Popular Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Headphones today play a crucial role in most people’s life. They can be used during long commutes, while waiting for a loved one or just to listen to songs, audiobooks, podcasts, and news. To add to it, today, the market is flooded with wireless headphones that solve the problem of unruly and tangled cables. The modern smart headphones can do much more! Wireless headphones are here to stay. The question then is which are the best Bluetooth wireless headphones for you?

Take a look at the list of wireless headphones and make an informed decision.

Sony WH-1000XM2
This is one of the best noise-canceling Bluetooth wireless headphones in the market. It has several improvements compared to its predecessors such as better battery life and lesser price. It costs pretty much the same as Bose QC35s. Overall, Sony WH-100XM2 outclass most of the headphones in term of performance.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II
This premium set of headphones is an improved version of the already existing QuietComfort 35 II. The new model includes a dedicated Google Assistant which only improves its list of features. Additionally, they sound great and have a long battery life.

Jabra Move Wireless
If you desire to own an affordable wireless headphone then Jabra Move Wireless is the one for you. Although it may appear to look ordinary, don’t be fooled by it. It comes with an edgy design and stellar performance.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless
If affordability is not an issue then these classy pair is one of the best Bluetooth wireless headphones you can get hold of. Though most people may be put off owing to their exorbitant price, they’re a comfortable set of headphones that are sure to last for years.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2
If you’re a frequent traveler and wish to own a headphone that blocks out the sound and has a long battery life then Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 is the one for you. It has a unique feature that allows it to turn off automatically if you are not wearing them. This, in turn, improves its battery life. In short, this is an excellent travel headphone with all the needy features you would love to enjoy in a headphone. All this at the best price too!

Sennheiser PXC 550
If noise-cancellation coupled with the wireless operation is what you are looking for in your headphones, then Sennheiser PXC 550 might be just the one for you. Although a tad on the pricey side, these headphones provide you with some great sound quality. A minor drawback is their controls- not much of a help when you set the volume at a particular level or when you wish to skip several tracks.

AKG N60NC Wireless
Get total value for your money with this fantastic mid-range priced headphones. The headphones sport a compact design and offer noise-cancellation that is on par with any other premium quality headphones. A big issue with this set of headphone is that they can be uncomfortable when used for a long time. They are on-ears rather than over-the-ears and may pose a problem for most people who love to wear their headphones for longer periods.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless
If you’re not too picky about the sound quality, then Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones might be the one for you. They are not only good looking but are also comfortable. Additionally, they have a great battery life. Overall, headphones are worth buying for the price it has.

Optoma NuForce BE Sport3
A perfect example of futuristic wireless headphones, Optoma NuForce are the best Bluetooth wireless headphones you can buy. They offer incredible noise isolation, great sound quality, and long-lasting battery life and come with a bulletproof build.

Please note that the Bluetooth wireless headphones mentioned above are not listed in any particular preference or order. You can visit your nearest electronics store and understand more from the expert present there.


