants offered directly by the college or university or indirectly through funding organizations is veritably the backbone of women’s education in the US and this funding is surely important as research statistics have consistently proven that the percentage of women completing their collegiate education is higher than men.


  • What constitutes a paleo diet?
    The idea of a Paleo diet, to put it roughly, is not to eat anything that a caveman wouldn’t have. This means that on a paleo diet you can eat anything that, long ago, could have been hunted down or gathered. This includes leafy vegetables, nuts, meat, seeds, local vegetables and fish. With a Paleo diet, counting calories is one exercise we can gladly forego, because, of course, eating 500 calories of chips is not the same as eating 500 calories of spinach as far as the processing and its effect on the body goes. You can, in fact, never have to worry about counting calories ever if you firmly remove certain foods from your diet forever. The Paleo diet, lets you eat till you are full, doesn’t have you counting calories, makes you healthy, assists you in losing weight and builds muscle. From being hunter-gatherers human beings became eaters of TV dinners mainly because of agricultural techniques founded several thousands of years ago. This turned a healthy fat burning body into an unhealthy carbohydrate burning body, because the body could not adapt itself to thousands of years of conditioning easily without serious repercussions. The diet may have shifted, but the genetics haven’t. So while the government recommends an average of 9 servings of grains per day, the body wants servings of meat, vegetables and seasonal fruits. What exactly does the Paleo diet consist?
    • Grass fed meat. Animals that are fed grain have the same reaction to it that humans do. But if all you can get is grain fed meat, that is still better than having grains.
    • Birds such as chicken, hen, turkey, duck and so on.
    • Fish, preferably wild fish as opposed to farmed fish seeing that farmed fish could contain toxins like mercury.
    • Eggs, especially the omega-3, cage free kinds.
    • Vegetables, as long as they are not deep fried.
    • Oils that are natural such as coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil.
    • Fruits, however, they have more carbohydrates in them because they contain natural sugars.
    • Nuts, in moderation. Nine, tubers like sweet potato and yam, in moderation.
  • Top online stores for cheap shoes and free shipping
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  • Things to keep in mind while shopping for refrigerators

    LG is one of the most favored brands when it comes to refrigerators. Packed with the most advanced features and supported by the best technology, you will find LG refrigerators enjoying a high customer rating on almost all parameters.

    LG refrigerators offer such a wide range of features that selecting the right one can become an overwhelming task. There are so many things to consider, from the size to door style or refrigerator type.

    When buying an LG refrigerator, the first step is obviously figuring out the right size. Some of the things which you should consider while making a decision regarding the size are:

    • The size of your family
    • The space available in your kitchen or living room
    • Your cooking habits
    • Your shopping habits

    Additionally, take into account the height and width of your doors so that the refrigerator can be moved into your house with ease.

    The decisions do not end there! In fact, you have just covered the basics. Once you have got the basic design and size out of the way, the real dilemma begins. This article will help you to figure out what features you should be looking for and what could be given a miss.

    Smart storage: Look for adjustable shelf heights, shelves that can be folded or slid to create additional space for tall jars or bottles for optimal utilization of space in your refrigerator,

    Convertible Refrigerator/Freezers: This feature allows you to alternate between a refrigerator and freezer as per your requirement. Adjustable cooling zones can be quite handy when you need extra storage in the refrigerator section for holidays or celebrations.

    Food freshness: Dual evaporation technology has become almost a must-have to keep your food fresh for longer periods.

    Add-ons: If you are always rushing off to places or you have kids in the house, child locks, automatic door alarms and auto closing door hinge can be quite handy.

    Energy efficiency: You can cut down the requirement of your family only to an extent, but, you can save up on the electricity bill by opting for an energy star certified refrigerator.

    Ice makers: While a separate ice maker contained within the freezer might provide you with a larger amount of ice at a go, it eats up on a lot of valuable space too. If you have selected a model with a dispenser, it would have a chute which facilitates the passage of ice from the freezer to the dispenser. The overhang of the chute takes up additional space on the door.

    Some models offer In-door ice makers which are contained entirely within the door of the refrigerator. The trade-off depends on your preference; whether you want additional space or you want larger quantities of ice.

    Water filtration: LG refrigerators feature the most advanced built-in water filters to ensure that you get fresh and clean water or ice from your dispenser. However, you must ensure that you replace the filters every three to six months.

    Air filtration: Additionally, some models of LG refrigerators are armed with an air filter which ensures that the air circulating within your refrigerator is clean and odorless. 



