Weighing the pros and cons of online wills

A last will and testament is a legal document that lets the person who is making the will to give the authority of his or her property and possessions to the people of his or her choice. These individuals who are going to receive the property or possessions of the testator are known as the beneficiaries of the last will and testament. This legal document also lets you name a guardian who would be taking care of the minor children. The very purpose of a will is that the testator’s demands are to be fulfilled and not what is the default action of the state laws. Nowadays, you also have online legal will that also acts like a normal will. Read on to find out about the different advantages and disadvantages of online wills.

Advantages of online wills
Online wills are less expensive that hiring a lawyer. Cost is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating a last will and testament. There are a number of sites that specifically deals with online wills and have a limited price range. You do not have to charge an exorbitant price for making an online will.

Th online will do not take a lot of your time. So, if you have all the questions ready for creating the online will, then you can finish up the will very quickly. Therefore, the online legal wills are simple as well. On the other hand, if you are contacting an attorney for making the will, you will have to spend time in meeting him, explaining the details of your properties and possessions and then name the beneficiaries. And this also requires the extra lawyer charges.

There are also some cases wherein people are not uncomfortable sharing their death wishes with a stranger and therefore might find online wills more comfortable.

Disadvantages of online wills
As a last will and testament is a legal document, it needs to be reviewed by a professional. But online wills haven’t been reviewed by a professional. But if you are worried about getting a reviewed document, then you can always show the online will to a professional lawyer.

Online wills can also be one of those that does not suit your specific situation. And so, you might also not find the right website that will provide you with the correct will format.

There can be a case that the state laws might have been updated regarding last will and testament but the website has not been modified. In such a case, you will need to research well before you fill up any of the online will forms.


