Top ten best nourishing dry foods for your dog

As a pet-parent nourishing your dog well is one of the biggest concerns. Yes, one must also accommodate keeping them clean, playing with them and training them in their upbringing but the nourishment is important for them to be performing other activities. To add to our difficulties there are thousands of brands out there for dog foods. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible for you to try all the foods to see which one suits them best. Well, if not all, you can try the top ten best dry dog foods over a few months to analyze your pet’s tastes. In a bid to help you out with it, we have a list of the top ten best dry dog foods ahead.

CESAR Small Breed Dry Dog Food
One of the tastiest dry foods for dogs, this product is ideal for both young dogs as well as adults. It is composed of real beef, which is a taste that is loved by dogs. It also contains ground wheat, ground yellow corn, bone meal, brewers rice, beet pulp, soybean, gluten meal and many other ingredients that your pup can feast on.

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Turkey & Venison Formula Dry Dog Food
One of the complete dry dog food variants, this one has a special formula to work for your dog’s entire body. The brand believes in its product and gives you a 28-day promise that you will see a good, positive difference in your bud’s behavior. It is one of the most proven adult dry dog food.

PEDIGREE Adult Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food
One of the most popular brands, PEDIGREE, is one that has to be a part of the top ten best dry dog food list. The correct blend in the adult complete nutrition product of roast chicken, vegetables, and rice is definitely a promoter of a healthier, energetic dog.

BLUE Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs
This product is one of the best sellers in the country, which makes most of us curious about what this product gives your dog. It is by far the finest product in the top ten best dry dog food list, it is built with a special formula to stimulate a healthy well-being in the dog. It is the only premium-quality pet food that includes fruits, vegetables, and red meat.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food
This product is a straight-up extract of a real deboned chicken, which gives your dog the protein they require. It is an absolute choice for the dogs that have sensitivities towards grains. It also promotes gastrointestinal health and is easy to digest, which will result in a more active dog.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Dog Food
The food pieces in this product are large and are apt only for adult dogs. They are prepared to suit the body type of adult dogs with 13% more protein than the regular kibbles for your pets. Expect your dog to have stronger hips and joints due to the added chondroitin and glucosamine.

CANIDAE All Life Stages Dry Dog Food
This product is ideal if you are a parent to more than one dog and are worried about maintaining different foods for them. It is composed of premium proteins and other ingredients that are ideal for your dogs. Furthermore, it is packed with antioxidants which promotes a better immune system and probiotics for excellent digestion.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food
This is another grain-free product that is ideal for adult dogs. It is based on a potato and duck formula which is unique to other products. The product has minimal ingredients but maximum potency to qualify as one of the top ten best dry dog foods.

The other two products on this list are NUTRO WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS Adult Dry Dog Food and IAMS ProActive Health Adult MiniChunks Dry Dog Food.


  • Tips for buying a used car

    There are a lot of people who opt to buy a used car for their first bought and owned vehicle. After all, the value of that shiny new car will depreciate the moment you drive off with it from the lot, whereas oftentimes, a well maintained used car can be sold for a well comparable amount that you bought it for, especially if it has been used less and lightly and also hasn't piled on the miles. Used car prices are definitely cheaper than new cars, and this is especially true if you opt for a private sale between you and the car owner. Your daily newspaper, local weekly circulars, and local magazines are sure to have a classifieds section that features used cars for sale. Then there's the internet of course websites devoted to used car sales abound, alongside those that have a wide range of classifieds displayed. You can surely find a lot of used cars at the prices that you can afford without having to break the bank, and you can narrow it down by your choice of make, model, vintage, and of course, most important, the used car prices.

    You can also request a vehicle history report using the car's VIN and registration, to assure yourself of the car's antecedents and confirm what the owner is telling you with regard to whether the car has ever been in an accidents, whether it has ever had a lien on it, and whether it is currently insured and in the clear to be sold. This will go a long way in giving you some peace of mind about the purchase and ensure your used car prices at the right price point. And of course, most important, in order to ascertain that the car is roadworthy, apart from taking it for a quick test drive, you should also have a mechanic take a look under the hood, and under the carriage. Check for basics like the baldness of the tires, the strength of the brakes, how the steering wheel handles, whether there is any funny sound or reverberations. This will ensure to some extent that you are buying a car in decent condition and it is not going to need repairs the moment it exchanges hands. However, there really can be no guarantee, given that it is a used car, and part of purchasing it from a private owner, means you accept it in as is condition.

