Opting for a permanent or term insurance, make the right choice

Term life insurance is a great fit for people who support families, providing financial support when you aren’t around anymore to provide for them. At times though, you need to leave behind something more for your fully grown children/heirs. In such instances, the permanent life insurance is your best bet.

What Is Term Insurance?
The term insurance is a type of insurance plan that covers your family for a specified period. The yearly premiums are quite inexpensive. This is because you will be covered for a short span; your policy loses its value after the completion of this period.Term insurance policies range for a span of 1 to 30 years. Most people opt for a span of 20 years, and premiums stay unaltered throughout the term.

The Benefits Of Term Insurance
Term insurance is often referred to as pure life insurance since it is devised to offer coverage for your family if you have a premature death. The only benefit of this policy is that, if you die within the stipulated period, your beneficiaries will receive all the benefits.

What Is Permanent Insurance?
Permanent life insurance covers you as long as you live, and even beyond that. The most critical feature of the permanent insurance is the cash value, which accumulates and grows with the passage of time. You can also borrow against this value to supplement your savings at retirement.

Using The Cash Value
The cash value is free from any tax payments, which means that you won’t have to pay any revenues for the accumulated gains. But you should note here that it is crucial to pay off the policy with due interests in time. Otherwise, you will end up reducing the death benefit to a considerable extent. Also, if you decide to surrender the permanent insurance policy, you will be left with no coverage at all.

Features Of Permanent Insurance: Permanent life insurance is relatively more complicated than term insurance. An experienced and reliable financial counselor would be able to help you understand and choose the right options.

Although seemingly complex, permanent life insurance is actually very straightforward.The yearly premium charges remain the same as long as you live, you get guaranteed death benefits, and the cash value rises at a predictable rate.

You can also find whole life policies that earn you annual dividends. You can use these to:

  • Take as cash
  • Leave as a deposit for drawing interest
  • Use to reduce the interest premium
  • Repay the policy loans
  • Purchase additional coverage

Determining The Coverage You Require
Go for a tenure that coincides with the number of years family would be most vulnerable regarding finance. Consider the various forms of financial aid your family will need if you are not by their side. The payout from life insurance should replace your monthly income, and keep your family paid and protected.


  • Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors
    Seniors have different requirements from their cell phones, and they might not want to pay for the standard features that usually come with phone plans. Some seniors may not want to pay for unlimited data, or they might need extra hours on their talk time, or they might want to make international calls at no extra costs. Considering their different needs, many cell phone carriers in the country have created phone plans for seniors. There are many low-cost options available, and some mobile carriers offer specific plans for seniors who are on Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, or other government-funded programs. Following are some of the best senior phone plans that you can enjoy in the country. T-Mobile - Pay as You Go This plan can be availed at a monthly price of around $3. It offers the seniors 30 minutes of free calls or texts, and any additional usage costs 10 cents per minute or per message. It is probably the cheapest and the best phone plan for seniors as they do not have to pay for additional facilities other than calling and texting. AT&T – GoPhone Daily AT&T's GoPhone Daily plan costs approximately $2 per day. This phone plan for seniors comes with unlimited talk time and text messages. This plan needs them to pay only on the days that they use the phone. Therefore, they do not even have to pay $2 on other days. Ting Ting charges seniors separately for their data, talk time, and text usage. The base price for a phone plan for seniors is around $6, and post this the customer has to pay based on their usage. The usage of individual services is divided into levels, and the senior has to pay for these services only after they reach the level. US Mobile US Mobile also offers a similar plan where individuals have to pay the company based on their usage. The base price for this type of plan is around $4, and it is topped by how many messages the senior sends or how much data he or she uses. Again, here, the plan is divided into levels, and seniors have to pay only they reach the level. Boost – Mobile Unlimited This plan from Boost is an excellent phone plan for seniors who are mobile savvy. This plans costs roughly $50 per month and provides the seniors with unlimited talk time, high-speed data, and unlimited texting.
  • How To Buy A New Iphone At An Affordable Price

    You have been longing to get hold of an Apple iPhone for years but could not manage the price of the new iPhones. Well, this turmoil is faced by many people across the country. Yet, you can change the condition by applying little intelligence. If you want to flaunt the much-touted smartphone of Apple at a lesser price, you can search for the deals and discounts offered by different stores. You can also keep an eye on the new iPhone price drops for availing a significant price benefit. Many intelligent shoppers avail these price drops and enjoy multiple benefits. Some of the advantages of availing price drops on iPhones have been listed below:

    No need to compromise on your desire
    Purchasing the new iPhone X at a reduced price helps you fulfill your desire of getting a new phone without exceeding your budget. To get the best deal, you need to compare the price offered by a few different stores and find, which is offering you the most legitimate deal. Also, you need to note that even though you can avail a new device at a dropped price, it might not be possible for you to get the latest model at a slashed price. In most of the cases, prices are slashed on the older models as their demand reduces with time. However, if you are lucky enough, you may find the latest iPhone too at a discounted price.

    No need to settle for the refurbished phones
    There are several stores, which sell refurbished models of Apple iPhones at a discounted price. People who cannot afford the exorbitant price of these smartphones often settle for the refurbished ones. However, if you keep an eye on the price drop announcements, you can easily get a new device instead of a refurbished one. However, you may have to spend a bit extra than the refurbished ones, even when you purchase the new iPhone at a slashed price.

    Enjoy complete warranty
    When you purchase a new iPhone from an authentic seller, you can enjoy complete guarantee or warranty provided by the manufacturer. That means you can make your claims in case of the faulty device. However, when you purchase a refurbished or used iPhone from a third party, you do not get any such facilities and will have to bear all the repairing cost by yourself. Therefore, it is always better to spend a bit extra on purchasing new iPhones than the refurbished ones. You can check the websites of Consumer Reports or browse through Amazon to know about the price drops.

    Purchasing a new iPhone during price drop will not affect its performance as the features and specifications of the device remains the same. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate about making the purchase. Though there are multiple benefits of purchasing new iPhones at a slashed price, it might not be quite easy to get hold of such deals. Apple seldom reduces the price on its devices and you may have to wait for months to get the deal in your budget. No need to lose heart. All you need is to keep a constant track of the market and hit the jackpot on time.

    As it has already been said that waiting for the price drop the new iPhones is a tough task. Whenever you get hold of Apple iPhone 6 or Apple iPhone 7 at a slashed price, you should make sure to verify the authenticity of the deal before accepting it. There are several scam sites operating on the web, which offer these types of fraudulent deals. Do not get cheated by them. Check the reviews of the seller and read all the clauses carefully before accepting the offer. Some shops even sell refurbished phones instead of new ones by duping people with lucrative deals. So, check every detail minutely and then place the order. To be on the safer side, always make your purchase from a reliable seller.