  • Causes and Treatment of Dry Cough
    Coughing is an act which helps to clear the foreign particles from the throat and the airway, where the foreign particles are usually germs, irritants, or mucus. It can be voluntary as well as involuntary. Coughs are of two types—productive and non-productive. A productive cough or wet cough involves phlegm and mucus whereas a non-productive cough or a dry cough does not include any phlegm and mucus. According to the American Lung Association, dry cough is a persistent medical condition for many individuals in the country. In this article, we will concentrate on the causes of a dry cough and treatment of this medical condition. What causes a dry cough? Medical conditions, lifestyle disorders, and environmental issues are the common causes of a dry cough among most people. Continue reading to know more about the causes of a dry cough and treatment thereafter.
    • Upper respiratory tract infection In more than 25 percent of the cases, dry cough results due to upper respiratory infections including pharyngitis, laryngitis, and tonsils. These types of medical conditions are most common during the fall and winter.
    • Asthma Asthma is another common cause of a dry cough where the airways of the patients become inflamed, and their thickness reduces. There is a condition cough variant asthma (CVA) which results in a chronic dry cough. The patient experiences wheezing, respiratory distress, and chest pain along with a dry cough in asthma.
    • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) It is a condition where the acid from the stomach refluxes into the esophagus and causes irritation in the food pipe. This irritation results in a dry cough in patients. In many cases, the patients also complain of heartburn, regurgitation of food, sore throat, and a feeling of a lump of food in the throat. It is a common cause of a dry cough and treatment of GERD is usually undertaken through lifestyle changes and medicines.
    • Environmental irritants The presence of allergens in the atmosphere like smoke, pollution, pollen, and dust, may irritate the windpipe and result in a dry cough.
    • Smoking Smoking is a potential cause of a dry cough. Toxic chemicals present in tobacco interfere with the function of cilia and causes inflammation. The reflex action tries to remove this inflammation and it ends in a dry cough.
    Dry cough treatment Here are some of the cough treatments which may offer you relief from the condition.
    • Salt and water gargle Regular gargling with salt and warm water soothes the throat and prevents the occurrence of a cough.
    • Consumption of honey Drinking a cup of herbal tea made of honey and lemon can work wonders in curing dry cough and soothing a sore throat.
    • Cough expectorant Certain over-the-counter cough expectorants containing dextromethorphan help in treating dry coughs.
     A dry cough is annoying, but a combination of healthy lifestyle and medicines help in curing it under medical supervision.
  • Reasons to get a home elevator
    Earlier, home elevators were considered as a utility for individuals with limited mobility or a luxurious addition rendered by the rich. However, over the years, the cost of home elevators as well as their installation have drastically dropped, encouraging many homeowners to opt for them. Are you contemplating about getting a home elevator but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the investment? Continue reading to know why you should install one in your home. Functionality As mentioned earlier, home elevators are practical for people tackling mobility issues. It can help them move around their house with ease, minimizing physical effort. Moreover, other homeowners can use it for easily moving bulky items up and down instead of holding or lugging them on the stairs. This also helps prevent wasting time in going back and forth. As compared to stairwells, home elevators can take up limited space, and that helps save a lot of space. Increased real estate value Having a home elevator automatically amplifies the resale value of a property. Several prospective home buyers look for spaces that have elevators as it ensures fuss-free accessibility. This feature matters for home buyers who want to settle down in place and don’t want to switch properties in the future in case their mobility worsens. Safety and security Home elevators decrease the instances of accidents, especially when it comes to children and seniors. In terms of security, certain home elevators come with the feature of limited accessibility to avoid unauthorized use. It could be coupled with the home safety system to secure the residence further. Stylish addition Home elevators can make a house look stylish and sophisticated. The great part is that now home elevators come in a variety of designs and can be customized according to a homeowner’s preferences. Such a luxurious appeal is also instrumental in increasing in the home’s overall value. If you are planning to get a home elevator, here are some brands that you should check out:
    • Easy Climber
    • Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC
    • Savaria
    • Inclinator
    • Garaventa
    • Waupaca Elevator Company
    Typically, you can expect to pay around $25,000 to $60,000 for installing a residential elevator, based on its type, features, and designs. Tag – Home elevators
  • How to Select the Best Foundation for Aging Skin
    Makeup has evolved to become more than a beauty tool. It has helped many women and men become confident, glamorous and classy. For instance, Egyptians used kohl to line their eyes and color their faces. In many cultures, makeup was a sign of class and royalty as well. So, let's talk about how to use makeup to your advantage if you have a mature skin. Foundation creates an invisible base, on which you can apply your makeup in a way, to create a smooth texture. You also need to keep your skin moisturized since age dehydrates skin. Keep in mind the following things when you select the best foundation for aging skin and you are sure to get best results.

