Top Appliance Stores in the Country

Planning to get the latest appliance for your home decor or wish to equip your kitchen with the top branded products? Scroll down to find the best stores to buy high-quality, highly efficient, and top-class appliances for your home.

Top five appliance stores in the country

P.C. Richard & Son

Set up in New Jersey, this store is a hub for the latest appliances including home theatre setups, computers, kitchen appliances, and furniture. If you wish to equip your home with the latest and best appliances, you may visit this store. It offers appliances from brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, and Frigidaire.

Benusa Appliance Sales & Service

This appliance store is located in five different locations across Minnesota, viz. St. Cloud, Monticello, Sauk Centre, Bemidji, and Paynesville. This store offers appliances from brands like Amana, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, and Frigidaire. It caters to its customers with services like online and offline shopping, warranty and extended warranty facility, and repair services.

Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom

It is located in nine different locations with around 17 stores in the country. They offer the lowest price for every appliance as compared to local stores. In case their competitor beats their price within a month of delivery of the product, they refund the difference to their customer. This store offers appliances from brands like Maytag, Viking, Bosch, Samsung, and LG.

Mrs. G TV & Appliances

Based in Lawrence, New Jersey, this appliance store has been serving customers for over 80 years. They provide high-level customer service across New Jersey and nearby areas. They offer products from brands like Asko, Big Green Egg, Bosch, and LG.

Earl B. Feiden Appliance

This appliance store is located in Latham, New York, and has been serving customers since 1926. Earl B. Feiden Appliance provides home delivery, and installation and repair services to its customers. They assure quality products, low prices, and world-class customer services to their clients. It deals in top brands like Whirlpool, Bosch, Miele, and Smeg Verona. In this store, you’ll find appliances for cooking, grilling, dishwashing, cooling and freezing, and laundry.

Top online appliance stores in the country

Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. This has made shopping easier and more comfortable. However, if you have been a victim of those stores that show a particular product and ship something entirely different, you must be aware of the challenges that one faces in returning the product and retrieving the money spent. The following companies guarantee quality and have offers that many appliance stores in the country.


Amazon was started by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in Seattle; since then, it has grown to become one of the world’s largest retailers by revenue. After conducting research on online shoppers around the country and studying their reviews about online stores, we have come to the conclusion that Amazon is the best online store that sells only top-rated products. Amazon sells a wide range of appliances such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and cooktops from a large number of international and local brands. If you want to avoid the hassle of transporting appliances from the store to your home, Amazon could be a great bet.


Other than Amazon, Costco has received a great response in terms of prices, shipping, and product usability. Although Costco lags behind due to the limited number of options available on products, they never compromise on the quality. Costco has a limited number of brands while offering the best prices on those brands at wholesale quantities. This makes it an ideal shopping destination for businesses and large families who buy in larger quantities.

If you are buying smaller appliances, Williams Sonoma is another great option. Menards, Sears, Kmart, and Walmart are other nationwide stores that follow the leaders mentioned above.
There are a wide variety of appliance stores that suit different purchase requirements of the public. Whether you’re buying for personal use or you’re making a purchase for your business to resell, you have a variety of choices in the type of appliance, brand, location, and method of sale. Choose the right appliance store for yourself based on your own specific requirements.