  • Why use church chairs in community spaces?
    The style and design of church chairs have been prominent in not only churches and prayer rooms, but also in spaces such as the court chambers. Listed below are few reasons that you might want to consider when choosing to use church style chairs as a seating option in your community spaces.
    • Affordability: The demand for church chairs is growing due to their affordability and flexibility. This type of chair is not just being used to furnish churches and prayer rooms but for other places that have similar space demands such as event halls. The church style chairs that are available could are priced from $450 per piece up to $5000 based on the design, style, and material used to manufacture them.
    • Flexibility: The style, design, and pattern of church chairs make it possible for it to be utilized for a broad range of formal and informal events. In addition to being used as a seating option for prayer and worship purposes, these chairs can also be used for meetings and gatherings.
    • Floor space reduction: Based on the material used to manufacture such chairs, some seats can be light-weight. This type of church chair would also occupy less floor area when compared to a conventional set of single chairs.
    • Longer life span: Due to their substantial usage, church chairs must be chosen with care and caution. Chairs made from high-quality, durable material should be preferred to ensure that they do not break or get damaged easily so that they can be used in public spaces for several years.
    • Stackable: Some designs of church style chairs can help in freeing up floor space as they can be easily stacked and stored when not in use. Such feature makes them easy to transport too. Similarly, connected church chairs are used in places where there might be frequent public events. This helps to reduce the noise and chaos caused by the movement of single chairs.
  • 5 Easy Methods to Treat Bruises
    A bruise or contusion appears when tiny blood vessels get damaged or break due to injury. It is a medical condition where blood from the damaged vessels remains accumulated beneath the epidermal layer. The skin becomes discolored and leaves a bluish or blackish mark. You can get a bruise when you bump into hard objects, during rigorous exercise, while playing body contact games or due to bleeding disorders. In most of the cases, this injury of the skin results in inflammation and pain. For quick recovery from the injury, use one of these easy treatment methods to cure bruises.
    • Cold compress It is one of the most effective ways to manage bruises. Take some ice-cubes in a plastic bag, and place it on the injured area for 20-30 minutes to reduce the inflammation and pain. Do not apply the ice-cubes directly as it may cause frostbite. The cold treatment reduces the blood flow and stops any internal bleeding due to the bruise. Alternatively, you can use commercial ice packs available at the pharmacy store, which can be frozen and re-used.
    • Apply tincture of arnica Massaging the area with a tincture of arnica or arnica gel is another easy treatment method for bruises. It reduces the soreness associated with the bruise.
    • Place the injured area in a raised position This easy treatment method for bruises involves keeping the injured area in a raised position. This method works if you have bruises on your hands or legs. It decreases the blood flow to the site and promotes clotting of the damaged vessels. The heart cannot pump much blood into the area since it is above the body level. Thus, the fluids drain away from the injured area.
    • Pain-relieving medicines If you experience intense pain in the bruised area, consult a doctor and ask them to prescribe a pain-relieving oral medication or topical cream. In most cases, Acetaminophen helps to improve the condition. Avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen as it delays the clotting of the wound.
    • Hot press After two days from the occurrence of the injury, you can apply a hot press to the bruise. Heat a small cloth over an oven and place it on the wound for 10 minutes, two to three times a day. It increases the blood flow and helps the skin heal quickly.
    If you're looking for an easy and convenient way to treat bruises, you can choose any of the methods mentioned above.
  • An insight into the different features of a smartphone
    One can confidently assert that smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. These days, the smartphones are equipped with high technological features and smarter capabilities. You cannot imagine any work which cannot be accomplished with the smartphones. The powerful functions such as multimedia entertainment, web surfing, chatting, and gaming make the mobile phones quite efficient. We can relate the new smartphones to the minicomputers. The best part, they are portable and easily fit in your pocket. The present-day capabilities of the new smartphones have been extended. Every passing day there are certain advancements such as video streaming, an extensive collection of apps, high-quality camera, maps and navigations which have made life easier. Yet, plenty of developments are yet to come in the way of new smartphones. You can have access to the millions of apps on your smartphones. These apps meet diverse needs such as chatting, e-commerce, banking, learning and much more. All you need to do is to download the app and access the functionality. Here are some of the top features you can expect in smartphones in times to come. Augmented Reality: Augmented reality in mobile phones includes the use of computer-generated sensory input. This input could be graphics, sound, video and GPS data. This feature allows us to combine data with what we see in our real lives and then provide high-quality information. For instance, you can put the phone camera and point to anything to get actual information about it. The augmented reality applications (AR) use the GPS which offers location searches. Flexible screens: The new smartphone screens are wide and flexible. You can watch images and text to the sharpest details. You have a wonderful viewing experience when watching movies and playing games. The screens can be folded and unfolded. This is due to the organic light emitting diode technology. The smartphone companies are working to create the wearable smartphones. You can wear it as a wristwatch or fold it to a typical handset. Inbuilt projector: The smartphones feature a built-in digital light projection (DLP). For example, Samsung Galaxy Beam. The inbuilt projector in this mobile phone is capable of projecting up to 50 inches in size at 15 lumens. In future, the smartphones can be turned into interactive gaming consoles. Voice Control: The voice control features have emerged as the most powerful features. You can control the entire features of the smartphones using the voice control features. The need for typing is probably eliminated. Thus, you can even operate the mobile phones without carrying them in your hands. 3D screens and holograms: The mobile phones are shifting from the 2D screens to the 3D screens to provide more clarity and flexibility. The advancements in the screens ensure their high resolution. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, it is advised to acquire proper knowledge about the features and specifications of the mobile phones. You can carry out the online research. Browse the different online stores which sell mobile phones. Take a look at the specifications of the smartphones. You will get a better insight into the details of the mobile phones. You can even surf the comparison sites where you can compare the cost and features of different mobile phones. You can even read the reviews and feedback to learn the pros and cons of the mobile phones. This way you can land the best new smartphone deal in the affordable price range. It is advised to get a proper insurance coverage of your mobile phone. With this, you can claim coverage during damage to your mobile phone. Always get the right mobile phone and enjoy the extensive features. So, when you come across new cell phone deals, you know exactly which features to look for.
