Amazing features and functionality of Asus Zenbook flip

The popularity of Asus Zenbook is rising by the day. The company has introduced different versions of this model and a large number of people have been using these types of laptops because of the excellent features and benefits. These products offer highly sophisticated features and the design of these machines can also be described as truly appealing.

An overview of Asus Zenbook Flip

This model blends the majestic sophistication of Zenbook with the amazing flexibility and convenience of a 360 degree rotatable display. It can be described as an ultra-light and ultra-thin laptop and you can also term it as a stylish laptop. Many people describe it as a handy tablet and you can call this device whatever you want. The design is amazingly appealing and the versatility of this device is phenomenal. The IntelCore processor makes everyday computing a breeze and the superior battery of this laptop lasts up to 12 hours between charges.

A stylish and elegant laptop

Majority of the existing users are of the opinion that the Flip version is a timelessly majestic masterpiece and it is carefully crafted using solid aluminum. When it comes to the chassis, it is forged from a single block of metal and the fact that this device is only 13.9mm thin makes it all the more endearing.

The weight of this device is 1.3kg and you can carry it with absolute ease. This portability aspect attracts the travelers in an easy manner. The exclusive new colors for matching any style also add to the glamor and in a nutshell, it can be said that Flip is one of the most stylish and elegant laptops available in the market.

Superior precision engineering

All versions including Asus Flip and Asus Zenbook UX 310 are hugely famous for their superior quality and precision engineering. The Flip versions come with a precision-engineered metal mechanism that is multi geared and you can associate a 360 degree hinge with this device. It holds the display at any angle in a secure manner and for retaining optimal reliability; it has been torture-tested using more than 20,000 open or close cycles. This laptop can be easily switched between a high performing laptop and a tablet that is exceptionally light weight at any time you want.

The Flip version offers lifelike color from every angle and the colors are amazingly vivid and accurate with optimal brightness. The images turn life like on the screen from every possible angle and the battery of this device is capable of lasting more than 12 hours. The speed of this laptop is exceptionally fast and Asus Zenbook is alos a silent performer. The revolutionary USB type C port makes no compromise on the connectivity as well.


