Top five natural ways to cure melanoma

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer and it has been estimated that nearly 1% of the total population is affected by this life-threatening disease. If lately you have been diagnosed with melanoma, then follow some of these natural melanoma treatments to alleviate the symptoms of melanoma.

  • Yoga: This is one of the best natural melanoma treatments of all time, as yoga along with meditation not only improves an individual’s physical and mental health, but also helps to overcome related symptoms of melanoma like fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Daily exercising also helps in spiritual healing and increases the capability of an individual to fight the disease.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric has a component called curcumin, which carries medicinal properties and acts an antioxidant. Increased intake of turmeric will protect skin from further damage and reduce melanoma and proapoptotic effects in melanoma cells. Try to consume it directly rather than adding it to curries or soups or other food items, which form part of your meal.
  • Green tea: It is considered to be one of the easiest melanoma treatments. Green tea contains polyphenols and epigallocatechin, which not only provides antioxidant properties to your entire body but also destroys some of the cancer cells. Green tea should be consumed 3-4 times on a daily basis.
  • Eggplant: Eggplant is has been known to reduce the effects of melanoma. Though people prefer to have it after cooking it properly, studies show raw consumption to be much more effective. Eggplants contain curadermBEC5, which helps to reduce the effects of melanoma. Components like solasodine glycosides and active phytochemicals extracted from eggplant have been known to work against the cancer cells.
  • Garlic: It is an antibiotic that helps to keep the immune system strong and contains anti-cancer properties. If included as a daily dietary supplement, it reduces the effects of melanoma to a considerable amount.


  • Things you need to know while purchasing from RockAuto
    RockAuto is an auto parts company located in Madison, Wisconsin. It sells thousands of auto parts from over 200 manufacturers to customers all over the world. RockAuto updates its catalog on a daily basis and sells a variety of parts including, but not limited to, brake pads, bumpers, shock absorbers, door handles, mirrors, carpets, steering gears, engine long blocks, complete transmissions, and CV axles. They don't have any mechanics employed, but they do provide customers with service manuals to help them repair their vehicles. Here are a few things you need to know while purchasing from auto parts from RockAuto. Know which part will fit your vehicle You can find the right part that will fit your vehicle by choosing the right year, make, model, and engine combination of your vehicle. Note that there are certain factors that you must take in to account such as RWD vs. 4WD or 2-doors vs. 4-door or w/ A.C vs. w/o A/C while choosing the right fit. Read the descriptions carefully before making the choice. Know if your vehicle has a feature mentioned in the part description One way to find if the part you are looking for is the perfect fir for your vehicle is by comparing the features mentioned in its description with the original part. For instance, measure or inspect the original part, do an online search to decode the VIN number, read the owners' manual, search online forums for similar queries, and contact a local dealership to get the right information. Know why their prices are low RockAuto sells parts at a much lower price when compared to retail outlets, dealership stores, and competitors. They do this by providing a platform for customers to self-serve and choose the parts they need from the catalog themselves without any external help from employees. They cut costs by removing manpower from the equation. They also have a centralized warehouse from where they ship parts directly to the customers, thereby cutting costs. Know if they have promotions and rebates RockAuto does advertise manufacturers' promotions and rebates. Current offers are available by clicking on the promotions and rebates icon located at the top right icon on the main page. You can also identify rebates on parts if there is a star icon beside it. Most of the promotions and rebates on products are honored by the manufacturer. You can find more information on the terms and conditions on their Promotions and Rebates page.
  • What to keep in mind while planning a trip to Ireland
    Ireland and the Irish have always managed to draw the attention of the world. With their rich cultural heritage and their amazing landscapes, why would they not? Ireland vacation packages is one of the most attractive travel packages in the US Read to know how you can plan the most memorable trip of your life in Ireland. What cities to cover? You are spoilt for choice when you must decide what to see in Ireland. The best part is that Ireland won't disappoint anyone and has something to offer to every traveler who visits the Irish land. Dublin is one of the most popular cities to see in Ireland. Its rich history, live art, and lively nightlife make it a perfect destination for fun & relaxation. The rebellious Cork city is another town in the Ireland vacation packages which you must visit. For all the romantics out there, don't miss visiting the city of Belfast city of Northern Island. What famous city landmarks you should explore? When in Dublin, explore the historical Ha'penny Bridge, the Guinness storehouse where you learn about Ireland's famous beer, and the refreshing St. Stephen's garden. When it comes to the beachy city of Galway, visit the city centre of Eyre Square, Spanish Arch, and the city museum. What Ireland vacation packages to consider? To pick the best package out of all the Ireland vacation packages, it is important first to decide what you want to do. If you are a history fanatic, then the castle tours will be your perfect pick. Similarly, you can also select an exclusive tour of any one of the cities of Ireland like the Galway city, Cork city and the city of Dublin. Go on an adventure in Northern Ireland and explore the stunning cities of Belfast, Londonderry and Donegal. Best time to visit Ireland Though you can visit Ireland almost any time of the year, it is best to visit the island when it has a mild temperate. Ireland sees summer from May to July, when the weather is beautiful and sunny for you to be outdoors and explore the landscapes. The months of September, October and November are ideal for visiting Ireland as after that the winter arrives, and it is too chilly here. The best way to choose the perfect package is to research and select the package that best suits your interest.
