Most popular baby shower favors

The most precious things in life often include pregnancy, child birth and child rearing. When a woman is pregnant, her heart and mind is filled with visions of happiness, love and fulfillment. Pregnancy is a time when a woman spends nine months in anticipation even as she takes complete care of herself in emotional and physical terms, which has a direct bearing on the well-being of the child.

Naturally, there are a number of rituals and traditions that are celebrated around the world to make the expecting mother feel special. A baby shower is one such tradition that helps friends and family get together, so that they can all bring gifts for the expecting mother. This is also a time when loved ones show their support for the mother and child. Typically, this is a big celebration that also includes party favors, food and much bunting.

Some popular baby shower favors are –

Personalized Gifts
You can easily give your friends personalized gifts that will be embellished with icons and colors depending on the sex of the baby you are expecting. You can also choose gender-neutral elements in case you have decided to be surprised as far as the gender goes. You can get mason jars, glasses, mugs and even photo frames personalized as a thank you token for your guests. This will also make them feel special.

Photo Frames
If there is one thing that we cannot get enough of, it is pictures. No matter where we go and what we do, we always like to capture moments in pictures. So a really good gift for your guests could be photo frames. You can choose soothing white frames with colorful buttons and pins, or could also put in a picture of the guest so that he or she feels cherished. In such cases, you will need to label each gift with the name of the guest so that there is no mix up.

Coasters and Card Holders
Pretty table accessories are also the perfect gifts to give someone. So choose cute elephants and tiny dinosaurs for peppy and cheery gifts. These can be shaped as a coasters and card holders so that they can accompany place settings as well.

Nothing shows your gratitude better than aromatic and fragrant candles with pretty holders. Get tea light holders with a set of scented candles so that your guests feel pampered. You can also get embellished holders or do them up with colored glitter, depending on the gender of the baby you are expecting.

Tutus and Shoes
You can choose tiny little tutus and shoes which can be framed and given to your guests with a handwritten thank you note. This will make the perfect gift for your guests. You can choose frocks or tiny shorts depending on the gender of the baby. For a gender-neutral statement, you can choose shoes.