  • Features of the best small laptops
    Since technological advancements are taking place rapidly over the last 5 to 6 years, many people are searching to buy a laptop that offers a harmonious blend of performance and portability. The market is graced with several types of portable laptops and you can choose the most suitable option with ease and comfort. The first generation of small laptop computers was introduced in the later stages of 1997. Since then, innovations have been taking place at an unbelievable pace and you can find a lot of highly advanced devices in the market these days. These small laptops can compete with any larger versions on terms of design, functionality and style as well. Outstanding device for working professionals If you are professional who has been traveling a lot, small devices such as 10 inch laptops are good options. They do not force you to sit with a power brick of a laptop that burns your legs with the heat emanating from them and you do not have worry about your feet getting numb as well. The newer small laptop versions on the market are amazing portable and you can take them wherever you go. There is no need to carry another large piece of luggage for accommodating a bigger laptop. If you purchase smaller versions like 10 inch laptops or 11 inch devices, you no longer have to worry about the portability. Excellent value for money Technological innovations have made small laptops more affordable than ever. It does not matter whether you want a laptop for student use or as a gift for one of your friends; these small versions are the perfect choice because they are highly affordable. Leading manufacturers have come up with a lot of high quality products and you can even find high sophisticated 10 inch laptops that offer all features and functionalities of bigger laptops. Amazing upgrade potential Older small laptop versions didn't permit people to perform a lot of upgrades. Now, the situation has changed and the small laptops available in the market are extremely capable of accommodating any type of upgrades including the RAM capacity. This capability clearly indicates that you can use your laptop for a longer period of time. You can upgrade the system memory with great ease and storage hard drive can also be upgraded. Small laptops never fall short when it comes to performance compared to bigger versions. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you must look for the best products available in the market and the trick is to do your research sincerely for finding out what suits your needs best. Small laptops offer great value for money and they are going to keep you satisfied for a long period of time.
  • Best theme parks in the US
    Going on a holiday with your family includes indulging in various activities that all the members of the family would enjoy. While most people like sightseeing or finding out more about the place that they are visiting, one will also have to take care of the needs of the children so that they remain entertained. Adventure sports and theme parks are some of the best ways in which the entire family can have fun together. There are a number of theme parks all over the country where one can have a good time and relax as a family. It is a misnomer that only children can have a good time at such places. Most theme parks in America give the entire family a chance to indulge in various activities that can be fun for all age groups. Read on to find out more about our pick of the top theme parks of the country. Disneyland: Walt Disney World, or Disneyland as it is popularly known, is one of the most magical places as per people who have been there! This is one of the best known theme parks that welcomes tourists from all over the world. Based on Florida, this theme park has been replicated in other parts of the world as well. One of the most popular attractions of this place includes the Magic Kingdom and Fantasy Land where castles of various Disney characters have been recreated. You can also enjoy beautiful fireworks at night along with various characters like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Little Mermaid and many others! Epcot: This is a space station theme park in Florida, which caters to all age groups. At this theme park, the Mission: Space section is one of the most popular ones. This can be found in the Future World area, which is close to the World Showcase section. Apart from many futuristic rides, one can also enjoy world cuisine here. You can also test the limits of adrenaline by indulging in high speed efficiency tests for various vehicles and automobiles from around the world. Various kinds of innovations are showcased here, which makes it one of the most interesting and informative places as far as theme parks go. Universal Studios: This is yet another gem from Florida. At Universal Studios, one can enjoy the 3D world of movies as they come alive with much action and excitement. The various light, sound and visual effects will absolutely floor you each and every time. Recently, this studio has launched the World of Wizardry, which celebrates the popular Harry Potter series. This makes it one of the most entertaining theme parks in America where you can indulge in the magical world of the movies. Here, you can also find people parading as the biggest stars from the yesteryears and the modern times as well. Watch out for a number of live shows that play at this theme park.
  • The history and the present of Rattan garden furniture
    As far as one's memory can stretch, it is not difficult to remember the yesteryear craze of rattan furniture being used for everything right from couches, dining tables, and chairs to those big swings in our backyards. Having close to 600 types under it, rattan is available in countries of Philippines, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Having a strong production base of rattan gives the furniture manufactures a distinct advantage which puts them a step ahead to meet the increasing demand in the market. Rattan in itself has various categories. One category is according to the length, divided as long and short climbers. Others are single stemmed or clustered. Each of these categories give greater opportunities for designers and manufacturers to produce pieces in bulk. Rattan, a material predominately sourced from tropical rain forests, presents itself to be a wonderful resource as it can be easily harvested, is much easier to source than timber, is easy to transport across nations and grows at a faster rate than other normal trees. Rattan is popular as a material for furniture both indoor and outdoor due to its innate nature to be able to bend and curve at unimaginable places, being able to take on wonderfully curving forms and shapes. The light golden caramel color is its advantage, brightening the environment. It is also impervious to extreme conditions, lightweight, and easy to shift around. All these advantages stack up to make this material a reliable source of raw material for the furniture industry. The process of making the raw rattan furniture ready involves often drying it in the sun or smoking it with the aid of sulfur. The larger canes go through a process of being dunked in oil and then dried to protect them from pests. Rattan, since its inception to modern furniture scene, has grown into areas where researchers have found better and new ways to treat cane which can in turn produce better by-products in the form of pieces of furniture. Rattan is a strong material that protects from and against heat, water, and even dirt. If it gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned and washed thoroughly with water if the need arises. It does not reflect heat back when kept under the sun, and it also does not allow itself to decay when brought in contact with water. Rattan garden furniture has become a household name today, with people going in for rattan patio furniture when designing the outdoor and patio areas of their homes.