Tips to buy the right mattress

The best place to find a suitable replacement for your old mattress is the B and M retail. B and M Mattress offers you the best quality innerspring mattress, both in a single bed and double bed sizes. Their mattresses provide adequate comfort and support to your body.
A good mattress ensures that you make optimal use of the hours you spend in bed. If you suffer from back pain, it becomes all the more essential to find a mattress, which helps you in managing the problem. However, there are so many brands vying for your attention that it is easy to get confused by the choices.

The first step to a better buying decision is, obviously, to know what features you are looking for. There is no comprehensive guide or medical journal that can tell you what kind of mattress would be perfect for you, although there are broad guidelines that you can adhere to:

Trust your experience: Mattress is a product that all of us have used. We already have a list of things we like in our existing mattress and the pesky issues we could do without along with a list of desirable features. Make good use of this list and see if you find something that covers all bases.

Consult your doctor: If you have a specific medical condition, it is best to talk to your doctor or physical therapist about the issue. They can give plenty of tips on the type of sleeping surface that may be suitable for your condition. You can match and compare this with options available in the market and take a decision.

Test drive: There are no rules, which say you can test drive a car, but you cannot test drive a mattress. If you have taken the trouble to travel to a physical store, you might as well use the opportunity to get a feel of the real thing. Take your time to test the mattress, check for firmness and support.

Mattress firmness: A firm mattress is not always the best choice. In fact, the degree of firmness that is ideal for you depends on the condition of your back and also the position in which you usually sleep.
Soft mattresses, which mold to your body shape, are best for side sleepers.
If you change your position during the night and roll from the side onto your back, then medium soft would be more suitable. This will mold to your shape when you lie on the side while supporting your back when you roll over.
For those who sleep on their back, medium firm mattress offers the best support.
If you are in the habit of sleeping on your stomach, go for a firm mattress, which does not sink in during your sleep.

Warranty: All good brands offer a minimum of a 10-year full replacement warranty.

Any B and M mattress conforms to BS7177 UK fire regulations, is manufactured in the UK and provides an adequate warranty on its products.


  • The 1969 Camaro, muscle machine

    To say that the 1969 model Camaro is a highly-coveted car would be an understatement. The 1969 Camaro is known to be one of the best muscle cars in its genre. The Camaro line was introduced in 1967 but what makes the 1969 model the one to own is the fact that the design of this model was revamped. The new model came out with a more aggressive and sporty look that made it immensely popular. It has been nearly fifty years since it was first manufactured but one can still find a number of these beauties available for sale, across the United States. Restored, refurbished, in run down condition, in mint condition, with the majority of its original parts, in varied colors, with paint jobs that mirror the original lines you name it and it can be found. Private collectors and owners as well as dealerships of classic cars and certified pre owned dealers, often list the 1969 Camaro for sale.

    The V grille, the unique body style, the big and small blocks, V6 and V8 engines with powerful horsepower, the fact that there was a set of these that made it to the racetracks, and were superb machines to race. For all these reasons, 1969 Camaro remains many people's dream car or something they once owned and now want again to relive the glory days, or else have always coveted and put on their car buying wish list. This last in the first generation Camaros, which were produced through 1969, actually has more models on the road for one simple reason due to various production and design related challenges in getting the manufacturing right, the car was put out in a prolonged year that lasted until November 1969. Which is good news for those looking for a 1969 Camaro for sale! With convertible and hard top options, single colored as well as two toned with the distinctive stripes on the hood, the 1969 Camaro was gorgeous to behold and fast to drive. You can find the car available for bid on eBay and also for purchase, as listed on websites like Car Guru and Classic Trader. You can also check with your local certified pre owned dealerships, used car dealers in your town, and classic car dealers, alongside private owners who can be found in the classified sections of local papers or check with the classic car enthusiasts in town.


