This is why you may be suffering from abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is one of the most commonly experienced ailments in the world. The abdominal region ranges anywhere between the chest and pelvic regions, any form of pain in these regions can be termed as abdominal pain.
The causes for abdominal pain can be various and can, range from minor illnesses to medical emergencies.

Here are a few causes of abdominal pain, their symptoms, and prevention.

Viral Gastroenteritis
Viral Gastroenteritis also known as the stomach flu. The symptoms can consist of inflammation of the belly and intestines and has numerous causes, The stomach flu or stomach bug is highly contagious and can spread through proximity to people or through contaminated water and food.
The most vulnerable groups to this disease are:
Children under five years of age.
Anyone with a weak immunity system.
There can be numerous ways to catch a form of viral gastroenteritis, some of them are listed below:
Unsanitary methods of food storage.
Preparation of the food is not sanitary.
Contamination of water and food.
Food is exposed to unhealthy bacteria during transport.

The Symptoms of Viral Gastroenteritis are:
vomiting and nausea
pain in the stomach, head, joints or muscles
excessive sweating
Clammy skin

Precautions against Viral Gastroenteritis:
Washing hands often and thoroughly.
The condition is transferable. The Utensils, towels or any other personal things of infected person should not be shared.
Proper cleaning of fruits and vegetables.
avoidance in eating raw or uncooked food.
Vaccination for rotavirus.

Food Poisoning
Food poisoning is a common ailment that affects most people when they eat food that is either rotten or is close to rotting. Food poisoning if not treated properly and on time has the possibility of becoming fatal. It is recommended that medical assistance is sought in order to effectively treat this illness.

Symptoms of food poisoning:

Stomach Ache
Diarrhea for extended periods, If diarrhea persists beyond three days it can be a sign of severe food poisoning
Fever – Mild fevers are common with mild food poisoning. If the temperature continues beyond one hundred and one degrees for an extended period, it can be a symptom of severe food poisoning
Severe dehydration – This includes symptoms like dry mouth and a lack of flow in the urinary stream.
Nausea and Vomiting
General lack of energy and loss of strength
Loss of appetite

Precautions against food poisoning:
The most effective way to combat food poisoning is to ensure a healthy diet and hygienic food practices.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS
It is also known as spastic colon, irritable colon, mucous colitis, and spastic colitis. IBS is a chronic condition that can impact daily life in extreme manners. Below are some of the symptoms of IBS

The symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome are:
Stomach aches
Stomach Cramps
Abdominal Bloating.

Stress is a common cause for IBS and stress relieving forms of therapy is recommended to patients.

Indigestion also known as dyspepsia is the most common and least severe cause for abdominal discomfort. Below are some symptoms of indigestion.

Symptoms of Indigestion:
inflammation in the stomach
Most common causes of Indigestion are:
More than average consumption of alcohol
Side effects of medicines
Spicy food


