Top 4 credit cards for reward points

If you have an impeccable credit record, you can get your hands on some of the best credit cards that offer reward points for every transaction. That said, some of the popular value-for-money credit cards offer more than just reward points—think huge savings on shopping, dining, traveling, and much more. Here’s a list of our top five picks of the best reward points credit cards.

Citi Custom Cash Card
You can earn 5% cashback on purchases in the top eligible spend category, up to the first $500 each billing cycle, and 1% cashback thereafter with this credit card. You can earn unlimited 1% cashback in all the other categories. Another benefit of the Citi Custom Cash Card is that there is no annual fee, and you get an introductory 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card
The Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card is a perfect choice if you travel often. You can earn 2X points on travel, dining out, or takeout and one point per dollar spent on other purchases. Plus, you earn 100,000 points if you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months of account opening. And the points are worth 25% more if you redeem them for travel. That’s a lot of value, but the card has a $95 annual fee.

American Express® Gold Card
This is one of the best credit cards if you want to collect points. You can earn a welcome bonus of 60,000 Membership Rewards® points if you spend $4,000 in the first 6 months. Plus, it offers 4X reward points on takeout and delivery. There’s also a $120 annual dining credit at select outlets, and you can get Uber cash of up to another $120 annually on Uber rides or Uber Eats orders. Some might find the $250 annual fee steep, but the Amex Gold Card does pack a punch.

CapitalOne SavorOne Rewards Card
This CapitalOne credit card makes for an excellent choice for beginners as it offers rewards on all popular spending categories, like entertainment, food, and shopping. Plus, it has a 0% introductory APR for 15 months. You can earn unlimited 3% cashback on dining, entertainment, streaming services, and at grocery stores, and you also get 1% cashback on all other categories. And all this comes with no annual fee. This is one of the best credit cards for collecting reward points if you spend a lot on these categories.


  • Popular types of ski wax to watch out for
    There are two basic purposes for applying wax to skis. While waxing can simply assist to provide the ski a very strong grip, it can simply arrange a smoother gliding motion all over the snow. Actually, there are varied types of ski waxes namely base waxes and running waxes. These two larger groups are simply the subgroups that are dependent upon the specific conditions of the snow on which you ski. Some of the best ski wax reviews, distinguish ski waxes on the base of their types. Here are some of the most popular types of ski waxes available. Base Wax As the name suggests, base waxes are those which are applied to the base of the ski. Running wax can be used along with this type of wax to simply make the ski wax adhere properly. This base wax is usually available in a tin and can be applied all over by heating it with an iron. It might also be sprayed over with an aerosol can. In case, if you are using a wooden ski you will have to apply a layer of tar before you apply the base wax to ensure that it is absolutely sealed against water. When it comes to base ski wax prices, these may range anywhere between $5-$10. You may get these for cheaper if you try your luck at some ski wax sale. Running wax Running waxes are those that are gripping or gliding. While running wax can be simply hard or soft, it must be applied to the center of the ski only. However, the part of the ski that usually runs the wax is the part where the skip needs to grip the snow properly when you press tightly on it. The soft running waxes are generally known as 'klisters' and are much stickier and provide a tighter grip that simply appears in the tubes. Ski wax prices in case of running wax ranges from $7-$20. Glide wax Glide waxes are utilized to offer a smoother ride on the snow, and this kind of ski wax must only be applied to the tips as well as tails of the skis to achieve this result. While, there are general purposes of glide waxes, these are usually used by highly experienced skiers who follow the color coding system to achieve excellent results. Violet colored coded wax is known to be used for the purpose of mushy snow or snow that has been filled with crumbling clumps of the older snowfall. Many ski wax reviews recommend skiers to determine the type of snow you would be skiing on. Once you know your location, you can visit ski wax sale to stock up waxes at rock bottom ski wax prices.
  • Four must-have skills for babysitting jobs

    Babysitters need to have a number of skills that let them perform their daily tasks with the babies better. As a babysitter has to deal with children, the basic skills involve being loving and caring towards kids. If someone wants to sign up for a babysitting job, it is necessary to be loving towards kids and be able to be friendly with them so that they mingle easily with you.

    Here are four skills that a babysitter must have to be at his or her best. Take a look!