  • How senior checking accounts work and if they are right for you
    A huge part of the banking market includes seniors and in order to meet their requirements, banks introduced senior checking accounts. It is a product that is promoted keeping the needs of senior citizens in mind. A senior checking account is basically a checking account which offers features like lower monthly service fees or a waiver of fees, free checks, high-interest rates, as well as ATM fee reimbursement. It is suitable for customers above the age of 55 and the perks on the account vary between banks. Should you go for it? First of all, you need to understand that the account is not meant for everyone. It is also not necessary for every senior resident to apply for this account. It might be the best choice for one and not the same for someone else. Therefore, you need to decide for yourself whether the account is ideal for you or not. You may do this by comparing the banks and credit unions with reference to the perks they offer. Consider whether you will be able to save more money by investing in the bank or a credit union. Look at the monthly fees and the minimum balance requirements before you make a decision. Next, you need to consider whether the benefits will actually help you save money or not. Do compare the checking account you currently own with the senior checking account. Compare the perks and the associated features. You might end up concluding that the regular checking account is much better than opening a new account only because you are a senior resident. For instance, certain banks charge a higher monthly maintenance fee for a senior checking account than a regular account. Best senior checking accounts Make a well-informed decision when you consider opening an account. The account might do no good for your money and might serve the same purpose that a regular checking account does. So, research and compare the features before making the big decision to move to a senior checking account. Some of the top checking accounts for the elderly include the following:
    • Charles Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking® with no monthly fees
    • TD Bank 60 Plus Checking with no monthly fees
    • U.S. Bank Premium Checking with a monthly fee of $10.95
    • KeyBank Key Advantage® Checking with a monthly fee of $18
    • BB&T Bank Senior Checking with a monthly fee of $10
  • How to choose a chainsaw for your garden
    A chainsaw can be an asset to your gardening activities. However, with so many models of chainsaws available in the market, it can be difficult to choose one that best fits your landscaping requirements. Here are some tips that can help you zero in on the perfect chainsaw for your backyard. Price Of course, the price is one of the central factors to consider while choosing a chainsaw. The quality and life of a chain saw can vary according to its price. Therefore, if you pick a 440 chainsaw, you will be looking at a model that is fit only for small, occasional projects. Likewise, if you happen to choose a superior chain saw, you will get a model that you can use for bigger projects on a frequent basis. Power mode (gas powered or electric) Chainsaws are either gas powered or electric. Gas powered chainsaws are more robust and can be used for regular chores like cutting firewood. However, they are heavy, loud, and expensive. Electric chainsaws, on the other hand, are quiet, lightweight, and affordable. They also require minimal maintenance when compared to gas powered models. This type of chainsaw is also not sturdy enough to control massive projects. Blade size Blade size is another factor to consider when purchasing chainsaws for your garden. A chain saw with a heavier blade will have added cutting power. However, a bigger blade automatically means a heavier chain saw that can be hard to maneuver around tight cuts. This also translates to higher costs, as a chainsaw with a longer blade can be expensive. Kickback feature When choosing chainsaws for the garden, it is imperative that you choose a model that comes with an anti-kickback feature. Kickback is essentially the term used to describe the sudden jerk you experience when the chainsaw is cutting. In some cases, the jerk can make you lose control of the saw altogether, causing an accident. So make sure you inquire whether the model you choose has an anti-kickback feature to minimize this risk. When choosing a chain saw for your garden, make sure you go through this checklist of essential tips before purchasing the saw that will best satisfy your gardening needs.
  • 5 tips to choose the best hotel online
    Today, booking a hotel for your vacation has become so much easy. With just a few clicks, you can get your choice hotel with the best of views. This might sound easy, but it can get quite overwhelming. There are so many websites and apps that promise you to give the best hotel deals on bookings that you end up getting confused. So, how do you go about with this? It is simple. There are few hacks and tricks that you need to master and use while you book your hotels online. Read further to know about five tips on how to select the best hotels online. Know what you want If you aimlessly search for the best hotels for your next vacation, you will end up spending a good hour or two on the internet and still find yourself back to square one. So, the first thing you should do is make a list of things you are looking for in the hotel. This list could include things like whether you would prefer a hotel with a romantic atmosphere or one that has a rustic vibe or whether you want a beach view or a mountain view. Also, make a note of amenities you would want in the package like free breakfast, complimentary activities, and free Wi-Fi. Further, decide on whether you want to stay in one of the top motels of the destination and save or you want to splurge on a luxury hotel. Double check the hotel's website No doubt that the hotel booking websites briefly tell you everything you need to know about the hotel you are planning to book, but it is still advisable to check the official website of the hotel. Double check the website to know about the dcor, facilities, services, and the location. Open the map To lure travelers, hotels these days don't think twice before mentioning things like "close to the metro" or "15 minutes from the Eiffel tower" on their about page. The catch here is that when they say 15 minutes, they need not necessarily mean a 15-minute walk. So, it is best to do your own research and find out how far all the tourist locations are from the hotel. Read the guest reviews One of the best ways to know more about the hotel is to read the recent guest reviews online. Make it a point to pay attention to the poor reviews as well because that will give you an idea of what to expect from the hotel. Call up when in doubt If you still have questions after going through several websites and the hotel's website, don't hesitate to pick up your phone and contact the hotel. Most of the hotel staff are more than willing to tell you about the deals and the services. This might also be a good time to ask for some additional discounts on your bookings. So, which of these tips have you already tried while booking the best hotel online?
  • An overview of video games
    Video games provide an exciting, interactive experience with a user interface that generates visual feedback on a video devices such as a computer monitor or a TV screen. The display device can produce two or three dimensional images, with which the user interacts and reacts accordingly. Video games have evolved over the years, from two dimensional to three dimensional, from single to multiple user interface, from offline to online and more. There is an ongoing argument about video games which are by some, considered a form of art. Video games are entertainment devices which provide an alternate universe in which the user is in control of the said game or scenario being played. Some say that playing video games on a regular basis improves hand-eye coordination. These games have the ability of enhancing our logical thinking since strategies must be played out in different scenarios, depending on the type of game and genre it is part of. All video games in general require a good coordination and on your feet thinking to react aptly, ultimately playing for highest points and score. The history of video games cannot be summarized in just a couple of hundred words, since its evolution has exceeded expectations. From big bulky arcade consoles to mini handheld devices, games have been developed and designed throughout to suit the everyday gamers fantasy world. Video games provide us with that much-needed break to escape into a world of endless possibilities with the outcome in our hands, even if it just for a few hours. This is especially true with simulation games which provide an extensive user and interactive experience, so vivid and realistic that sometimes we forget it is just a game! From, arcade to strategy, simulation to racing, sports to adventure and fantasy, the genres have evolved over the years with billions of dollars invested in their development every year. With more and more companies dedicating resources to give the best possible user experience and ultimately the best game ever, the industry is booming. Be it casual, serious or educational games, it is an entirely unique experience altogether which will have you reaching for that controller one more time to try and beat your own high score. Online games which are played across globally, in tournaments and sponsored events, players train feverishly to participate and compete for the title and sometimes a hefty prize money also. Platforms and consoles have also evolved over the years from personal computers to consoles, from arcade to handheld. Dedicated gaming websites can be found online to check out the latest and trending games, tournaments being held and more.
  • Easy thanksgiving party dips

