The history and the present of Rattan garden furniture

As far as one’s memory can stretch, it is not difficult to remember the yesteryear craze of rattan furniture being used for everything right from couches, dining tables, and chairs to those big swings in our backyards. Having close to 600 types under it, rattan is available in countries of Philippines, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Having a strong production base of rattan gives the furniture manufactures a distinct advantage which puts them a step ahead to meet the increasing demand in the market.

Rattan in itself has various categories. One category is according to the length, divided as long and short climbers. Others are single stemmed or clustered. Each of these categories give greater opportunities for designers and manufacturers to produce pieces in bulk. Rattan, a material predominately sourced from tropical rain forests, presents itself to be a wonderful resource as it can be easily harvested, is much easier to source than timber, is easy to transport across nations and grows at a faster rate than other normal trees. Rattan is popular as a material for furniture both indoor and outdoor due to its innate nature to be able to bend and curve at unimaginable places, being able to take on wonderfully curving forms and shapes. The light golden caramel color is its advantage, brightening the environment. It is also impervious to extreme conditions, lightweight, and easy to shift around. All these advantages stack up to make this material a reliable source of raw material for the furniture industry.
The process of making the raw rattan furniture ready involves often drying it in the sun or smoking it with the aid of sulfur. The larger canes go through a process of being dunked in oil and then dried to protect them from pests.

Rattan, since its inception to modern furniture scene, has grown into areas where researchers have found better and new ways to treat cane which can in turn produce better by-products in the form of pieces of furniture.

Rattan is a strong material that protects from and against heat, water, and even dirt. If it gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned and washed thoroughly with water if the need arises. It does not reflect heat back when kept under the sun, and it also does not allow itself to decay when brought in contact with water. Rattan garden furniture has become a household name today, with people going in for rattan patio furniture when designing the outdoor and patio areas of their homes.