  • Some features of Lowes and IKEA kitchen cabinets
    Kitchen cabinets play a significant role in defining the layout of your kitchen area. There are numerous options for kitchen cabinet sizes, styles, and designs available in the market. While standard sized cabinets may not fit your needs, they can be tailored to meet your size and style requirements. Lowes kitchen cabinets are easily customizable. The website offers designs that can be modified to meet your specific needs along with accessories to match your style preferences and organizational needs. Let us look at some features of Lowes kitchen cabinets and IKEA kitchen cabinets Stock cabinets These kitchen cabinets come in some standardized sizes and shapes. This includes blind corner cabinets that adjoin regular, front-facing cabinets at the corner of a kitchen. They are generally used to provide more storage space, similar to the IKEA kitchen cabinets. When you place an order for a stock cabinet, you can expect a same-day delivery from the store. The main setback of stock cabinets is the limited availability of sizes and styles. However, they are a great pick for someone on a budget. Semi-custom Cabinets These type of cabinets are built only after you place an order for them. You can make a choice from a selection of sizes and styles. These offer a certain degree of flexibility when compared to stock cabinets as they can be altered to suit your particular requirements. They require a longer lead time to build and are a little more expensive as compared to the IKEA kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets These cabinets are the ones that are constructed by hand to fit almost any standard. They are fit to serve odd-sized or irregular-shaped space in your kitchen. Additionally, with a customized variety of Lowe’s kitchen cabinets, you get to pick out the knobs and pulls, countertops and other display accessories for your new cabinets, thus dictate the look of your kitchen. They are the most expensive variety available at Lowes. Unlike in the case of IKEA kitchen cabinets, Lowe’s also offers the help of design professionals, who can help you see the big picture of your kitchen and help you build one that is best suited for your needs.
  • Top Places to Get Oil Change Coupons
    Oil change coupons are really beneficial to people who believe in preventing mishaps. While oil change is not mandatory like filling fuel, it may save you thousands of dollars in repairs eventually, which may be needed due to accidents caused by a deteriorated quality of the oil. Here are some of the best places where you may get oil change coupons:
    • Goodyear Tires If a Goodyear Tires service center is near your location, then we strongly recommend going for this particular service. You may access their portal and get coupons worth $10 off or $5 off on different services. Oil change coupons are quite useful and all you need to do is show it to the service center to get great discounts.
    • Firestone Complete Auto Care Get around $10 off on oil change services at Firestone. With Firestone Complete Auto Care, you may either access oil change coupons on your mobile or get them printed from the website and use it in any of the 1,700 locations. There are plenty of other services as well which are available on great discounts here.
    • Jiffy Lube This company has the best technicians dedicated to giving you a remarkable service. You may go to their website, enter your pin code, and get some deals specific to your area apart from the general coupons on the website. Apart from coupons worth $5 off, there are a few other deals that you may make use.
    • Take 5 Oil Change Take 5 Oil Change is another popular place to avail of some coupons. To get the best deals, log on to their site and enter your zip code so that you may get the best possible deals. Their oil change service is quite popular and they do a really good job with it.
    • Harris Automotive Repair This automotive repair company strongly suggests that you change your oil once 3000 miles are over or make a change every three months, whichever comes before the main deadline. Here, you may get oil change coupons starting from $19.99 plus taxes. This includes tire rotation as well.
    All of the aforementioned brands provide you with oil change coupons which you may print online or simply buy it and have it mailed to you. Remember to change the oil of your vehicle timely because it helps the other car components to keep running smoothly.
  • Drug rehabilitation centers in California
    Drug usage amongst teenagers and young adults is a rampant problem in many parts of the country, including California. To help these people detox and curb drug use, there are a number of drug rehabilitation centers in California. These centers offer both inpatient and outpatient detox programs. Many state funded drug rehab centers in the city even offer detox programs paid by insurance. Getting over substance abuse can take time and patience. However, this is not something that should be attempted without medical supervision because in some cases the withdrawal symptoms caused by not using drugs can seriously impact a person's health. Along with the person's own motivation to heal himself, support from family and friends is also crucial to their recovery. Once a person admits himself or herself to a rehab program, the first step is for doctors at a drug rehab center in California to assess the amount of dependency and the patient's overall health. A detox program is then customized to suit the patient. While detoxing from a drug, doctors may give the patient prescription medication to help deal with the withdrawal effects. Common withdrawal effects that a person may experience include:
    • Weight loss
    • Loss of appetite
    • Fevers
    • Chills
    • Mood swings
    • Hallucinations
    The first few days are the most difficult at any drug rehab center in California. During this time, contact with people outside the facility including family members may be restricted. This restriction however is usually lifted in the later stages of treatment. As the person's cravings for the drug are reduced he or she can then begin attending individual and group counseling sessions to find ways of strengthening themselves. At this stage it is important for the person to understand that he or she is not alone and that there are people to support and help him. As part of the detox treatment at a drug rehabilitation center in California, people are also taught new skills to occupy themselves and ways to identify and deal with the factors triggering drug usage. Since stress is a huge trigger for most people, stress management is also an important skill that is taught at these centers. In addition, meditation and yoga may also be taught to help a person stay calm and in control of themselves. Drug rehabilitation programs can take anywhere between 28 days to 6 months. Depending on the person's progress, a patient may be released early or may be asked to stay on for longer. Once a patient has completed the detox program, doctors usually advise continuing treatment with an outpatient program. Alternatively they may be advised to continue counseling to help cope with the changes in their lifestyle. This helps ease their rehabilitation and helps prevent a relapse.