    Selecting a foundation

    Before you find the best foundation for aging skin, understand how a foundation works. Foundations even out your skin tone and cover minor flaws. They should be light and absorbent and not gluggy or heavy. If you have dry skin, you need a hydrating formula to help your skin look dewy and fresh. For oily skins, oil-free creamy formulations work well. Selecting incorrect foundation could get into the wrinkles and fine lines. Always try out a foundation before you buy one. Your skin color also plays an important role. Darker or lighter shade would dull your appearance. Check the shade of your foundation using your jawline. Take professional help before choosing your personal best. Also, your skin changes with different seasons. Go for creamier or more luminescence for glowing appearance. Foundations come in the form of powders, creams, and liquid formulas. Choose ones that are lightweight. A heavy product can settle into fine lines spoiling the look. So the best foundations for aging skin should be light, suitable for your skin and the tone of your skin. The best foundation for aging skin also blends into the skin without looking fake.

    Following a skin care routine before using the foundation

    What goes on your skin plays an important role in keeping the foundation natural looking. There are small steps that can help your skin to look healthy with or without any foundation. To ensure that your even the best foundation for aging skin appear well blended, keep these steps in mind:
    Washing and cleaning your skin
    This is the most indispensable part of any makeup routine. Always clean your skin with water and apply a gentle moisturizer to rehydrate. If you have makeup on, remove it with a good quality makeup remover. Wash your face and moisturize it. You can also use a skin balm for additional nourishment. Once you have cleaned your skin, only then prep your face for makeup. Cleansing would help a tired or dull look, especially if you have aging skin.
    Applying primer before foundation
    A primer is essential for aging skin as it combats shine and hides pores. You can skip this step if you are going to apply makeup only for few hours. But for a long matte and smooth appearance, a primer is a must. Dab it on your skin with the tip of your fingers and gently massage it. Primers hold makeup and also allows your foundation to last without caking. It works wonders for sweaty skin and even hides minor blemishes. Using primers bring out the color of any best foundation for aging skin. For best results, remember this step.
    Finishing your look
    After you done applying foundation and other makeup, it's time to bring it all together. Use a luminescent matte powder to give you a memorable glow. Use a powder brush to dust it on your cheekbones starting from your forehead hairline. It would lift up the freshness of your skin and give you a smoother look. Foundations from Dermablend, Stila Cosmetics, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind or Cover FX are few foundations that are available in the market. Research and review thoroughly before you select the best one for your skin.
  • The ultimate North Face jacket to stave off the cold in style

    Are you in search for the perfect winter jacket? The North Face triclimate range is an answer to all your needs. These jackets feature plenty of pockets along with sturdy HyVent technology in the fabric. It is not just about technological sounding fabric, but style as well. With the weather cooling and sunshine taking the back-foot, it's time to start looking for a stylish, warm, winter jacket.

    Features of North Face jackets
    Rest assured that these jackets will keep you warm and dry even in the harshest of weather conditions. Some of the most discussed features of the North Face jackets include:

    3 in 1 versatility
    Probably the most attractive feature of the triclimate North Face jackets is its 3 in 1 versatility. They come with a waterproof outer covering shell, with a detachable zip. The name of the technology comes from the fact that you can wear the fleece, or the outer jacket, or both together. Wearing the fleece and shell together adds warmth. This empowers you to control and regulate your temperature effortlessly, and hence the name triclimate.

    You can combine it with other ranges of the North Face jackets as well. For instance, some Nuptse down wearables can be zipped into the comfortable TNF waterproof shells. This mix and match feature further extends its versatility and convenience, regardless of the weather outside.

    Usability and functionality
    When you are attaching the jacket to the outer shell, the zip of the fleece will match the zip teeth on the inner side of the jacket exterior. The loops and the zip present on the neck and wrist will allow you to attach the two garments together so that they become one.

    The process is quite simple for when you need to separate or attach the fleece and outer shell when the temperature changes. You can simply detach or attach while keeping the fleece on your body.

    Pockets to make life simple
    Another important feature of North Face jackets is that they come with a host of pockets. Each of them is spacious enough so that you can cram in all your essentials. In most cases, you have two pockets in the hip area, and a chest pocket in certain models. These pockets will fit everything important, including sunglasses, smartphone, maps, and snacks.

    Also, there is also an internal storage pocket which you can use even when you detach the fleece. Perfect for when you need to keep some secure, like a passport.