  • Two baking techniques you must master
    Our first step into the kitchen, and we all want to make something yummy, something out of the box, and most often something sweet. Baking is one thing that kids and adults both enjoy. Here are two baking techniques that could be used in any recipe. Once these methods are mastered, there isn’t anything you cannot bake. Whisking This is one of the most basic and most important technique of baking. Ball, flat, balloon, coil or cage - there are different whisks for different types of baking. A whisk is generally used to add air and body into the wet mixture consisting of eggs, sugar and butter, used for preparing a cake batter. Flour, cocoa, baking powder/soda are sieved and then gently folded into this wet mixture in batches. The standard process requires you to alternate between the dry ingredients and any other special ingredients that you need to add to the wet mixture. The batter needs to be folded well, in a way that there aren’t any visible lumps. It needs to be smooth. Note that not every cake has a rising agent like baking soda, and hence you need to whisk it well for the cake to rise properly. Sponge cakes that have no butter and are rather light and other cakes that aren’t too fatty also need be whisked well to be baked to perfection. The best practice for preventing lumps is to move, twirl, spin and shake the bowl as you whisk all the ingredients together. You can also use the end of your whisk to break any lumps. Be a little light handed to attain a light and airy texture for your cake. Creaming This technique forms the base for a lot of baked goodies, mainly cakes and cookies. Creaming is essentially the process of softening solid fats and turning them into a smooth consistency for blending with other baking ingredients. It isn’t the easiest technique to master and requires some practice. The process begins by beating sugar and fat (butter, shortening or others) until they are light and creamy. You can use a stand mixer with a paddle attachment at medium speed or go old school by doing it with your hand. Make sure that the butter is at room temperature and isn’t straight out of the freezer. In the bowl of your stand mixer, add the butter and sugar. Beat them together on a medium speed for a few minutes. Stop in between to scrape down the sides of the bowl as required. Stop the mixer when you notice the mixture is light, airy and creamy. You can then incorporate all the other baking ingredients to make decadent cakes or cookies.
  • What is an h pylori infection
    Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) are bacteria that flourish in the digestive system and can cause infection in the stomach. H. pylori symptoms may not manifest in some people. Causes It is still unknown how an H. pylori infection occurs. But it can pass through an infected person to another in several ways. These include:
    • Through an infected person’s saliva
    • Through contact with infected vomit
    • Through contact with infected fecal matter
    Symptoms Not everyone with an H. pylori infection shows symptoms. But there are still some common signs that may manifest after the infection. Some common H. pylori symptoms are:
    • Severe stomach pain
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Excessive burping
    • Bad breath
    • Sudden weight loss
    • Bloating
    • Appetite loss
    Complications h.Pylori can cause several serious problems.
    • Ulcers: H. pylori can cause ulcers in the stomach as it damages the protective lining of the organ.
    • Inflammation: The infection can irritate the stomach and cause gastritis.
    • Cancer: In some cases, H. pylori infection can increase your chances of getting stomach cancer.
    Treatment Even when H. pylori symptoms do not show up, the presence of peptic ulcers is a clear indication of an infection. The treatment may include antibiotics and another medicine to heal the stomach lining.
    • The antibiotics course may include two different drugs. This is done so that the bacteria do not become resistant to any particular antibiotic. Use of two drugs can prevent any delays in the treatment.
    • The different drugs to heal the stomach may include medicines that inhibit acid production in the stomach, block substances that produce acid or protect the ulcers from the acid.
    • After the treatment, the doctor may conduct a fresh round of tests to see if it was successful or not. This is usually done four weeks after the completion of the treatment. If further treatment is required, the doctor may change the antibiotics.
    If the H. pylori infection has not caused other problems, the initial treatment for the infection is usually effective. Timely treatment as soon as the H. pylori symptoms occur may be helpful.
  • 5 reasons to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10
    Ever since it was first launched, the Galaxy Note series created quite a stir and quickly grabbed the attention of mobile phone enthusiasts. The series went on to establish a slew of identities among its users and was one of the first devices that led the way to the big screen. It can be said that Samsung has released a new Galaxy Note in every second half of each year, and 2019 is no different. This time, the brand brings the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Out of these two powerful models, the Galaxy Note 10 is packed with impressive features and offers the best a cellphone has to offer. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are flagship models and are designed with some of the most notable specs. If you are someone who wishes to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, it truly is a great choice. The phone is packed with high levels of productivity and performance, thereby making it highly suitable for people of every profession. Here are 5 factors that make the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 a good buy: Big battery power - We all use our mobile devices on the go, and we need it to be charged for long hours. Samsung regards a powerful battery as the most important feature in its devices -- this is why it has incorporated the intelligent power-saving technology. The Galaxy Note 10 is capable of running for long periods so you can complete all your productive tasks as you keep up with your fast-paced life. What’s more? The Galaxy Note 10 also comes with super-fast charging. This means that a few minutes of charging will leave you with several hours of battery power. No matter what task you undertake or which business trip you have set out on, trust the Samsung Note 10 to always stick by you. High-end display - You can enjoy the most impressive visual display quality on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The model brings to you Infinity Display that makes watching videos a treat. Not only can you multitask while using several applications at a time, but you can also edit different documents and complete important tasks with ease. The Note 10 is designed with a wide 6.3-inch display, which lets you view most things in high quality. If you often like to switch between apps and the innovation of split-screen, then the Galaxy Note 10 will not disappoint. Computing power - The Galaxy Note 10 comes with the Samsung DeX platform that allows you to connect your device with several computing portals. You get to enjoy the best worlds of computing as well as seamless mobile experience. On days you decide to ditch your laptop, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have you covered. Impressive camera quality - Who doesn’t love to flaunt the best in class camera through their phones? The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 features a camera setup that is incredible and delivers the best picture quality. You can capture, edit, and share in an instant. The phone is designed with 3 rear-facing cameras. From depth-sensing to reduced external noise when recording videos, the Galaxy Note 10 allows you to shoot pictures and videos with the best features. Samsung has undoubtedly brought with it an exceptional camera through the Galaxy Note 10. Breeze through tasks with the S Pen - Similar to most Galaxy models, the Galaxy Note 10 includes the S Pen so that your thumbs can take a break. However, it is better refined, so it comes with improved compatibility and several accompanying apps. This makes for better user experience. From a gyroscope to Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, the S Pen comes with a number of notable features. It makes activities like doodling and jotting down quick notes extremely easy. Moreover, your handwriting can be quickly converted into texts, for the smoothest experience. If you are looking for an upgrade in terms of a larger battery, bigger RAM, better storage, microSD support, and wider display, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the way to go. The Note 10 Plus, however, is more expensive than the standard Galaxy Note 10.
  • Things to consider when comparing the best laptops
    When you are planning to buy a laptop, the very first question that comes to your mind would be, "Which is the best laptop?". Well, there is no precise answer for this as there are many makes and models of laptops in the market. Every individual computer varies according to their size and functionality. Once you have shortlisted few laptops, you can compare the best laptops and find out which meets your needs and budget accordingly. Here are some of the things which you must keep in your mind when you compare the best laptops. Size: Size is one the biggest parameter to be considered in laptop comparison. If you want an ultra-portable laptop, you must look for a small and lightweight laptop. Ultra-portable laptops are expensive. For instance: Ultra-books have a weight ranging from 1-1.5 kg and have 12.5-13.5 wide screens. Compare laptop prices if you are looking for an extremely lightweight laptop. Screen quality: The screen quality must be kept in mind during laptop price comparison. The touchscreen laptops have glossy screens which bring reflections. Also if you work on laptops for long hours, make sure you get a comfortable screen which doesn't cause any discomfort to your eyes. For better viewing angles and sharp screen, you can consider buying laptops with higher screen resolution. Laptops with IPS (In-Place Switching) provide largest viewing angles and high user comfort. Check the laptop screen and then get a better screen. Keyboard Quality: Compare the best laptops with different kinds of keyboards. If you want to types for long sessions, you must buy laptops which have comfortable keyboards. The keyboard keys must be full-sized and have appropriate spacing around arrow keys. Good keyboards have backlit keys which make it easier to type in dim environments. Processing power: The processing power plays an important role in laptop price comparison. When buying a new laptop, you can choose among different processors such as Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. High-speed processors help you accomplish different kinds of multimedia and multitasking chores. The i3 processor is ideal if you are looking for laptops for personal use, i5 processors make it for mainstream laptops, and i7 processors are ideal if you want to get high performance. RAM: RAM must be considered during laptop comparison. Ideally, a 4GB RAM is sufficient for efficient performance. However, if you are looking for extra RAM, the laptop cost will increase significantly. Storage: The storage offered by the laptop is essential. You can compare laptop prices depending on the available storage. You can purchase laptops with high storage, and the cost will increase accordingly. Consider the points mentioned above to compare the best laptops. This way, you can make an ideal choice and get the best value for your investment on your preferred laptop model.
  • Simplify your home chores with load washers