  • Here’s what you need to know about Casper mattresses
    Casper is one of the most preferred online mattresses, which was launched in 2014. With the countless new companies that have entered the competition, Casper still tops the mattress industry and is favorite among people. This mattress is firmer and helps to maintain the natural curves of our body. Casper has various design iterations. It is designed in such a way that it consists of many form layers to provide comfort, relief from pressure, and cooling for people. It’s made up of a single white fabric cover which appears stretchy and soft. Sears is a chain of the largest retailer in the United States and is the fifth largest department store company. It has its stores in 50 different metropolitan areas catering to various customers. Sears has a wide range of mattress in its stores like King Koil, Casper, Stearns & Foster, etc. Sears mattress sale allows customers to buy mattresses with the guaranteed lowest prices and offers a free home delivery as per the convenient time. Sears mattress sale provides a wide selection of mattresses than what is available in the showroom or online retailers. It is always committed to providing a pleasant shopping experience for its customers. Sears mattress sale has a collection of over 3000 mattresses, and Casper is the most purchased ones and reviewed by its customers. The most popular Casper mattress called the queen mattress is most suitable for the master bedroom and helps to maintain a cool and balanced body temperature. Sears mattress sale offers customers to have a best buying process by tracking its product, packing, and delivery. Casper accommodates back, side, and stomach sleepers and has its sleep-trial process. Sears mattress sale provides Casper mattresses which are on the higher end at a cheaper rate with customer friendly policies. Sears lets shoppers order Casper mattress online which they can collect later at the store without shipping fees. Sears mattress sale provides an integrated shopping experience, and high success rates blended with customer’s satisfaction. This has made Casper matresses quite popular among the customer base. If you are looking for something comfortable at a good price, check out Casper matresses.
  • 6 steps to attain relief from shin splints
    Every ardent athlete or runner might have at some point of the time been the recipient of some grave injury that might have restricted their movement for a while. Many of these injuries occur when one doesn't take care of their body, or in a bid to exceed their previous performance pushes themselves to fulfill unrealistic expectations. Shin splints are one such injury that has runners confined to the bed for quite some time. Shin splints are caused due to a variety of reason, some of them are-
    • Holding a bad posture while running.
    • Running on uneven ground.
    • Running or exercising without stretching.
    • Wearing worn-out running shoes since it fails to provide the required support to the feet.
    • Running without giving oneself time to recover.
    In case you are suffering from shin splints; immediate treatment can work wonders for you. Here's how you can cure shin splints by following these steps.
    • Rest- The first step demands that you rest. In case of an injury, every doctor will advise the person to rest. Resting allows our body to recover. Sleeping and resting allow our body to repair the wear and tear that it goes through the entire day.
    • Use cold compress- With injury comes swelling and excruciating pain. A cold compress is known to reduce the inflammation and ease the pain. So, keep an ice pack ready, and apply it to the affected area for at least 20 minutes. This is the second step to cure shin splints effectively.
    • Anti-inflammatory painkillers- Cold compress isn't enough to get rid of the pain caused by shin splints. It is advisable to take anti-inflammatory painkillers to get you through the rough patch. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. are known to reduce the swelling and the pain as well.
    • Range-of-motion exercises- Once you gain movement in the leg, start range-of-motion exercises. They are known to improve movement and can help you get back on your feet. However, one needs to continue with these exercises even if the improvement is remarkedly more than what they expected.
    • Orthotics- If you are planning on resuming your exercise regime, instead of starting directly with your usual sprint, start walking instead. For such purposes, orthotics prove beneficial. Orthotics or shoe inserts can be customized to fit the feet, and it helps with arches that flatten or collapse when we stand up.
    • Physiotherapy- A professional advice is always welcome. Once you have recovered from the initial shock of the injury and can move around with limited ease, it is essential that you visit a physiotherapist. The therapist will know what you need.
    These 6 steps to cure shin splints will ensure that you can resume your favorite physical activity in no time.
  • Best prepaid phone providers for nationwide coverage
    Prepaid phones are often known as PAYG (pay as you go) or prepay phones. These are services where you can purchase airtime upfront, and your data usage gets debited from the airtime you have purchased. And once you exhaust the set data, you cannot use any service until you top up your plan again. Our country has four national prepaid phone providers as of 2021 – Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T Mobility. Let’s learn about them and what they have to offer. Sprint A lot of people are unaware that Sprint is actually a subsidiary wholly owned by T-Mobile. Nevertheless, it functions under its own brand name. Speculations are rife that the company might eventually be taken out and continue to be branded as T-Mobile. As far as its features are concerned, Sprint offers you text, voice, as well as 4G and 5G data. You can choose from different plans as per your budget and requirement. Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless has the proud reputation of being the country’s largest national prepaid phone provider. It provides 4G coverage all over the country and was also one of the first to offer 5G. Verizon gives both prepaid as well as contract phone services. In addition, the brand also provides dual-mode phones and handsets that support both GSM and CDMA mobile standards. However, this network will not work outside North America. T-Mobile Most likely, you have already heard of T-Mobile. The prepaid phone provider offers both 4G LTE as well as 5G services. One of the brand’s most significant changes is that they have stopped giving out contract services and have started solely offering prepaid ones. With contract services now gone, you can pay for your mobile phones in monthly installments. AT&T Mobility AT&T is known to be the second-largest prepaid phone provider in the country as of 2021, the first being Verizon Wireless. Like the others on this list, AT&T also provides 4G as well as 5G services. Besides, using this provider should not be a problem when you travel overseas, provided you have a quad-band GSM phone. This is because AT&T Mobility is a GSM network. This completes our list of prepaid phone providers in 2021. These are the only four phone providers that offer coverage nationwide. But remember, certain services such as 5G connectivity might sometimes not be available based on your location. Of course, many other prepaid phone providers are offering regional coverage that you can consider as well.