    These features should be enough to compel you to add a stylish and comfortable North Face jacket into your wardrobe. You can get many options in color and design, there will be one perfect for you.

  • 4 common travel mistakes to avoid
    Whether it is for business or pleasure, traveling calls for meticulous planning and execution. Frequent travelers probably have their own set of tried and tested tricks to easily move through airports, avoid being stranded or stuck in a foreign place, and have an altogether safe and efficient trip. As most of us resume travel after a long break, it is important to revisit and avoid common traveling mistakes for a smooth journey. Overpacking This is a common issue for most people regardless of the number of trips they have taken in the past. The art of packing light doesn’t have to be complicated. It is okay to repeat a few outfits to make space for the essentials. Also, wouldn’t you want to set aside some space in case you decide to go shopping on your trip? To avoid paying an excess baggage fee, review your itinerary and pack accordingly. No cell phone plan One of the common traveling mistakes is completely relying on Wi-Fi. However, not every café, station, or hotel is likely to offer free or reasonably fast internet. So, when you have no access to the Wi-Fi, you wouldn’t want to be stranded and have no means of calling for help. This is why you must always look for affordable cell phone plans while traveling. You may get a local sim to avoid any exorbitant traveling fees/prices on your original plan. Not notifying your bank You must always check if your cards can be used internationally, and if they are not activated for international travel, you can either do it through the mobile app or ask the bank to provide access. Credit cards can get blocked when swiped in another country if your bank has not been informed about the travel plans and destination beforehand. No buffer between flights International travel could mean that there is no direct flight to your destination, and you might have to book a connecting flight. You should check the connection time or duration of the layover and ensure that you have enough time to board the second flight. Not including a buffer period of at least a few hours is a serious traveling mistake that would result in missing the next flight if your first trip is delayed or canceled. You should account for such uncertainties in the schedule for all modes of travel.
  • What you need to know about O’Reilly auto parts
    O'Reilly Auto Parts, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri is an American auto parts retailer. It sells aftermarket auto parts and tools in addition to supplying equipment and accessories. It sells to both professional automotive service providers as well as end users. O'Reilly Automotive, Inc. was established way back in 1957. It just started off as one store in Springfield, Missouri. Today it has 4,829 stores across 47 states including Alaska and Hawaii, employing over 74,000 staff members. It's net income stands upwards of $1,038 million and its net assets at upwards of $7.20 billion as of 2016. In 1993, this automative retail giant finished its first round of IPO (Initial Public Offering) and it now trades at NASDAQ market with the symbol ORLY. O'Reilly rose to be in the top 10 list of auto part retailers in United States after it acquired Hi/LO back in 1998. This acquisition marked a major milestone for the company as it added 182 stores in Texas and Louisiana as well as a distribution center in Houston. After its first acquisition, O'Reilly purchased Mid-State Automotive distributors, Inc. in 2001, Midwest Automotive Distributors, Inc. in 2005 and CSK Auto in 2008. It also announced its acquisition of VIP Parts in 2012 and Bond Auto Parts in 2016. David O'Reilly is the Chairman of the Board and Greg Hensley is the Chief Executive Officer of O'Reilly Auto Parts. Their catalog includes interior and exterior accessories, air conditioning, battery and accessories, engine parts and mounts, tire and wheel, waxes and washes, filters and PVC valves, brakes, belts and hoses, ignition and tune up, oil, fluids and chemicals among a variety of other product categories. They sell auto parts from hundreds of leading brands and manufacturers such as Mobil1, Castrol, Bosch, Gates, Fulton, Delta, Chroma, and Valvoline. The O'Reilly stores even recycle your old battery cores and used oil and filters. Then offer you a $10 gift card as a reward if you have an unbroken automative battery. They provide recycle services for free with a view to help the environment. O'Reilly provides an excellent customer service in addition to a range of services to make auto parts shopping a seamless experience. The company offers free shipping on most orders of $75 or more. You even get on a loyalty program and earn loyalty points every time you shop. You can sign up for free and start accumulating points as you buy. You will be sent a certificate of $5 as soon as you hit 150 points.
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