    Be patient
    Babysitters have to be patient with the kids they look after. Children of all ages, right from newborns to toddlers, have different nature. In order to keep them comfortable, one needs to be patient with them and understand their likes and dislikes. For instance, if children are asked to perform a task, they might take up a lot of time to do it or even refuse to do so. It is the duty of the babysitter to make them understand and remind them how to do the task again and again. Patience plays a key role here.

    Loving and alert
    As a babysitter, one cannot be busy with his or her phone calls, emails or text messages. These traits do not make a babysitter's job effective. They are ought to be attentive and loving towards the kids. If you don't show your love towards the baby, it would be very difficult to interact with the baby. A good babysitter would listen to the kid carefully and interact in a loving way to make the child comfortable.

    Problem-solving attitude
    Every job has its own set of problems but it is imperative to find a solution for the same. As a babysitter, you must find the right solution to every issue at work and implement the same effectively. A problem at a babysitting job can range from the kid crying to being uneasy. So as a babysitter, one must make sure that these problems are quickly resolved.

    Entertainment skills to keep the child involved
    Not every child is comfortable with a babysitter or any outsider. Therefore, babysitters need to have kid entertainment skills, which will not only keep the child engaged but also make him or her interactive with the babysitter. One should have the ability to come up with innovative games and creative learning skills that help the child to be entertained as well as learn something new.