  • Make a difference in the world by donating to these Christain humanitarian charities
    The world is a magnificent place to live in, but not every individual is blessed with the same luxuries and facilities that are conferred upon us. Innumerable people suffer from manmade and natural catastrophes, the onus of the former falls upon us, whereas, the latter is something we instigated; if there’s drought in some part of the world, the other part is affected by floods; if the people are dying of famine in a certain part of the world, some have lost their homes to war. This is a vicious, never-ending circle of unfortunate events that has become prevalent in recent times. What can one do in such dire circumstances? Well, what Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world” is what you can adhere to, and since charity begins from home, each one of us can recognize ourselves as citizens of the world, and start making efforts to help people in need. If you cannot directly help people in distress, you can get in touch with the best Christian charities and donate clothes, money, food, or anything that the people need. If you wish to donate to a charitable trust, here are some of the best Christian charities to donate to. Compassion International Established in the year 1952 by Rev. Everett Swanson to protect orphans in war-ravaged countries, Compassion International has risen to become one of the best Christain charities to donate to. The children who lived on the streets or were abandoned by the society were sheltered by Compassion International. This Christain charity is dedicated to helping children escape the economic, physical, and spiritual poverty they were previously subjected to. It is imperative for you to understand that poverty goes beyond the deprivation of financial resources or lack of food and clothing, it is being deprived of the hope that there’s an escape for the pathetic living conditions. A21 Campaign Not every child born into this world has the good fortune of being nurtured by a loving family, some of them are victims of horrific acts of human trafficking, sexual slavery, and other forms of slave labor. Christine Caine, an influential speaker, realized that the women who were forced to lead such a demeaning and horrible life needed help to lead a dignified life. Recognizing this problem as an epidemic instead of a mere societal issue, she established the A21 Campaign in 2008 to help women who were sexually abused and forced into slavery. It is quite an appalling fact that slavery still exists in the 21st century, and we as educated citizens should be the ones putting an end to it. You can donate to this Christain charity to help them provide medical treatment, therapy, legal assistance, and monetary help to the victims. Food for the Hungry (FH) FH, a Christian humanitarian organization, was founded by Larry Ward in 1971, who was left aghast by the fact that 12,000 children were dying of hunger in Haiti and Bangladesh. Food is one of the basic human necessities, and being denied of the basic needs is extremely unjust. FH operates as per biblical values and has arrived at the conclusion that poverty is the result of a fractured relationship between humans and humans, humans and creation, and humans and God. FH is one of the best Christain charities to donate to as it serves the poor in two important ways: by providing food, shelter, and clothing to survivors of natural disasters, and works for long-term economic development within impoverished communities. World Vision This Evangelical Christain humanitarian organization was founded by Bob Pierce in 1950 and is currently active in 97 countries. This Christain charitable organization has dedicated itself to helping the poor: children, families, and communities that are severely impoverished and denied to lead a life with dignity. In fact, World Vision has been actively helping people fight poverty and injustice. Though it is founded in the light of the teachings of Christ, it doesn’t turn a blind eye to the sufferings of people from other religion. You can donate to this Christain charity and help them combat poverty, provide emergency medical facilities, promote economic development, and help spread awareness in other countries. It seems Dr. Seuss hit the bull’s eye when he said “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Show the world you care.
  • Top Car Batteries to Choose From
    When you are getting late for office and your car does not start, you realize how a dysfunctional car battery can create problems for you. A flat battery can ruin your dinner plans if you cannot repair it on your own. Hence, the importance of a car battery. The most important part of the car’s engine, a battery gets the car running. Usually, a battery is either ‘flooded’ or ‘wet’ type. While flooded batteries are made up of lead plates and are maintenance free, wet batteries are comparatively cheap and completely hassle-free.

    How to buy a car battery?

    The life of a car battery depends on its proper usage, however, a well-maintained one can last up to five years. You should be careful and check your battery on a timely basis if it does not work even after charging. Also, do not start a car if your battery is leaking, has a cracked casing and its end walls are swollen. These are the indications to replace the battery. While doing so, you should keep a few things in mind. -Make sure to purchase a new car battery of the appropriate size and design as per your vehicle’s make. Too small a battery can affect the functioning of your car. Similarly, the design of the battery is equally important to ensure that it will fit in your car. -While buying a car battery, you have to be careful of the temperature you drive in. The hotter the temperature, the more strain your battery has to go through. For such cases, get a high-performance battery. -Always make sure you get a car battery with a shelf life of six months or less. Check the manufacturer code (indicates month and year) on the battery cover before buying. -It is advisable to get the car battery installed at the store for proper installation. Professionals can install it properly while saving you time and stress.