  • Things you need to know while purchasing from RockAuto
    RockAuto is an auto parts company located in Madison, Wisconsin. It sells thousands of auto parts from over 200 manufacturers to customers all over the world. RockAuto updates its catalog on a daily basis and sells a variety of parts including, but not limited to, brake pads, bumpers, shock absorbers, door handles, mirrors, carpets, steering gears, engine long blocks, complete transmissions, and CV axles. They don't have any mechanics employed, but they do provide customers with service manuals to help them repair their vehicles. Here are a few things you need to know while purchasing from auto parts from RockAuto. Know which part will fit your vehicle You can find the right part that will fit your vehicle by choosing the right year, make, model, and engine combination of your vehicle. Note that there are certain factors that you must take in to account such as RWD vs. 4WD or 2-doors vs. 4-door or w/ A.C vs. w/o A/C while choosing the right fit. Read the descriptions carefully before making the choice. Know if your vehicle has a feature mentioned in the part description One way to find if the part you are looking for is the perfect fir for your vehicle is by comparing the features mentioned in its description with the original part. For instance, measure or inspect the original part, do an online search to decode the VIN number, read the owners' manual, search online forums for similar queries, and contact a local dealership to get the right information. Know why their prices are low RockAuto sells parts at a much lower price when compared to retail outlets, dealership stores, and competitors. They do this by providing a platform for customers to self-serve and choose the parts they need from the catalog themselves without any external help from employees. They cut costs by removing manpower from the equation. They also have a centralized warehouse from where they ship parts directly to the customers, thereby cutting costs. Know if they have promotions and rebates RockAuto does advertise manufacturers' promotions and rebates. Current offers are available by clicking on the promotions and rebates icon located at the top right icon on the main page. You can also identify rebates on parts if there is a star icon beside it. Most of the promotions and rebates on products are honored by the manufacturer. You can find more information on the terms and conditions on their Promotions and Rebates page.
  • Best cell phone service plans for individuals
    Many popular cell phone carriers like T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon give great individual-oriented plans. These plans may vary according to the user type, device type and the location of usage. They may also change as per the data allotment and price distribution depending on the website or dealer you pick it from. It has been observed through careful research and analysis that Verizon and AT&T offer less data for more money while T-Mobile and Sprint offer more data for less money. But this is valid only for data plans, Each carrier offers different rates and discounts for other services, like calling and messaging. While both T-Mobile and Sprint carriers tout their unlimited data plans very extensively, the user should be beware of falling for these so called unlimited plans because the plans that really offer unlimited 4G LTE data at a high speed can come out to be pretty expensive, if you break down the overall costs carefully. Not to mention that these unlimited plans can cost upward of $75 per month to $95 per month. These charges may look like a lot, but the real deal is that they do not even begin to cover the device charges, over head fees or data access fees. That’s one thing to look out for before purchasing any thing that is prefixed with the word ‘unlimited’. Similarly, a lower priced unlimited plan comes with the caveat of lowered speeds that are morosely slow once the allocated data amount gets over. And this data does get over pretty quickly, especially if it is used to browse the internet on the phone or download apps. Apart from this, there is the consideration of traditional two-year contracts versus the no contract with an installment plan and the fast upgrade plans offered by various carriers. The traditional two-year contracts are now very limited in their scope and even their accessibility. Since T-Mobile was the first carrier to go ahead and entirely remove the two-year contract plans, Verizon and Sprint soon followed suit. Next to shut down the two-year contract model was AT&T. These plans are now available only for the existing customers.
  • Beats headphones: History and evolution
    Headphones have had a long history of evolution into unimaginable quality, comforts, and looks. They are basically a device to convert electric impulses into corresponding sound waves technically called an electro-acoustic transducer. Headphones are designed to send the sound into the listener's ears. The first headphones were developed for telephone operators in 1881. Needless to say, the sound quality was poor. The major requirement was to free their hands. The first models rested on the shoulders of the operator and weighed 10 lbs. The biggest revolution was the quality of sound reproduction called high-fidelity sound. This came about in the late 1930s. 1937 saw the introduction of the dynamic headphones. They are the most popular type. 1958 was when the world woke up to stereo headphones introduced by one John C. Koss. The market for the next decade was dominated by him. Sony, the Japanese company, jolted the market to another revolution in 1979 by introducing their Walkman making portability the most coveted requirement. The 80s saw the introduction of the in-ear headphones. The 2000s welcomed the QuietComfort series of Bose. The year 2008 saw the introduction of the Beats headphones. These idea for these headphones were conceived by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. To understand the uniqueness of these headphones, it is important to know the background of these two. Andre Young grew to the sound of his mom's record player. He became a DJ, later Dr. Dre, and became the co-creator of famous rap groups. Iovine is well known Record and Film producer and co-founder of Interscope Records and chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M. These are individuals who were involved in music all their lives. Their products were manufactured by Monster Cable, which has decades of experience in speaker and AV manufacturing. This helped the Beats engineers with a fresh perspective about what is required. Dr. Dre insisted that he wanted his customers to hear music the way the artists hear and listen the way they should. This was achieved by the engineers through wizardry in hardware and sound profiling, high efficiency drivers, and magnetic technology. They boosted the volume without distortion or interference. This led to bass performance of epic proportion, with equal mid and treble performance. With the adoption of latest sound cancellation technology, it enables the listen music in quiet solitude anywhere. A quality of music's most loved, wearing comfort, and iconic looks propelled these headphones to the top and attached a high status symbol in a short span of time.
