Tips and tricks to make the best use of your Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung smartphones have been all over the news in the last few years whether it is the release of the Galaxy S8 now, or the hoopla around the famous Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, or the fact that the Samsung S6 Edge getting the much-talked about Nougat update. However, don’t despair if you still own your trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 which features on almost all bestselling phones of all time lists here are some tricks and tips to make the best use of your phone and still rule the roost:

Using Smart Stay: The Smart Stay feature in the Samsung Galaxy S3 lets one surf the internet or read books easier the feature keeps the phone’s backlight on until one either averts their eyes away from the screen or closes their eyes. One can activate it by going to Settings > Display > Smart Stay and checking it.

Recording music from FM: While listening to songs on the radio isn’t so prevalent anymore, it is great to have that option on one’s phone! Especially since streaming music from Goole Play Music or Spotify drains battery and uses data both. One can record songs from the radio and even save and store music on the SD card or the internal memory.

Blocking mode: One of the worst things about keeping the phone on in the night is the unnecessary ping’ of notifications at all odd hours. Luckily, the Galaxy S3 features a nifty Blocking Mode’ (Settings > Device > Blocking Mode). Once switched on, the user can easily customize what they want to block it could be LED indicators, timers, alarms, Facebook notifications, mails, etc. permanently or for a specific time period. Users can, at the same time, also make sure that urgent calls about emergencies are able can get through at any and all times by editing the allowed contacts’ list and specifying them.

Remote wipe: If someone steals your Galaxy S3, you can immediately triangulate the location of your device and ensure that no one gets access to your personal and private data by executing a complete wipe of the phone data. All users need to do is sign up for a Samsung account and set a password, then sign in to the Find My Mobile’ option of Samsung, which will enable one to locate their mobile phone, unlock their screens, wipe their mobiles, see call logs, forward messages or calls, make the phone ring or lock it.

Extras: While the S3 isn’t designed to sync with iTunes, one can do so using some third-party apps such as Easy Phone Sync (on Play Store). One needs to have the same desktop counterpart, letting one transfer his/her entire iTunes library to the phone.


