Tips to keep your patio furniture clean

When you bring in the best quality patio furniture, be it from stores, online, or patio furniture on sale, you probably want it to last for a long time. The furniture in your backyard is exposed to snow, strong winds, heavy rains, all of which can cause major damage to your furniture. To avoid any kind of impairment and make it last for long, you need to maintain and clean your furniture from time to time.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your patio furniture clean.

  • Make sure you clean your outdoor patio furniture on a regular basis. Use the right method of cleaning as different cleaning techniques are needed for different types of furniture.
  • Hot and foamy water works like magic for it for furniture made of aluminum, vinyl, and plastic. After scrubbing, rinse it thoroughly with clean water and then let it dry in the sun.
  • Never use soap on any wooden furniture. For cleaning your wooden sofa furnished with outdoor furniture cushions, just stick to plain water. Spray it once to wash off all the dust and then wipe it with a clean sponge.
  • Glass tabletops are more striking when they are clean. Make sure you clean the top with best glass cleaners regularly. If you keep the burning candles on glass table top, you could end up having melted wax from the candle. To clean it up, start off by making it softer with the help of a hair dryer, then use a piece of card to gently rub away the wax. If a mark of it is left behind, use a little alcohol to wipe it away.
  • To prevent the unusual sight of rust on your metal patio furniture, you can coat it with paste wax. Preferably you should apply the paste wax quickly after you purchase it, but it is better late than never. You can re-apply it immediately after washing your furniture too.

Follow these simple tips and you will never face any above-mentioned problems.


  • Top 3 electric blankets that you can buy online
    Electric blankets benefit sleepers in many ways. While their primary function is to provide heat, these blankets also have therapeutic benefits. This product is especially useful for patients who have arthritis or fibromyalgia. Electric blankets are also energy efficient and can help you save some money on your heating bills during winter. Here are the three of the most popular heating blankets that you can buy online. Sunbeam® Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket The 10-hour auto-off feature is perhaps the highlight of Sunbeam's electric blanket. Its wiring system's design distributes heat evenly throughout the blanket. Moreover, this 100% polyester blanket keeps your entire body warm. It also features a dual temperature control system that lets you and your partner enjoy different temperatures with the same electric blanket. Sunbeam’s quilted fleece heated blanket has ten different control settings. Slip a duvet over it if you can feel the wires through the fabric or if you want to keep it clean for longer. You can purchase the blanket on Amazon for $79 approximately. Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece Electric Heated Blanket Many people might think that a microfleece blanket is too expensive for their daily needs. However, you should splurge on this product as it will provide you with the ultimate level of comfort. Moreover, this blanket also helps you save money as it uses less electricity to provide heat with a revolutionary low voltage technology. The blanket also features a dual heat setting that allows both partners to share one electric blanket with different heat settings. The blanket has an auto power-off system in case you forget to turn it off. Thus, it is energy efficient and also reduces the risk of a short circuit due to overheating. You can purchase the Soft Heat electric blanket from Amazon for around $185. Sunbeam® Microplush Heated Throw Sunbeam's Microplush Heated Throw is an affordable option when you are looking to stay warm but don’t want to spend a lot of cash. The Microplush Heated Throw electric blanket offers only three heating modes and three-hour auto power off feature as compared to other products that come with more functions. However, its limited functionality does not make the product subpar as it still provides good heating. You can purchase this inexpensive electric blanket for around $40 on various shopping websites.
  • The origins of US stock market

    The Great American Institution that is the US Stock Market has had a tumultuous 100+ year journey. Let us examine the origins and the earlier times that this market, which affects the entire world's economy, has seen over the last two centuries.

    The origins

    • Sometime in 1600s: Dutch settlers and early merchants in NYC built a wall to protect themselves from pirates, the Indians, etc., which went on to become a bustling commercial thoroughfare later named Wall Street.
    • March 1792, Corre's Hotel, NYC: 24 of the city's leading traders met in secret to discuss methods to wrest the securities business from the auctioneers, their competition, and bring order.
    • May 17th, 1792: They signed a 'Buttonwood Agreement' (named after the Buttonwood tree, their traditional meeting place), which called for the signers to not participate in other auctions of securities, set trading fees and trade securities only among themselves. This went on to become what we know as the NYSE.

    The beginning: America's very first stock exchange is actually the Philadelphia exchange founded in 1790. In early 1817, when NYC's merchants realized that their exchange was declining, they sent an observer to the thriving Philadelphia exchange. Upon his return, they formally organized the New York Stock and Exchange Board on March 8th, 1817 at 40, Wall Street. It was an exclusive organization which required new members to be voted in and which allowed candidates to be black-balled by 3 downvotes. Prices of seats in the exchange increased from $25 in 1817 to $100 in 1827 and $400 in 1848.