  • Make your bathroom luxurious with walk-in showers and tubs
    The best thing about walk in tubs and shower is, with helping in enhancing the overall look of your bathing space, they are designed with keeping in mind the safety of the user. Walk in tub showers are one of such items that will transform your bathroom aesthetically. With walk in tub showers, you can enjoy a perfect shower, and with a walk-in tub. They are also convenient for seniors in your house. Here are some reasons as to why buying walk in showers and tubs for your bathrooms can be a right choice: Walk in tub showers are the perfect addition to a comfortable bathroom. They come with glass sliding doors making them a luxurious item for the bathroom. You don't have to visit a sauna, every time you wish to have a hot water bath, as they are ideal for having a comforting hot water bath after a long and tiring day. And the best thing is that they keep your bathroom dry, which is essential when you have costly floorings like that of hardwood or carpeted bathroom floor. If you want to take your bathroom to another level of luxury, then a walk-in tub is what need. Apart from the convenience that walk in tub and showers offer, they are of great help for any elderly person staying at your home. These walk-in tubs have seats, which make it comfortable for individuals with restricted mobility. With these, anyone can enjoy a great bath without the fear of falling or slipping and hurting themselves. A walk in tub shower is also quite small and does not take a whole lot of your bathroom space. With the benefits that it provides, it is indeed becoming a popular bathroom component in every household.
  • Light bulbs to lighten up the house
    Bulbs are very important to provide adequate light in the house and its surroundings. It has rather become a necessity than desire. After the ban of incandescent bulbs on January 1, 2014, the United States of America has come up with various types of bulbs that provide an alternative to 40-70 Watt bulbs. The performance of it is dependent upon the light source (bulb) being used. Different bulbs have different roles and produce various lighting effects. There are various bulbs that also vary in performance and efficiency. There are certain bulbs specifically designed to save energy and provide the desired lightening effects. One such source is called as LUMEN, whose full form is Lighting Understanding for a More Efficient Nation. It is led by the American Lighting Association in alliance to save energy and the National Electrical Manufacture Association. It is in collaboration with 40 or more organizations. Various types of bulbs
    • LEDs Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a popular category of bulbs that are usually seen in average American homes. Light emitting diodes consist of a chip that is present in a plastic container. They are small in size and are effectively combined to form a single light bulb. LED lighting is more durable and efficient than any other light source, and are introducing more applications for homes. They are more popular in some types of downlights and under cabinet strips. It has an Energy Star Symbol to ensure good quality and better efficiency in LEDs.
    • Incandescent bulbs Incandescent or glowing bulbs often produce light when passed through electric current and a filament, which is the reason for its glowing effects. They are best used to cater to demands of high brightness levels. They also save energy and are energy efficient as compared to other light sources. According to the Energy and Independence Act of 2007, incandescent bulbs should produce an equal amount of light combined with less wattage. Wattage being referred to as the amount of electricity produced by a light source. The various types of incandescent bulbs are as follows. General Service These are light bulbs that are cheap and easily available. They were the most used light bulbs in the early 90s. They come at a very low price and produce a warm bright yellow light that is scattered in every direction. It has three basic shapes, i.e., General, Globe, and Decorative. Reflectorized bulbs They consist of a reflective coating in nature and direct light in almost the same direction. Parabolic Reflector bulbs They are also known as PAR and are control efficient. Light fixtures of this type control more light and emit more clarity. They are suitable for outdoor locations and places prone to floods. They are also used to track lights. Tungsten-halogen incandescent bulbs These bulbs produce better light as compared to any other incandescent bulbs. Their light is brighter, whiter, and is emitted in all directions. They have a longer shelf life and provide more wattage than any other incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs They are available in two types. Line voltage It is usually about 120 Watts. Low voltage It is usually about 12 Volts.
  • Key highlights of the 2021 Ford Fusion
