Scalp Psoriasis – Symptoms to Watch out For

Scalp psoriasis is a common skin condition characterized by reddish, scaly, and raised skin patches. It may occur as a single patch or several small patches all over the scalp. As the severity of the psoriasis increases, it may spread to the neck and face as well.

Scalp psoriasis is not a contagious skin disease. The exact cause of this condition is not known; however, physicians believe that it may be due to the improper functioning of the immune system. In some cases, scalp psoriasis manifests in a mild form, while in other cases, it is a severe, chronic condition. Medicated shampoos, creams, ointments, and soaps provide relief from scalp psoriasis.

Symptoms of scalp psoriasis
Scalp psoriasis symptoms vary with the severity of the condition. A mild form of the skin condition may only exhibit slight, fine scales, while severe psoriasis leads to the formation of thick, itchy crusted skin. Typical symptoms are as follows:

  • Scaly, reddish, and raised skin: This is a typical symptom of psoriasis. The affected area is slightly raised and reddish. The area of scalp affected by psoriasis looks scaly.
  • Silvery flakes or scales: Silvery or white flakes appear on top of the skin patch affected by psoriasis. These scales come off the patch when rubbed or scratched.
  • Dandruff-like flakes: White flakes resembling dandruff, rub off the patches on the scalp affected by psoriasis. When combed or scratched, these flakes fall on the neck, shoulders, and face.
  • Dry and itchy scalp: Scalp psoriasis is a troublesome skin condition that makes you want to scratch the skin. The skin becomes dry and cracked for some.
  • Soreness: Constant itching of the scalp results in soreness or a burning sensation. Excessive scratching results in a sore scalp due to tiny bleeding points where the scales get peeled away.
  • Crusted sores: Severe scalp psoriasis results in crusted sores in patches of skin or all over the scalp.
  • Hair loss: Prolonged scalp psoriasis results in hair loss. Psoriasis does not directly cause hair loss, but excessive scratching or peeling of the scalp or stress may result in hair loss.

Around 3% of the American population is affected by psoriasis. Severe scalp psoriasis that lasts for a long period may form thick crusted sores that are extremely itchy. If left untreated, it can wreak havoc with your sleep and disrupt your daily life. Timely treatment and maintaining a healthy scalp helps combat this skin condition.


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    A Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan is a type of mortgage which is insured by the FHA and is considered one of the most affordable and fastest loans to procure. Simply put, the borrower needs to be approved by the FHA to get this loan. You may then look for different mortgage rates with different FHA-approved lenders. There are plenty of portals which may help you get fast quotes and you may subsequently take the process ahead with any lender whose rates you have found affordable. Important guidelines to get an FHA loan approval Discussed below are a few important aspects to keep in mind while applying for an FHA loan. Credit score The credit score requirement to get an FHA loan approval is not stringent. The minimum eligible credit score for the same is 580. Even if you do not have a credit history, your lender will need to evaluate your eligibility, based on a non-traditional merged credit. Some borrowers may require a score of 640-680 to be eligible for this loan. While this is a guideline set, many lenders also give a loan to people with a credit score of at least 500. Debt to income ratio The debt to income ratio is a critical guideline followed by lenders to evaluate the eligibility of a borrower. It is a way in which lenders (even mortgage lenders) calculate a borrower’s ability to repay the debts, considering their regular incomes. The acceptable limit of this ratio is 31:43 to get an FHA loan approval. Mortgage insurance Even though getting an approval for an FHA loan seems fairly easy, the real challenge arises in getting two types of mortgage insurances as prerequisites. One insurance needs to be paid fully while the other has to have a provision of being paid in monthly installments. Down payment The minimum down payment required for an FHA loan approval is 3.5%. While the standard rate for down payment runs at 20%, the 3.5% comes as a great relief for borrowers who cannot afford such a high amount. Other important areas A lender will look into your employment history, lawful residency in the US, as well as a valid Social Security number (SSN). You would also require to have an appraisal for the property from a verified FHA-approved appraiser. The other requirements differ from lender to lender, and it is always advisable to gather full information about your verified FHA loan lender before applying for a loan.
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