    The 1900s: Huge fortunes were made on Wall Street in the early 1900s. The first panic came in 1907 when $800 million in securities were unloaded within a span of months. Consequently, stocks plummeted, the Knickerbocker Trust Company folded, and ultimately, JP Morgan and other leading NY bankers set up a single banking trust.

    The Black Tuesday' crash of October 29th, 1929 brought more panic and loss, since stock prices were 400% higher than they had been 5 years earlier. The stocks fell 49 points, the market fell 31 points and investors and brokers even committed suicide, with the fallout lasting till early 1941. As a result of this, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was formed in 1934 in an attempt to restore faith in the equity markets. Later on, NASDAQ was formed in 1971.

    Today, the NYSE is the 800-pound-gorilla, the world's biggest and most powerful stock exchange with a market capitalization larger than NASDAQ, London and Tokyo combined!

  • The Best Smartphone Deals You Can Get Right Now
    Locked smartphones or unlocked smartphones? That is the question! While some people benefit greatly from locked smartphones, others choose unlocked smartphones. Unlocked smartphones are a better choice in many ways. An increasing number of people are opting for unlocked smartphones now. Following are the reasons why you might want to consider getting an unlocked smartphone instead of a locked version of a smartphone. You will have more options in terms of networks to choose from. This stems from the fact that you won’t be tied to a particular wireless carrier. This helps you choose the network according to your budget and requirement. Additionally, you can change your network according to the better one in your area. You will be able to use all the features of the unlocked smartphone. One huge drawback of locked smartphones is that they are pre-programmed by a service provider and some features are unusable. This is never the case with unlocked smartphones. You will be able to explore the full potential of the smartphone. You will be saved from apps provided by the carrier that you might never even use. This type of bloatware only takes up space on your smartphone without proving to be useful. You cannot even delete the apps if you wish to. Locked smartphones give you more liberty about which apps to download and use. You will be able to save more money in the long run. At first, it might seem like you are spending more for an unlocked phone since you have to pay more at one go. However, when you consider the 'no contract' factor and the fact that you can use SIMs, you will realize that you get to save more. You won’t have to pay for hefty roaming charges. These are the worst if you are a frequent traveler as you have to spend a fortune on calls and messages. You can save on roaming charges when you choose an unlocked phone. You will simply be able to purchase a local SIM and pay local charges for your calls. You have more freedom to choose networks when you choose an unlocked smartphone. As the phone will not be tied to work on only one network, you can switch to another network when you deem fit. You won’t need to waste your time waiting for a contract to come to an end before changing plans. Some amazing smartphone deals in the country for unlocked cell phones are mentioned below. Here are four smartphone deals of unlocked smartphones that will help you save more:
    Kodak Ektra
    This 32GB smartphone is among the best smartphone deals with 4K video capture. It costs around $119.99 at a discount of $280 on B&H. The back camera is 21MP while the front camera is 13MP.
    Sony Xperia X Dual SIM
    Smartphone deals on these dual SIM phones by Sony let you save $160 and come with a price tag of approximately $239.99. You can avail the discount on B&H. The phone has a 23MP back camera and 13MP front camera.
    Essential Phone
    This is a relatively new phone but with great performance and battery. It costs around $449.99 after discount. You save $249.01 when you get it on Amazon smartphone deals. The phone has one of the sleekest cameras.
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    This smartphone costs around $399 after a discount of $200 has been applied to it through smartphone deals. You can avail this discount on Amazon. The smartphone is one of the best in terms of battery and performance. You need to be on the lookout for the latest deals as new deals come up practically every day! If you are looking for maximum discounts on unlocked smartphones then visit trusted online websites. Comparing prices across websites can be helpful too. There are many websites that give you amazing deals which help you save hundreds of dollars on a smartphone purchase. You can find more unlocked smartphone deals on eBay, Amazon, Apple and other authorized retailers.
  • Top 5 Accredited Online Universities for a Degree in Social Work
    There is nothing better than making a difference in the society. While a privileged few live great lives, there are many others who do not have access to the most basic amenities. Additionally, our country still needs development in a lot of sectors. Following are the top five accredited online universities where you can pursue a degree in social work to help the country.
    • Humboldt State University Offering a Master’s degree in Social Work, Humboldt State University is one of the best accredited online universities for a degree in social work. The department of social work here is helpful and guides aspirants through their degree. It teaches them how to be a part of organizations that help improve the society. The course costs around $7,676, and financial aid is available for eligible students.