  • All that you need to know about Allen Edmonds shoes on sale
    Allen Edmonds is a brand that has original American shoes for men who look for quality and sophistication. And especially for those who do not mind the premium price tag for the remarkably well made handcrafted shoes. Apart from the all-year clearance and factory outlet sale, the Father’s Day sale is on right now and you can walk into any of the Allen Edmonds shoe store in the country or log onto their website and choose a pair of solid, good looking shoes from their several large collections. Since it’s founding in the year 1922 in Wisconsin, Allen Edmonds has had a huge fan following from the US Army and Navy to whom their shoes were supplied during World War II. This earned them customers for life because the defense personnel were loyalists to the Allen Edmonds brand of shoes. Apart from the exceptional quality products they design and manufacture, another reason for this loyalty was because Allen Edmonds shoes were never thrown away or replaced, they were usually repaired. The company themselves offer special services for repairing and rebuilding shoes with new bases or creating a new finish. This is possible because of the robust Goodyear-Welt construction that allows for more resolving and an extended lifespan of the shoes. The selection of dress and casual Allen Edmonds shoes come in sizes from 6 to 16 and widths from AAA to EEE. While a regular pair of Allen Edmonds shoes can cost anywhere between $200-$700 per pair, on sale these have huge discounts of $100 on the Italian Leather collection and $75 on the boat shoes and driving mocks set of shoes. The Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill boots that comes in Premium Chromexcel® leather in two colors now costs only $257.99, while its original price was $395. Fitted with lace up closure, this Allen Edmonds shoe on sale is made of a soft leather lining and is lightly cushioned for added comfort for all-day wear. Similarly, the Allen Edmonds Strandmok, a style of oxfords also with a lace-up design has a 50% off and is available for $172.99 after discount. Quality, service, and integrity are the guiding factors of the Allen Edmonds brand of shoes, and shoemaking is an art here. Which of the Classic Heritage American Allen Edmonds shoes on sale are you eyeing now?
  • iPhone XS Max 256GB – Features, release date, and price
    The iPhone XS Max comes in multiple storage iterations, therefore selecting the one can be difficult for a user. It is offered in three storage capacities, i.e., 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The base model of 64GB can be insufficient for some users. Ideally, in such case, a 128GB device would strike the perfect balance according to most users' needs. In any case, if users aren't sure of their storage needs, they should opt for an iPhone XS Max 256GB. Continue reading to explore some of the prominent features of the iPhone XS Max. A smart dual-camera The A12 Bionic processor has taken the iPhone's photography experience to the next level. It is furnished with a 12MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto lens. Using multiple technologies like an enhanced ISP, fast sensors, and advanced algorithms, the iPhone XS Max now enables users to capture amazing pictures in the Smart HDR mode. Furthermore, its bokeh and depth control option allows users to modify the depth of field after shooting pictures. Likewise, the camera captures high-definition videos with better performance in low-light conditions. With the 256GB iteration, users can store a humungous amount of visual media. A vibrant OLED display The Super Retina OLED display elevates the fun of gaming, photography, and online content streaming on the iPhone XS Max's big screen. With a resolution of 2688x1242 (458ppi), delivering high color accuracy and amazing graphics performance, made possible by the A12 Bionic processor. Moreover, the A12 Bionic processor utilizes 50% less power than the A11 Bionic processor. So, if users frequently stream movies or TV shows via platforms Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, then the iPhone XS Max 256GB can be a suitable pick. Longer battery life The iPhone XS Max not only has the biggest screen in the industry at the moment but also happens to house the biggest battery Apple has ever designed. Apple hasn't divulged into much battery details during the launch; however, the company claims that it can deliver an extra running time of 1.5 hours as compared to its predecessor. Price The following are the prices for different iPhone XS Max models.
    • iPhone XS Max 64GB - $1,099
    • iPhone XS Max 256GB - $1,249
    • iPhone XS Max 512GB - $1,449
    The iPhone XS Max comes in three standard colors including Gold, Silver and Space Grey. The device is compatible with all major carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. Users can also buy an unlocked device at the same price. Release date The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available for pre-order from September 14 onwards. Exactly a week later, i.e., on September 21, both models will go on sale. Along with its two flagship phones, Apple has also launched iPhone XR in the iPhone X line. The iPhone XR is comparatively affordable. Needless to say, it will lack some features that the iPhone XS has including 3D Touch, Super Retina OLED panel, and a dual-camera system. However, it is equipped with an A12 Bionic processor, Face ID, and True Tone Display which makes it a worthy buy for budget-conscious users. The iPhone XR's base model, i.e., the 64GB iteration is priced at $749 and is slated to release in the second half of October 2018.