  • Why a Samsung Smart LED TV should be your next TV
    Samsung televisions are one of the best-selling brands in today's market. It gives the viewer a wider aspect ratio with a good resolution of images adding more depth and color. At home, viewing the television should give comfort to the mind and ease to our eyes the increasing resolution gives better pixel count and dynamic range. Samsung's UHD TVs use an innovative enhanced dimming technology and a very high contrast ratio to deliver deep, real black and pure white for greater detail and unmatched picture clarity which also offers a dynamic range of sound, producing a better experience of watching television. Samsung Smart LEDs When compared with other brands, Samsung televisions are very versatile that give into a wide variety of uses. The low-quality broadcast can be scaled up to high definition resolution with a great deal of choice for gaming. The best part about this product is that they cover everything from budget to high-end models. The remotes included in the high-end series of Samsung's models are also excellent, extremely comfortable to grasp and hold and equipped with great features and good craftsmanship. The controls are simple and are easy to be paired with other devices. Samsung's current remotes are done away with expansive controls such as advanced playback buttons and number keys. One key to all your functions with the auto detection mode and you can know what's connected to your television. The apps screen Smart televisions are known for their access to streaming media services which can run entertainment applications with the help of internet. Most model televisions today have built-in Wi-Fi connections. Clicking the home button leads you to a toolbar at the bottom of the screen giving a quick access to inputs and settings. The apps screen bombards with the selection of apps with the help of filters. All the popular services are easily available as the search function is good and results come up quickly. The web browser too has improved over time. Samsung smart view This facility lets you enjoy the multimedia content from your mobile and PC on to your Samsung Smart LED TV by letting you control the TV with mobile. There are a lot of helplines which shows how to connect to your smart TV these are found online showing the step by step process to connect gadgets to Samsung smart view.
  • The best TV resolution and how to understand it
    When you purchase a TV for your home, it is a long-term investment. Therefore, it is vital that you conduct a good amount of research before you buy a TV. Best TV resolution is a key factor which should be a concern area when you purchase a television.
    • LED television basics LED TVs have been designed by sandwiching of liquid crystals between glass panels. This makes it amongst the best TV resolution sets, and they are way ahead of LCDs in this aspect.
    • Basics of resolution When you think about the best TV resolution, it essentially means that the pixel measurement of the screen is finely done. This technique is known as native resolution.
    • Display ratio This concept is measured as height x width. LED screen often comes with a defined number of pixels, and these are known as fixed pixel displays. This means that if the information coming from a screen is received, the details of the same are shown in native resolution. If a video signal is sent with a low native resolution, this is enlarged to act as a fill a for complete native resolution.
    • Aspect ratio When a mention of best TV resolution is made, the aspect ratio is certainly discussed. This ratio refers to a specific number according to which the representing width is displayed in relation to the height. Two primary aspect ratios are used in television; 4:3 is the standard ratio while 16:9 is the widescreen ratio.
    • Scanning Two primary kinds of scanning are about television. These are interlaced and progressive scanning. Scanning is referred to as names in which the screen updates and after that changes the image. Letters "p" and "I" usually represent the scanning value.
    • Scaling In case of a mismatch between native and source resolution, the image is scaled so that it matches the native resolution of the television. In case, a person is watching a movie which has a 1080p resolution on any 720p LED television, the signal will get downscaled to 720p.
    • Relevance of resolution When you are shopping for a LED television, it is very important that best TV resolution is a guiding factor in any purchase you make. This can be kept in consideration by focusing on some important factors.
    • Screen Size The bigger the size of the screen; more are the chances of details being evident. In larger screens, higher resolution is naturally required so that high standard is maintained in picture quality. If however, the source quality is bad or the screen is very large the HD resolution will appear like a normal screen.
    • Distance of viewing Viewing distance also affects resolution. The closer a person sits to the screen, better are the chances of their being able to see pictures in good resolution.
    Do your research and get the best television for yourself.
  • 5 reasons why the Apple iPod Touch is a great buy
    Apple iPod Touch 6th generation has several new features that were not present in the iPod Touch 5th generation. The iPod 6th gen is the most perfect way of carrying your music playlist in your pocket. If you are planning to buy an iPod, here are a few reasons why the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation makes a great buy. Better specifications It has all the features you would expect from an iPod. It has better specifications than its previous versions with much brighter, smoother, and fluid experience. With a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, you can enjoy using more responsive applications and a quick load timing to get access to games. The camera is a great 8MP one with LED flash. The camera is powered with autofocus and back-illuminated sensors to let you take better quality pictures. It is a great gift It makes a great gift as it just available $199. It is inexpensive for its amazing staging. The Apple iPod Touch 6th generation with 32GB makes the best value for its price. The iPod Touch sure is a great deal to buy and to gift. Looks similar to an iPhone The iPod has got all the features that you would find on an iPhone. You can browse, download songs, watch YouTube, videos, take pictures, and more. It, however, does not have any key functions like mobile connectivity, widgets, and no email support. Great media player With the latest iPod Touch 6th gen, you can have a dedicated space for your movies, songs, and for those space-consuming applications that you do not want to store on your phone. The iPod Touch is a great place to put all your favorite media without giving up the valuable storage on your phone. Functionality The Apple iPod Touch is your second-best option because apart from gaming and entertainment, it can be used for many other tasks. The new iPod Touch has both front and rear cameras; it also supports facetime. You can also make use of social apps such as Skype and Viber without a mobile data and the whole role of a phone.
  • Best washers and dryers under $1000