    • University of North Dakota The Masters of Social Work program offered here will teach you all that you need to know about pursuing social work. You can opt for the online degree or even visit the campus to undertake this course. Additionally, the university has a provision that allows you to pursue the course online as well as offline. You would need 36 credit hours for distance concentration or the online degree course. However, this course is worth the effort, and it is sure to set you on the path of social work.
    • Eastern Washington University The Social Work Master’s Degree here is presented in a hybrid format. It is the perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and a practical approach. This course will prepare you for social work practices in both rural and urban pockets of the nation, ensuring that you can put your education to good use for the society. It is also one of the most coveted accredited online universities.
    • Liberty University Choose the Bachelor’s degree or the Master’s degree offered here and get set on your path of making a change in this world. Liberty University is one of the best accredited online universities, and it has also received the title of being the number 1 online college of America.
    • Indiana Wesleyan University Online-Adult Education A part of their behavioral sciences department, the social work course at this college is well-curated. There are courses such as social welfare organization, intergroup relations, and anatomy and physiology that will help you gain insights into the social situation of the country.
  • Here’s what makes sports jackets so popular
    It is a fact that fashion is temporary, but style is timeless. Sports jacket originally was a symbol of luxury and worn specifically for sports like shooting. Over the years, the style and purpose of the jacket changed, and it began getting associated with the classic yet casual style. When it comes to sports clothing, it is essential that you not only look smart and feel comfortable in what you wear but also save some money. It is, for this reason, that jackets make for the best casual wear. Some of the best jackets help you stay comfortable without compromising on style. Anyone wearing a good sports jacket is set to make a fabulous style statement as these are one of the best jackets that can give you a sharp and smart look. While some of the best jackets only serve the purpose in freezing cold winters, several sports jackets are suitable for warmer temperatures and can be worn during spring and summer alike. Since this is usually the time when everyone is looking for lighter fabrics that are breathable and have minimal linings and flexible stitching, you can choose some of the best jackets that help you stay cool. We all know that our professional and personal style dictates our choice of jackets. According to several fashion experts, everyone must own a great looking blazer and the best jacket to suit all occasions. Sports jackets are the least formal style of clothing that look perfect on a casual day out. What's more, Sports jackets are versatile and come in a great variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, and more. The best jackets are available in the various styles of hound's tooth, tweed, windowpane, flannel, cashmere, linen, and the like. While herringbone is the traditional fabric used in the best jacket and usually found in elegant shades of brown, grey or blue, linen is a lightweight fabric that is the best choice for summer. Similarly, if you are looking for the type of fabric that is heavier and more durable, you can pick tweed jackets. Apart from these, you can choose flannel jackets that are softer and more versatile. If you wish to invest in something for a lifetime, then a designer sports coat is meant just for you. It is a garment that does not go out of style. Depending on your style, you can choose the best jacket available at the high street that may have several alternatives.
  • Best websites to buy cell phone cases from
    It is not just about having a mobile phone today. What really matters for many of us now also is the phone case while some need fancy, good-looking cases, some need phone cases for protecting their smartphone. Now the confusion is where should one buy phone cases from? Should one go down to a store or should one shop for phone cases online? Online shopping these days for the phone case is a rage today, with nothing but the best being available. There is a whole big range of phone cases available on multiple online portals for any brands, kinds and varieties of mobile phones. In some rare cases, certain phone cases are available only if one shops online. When one shops online, it is important to shop from safe and secure websites and popular shopping websites to get the latest and quality cell phone cases. is one of the largest and best-selling phone cases websites. The cases are usually sold at a wholesale price and with discounts. The outfit for your mobile is just going to be as trendy like your attire! What makes unique is its return policy of 365 days and free shipping. Even at the lowest prices, they have coupon codes for every customer. They sell iOS, Windows as well as Android cell phone cases. have unique mobile cases. Examples could be their LuMee Duo lighting cell phone case. This is specially developed by a professional photographer and for those who like to capture photographs, the phone-case features studio-quality lights at the front and back sides of the case. The case is a perfect fitting for many smartphones. The light brightness can be adjusted accordingly. Durability is another advantage of LuMee Duo lighting cell phone case. is definitely a popular website for online shopping. It has got the best of the best deals. It has got diverse mobile cases like battery charger case, standard case, modular case, armband case, holster case, flip covers, etc. for almost any and every mobile. Simply scroll through the website to pick your favorite mobile cases for a fancy choice or plainly for protection.