  • Five best deodorants for odor control – Men and women
    Body odor is a common problem that all of us have to deal with every single day. Though sweating is a natural sign of health, its odor is often embarrassing. While our perspiration is actually odorless, certain bacteria living in the skin create an awful smell of sweat when they come into contact with moisture from our sweat glands. It is not possible to take a bath several times a day to keep away the bacteria, so over-the-counter deodorants are a great option to thwart the unwanted body odor and smell wonderful. Here we bring you the most trending and the top 10 best deodorants for odor control: five each for men and women. The best deodorants for odor control for men this season are: Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant: This is an all-natural deodorant made of an organic formula, containing coconut oil and other organic butter and is scented with lavender. It includes baking soda, which is a natural best deodorant for odor control. Hebran Cowboy Forest Deodorant: All natural, this one is made using food-based ingredients and is actually 100% vegan. Though it does not dry out immediately, the fragrance lasts much longer than other alcohol-based products. Dove Men+Care Deodorant and Antiperspirant: This is one of the best deodorants for odor control as it keeps body odor at bay for up to 48 hours and also has moisturizers to prevent any irritation. Old Spice Original Deodorant: One of the classic and all-time favorites, Old Spice is one of the most loved brands for men. Renowned as the smell of victory, this manly deodorant is here to stay for a long time. Clinique for Men Antiperspirant-Deodorant Stick: This unscented and non-sticky product is the best deodorant for odor control for those who do not like any excessive fragrance. The best deodorants for odor control for women this season are: Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream: This is an all-natural product made with dietary magnesium, plant-based oil and butter, citrus essential oils from grapefruit, and arrowroot powder. It does not contain any baking powder and is great for women with sensitive underarms. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick: This paraben and the phthalates-free product comes in some fabulous fragrances such as rose, vanilla, bergamot, lime, cedarwood, juniper, lavender, and sage. It completely covers your body odor and absorbs all wetness to prevent stains. Lavanila Labs The Healthy Deodorant: Another great natural product, without any harmful aluminum or parabens, is this deodorant stick, which is made with essential oils of fragrances like coconut, lemon, grapefruit, and lavender combined with the base note of vanilla. It is made using beta-glucan technology, which combats body odor. Dove Invisible Dry Spray: The first choice of most women, Dove’s tried and tested formula protects you from wetness and body odor for up to 48 hours and soothes the skin of the underarm. It is 100% alcohol-free and has 25% moisturizers to protect sensitive underarms. Native Deodorant: Available in unscented, eucalyptus and mint, lavender and rose, coconut and vanilla and citrus and herbal musk, this deodorant has received rave reviews from all those who have tried it. Chemical- and paraben-free, it has a long-lasting effect. If you lead an active life, you surely need a handy deodorant for your everyday use to keep smelling nice and cool. These best deodorants for odor control are the most convenient choice that you can make for yourself.
  • How to pick the right materials for your kitchen cabinets
    If you are looking to set up your new kitchen or update your kitchen cabinets, then you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices. One of the primary steps towards this is to select the material for your kitchen cabinets. Here is the list of commonly used materials for cabinets. Cabinet Body Materials
    • Pre-laminated particle board If you are low on a budget, this material can be a decent choice for you. These particle boards have a laminated surface. The pre-laminated board offers a range of aesthetic choices.
    • Marine plywood The name Marine plywood comes from the fact that it was initially used for marine applications such as boat building. Currently, it is a very commonly used material for kitchen cabinets, and the reviews are satisfactory. Marine plywood provides decent resistance against de-laminating and fungal attacks and sustains moisture for a considerable period. This material can be trusted for its durability.
    • Wood-plastic composite This material is a recent addition to the materials for cabinets. It is manufactured by combining wood fiber and thermoplastics. The key features of this waterproof material are easy maintenance and resistance to decay.
    • Wood If you have a flexible budget, and you cannot escape the charm of wooden cabinets, then this option is for you. Since you are investing a significant amount, select solid woods that can survive usual wear and tear in the long run. Rubber wood is considered to be a very reasonable choice, and it provides great options.
    Cabinet Doors or Shutter Materials Please keep in mind that sometimes kitchen cabinets body material are different from the shutters.
    • Laminations or laminates Laminations are pressed on plywood or particleboard and come in variants. There is also the option to choose between a glossy or a matte finish.
    • Veneers If you love the wooden texture and your budget is limited, then this is the right selection for you. Veneers are thin layers of natural wood glued on to plywood boards or plywood. You can also add a waterproof polish to preserve them for a longer time.
    • Painted-polyurethane material If you have a modern kitchen with many colors, this material would be an interesting choice. Doors are painted with auto-coat paints, and then an additional layer of clear polyurethane finish is provided to make them waterproof.
    • PVC membrane lamination This lamination is an affordable alternative, and the available options are numerous. You can choose a wood finish as well.
    Hope this information would help in selecting the right material for your kitchen cabinets.