    Rolling out the same kind of dip from your kitchen every thanksgiving can become dull for both you and your guests. Trying new combinations of dips can be a great idea to break the monotony of serving the same party dip year after year. What's best, some dips are not so hard to make as they may seem to be. Check out this list of easy thanks giving party recipes that you could serve your guests this thanksgiving!

    Sweet potato vegan cheese dip
    Serve this dip to your vegan friends and wait for their legendary reaction! This dip is easy to make and takes about 20 minutes to be ready. The prep which includes boiling of sweet potato cubes, takes the only time. Once tender, all you do is blend sweet potato with coconut milk, olive oil, soy sauce, garlic powder and lemon juice until smooth. You could also add some zesty seasoning to add an extra flavor. Serve this amazing recipe to all your guests and see how you get flooded with compliments!

    Parmesan and Broccoli dip
    For a healthy chip and dip session, use broccoli! The goodness of broccoli is well known and so are its numerous health benefits. Using broccoli in your dip therefore makes perfect sense. To make your dip a powerhouse of nutrition, replace vegetable oil for coconut oil. To make this wholesome dip, bake parmesan cheese, homemade mayo, garlic, minced onions, salt, coconut oil and chopped broccoli and bake for about 25 minutes. Your dip is ready to serve with fresh veggies!

    Creamy pumpkin dip
    This may seem like pumpkin pie but it tastes divine with freshly sliced apples, crackers, gingersnaps, chips and the like. What's best, it is a perfect thanksgiving dip to whip even at the last minute! Cook cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, cinnamon and pumpkin and stir till you reach a pasty consistency. If in a rush, you could use canned pumpkin too. You could top up the dip with some orange juice and refrigerate for about an hour. This wonderful sweet dip is sure to get you raving reviews from all your guests.

    Cheesy cranberry dip
    This heavenly dip is going to be the shining star at your thanksgiving dinner. To make the dip, mix well jellied cranberry sauce, cumin, lemon, cream cheese and orange juice in a large bowl. Make this right before your family dinner and serve with crackers!

  • Online deals and trading-in your old phone for the iPhone 12
    With the release of Apple’s latest iPhone 12, we are now stepping into new territory when it comes to technological advancements in the field of smartphones. The iPhone 12 comes with a wide variety of features that will sweep you off your feet. One of its key features is the fact that it is compatible with 5G network ensuring smooth browsing and faster connectivity. Aside from this, the iPhone 12 brings a whole lot more to the table.
    • It features an extensive edge-to-edge Super Retina XDR display that brings to you a more enjoyable and immersive watching and viewing experience.
    • The phone comes with the A14 Bionic chip which is the most efficient and fastest chip in a smartphone across the globe.
    • Not forgetting to mention, that the iPhone 12 5G will also be having a dual-camera to ensure that you only click the best of pictures and record the highest quality videos.
    • The iPhone 12 also introduces MagSafe which offers highly efficient wireless charging to make your phone experience even better.
    • Of course, the latest model comes with the latest operating system iOS 14. The unique layout makes your screen much more interactive and customizable.
    • The phone comes in five colors - white, blue, black, green, and PRODUCT(RED).
    There are tons of other features that make this new model unique and worth your money. So, if you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, you best be sure to pre-order one for yourself online as soon as the phone is out for sale. In the US, the pre-order for the iPhone 12 5G begins at 5 a.m. PDT on Friday, October 16. There are various deals available on the Apple website for the iPhone 12. You can buy the phone through the carriers - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The iPhone 12 is available on AT&T at $33.29/mo, on Sprint at $34.54/mo, on T-Mobile at $34.54/mo, and on Verizon at $33.29/mo. All these prices are before trade-in. You can also opt to pay the entire amount at the time of purchase via the carriers. You can also buy the iPhone SIM-free at $34.54/mo or $829 and activate the phone with a carrier of your choice later. Apple also gives you the option to trade-in your old iPhone or other phones in exchange for credit on the latest iPhone 12 5G. All you need to do is choose your old model and you can get as much as a $500 discount based on your phone model and its eligibility. You can also trade-in an old phone that is not in working condition. Apple recycles these products to create new phones making their phones ecologically sustainable.
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