    It has been a while since Ford took a step back from making and selling sedans in the US market, so the launch of the 2021 Ford Fusion is awaited by many. The new model is set to be released later this year with a complete makeover, and it may give a tough fight to competitors like the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, and Toyota Camry. Read on for the key highlights of the 2021 Ford Fusion. Features The 2021 Ford Fusion will be available in four trims—S, SE, SEL, and Titanium—with options for choosing front-wheel or all-wheel-drive configuration. That said, all-wheel-drive is only available with the SE and Titanium trims. All trims come with a 6-speed automatic transmission, and the model also has a SYNC 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Plus, there’s LED signature lighting, a heated steering wheel, and 10 position seat adjustments. The 2021 Ford Fusion also features traction control and dual-stage airbags, along with front and rear seat belt pretensioners and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Price, speed, and brakes The 2021 Ford Fusion 2.5 Flex is expected to hit the market at a price of around $32,200, and the SEL 2.0 EcoBoost trim will cost around $34,000. The Titanium 2.0 EcoBoost will be available for around $38,000, while the one with AWD will cost around $42,000. According to speculations, the Ford Fusion is the second slowest car when it comes to 0-60 mph acceleration, so opt for the SE or SEL trim for better performance. Its braking power is expected to be moderate as the car is heavy and takes time to stop. That said, it has linear brakes, so the braking does not feel abrupt. Engine performance The 2021 Ford Fusion is expected to have a 234 hp 2.0 engine with petrol, and the hybrid version will have a 134 hp 2.0 engine with an electric motor and an automatic CVT gearbox. The Titanium trim will come with a powerful 245 hp 2-liter turbocharged engine with 270 lb-ft of torque. The 2.5 Flex gives an average of 5.4-7.9 km/l in the city and 8.2-11.9 km/l on the road with ethanol/petrol. The 2.0 turbo petrol engine averages 8.6 km/l in the city and 11.7 km/l on the road, and the hybrid version takes it up a notch with an average of 16.8 km in the city and on the road.
  • Top 10 Cyber Monday deals on washers and dryers
    If you were to list the essential appliances that are a must in almost every home, you might put down a washer. Washing machines and, if space permits, dryers can help you do the laundry in no time. They are essential appliances whether you have a small or large family. Here’s a list of deals offered on washers and dryers last year on Cyber Monday, so you know what to expect this year. Samsung 5.2 cu. ft. large capacity smart top-load washer If you have a large family or need to do a lot of laundry regularly, this large-capacity washer might be perfect. Last year on Cyber Monday, you could get this at Best Buy with a saving of $280. This machine has loads of smart features and can be easily controlled through an app. LG 2.4 cu ft compact front-load washer with Built-In Intelligence If you are short of space, this compact washer might be best. It can easily fit under a countertop or be stacked on top of a dryer. It has many useful features, including fabric sensors and anti-vibration technology. You could get it at $300 off the original price at Best Buy last year. LG 4.3 cu ft top-load washer This LG machine was among the hard-to-miss deals offered at Best Buy last year at more than $100 off. It has a four-way agitator, and six wash cycles help to keep your clothes looking clean and new every time. Whirlpool WED4815EW dryer If you are looking for dryers, check out this one. It was available at Lowe’s at nearly $100 off last year on Cyber Monday. It has a capacity of 7.0 cu Ft. and comes with Wrinkle Shield technology and the AutoDry Drying System. GE 4.5 Cu. Ft. top-load agitator washer and 6.2 Cu. Ft. gas dryer Wayfair offered this washer dryer set at about 10% off last year on Cyber Monday. From delicates to bulky items such as bedding, you can get all your laundry done in this top-load washer with a capacity of 4.5 cu ft. The dryer has a capacity of 6.2 cu. Ft. Portable laundry washing machine by BLACK+DECKER If you have a small family, this machine can handle small loads perfectly. It has a capacity of 5 cu. Ft and loads of functions, including 5 wash cycle programs and various water settings. It is also energy efficient and was available on Amazon and Best Buy at a discounted price during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period last year. SAMSUNG 2.2 Cu Ft compact front-load washer Although small, this machine is quite powerful and can finish a load in about 40 minutes. In addition to standard features available on all washing machines, this one comes with steam wash technology that helps get rid of tough stains. You might be able to get it on Amazon at about 10% off. LG washtower electric stacked laundry center with washer dryer This stackable laundry center not only makes doing the laundry easy but could also help you save about $800. It was offered at a discounted price at Lowe’s last year, and you might get the same or even a better price drop this year too. It comes in a black steel finish and has a TurboWash 360 feature that can clean your clothes in less than 30 minutes. LG stackable electric dryer This electric dryer has a capacity of 7.4 cu ft and comes with Sensor Dry technology that automatically adjusts the drying time depending on the size of the load. This shopping season, it is expected to be available at a discount of $250 at Lowe’s. Samsung 7.4 cubic feet electric dryer This dryer was available for nearly 30% off on the Samsung Electronics website. It has a large capacity, is energy efficient, and can easily be controlled through a phone app.