  • All You Need to Know About MobilePatrol
    MobilePatrol™ is a popular app designed by Appriss Safety. It aims to make the lives of citizens safer. It helps you connect to relevant safety information, critical alerts, as well as news in your selected area. They have collaborated with different law enforcement agencies to ensure that there are no compromises when it comes to your safety. Read on to learn about some features of MobilePatrol™, including the MobilePatrol™ Inmate Search, which is considered a great addition. Top features of MobilePatrol™ Unlike many other apps, MobilePatrol™ has just the right amount of functions. You can begin by setting up a host of neighborhoods where you and your family members stay. You can also choose the area where you work. The app then delivers all crucial information regarding the safety of these areas. You get a lot of relevant news on your newsfeed about the neighborhoods that you have chosen. This app saves you from missing out on any vital information that may compromise the safety of your loved ones. Additionally, you and all the members of the community can choose the "Report it!" option which helps you participate in the safety of the community. You also get a platform to provide information about traffic alerts, fallen trees, broken mains, as well as crime tips. All you need to do is enter the relevant zip codes to get audiovisual safety information. MobilePatrol™ has several partnerships that make sure you are safe and alert all the time. One of the best features, however, includes the option to look up jail booking records, which makes MobilePatrol™ Inmate Search quite useful. They have up-to-date records which you can access at any time and anywhere. Inmate Search feature The MobilePatrol™ Inmate Search feature is quite helpful for families of convicted felons as well as for victims who want to stay up-to-date with the movements of the perpetrator. To start, you need to narrow down your search to law enforcement records, choose the region that the jail is situated in, and click on the “inmate search" option on the MobilePatrol™ app. Further, you will have to fill relevant details to get valuable information. This option makes it easy to search for inmates. Additionally, it is a convenient option for people who want to be a step ahead in practicing personal safety.
  • How to use Kegel exercisers?
    Kegel exercisers and exercises will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. If you are pregnant, then Kegel exercises can help you prepare your body for child birth. It can also help you prevent your bladder and vaginal prolapse, which often happens after childbirth. You don't always need a Kegel exerciser to perform the exercise. You can also do them at home with using any kind of device, however, there is nothing wrong with using an exerciser as it will only help you reach your goals of doing these exercises. If you are new to these devices and new to the whole idea of Kegel exercises and exercisers, then you must know who and when should do these exercises and under what conditions. You may also speak to your doctor or gynecologist for more information on the same. Here are three steps on how you should use a Kegel exerciser: First, place the device between your thighs close to the crotch. You may then adjust the exerciser till it is resting under your buttocks. There are two open ends of this Super Kegel exercise, you need to place one end, which is the wider end of the exerciser under your buttocks and the other end, which is the narrow end on the facing the front of your body. Second, you need to start the practice after you have placed the device right. Press the part of the device that is under your buttocks using your buttock muscles. You need to now focus closely on your muscle movement. You will now need to clench your inner kegel muscle. You clench the kegel muscles the same way you control your urine. When you control your urine by clenching the muscles, those are actually you kegel muscles you are clenching. Once you clench the muscles, tighten them and hold till you complete your count to 10. The tighter your muscles are, more effective your exercise will be. After the count to 10, you may relax and then repeat the whole procedure after few seconds of relaxing. There are many devices that claim to strengthen your thigh and hips muscles but they don't strength the pelvic muscle, which is the main intention of a Kegel exerciser and Kegel exercises. In such cases, you must talk to your doctor and first practice under the supervision of the doctor. It will help you practice the right way.
  • 4 stylish back-to-school outfits for your kids
    Back-to-school clothes shopping can be a daunting task as you might find yourself in a quandary for the right pair of clothes for your kid. But if you know exactly what to pick and from where to buy the back-to-school outfits, then you are halfway through. From plaid shirts to a pair of distressed jeans to hoodies to pullovers to smart graphic T-shirts, there is a wide range of back-to-school outfits to choose from. Check out these super cool and fashionable back-to-school clothes that your kid will love! Button-up shirt with cotton pants If the school has a strict dress code and you can't figure out the right pair of clothes for your little one, then this can be helpful. A button-up shirt with a pair of comfortable cotton pants is both stylish and inexpensive. Select from various colors and prints for the shirt. It is best to purchase a pant with an adjustable waistband, which makes it comfortable for your kid during recess as well. Denim dress for your little princess A denim dress can never go wrong. If you're looking for back-to-school outfits for your little girl, then a denim dress can be the perfect pick. You can also choose a denim dungaree and pair it with a solid or printed tee, giving a more casual and stylish look to your baby girl. Stripes classic and a must have Stripes are always a smart inclusion to your kid's back-to-school outfits. Try including a couple of striped tees, skirts, and shorts to your little one's wardrobe. Pair the lovely striped tees with joggers, comfy pants or skirts; don't forget to complete your kid's look with cool sneakers. Graphic T-shirts If your kid is bored of the solids and stripes, it is time to revamp their back-to-school outfits with graphic tees. Whether your kid is a Potterhead or loves Ninja Turtles, shop for some awesome graphic tees of these popular characters that your kid is fond of. Browse through multiple options online or visit the nearest kid's store for the perfect pair of back-to-school shopping. While shopping, do keep these four simple yet chic back-to-school outfit ideas in mind.
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