    Top car battery brands to buy

    One of the most reliable brands in car batteries, Optima has impressive starting power to start a car. Although they are expensive, these batteries have the longest lifespan and are known to work in extreme temperatures. Available in three different types - RedTop, Yellow Top, and BlueTop, Optima is perfect for SUVs, trucks, and other heavy vehicles.
    Marketed by Sears, DieHard batteries are considered as powerful and premium batteries. With a lifespan longer than other car batteries, DieHard can withstand drastic weather conditions. Ideal for famous brands such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, these batteries provide a maintenance-free solution.
    Duralast batteries are budget-friendly car batteries with excellent performance and longer life. Available only at AutoZone stores, these batteries work exceptionally well even in extreme conditions. The Duralast Gold battery is engineered with extra grids and plates to give your car maximum starting power, even in freezing temperatures.
    Exide car batteries have created a benchmark in the automotive batteries market with its superior performance and easy installation. Other than four-wheelers, Exide also manufactures batteries for three-wheelers, two-wheelers, and e-rickshaws. Its SureLife Graphite Technology promises hassle-free and quick charging even when the battery is fully discharged. Capable of delivering the best even at low temperatures, these batteries can work flawlessly in stop-and-go traffic.
    ACDelco is one of the best car batteries that have surpassed all the quality parameters. With zero maintenance and excellent performance, these batteries will last longer than your car. Quite affordable and with a great warranty, ACDelco is the best in the automotive battery business. Get it installed and drive smoothly for years.
    Odyssey PC680 car battery provides a fantastic service life, faster recharge time, and 80% longer life cycle than most conventional batteries. It features vibration resistance that protects against the shock while increasing the lifespan of the battery. It can also withstand extreme climatic conditions.
  • Give a twist and twirl to your Bloody Mary
    Bloody Mary is quite an ironical drink: an alcohol-based cocktail that is known to to be sure shot cure for a hangover. With a splash of vodka and mix of tomato juice, lemon juice, Tabasco and other spices, Bloody Mary seemed to have come out of nowhere. Although the cocktail has no relation to Queen Mary I of England, its origin is quite uncertain. One claim is that the cocktail was discovered by Fernand Petiot, a bartender at the New York Bar in Paris. The bar later changed its name to Harry's New York Bar. Another claim is that Bloody Mary was first served in the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Paris. Despite two conflicting stories, one thing is certain. The racy vodka-tomato based cocktail originated in the glamorous world of Paris. Also, it is related to Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was a frequent patron at the New York Bar. It is quite interesting that a cure for hangover was concocted in a bar frequented by a writer who was known to be a chronic alcoholic. Also known as Red Snapper, the Bloody Mary can be given several twists and twirls by adding different ingredients. Here are four quirky twists to make Bloody Mary.
    • Green Bloody Mary: This gives a complete 180 degree twist to the classic Bloody Mary. Red tomatoes are not required for this one. In a pitcher, mix tequila, tomatillo juice, green bell pepper juice, cucumber juice, celery juice, lime juice, salt, white pepper, celery salt, white balsamic vinegar, horseradish, green Tabasco sauce. Chill the mix in the refrigerator for a couple hours.
    • Asian Bloody Mary: This one uses the super-hot Sriracha. Mix vodka, tomato juice, sriracha (just little bit, you don't want to set your mouth and head on fire), wasabi, salt and pepper. Refrigerate the the combination. Serve with a garnish of a celery stalk.
    • Smoky Mary: This one gives a smoky twist to your conventional Bloody Mary. Combine together mezcal, fresh tomato juice, lime juice, cucumber juice, celery juice, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, Tabasco, chopped cilantro, a bit of liquid smoke and salt. Keep the pitcher in which you have mixed everything in the refrigerator. Serve with a garnish of pepperoncini, radish and olive on a skewer.
    • Caprese Mary: This salad in a glass version of Bloody Mary is quite popular in a Chicago-based pizzeria. In a pitcher, mix together gin, basil-lime syrup, and lime juice, Shake all the ingredients together. Wrap a cherry tomato with a basil leaf. Garnish your Caprese Mary with skewer laden with the basil-wrapped tomato and a piece mozzarella cheese.
  • Top 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy S7
    The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been one of the most popular phones. It belongs to the electronics giant, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy series. It soon became the favorite of its many users. Whether you talk about the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, both models are packed with some amazing features. Take a look at the top five features of these phones:
    • Sleek design
    The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a seamless slim design. It fits into your palm comfortably. It has a large screen and a Quad HD SuperAMOLED display that lets you see more and have a great viewing experience.
    • Sharp camera
    The phone boasts of a 12MP rear camera. It is one of the first smartphones to be equipped with the Dual Pixel technology features. With its sharp and upgraded cameras, you may bid a goodbye to blurry and dark pictures. The phone lets you click detailed pictures even in low-light and high-motion conditions.
    • Fast charging
    With this unique feature, you need not sit beside the switchboard and wait for your phone to charge. The phone’s fast charging capabilities and wireless charger allow it to charge the battery from zero to full in no time. This feature offers you the power to keep going all day.
    • Water resistance
    Do not worry about spilling and splashing water over your phone as the Samsung Galaxy S7 is water resistant. It has an IP68 rating, which means your phone can repel 5 feet water up to 30 minutes. Your phone is protected against water even if you do not have a protective case over it.
    • High storage
    With the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can never run out of memory. If the 32GB internal storage is insufficient for you, then opt for an external microSD card with a capacity as high as 256GB. With so much space to store, simply forget hard drives and clouds. Apart from these, there are a number of other wonderful features in the Samsung Galaxy S7 series, too. All of them are integrated to ensure an outstanding user experience.