    Home appliances come in all forms, shapes, sizes, and colors. These domestic devices and gadgets are designed to suit our specific needs and make our lives easier. Apart from dishwashers, microwaves, other home electronics like washers and dryers that should ideally be installed at home, for regular use. This way, you will have access to clean clothes whenever you want, and you won't need to step out in dirty clothes ever. For this, home consumers will recommend you to use the best top-load washer available in the market, so choosing the best one should be your goal.

    Home laundry made easy Choosing the best top-load washer is a matter of choice, which depends on your budget and other details like the number of members in a family, the number of washes required in a timeline, and also the kind of stain that see on the clothes. There are many washers offered in the appliance market that has been built to fight rigid stains, meet the requirements and come with a superior cleaning technology. Pick the best top-load washer, but keep in mind the size of the space available at home, number of laundries you want to do in a week, and other constraints. Here's a list of the best top load washers that are available in the market:

    • Amana Top Washer: This home brand has been associated with high-quality products and latest technology. This brand's top-load washer is one of the most popular washes. These washers come in various capacities, depending on the size of the family. Once you freeze on a given capacity, you can then look for features like a Dual Action Agitator, which cleans your clothes without damaging the fabric. Another feature called the Porcelain Tub will ensure that your clothes do not get tangled in any way; so removing the clothes from the washer will require no extra effort. This is especially helpful for clothes that have straps and fringes or just long sleeves. Amana also gives you a Deep Wash option that thrusts a powerful rush of water into the process for a deeper clean.
    • Maytag Bravos Top Washer: This is a well-known home brand, and has a high-efficiency quotient. The Maytag Bravos name is known for its features that offer you sparkling clothes after every wash, with a great efficiency when it comes to energy.

    Take for the example, the Power Wash Cycle feature that gives you a quick yet strong wash in half the amount of time and saves energy bills as well.

    • Samsung Top Washer: Samsung is the most relied home brands in the world.Samsung's top-load washer include a large 4.5 capacity that can take a huge stack of clothes. The drum also has options that will give your delicate clothes a light wash, using a self-clean technology and leave a pleasant fragrance as well.
  • Top 4 accounting systems for small businesses

    Anyone at any stage of their journey as an entrepreneur knows the paramount importance of maintaining accounts efficiently. But small businesses may not have the budget for a full-time accountant. This is where small business accounting systems can step in and truly save the day. Here are the best accounting systems small businesses should consider.

    Freshbooks lets you make extremely good invoices with a fabulous professional appeal. You can also manage other tasks such as tracking sales, receiving payments, organizing accounts, and managing taxes. Most of the tasks on this software can be automated. Freshbooks is perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who function independently. It works seamlessly with many apps including Gusto and Shopify. Freshbooks is known for its excellent customer support. You can also try this software for a free trial period of 30 days to see if it fits your needs.

    Wave Financial
    Wave Financial is known to be one of the best accounting software options for independent entrepreneurs or small companies. It offers a host of free services such as invoicing and scanning of receipts. Wave can even handle recurring payments and billing. At an added cost, you can get features such as payroll and online payment setup. However, the project management feature is not available.

    Xero is best known for its high functionality from smartphones and tablets. It can also work just as well on your computer. This software lets you manage inventory tracking and invoicing with great ease. You can also link this with your bank account. Xero offers payroll in connection with Gusto. The only drawback is that Xero does not offer any kind of live support so if you are seeking that, this may not be the ideal software for you. Xero works well with Google, Shopify, PayPal, Stripe, and Microsoft. There is a 30-day free trial period for those who want to try out the app before paying for it.

    OnPay is one of the best accounting systems for small businesses. It offers a host of features such as payroll, and tax filings. Additionally, it manages insurance for compensation and health. OnPay lets you automate your accounting needs so you can work seamlessly. It integrates well with Xero and QuickBooks. The first month is a free trial run so you can figure out how comfortable you are with this software.