  • Things to bear in mind while selecting rugs
    There are different types of rugs available in the market. If you want to add an ideal finishing touch your home, you need to purchase antique rugs. Rugs can also be used to cover up a dirty carpet and they also safeguard your feet from cold floors. Rugs can be described as versatile items that perform a wide range of tasks. What are the most important things to consider while purchasing a rug? Be clear about your purpose If you want the rug to fulfill a practical purpose like covering your entrance hall to prevent mud from trailing in; you need to select cheap rugs that can be washable. Wear and tear related problems do not show up easily as far as cheap sturdy rugs go and they are excellent options for busy areas of your home. Designer rugs, on the other hand, are known to up the style quotient of your living space. Decide on the shape and style carefully You have to consider the 'wow' factor if you want the rug to be the focal point of a particular room. A distinctive pattern can be described as a conversation starter. Leather rugs are known to give your house a spunk yet it can retain the elegance you desire for it. Also, you have to consider the shape of the rug in a careful manner. A circular one is a better option than a conventional rectangle rug. Measure the room You must take the measurements of the room before purchasing a rug. Even when you find that a rug goes well with the measurements of your room, you have to decide whether you would like the furniture to stand on it or not. If you want to leave certain parts of your floor exposed, figuring out the positioning of the rug becomes important. When there are a lot of areas to cover, you can consider buying two rugs instead of opting for a large one. Consider the decor You must select patterns that go well with the dcor of your room. Some luxury rugs may look stunning in the shop, but they may not look that great in your home. It is good to consider the usual color rules. For a cozy appearance, darker rugs are the best options and lighter shades can be used to create feelings of space. For a feminine room, you can select a summery shade and colors such as grey, black and brown are masculine. Think about the material and texture You must give utmost importance to texture and material. Rugs are made using different types of materials. It ranges from soft sheepskins to hard leather rugs and some of them are hardwearing compared to others and the durability also varies depending on the materials. Wool rugs can be described as natural air regulators and excellent durability can be associated with leather rugs. The budget, purpose, and dcor of the room are important factors and you must consider all these points while selecting a perfect rug for your home.
  • Popular My Life Dolls for Kids
    A huge range of My Life Dolls options is available for you in the market such as a DIY toy, cartoon toy, and educational toy. You can also pick out from fashion doll, doll clothes, and washer, and also from vinyl, plush, and plastic. There are a total of 121 suppliers of My Life Dolls mainly located in Asia. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China (Mainland) are the top supplying countries which supply about 60%, 22%, and 17% of My Life Dolls respectively. The products of the My Life Dolls are more popular in Western Europe, Northern Europe, and Southern Europe. Following are the various types of My Life Dolls available in the market:
    • My Life As 18-inch Soccer Captain Doll with Medium Brown Hair The doll comes with long eyelashes which are able to open and close. The doll's hair can be brushed and styled which provides hours of playtime for your child.
    • The 18 inch My Life as Party Planner Doll This My Life Doll has a bright pink dress with matching shoes and flowing lace. Suggested for kids, age 5 and above.
    • Sunny Day Brush & Style Sunny Doll This is doll set comes with various hair accessories. The kid can style the doll's hair with clip-in hair charm. These hair accessories can also be worn by the kid. The doll is about 27 cm tall.
    Following are the My Life Dolls Accessories:
    • 10 pieces Sophia's 18 Inch Doll Pet, Golden Puppy, and Accessories This is an amazing product for kids and comes with many fun accessories too. It is a very cute and an inexpensive set.
    • 23 pieces 18 inch Doll baking set It comes with Cups & Plates, Mixer, Bowl & Spoon, Measuring Spoons, Measuring Cup, Spatula, Recipe, Canisters for Ingredients, Tray & Bite Size Cookies, Cupcake Tray & Bite Size Cupcakes all perfect for Sophia's fashioner Doll.
    • Sophia’s 14-piece Hair care set for the doll: This set includes a straightener, hair dryer, curling iron, comb, and a hand mirror as well as hair accessories. It is a lovely purple, pink and blue miniature hair Salon set.
    • Blue Dot Doll Toy Car Seat With this product, children learn to be careful and responsible as they safely secure their favorite doll or a toy into the doll car seat.
    • My Life as Mini Horse This set includes horse, bridle, saddle, saddle pad, 2 leg wraps, brush, carrot, and blanket. It is a Mini horse for My Life Mini Dolls. It has flowing mane and tail perfect for brushing.
    In this article, we have discussed some of our favorite My Life Dolls which are a hit among girls of all ages.