    While you may think that you may have to spend excess amounts of money to buy a decent washer, there are a number of cheap washing machines and dryers available in the market for under USD 1000. Before you start shopping for washers and dryers, you need to decide what type of washer and dryer will best suit your needs - the top loading machines or the front loading ones. Top loading washing machines have been the preferred choice for many for several reasons. One of the main reasons a lot of people prefer this style of the washing machine is the safety as it keeps young children from any accident should they open a front loading washer. Whereas, the front loading machines gain more customers as they are highly power efficient according to the American Cleaning Institute. This would mean lower utility bills. Here are some of the cheap washers and dryers that you can get under USD 1000 for a great cleaning and drying experience. GE GTW680BSJWS You can get some of the best features with this budget-friendly top loading washer that is priced way lower than USD 1000. It is available at Best Buy, Appliances Connection, and Home Depot in a price range of USD 539 to USD 569. The washer has a large wash drum capacity among the other cheap washers and dryers and special features for warm rinse and stain removal. This is one of the few washers and dryers that offer a premium brand experience at a low rate. GE GTW485ASJWS The GE GTW485ASJWS is yet another great option from the cheap washers and dryers category. It is a super-efficient dryer that comes with a sensor that automatically detects the load of clothes and fills the water required. The washer can be available at a price between USD 479.99 and USD 519 at Home Depot, Best Buy, and Appliances Connection. The washer has a user-friendly control panel and is ideal for those folks who prefer a non-LED control panel. Maytag MGDX655DW  The Maytag MGDX655DW is a decent buy under USD 1000. The dryer comes with 11 cycle options for drying and has a front-loading design. It has an easy to use control panel on the top and offers five temperature settings. This is one of the best among the cheap washers and dryers as it has sensors to stop the machine when it senses no moisture left. This is great for saving power and the clothes from overdrying. Kenmore 60222 This Kenmore dryer is worth the buy at less than USD 600 and is one of the cheap washers and dryers available in the market that does a brilliant job as any other expensive one. The dryer has a great capacity of 6.5 cubic inches which can dry a decent load of clothes at a time. The washer is not one of those noisy, cheap washers and dryers; it offers a relatively noise-free operation. There are both electric, and gas models available for this make from Kenmore. The dryer also has a wrinkle guard feature that dries the clothes without getting a lot of wrinkles on it. You can get the dryer for an even cheaper rate during the washer dryer sale. Apart from these, there is an array of washers and dryers available in the market under USD 1000. Whether you get a top loading machine or a front loading one will depend on the space, you have in your laundry area. Keep this factor in mind to ensure that the model you buy fits your home perfectly without any issues.
  • Top websites offering discount on Gillette products
    Gillette is the leading and popular brand of various safety products for men in the U.S, that includes Skincare series, razors, face wash, shave foam & gel, electric razors and much more. There are lots of top websites that provide the highly preferred and superior Gillette products. There are lots of coupon codes and offers available for these products as well. It is beneficial to know the latest offers, as well as Gillette Printable Coupons, offer the top websites. The printable coupons are the most beneficial resources that help you to save more on the Gillette products. Apart from that, the Gillette Printable Coupons bring you a fantastic opportunity to shop without exceeding your budget. These are the most lucrative features of coupons that attract many buyers towards it and encourage them to choose Gillette products over others. This article shares with you the details of Gillette coupons offered by top websites. Visit the right e-commerce website It is significant to know that these offers are available for the limited period, so you can utilize them as soon as possible. The most leading e-commerce websites in U.S have a simple user interface with the Gillette products, fast checkouts, and excellent discount facilities. The Gillette products from e-commerce websites are very affordable. Now, the online shoppers get better discounts on the Gillette products which are shown on the offer page of leading websites. The discount option does not require any minimum purchase or promo codes. The discount facilities may differ from one product to another product. The validity of this offer is obtainable for a limited period. Save money Everyone wants to limit investing all their money in the personal care and beauty products. Due to this, they are looking for the best offers. For meeting these requirements, the most leading e-commerce websites offer Gillette Printable Coupons. These are the specially designed and most useful offers that help you to save more on Gillett products. You can visit the right online site to get these benefits and save your money. Along with this, you can grab the prints as well as head in-store to acquire even more savings. The value of Gillette Printable Coupons ranges from roughly about $0.50 to $3.00. If you are looking for savings of high-quality Gillette products that include shaving gel, shaving foam, deodorant, and razors, you can immediately visit the well-stocked and best e-commerce stores. Here are some of the leading websites that offer Gillette coupons:
    • Target It is the 2nd largest discount store U.S retailer that not only offers free shipping facility on every order of $35 but also brings you a fantastic chance to get discounts on various Gillette products.
    • CVS It is one of the most popular online pharmacy and drugstore. It not only offers an extensive range of beauty, wellness, and health-related products but also lets you get amazing offers on Gillette razors and other products like the Gillette Printable Coupons.
    • Rite Aid Rite Aid provides everyday services and products to help people and their family members lead happier and healthier lives. The online pharmacy offers amazing discounts and offers on different types of Gillette products to enhance your shopping experience.
    • Walgreens The online pharmacy of America serves the needs of people by offering wellness and health products, prescriptions and other skincare products. You can check the discounts and Gillette Printable Coupons offered by Walgreens before spending your money. The discount details help you to save a huge amount of money on your shopping.
    The highly beneficial and most profitable printable coupons are available for all kinds of Gillette products, so you can utilize them properly to make your shopping affordable.
  • 4 common treatments for itchy skin
    Skin itchiness is one of the worst irritating diseases. It causes discomfort and often, it can be painful as well. It is best to treat it as soon as possible. The first way to tackle this is by knowing which itchy skin symptoms you have. Your itchy skin symptoms may include blisters, redness, white flaky skin or simply dry skin. There are some other reasons why your skin is being itchy; the best way to treat it is by consulting a doctor. Along with prescribed medications, you can also follow certain home treatments to alleviate itchy skin symptoms.
    • High-quality or medicinal moisturizers: Moisturizers are the best solution for itchy skin symptoms. As the most common cause for itchy skin is dryness, moisturizers help to trap the moisture and keep your skin soft and hydrated. Be sure to use good quality moisturizers over the itchy skin or use medicinal grade moisturizers available at a drug store.
    • Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera is the best plant-based product for your skin. Even though turmeric is good as well, but nothing comes close to aloe vera. You can use the fresh gel extracted from aloe vera or buy organic aloe vera gel from a store. Apply it over the itchy areas, and you will get relief quickly.
    • Oatmeal: These aren’t just good for your health, but are great itching remedy as well. Colloidal oatmeal is made from oats that have been ground into a very fine powder. This is often used in itch-guard soaps and lotions. Or you can prepare a cool bath by dissolving the powder in your bathtub.
    • Antihistamines: Chemicals in the body like histamines are responsible for allergy-like symptoms, including itching. Antihistamines are drugs that treat this condition. These are easily available at any drug store. But have them under medical supervision.