  • Top Three Alcohol Rehab Centers in California
    Drinking alcohol can lead to a series of diseases and increase your risk factor for several other chronic diseases. While it is difficult to curb your desire to consume alcohol, it is not impossible. Some people are able to quit alcohol as a whole while others try to limit their consumption. For those who are finding it difficult to curb their addiction, alcohol rehab centers are the best option. You can opt for an outward or inward program to cater to your needs. Those located in California have the added advantage of a fantastic plethora of options to choose from. Here are a few of the best alcohol rehab centers California has:
    • Prominence Treatment Prominence Treatment is one of the finest alcohol rehab centers in California. It focuses on the treatment and healing of the underlying causes of addiction through a 12-step approach. They have specialized individual treatment options to help treat alcohol addictions, all this in the comfort of private and luxurious rooms.
    • Nexus Recovery Services Nexus Recovery Services in one of the best California-based alcohol rehab centers where you can check out as well. Located in Los Angeles, it offers a personalized treatment program guided by the mind, spirit, and body. They provide their clients with a safe and supportive environment to curb their addiction and lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Their programs are holistic and their management is well-experienced and top-notch. Their service truly does stand out from the rest. Opt for this center if you want to experience the finest in action.
    • Betty Ford Center This alcohol rehab center was founded in 1982. It is one of the oldest and renowned rehabilitation institutes in California. Located at Rancho Mirage, it has helped over 100,000 people treat their addiction and leave the premises clean and ready to embrace change. The entire family is encouraged to take part in the treatment procedure and help their loved ones come good.
    While alcohol may seem like the perfect solution in the short-term, it leads to several complications in the long-term. There is no point opting for a change when it is already too late. Look into the future and try to maintain your health. Damaging your body for a temporary pleasure is not a solution. Opt for one of the alcohol rehab centers in California mentioned on this list. Remember, the best change is self-change.
  • 5 essential facts about high-efficiency detergents
    High-efficiency detergent is a specialized detergent which is a formulated solution for washing and cleaning garments in a high-efficiency washing machine. These kinds of washing machines are now available in either front-load or top-load washing machines which have the high-efficiency or 'HE' mark on the washers. What makes high-efficiency detergents so special? As most high-efficiency washing machines are efficient, smart, and larger, these work best with specialized high-efficiency detergents. Using traditional or regular detergents aren't enough. For extracting the best of the HE washer, it's crucial to install and use high-efficiency detergents that help you quickly dissolve smart suds techniques and save time, water, and energy. Most of the traditional washers use 40 gallons of water including wash and rinse cycles and even the newest top-loader washers use 27-28 gallons. Excess suds interfere with the tumbling activity in high-efficiency washing machines and hamper the electronic system of the machine. This further affects the warranty. Usage of conventional detergents in high-efficiency washers causes foul odor and mold in the machine. However, front-load or high-efficiency machines use 12-14 gallons of water as these need to work in limited water. The amount of high-efficiency detergent to be used It's important to read the manuals and guidelines regarding the amount of detergents for each load. More quantity is not always good. Remember that for one normal size load, 1-2 teaspoons of HE detergents are sufficient. It is perfectly okay to utilize only one or two single-dose for each load unless it becomes heavily soiled or super large load. Excess use of high-efficiency detergent can lead to scratchy or stiff fabrics. Do high-efficiency detergents work in standard washers? It is okay to use High-efficiency detergents in a regular or traditional top-load washing machines. If you use a regular washer, high amounts of suds would not be produced and the cleaning would be effective. ¼ the cup of these detergents is okay for standard washing machine in case of a casual or large load. It's important to look into the usage guides if you don't want to waste it. Liquid, powder or pod are some of the different types of high-efficiency detergents that are available in the market. Ensure you talk to the manufacturers in terms of guidelines regarding the best detergents for your washers. Here's how checking reviews help Just like in case of most products, the reviews of the users or consumer research websites are crucial to consider. High-efficiency detergents are mandatory for high-efficiency washers, be it front loaders or some top loaders. Usually, detergents with bleach alternative liquid laundry detergent is highly effective for removing stain. Most reviews recommend you to buy some of the popular brands like Ultra sunlight, Gain HE original Fresh and Kirkland Signature ultra 2X, and the like. You can buy these detergents online or drop in at your nearest stores. Where to put HE detergents? A high-efficiency washer generally comes with a detergent drawer that slides out in front of a particular compartment. With high-efficiency detergent, you can also consider adding bleach and softeners. It is recommended that you carefully read all instructions related to the quantity of the detergents prescribed along with bleach and laundry softener. You must not add extra detergent with clothing if you want to avoid excess suds or soap residue on garments. You must also remember not to add bleach directly to the wash load because it may damage the fabric fiber because of low water quantity. Most popular high-efficiency detergents to look out for Tide 2X Ultra with Color Clean Bleach Alternative HE, All 2X with Oxy ActiveTM, Gain Original Fresh HE, Up & Up Fresh Breeze HE, and Seventh Generation Natural Powdered HE are one of the top-rated high-efficiency detergents that you can give a shot.