  • Challenges faced by data philanthropy and its role in human welfare
    Aimed at benefiting the public, data philanthropy involves the collaborative effort of private sector companies by the means of haring data. Ranging from humanitarian to academic use, there are several uses of data philanthropy in the modern world.The philanthropy in data philanthropy advocates the fact that data sharing is a positive act, as well as that shared data, is good for the public. Challenges Internet privacy: The biggest challenge faced by data philanthropy is safeguarding the Internet privacy of the user(s), whose data is used for philanthropic purposes. In order to provide anonymity to the user whose data is being accessed, several mathematical techniques like differential privacy and space-time boxes have been introduced. Non-profit organizations are working rigorously to develop better means of safeguarding Internet privacy while making use of the data. Convincing corporations to hare data: Several companies believe that sharing their data might come at the cost of losing their competitiveness. Big data organizations rely on their data to better understand the customer behavior and remodel their products to target specific user needs. Hence, making this data public might put them at a disadvantage in the market. Applications Humanitarian aid: Big data has the potential to provide info on forthcoming disasters, thus helping relief organizations to act sooner and locate displaced individuals. To access the availability of basic services like water and electricity, calling patterns of mobile phone users are useful. The same can be used to deduce the socio-economic standings of the public. Several humanitarian corporations around the planet make use of digital services, such as human sensor systems to detect and resolve imminent problems within communities. Impoverished areas: Even in the modern world, over 2.5bn people live below the poverty line. This situation can be improved by data philanthropy. Statistics point out a widespread use of mobile phones even within the impoverished communities. In addition to mobile data, more data about the underprivileged can be collected by means of social media and governmental statistics. Collecting this data into one big database can assist national and international NGOs in targeting the specific needs of the underprivileged. Academia: Without data philanthropy, researchers encounter various problems in accessing data required for carrying out specific research. With big data organizations like Facebook and Twitter allowing data grants to researchers, new knowledge can be produced. This new knowledge can be further put into work for the betterment of public and achieving new milestones. Human rights: The biggest role of data philanthropy is assisting human rights. It allows providing evidence required for truth commissions and war crimes to make final verdicts. Data accumulated on abuse activities can be analyzed scientifically to increase awareness and develop the required means of action. Non-profit organizations compile data with the help of Human Rights monitors in war zones to uncover all the inconsistencies in the total number of war causalities. This helps in bringing the subject to the limelight and exerts pressure on the involved organizations or governments to take justified actions.
  • Organize files with filing cabinet
    Your productivity directly depends on how well organized your environment is. A messy environment causes a lot of delays thus resulting in ineffective work and time loss. The biggest culprits can be the files and the amount of time needed to search for one in your everyday office life. You need a filing cabinet to sort out the mess and to keep the things in order. It is an essential requirement that helps maintain a chaos-free work space so that you can focus better on you job. They also keep your documents protected, organized, and safe. There are a few things to consider before you choose one. Most file cabinets fall under two types: Vertical cabinet which are about 3 to 4 drawers tall and the lateral cabinets that are wider are often 2 to 3 drawers tall. They are either made of wood, steel, and the popular plastic-coated design. There are sturdy cabinets that can withstand a lot of wear and tear and yet at the same time look good. They are mostly made of steel. Invest in wood only if you want to improve the atmosphere and the looks of your work space. Almost all filing cabinets have locks so they are extremely safe to use and handle. You can rest assured that no one can have access to your confidential files. Let us look at them in detail. Vertical File Cabinet They are usually made of wood and steel and comes with a central locking system. They are Ideal for crowded workspaces and consume very limited amount of space. Lateral File Cabinet They too come in multiple drawers and with lock features. Just like a vertical cabinet, this filing cabinet can also be used to maintain a clutter-free workspace. They are just a bit wider. Mobile File Cabinet Usually made of metal and have wheels at the base for easy mobility. They are similar to vertical file cabinets and can easily be shifted from one place to other. They are the most common types used. Storage Boxes These boxes are made of plastic and cardboard and are easy to rearrange and access. They are typically single unit drawers and are more compact when in use. Filing cabinets are the need of an office and they save a great deal of work when used in the correct way. Choose filing cabinets from reputed brands only and make sure that the brand provides good after-sales service.
  • Here is what you need to know about Rn-to-BSN program
    As a Registered Nurse (RN), to take your career to the next level, your next step should be earning a bachelor’s degree of science in Nursing (BSN). There are an array of career options that come with BSN degree. RN-to-BSN programs help in yielding a significant increase in salary. They allow you to provide more help to others through a greater responsibility of administrative roles. RN-to-BSN nursing degree programs equip today’s nurses with skill sets that are needed to deliver care in the current complex healthcare system. RN-to-BSN degree programs focus on three main fundamentals
    • Professional development: It aims at developing leadership and communication skills, with critical thinking. It also helps in developing competencies that enable the nurses to collaborate with their colleagues and thrive in their careers.
    • Cultural awareness: This factor helps in the core understanding of racial, religious, and socioeconomic factors impact the delivery of medical care.
    • Skill building
    It focusses on developing intermediate and advanced technical proficiencies that would allow the nurses to broaden their practice on a wider range of patients. There are nearly 700 RN-to-BSN programs offered throughout the US. These include RN to BSN online degree programs. The structure of these courses varies program to program. The four-year course from a public, and private institutions offer programs that consist of courses dealing with subjects like biology, chemistry, psychology, physics, sociology, English. The upper-level nursing courses focus majorly on Anatomy and physiology, nutrition and diet, nursing leadership, community healthcare development, nursing ethics and nursing electives. Tuition costs depend upon the institution you decide to attend. After you have found a program that best suits your career interests, check with their financial aid office to get an updated and accurate tuition and information. If you are already employed as a nurse and are planning to pursue a BSN course, your employer might cover some or all of the tuition costs. RN-to-BSN degree programs provide hands-on experience by providing experimental training sessions held at a hospital, clinic or another medical facility. They are facilitated either resident staff and consist of simulative mock laboratory procedures