  • How to select the best laptop for you
    If you look at the past 10 years, laptops have been growing in popularity in comparison with desktop computers. Several types of laptops are available in the market including nextbook laptops and it is your responsibility to choose the most suitable ones based on your needs. It has become really easy to identify a laptop that meets your needs. The fundamental question must always be what are you searching for in a laptop? What type of device is good for you to purchase? Are you interested in playing games on the laptop? Do you want a device that offers a long battery life? Are you going to carry the laptop wherever you go? These are some of the questions that you need to find answers prior to buying a laptop. Best devices for students Generally speaking, students will be searching for laptops that are cheap and they also look for the one that offers good battery life. That is why most students prefer a nextbook laptops or mini-laptop. This is a very good option and the battery life of these devices is pretty high compared to other devices. These types of devices are highly portable as well. Several students search for a slightly oversized nextbook laptops and these products come with a larger CPU with increased power as well. Best devices for travelers Businesses travelers always look for a laptop that has adequate computing power and they also want a highly portable one. Another important aspect is that the laptop must be built into a sturdy case for protecting all your work documents. Compact products such as Panasonic laptops are a good option. 12 to 15 inch laptops are definitely a good option and you should not focus on the price too much. The focus should be on the quality of the device. Best devices for the home users Home users must be careful picking the right option that meets their own requirements. It can be something pretty similar to a desktop and 15 inch laptops are really popular for this category. There are plenty of options available in the market and you have to be really careful while making a choice. Best devices for gamers The quality and functionality of gaming laptops have increased considerably. Gamers are always searching for laptops that come with best processing power and they also give utmost preference to good graphics/video card. 15 inches to 17 inches are the most preferred choices and some people opt for bigger versions. Top brands offer high end gaming laptops and you can customize them according to your needs using the latest parts. Your purpose must be given the top priority and the most suitable one must be selected after carefully considering all the options available in the market.
  • Importance of genetic screening in prostate cancer
    Today, prostate cancer is one of the most common conditions that has affected men across the world. The prostate is a male gland that carries out the function of producing seminal fluid for the nourishment and transportation of sperm. Cancer is triggered when there is an abnormal growth of cells in a part of the body. Likewise, prostate cancer sparks off when cells in the prostate begin to grow in an uncontrolled fashion. Initially, the growth can be harmless; however, a malignant spread can cause major harm. When detected in the early stages, prostate cancer comes with the greater chance of being treated successfully. According to research, family history can greatly impact the risk of prostate cancer in men. Men with inherited mutations in BRCA genes are more susceptible to suffering from cancer in the gland. Thus, there is an increased emphasis on undergoing routine testing to detect any mutations well in time. Genetic screening for prostate cancer Genetic screening or testing comprises of examining an individual's DNA and find out the order in which the DNA molecules are put together. Typically, there are two different types of genetic screening methods employed. The first kind of genetic screen or testing used aims to look at the specific DNA in the person's cancer cells. Under this testing, the clinicians may find the cells to find it to be different or the same to that of "normal cells." The inspection can also aid in understanding the cancer with better precision. In most cases, the doctor can zero in on a better treatment method and right management route with this type of genetic screening. The second type of genetic screening inspects the genes in the normal cells. This process helps pinpoint if there are any changes in genes that one may have inherited from the parents. This helps the doctor understand if an individual is at the risk of suffering prostate cancer. The method is also widely used to understand the chances of suffering from other diseases. Most commonly, genetic screening in prostate cancer involves looking for specific mutations linked to the disease. This eliminates the need of fishing through and helps get to the conclusion faster. There are a number of challenges attached in using genetic screening for prostate cancer. The major issue lies in the fact that genetic screening is expensive. Moreover, most cancers are not caused by a single genetic mutation; thus, testing everyone could be futile.
  • Corporate pension funds and monetary benefits of retirement planning
    A retirement plan is a monetary flow after your retirement from the service. This can be set up via employers, government plans, banks and private investment interests. All of these plans currently do exist in US and are approved by the fair law and regulations passed by the Department of Labor in the constituency of the country. Retirement plan can also be called as a pension plan, which, when planned properly, ensures you an easy, steady flow of money from you have contributed to various types of savings for your future. It is, in the end, an investment plan to be precise. Investments can be made through more than one way, could be stock market, private pension fund, corporate pension funds etc. Corporate pension funds Most companies offer corporate pension funds to their employees as part employee welfare. As an employee contributes a certain percentage of his or her payout for pension fund, some of the employers also contribute. They usually match the dollar that is being put into the savings by employees. The funds are availed upon retirement, which acts as a steady income for your livelihood. The plan is to start doing this kind of savings from beginning of your tenure so that by end of the couple of decades of working, you would have a steady income when you retire. Some of other ways is to make your private pension account savings which you have the liberty to further invest in something you like. Benefits of retirement plans Good retirement planning has excellent monetary benefits too. Saving up for a rainy day is also tax exempted as per the law of the government. The government can even add some amount of interest to your actual funds. This encourages people to take up such investment plans and convert it into an average retirement income plan and make it their retirement investment. Some more investment plans are offered by government affiliated agencies which impart knowledge on stock trading, mutual fund investments, investments on small business and so forth. One has to be more than just aware before making these investments and clear on how this exactly work and what is the benefit out of a particular plan. There might be some hidden terms and conditions at times which we tend to miss due to excitement or due to over confidence. Market conditions are not alike always, hence one has to be aware of all kind of policies these agencies follow and give an undivided attention to the terms and conditions which is being read out.
  • Learn about the features of MacBook air laptops
    What makes Apple MacBook Air laptop a hot topic of discussion? Apple claims that it is thinnest device available in the market and most of the existing users are of the opinion that it is a dream laptop for all travelers. What is the truth? Is Apple MacBook Air the best laptop? Learn about the features This device features a 13.3-inch wide screen and it comes with an LED-backlit display. Although MacBook Air has some pretty close dimensions with the MacBook, the thickness of this laptop does not go beyond .76 inches. It is equipped with a wide keyboard and you can also find an integrated webcam. This device is equipped of 2 GB of RAM and the design of this laptop is really enticing and you can find comparatively rectilinear lines. The company has come up with a chassis with lightly rounded edges and this aspect reasserts its thinnest impression. The screen resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels and it weighs around 3 pounds. Good speed but not the fastest Apple MacBook Air laptops are powered by a processor Core 2 with rhythmical Duets to 1.6 GHz and it is engraved in 65 nanometers. When it comes to speed, you cannot say that it is the fastest one. You can find faster versions from Apple, but the speed cannot be described as all that bad for light and medium users. Performance Because of the presence of the 1.6 GHz processor, you can say that specific applications and highly resource-intensive work functions rather slowly on this device. To be precise, big size picture manipulations under video editing or Photoshop are going to test your patience. However, the photos or videos sequences manipulations through iMovie are going to work without too much difficulty and there will not be any serious discomfort as well. Good fluidity can be associated with the interface and you can also find good web navigation, office, and music features. When it comes to playing games, it does not perform very badly, but there are better Apple options available. When you analyze the pros and cons of Apple MacBook Air, you can say that Apple has managed to create a new segment in the laptop market. The MacBook Air has an irreproachable design and it also comes with moderate weight dimensions. The extreme thinness makes it a perfect choice for the ultra portable category. For light traveler users, the performance of this machine is good and professionals like journalists, sales professionals and bloggers are making use of these products in large numbers. Generally speaking, this device is a very good option for travelers and very good functionality and features can be associated with this device.