  • A basic overview of the Paleo diet for beginners
    A Paleo diet is one where the body converts itself from a machine that burns carbohydrates to generate energy to one that burns fat to generate energy. The body leans towards burning fat for energy. However, because of our diets which favor carbohydrates, our bodies have to burn them instead in our body. When we consume more carbohydrates, the excess carbohydrates that don’t get burned are stored in the body in the form of fat. This was something the body learned to do from days of old when it had to go for a few days without food and used the stored fat for energy. Today, we don’t really go without food for days together unless we face extreme situations. So, the body never has to burn energy from its fat reserve. Instead, we just keep adding to it. This leads to obesity and a host of other diseases. The Paleo diet, even for beginners who want to try this, attempts to change this scenario by removing simple carbohydrates from the equation. The body is then forced to use the fat reserves for energy. Without the steady supply of carbohydrates which the body generally converts to sugar, blood sugar normalizes and insulin levels get regulated. When this happens, the body releases fat stores which get burned as energy. The process is called lipolysis and the fat stores are called triglycerides. Of course, not all carbohydrates are bad. There are two kinds of carbohydrates: simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are those that, when consumed, convert to sugar rapidly. It is best to avoid these. Complex carbohydrates are those that take longer to break down into sugar once consumed. These can be had in moderation. Simple carbohydrates prevent the body from burning fats because they trigger a bigger insulin response. Fat, on the other hand, is much more satisfying than carbohydrates when consumed because it takes longer to break down and burn. It also makes you full faster ensuring that you eat fewer calories than what you would if you ate carbohydrates. The Paleo diet, even for beginners, targets foods that humans ate long before the process of packaging and preserving of food ever came into being. This eliminates all the salt, sugars, and preservatives that are added to food. Paleo diet is about eating real food.
  • All you need to know about razors
    When you are shaving, the razor blade is an essential component of the razor that gets the work done. With the cutting-edge technology used in safety razors and cartridge razors, you get to have a clean and suave look within no time. Moreover, for experimenting with your look and maintaining a new facial hairstyle, the razor blades play a key role. Evolution of the best razor shaving Body hair has been a part of the human body since its evolution. However, removal of at least some parts of it garnered importance as civilization developed. As man's skills in tool making improved, he started creating tools for tasks such as shaving. Having a beard had different social-cultural interpretations in the ancient society and removing facial hair completely was considered to be humiliating in some countries. So the development of razors varied from one place to another. The different types of razors that revolutionalized today's razor started from simple iron razor to cut-throat razors. Types of the razors With the evolution of razors, the types of blades used in the razors also changed. Today, there are several types of smooth shaving razors that are designed keeping in mind every customer’s preferences and needs. Below are some of the common types of razors available in the market nowadays: Electric razors- The electric razor uses a rotating and an oscillating blade and can help you shave without using water, shaving cream, or soap. Electric razors work either using electricity or batteries. Ideal for sensitive skin and shaving thin hair, electric razors are easy to use. Cut throat- Created in the English town of Sheffield, the cutthroat razor was first used since about 1680. Cut throats are also commonly known as straight razors. Many razor aficionados swear by the cut throats and consider them to be the best razor blades if you want to get the closest shave. Safety razors- Safety razors are created for optimal safety while shaving. These razors in recent times have developed from single blade razors to cartridge razors. Cartridge razors developed by Gillette are most commonly used in today's times. Minimizes risk of infection Shaving correctly and using clean razors and razor blades are a part of minimizing the risk of cuts and rashes on the skin after shaving. Proper aftercare is also essential in not only maintaining your look but also avoiding infections.
  • Here’s What You Need to Know about the New Macbook Pro
    Apple always ensures to put the best of their power, efficiency, and technical know-how in a MacBook Pro. It has the best of every feature, and the most recent MacBook Pro stands strong against its competitors. Mentioned below are some of the features that make this laptop a great buy. Technicalities Available in a 13-inch and a 15-inch variant, the latest MacBook Pro is accompanied with Retina Display and with a native resolution of 2560x1600. The 227 pixels-per-inch (PPI) makes the display even better and the support of a million colors ensures that your virtual world looks as real as ever. The processor has been chosen with the utmost care. The 13-inch model without the touch bar comes with a 2.3 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and also a turbo boost of up to 3.6 GHz. The eDRAM capacitated to 64MB makes your laptop experience even better. The best part is that the above tech specs are limited only to the most basic offering of the latest MacBook Pro. It just keeps getting better with the newer variants. What makes it a great buy In our opinion, the biggest reason why the recent MacBook Pro series stands out is that of the variants it offers. There is a model fitted to your requirements. If you are looking for affordability, you can choose the one without the touch bar. If you are looking for a higher memory, you can choose the one with the highest storage variant. Also, the touch bar pretty much speaks for itself! It is also crucial to understand that even though the pricing may seem high as compared to its counterparts in the market, it is pretty much the best that Apple offers to you for its brand value and for the features. The 13-inch variant without the touch bar is available at a price of around $1299 for the 128GB storage while the 256GB variant is priced at around $1500. Additionally, the touch bar and touch ID 2.3 GHz quad-core processor model comes at a price of around $1799. The 15-inch variant with 2.2 GHz processor and 256GB of storage is priced at around $2,399 while the 512GB storage is priced at around $2,799. All in all, the latest MacBook Pro is perfect for all your requirements and indeed is the among the best laptops to choose from.