  • Simple ways to boost your mental health
    Health is wealth, as the adage goes. But what good is your health if you are not in the best frame of mind? One’s mental health is of utmost importance for a well-functioning and normal life. Many people ignore this fact. What one does not realize is that the state of one’s mental health can have a bearing on the physical health, career, relationships and so much more. So what can you do to boost your mental health? Here are a few tips! Breaking Monotony: This is one of the things that can tend to drag our energy level down and make us feel the strain of the everyday. While a routine is good, it is also imperative to take breaks and revive oneself with something new so that the monotony does not begin to affect one’s mental health. Set Goals: In the course of living, there should be something or the other that one can look forward to. This activates one's mind and imagination even as it keeps those grey cells working. One must take care to set a realistic goal which will not drain the person out. If you have decided to lose weight, then start small with five or six pounds a month. If you choose to lose 20 pounds in a month, there is bound to be a disappointment and a lack of balance in your life. Choose your Company Wisely: The company that you keep also has a significant influence on how you feel and how your mental health shapes up in the long run. You should take care to surround yourself with like-minded and active people who can lift your spirits when you are feeling low. This also cuts short on unnecessary strife with your core group, which can give you much peace and satisfaction in your social interactions. Dealing with Stress: This is a big one which we must not ignore. Ignoring pressure is like inviting poor mental health home. You should seek professional help in case you are stressed for a long period. Trying methods like meditation to quiet your mind, as well as good music, hobbies, and a simple routine will help in boosting one’s mental health.
  • iPhone X or iPhone 8 – A brief comparison
    The iPhone X is the zenith of the Apple design so far. It comes with an edge-to-edge OLED screen, an evolutionary depth-sensing camera as well as a cost which can't be affordable for many people. But don't get upset, As Apple has two such models in-line with iPhone X  - iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Rather, a lot of causes are there to select these alternatives which are lower than the former one concerning costs, especially the iPhone 8 Plus contains some phenomenal features to cherish. Here are some reasons which can set the iPhone 8 as well as eight plus versions a reasonable choice for people who love the brand: Cool Cameras Apple's iPhones have a drool-worthy camera; this is especially true for iPhone 8 plus model. Both 8 and eight-plus feature bigger and better cameras than the previous models along with similar camera sensors like the premium model of iPhone X. Rich colors, faster autofocus, good low-light clicks- all these are packaged in these eight series. Additionally, iPhone 8 plus features dual lenses which have a portrait mode, to click some DSLR-standard photos. Whereas iPhone X has a merit of rear shooters offers for optical image stabilization method. In case of iPhone 8 plus, there's another great feature of 2X optical zoom to get a clearer picture and superb macro-focus, blurring the background. Touch-ID The iPhone X comes with face ID aspect, that shows a new true recognition by the camera for user's face to unlock the device, sounds cool and interesting. Although the Touch- ID is simple and a familiar feature, the device can be unlocked and can use Apple Pay buyings, just by pushing one finger just under the home screen. In case of iPhone X, swiping up is necessary even after the Face ID identification. Home button Is Present Concerning iPhone 8 and eight plus, the Home button option is still available, whereas for the premium X, this is unavailable, there's no such virtual button either. Apple's main attention to using iPhone X is allowing users to utilize new features. Swiping up for getting back to the home screen is necessary to swiping up as well as hold for some time for opening apps. Instead, iPhone 8 series have known features and controls to use them more casually. Faster A11 Bionic performance The A11 processor makes the iPhone 8 superfast and it seems that other smartphones are stuck far away. Users have seen this even by comparing with Snapdragon 835 of Galaxy S8 or Note 8 concerning certain benchmarks.  Affordability This aspect is a no-brainer when iPhone X begins with as high as USD 999, and a steeper USD 1199 in case of 256GB storage. For iPhone 8, the starting range is $699 and $799 for the iPhone 8 Plus. In the expense of iPhone X 64GB, the iPhone 8 plus 256GB can be purchased, and some $50 will be still left for a good case Available from this year There is a lot buzz regarding the launch of iPhone X in this year. In spite of announcing a date of November 3, some sources report of a delay or possible shortages at the time of launch. You can pre-order the phone from its official website. The phone will be later available on other websites as well so keep yourself updated. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus models are already available and ready to ship promptly.
  • 4 websites to shop for RockAuto parts online
    Vehicle maintenance is quite expensive because the auto parts and service charges add up to the maintenance cost. Finding the right auto parts for your vehicle is very important because the right auto parts improve the overall efficiency and durability of your vehicle. These days, there are tons of different brands out there in the market to purchase good quality auto parts from. But how do you go about this? How do you know which brand, e-commerce website or even local offline dealer is the right one with genuine auto parts? Here are top 4 places where you can purchase your auto parts from without worrying about the authenticity of the products and the durability either: RockAuto RockAuto is one of the best places to purchase auto parts for your automobiles. Everything you need from tires, window tints, radiator or even engine parts, you can find everything at RockAuto. You can shop online on the website or even purchase the RockAuto parts from any trusted dealer in the country. With minimal shipping rates across the country, you can easily order your auto parts online without worrying about the overhead expenses. From regular medium price range auto parts of Chevrolet, Datsun, Toyota to high-end automobile brands such as Bugatti, Porsche, Audi etc., you can find a wide range of automobile brands’ auto parts in just one place. You can browse the entire catalog online and also browse through the various offers online to shop from. Car Parts Car Parts is a website designed to make auto parts easily available to customers all over the country right in the comfort of their houses. There are a million different RockAuto parts and automobile accessories that you can browse online. You can find incredibly low prices for the best auto parts from air filters, A/C Compressors to windscreen wipers and rear mirrors, the website has them all! You can easily filter your search using the online menu filters and easily find what you are looking for. The website is very user-friendly and you can easily look for the latest discounts and offers while shopping. The customer service team works 24/7 to help you out with your queries as well so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just shop hassle free! US Auto Parts Another widely trusted website is US Auto Parts e-commerce site. Not only does the website have every brand that you are looking for, but it also has the best rates and discounts that you can find online. US Auto Parts is a leading online provider of RockAuto parts for all vehicles such as bikes, cars, trucks, jeeps and even more! The website is mobile responsive, so you can easily browse through the different auto parts through your phone itself while you are traveling on a shuttle or bus. The website also does international shipping and claims to have the lowest prices online. With easy returns policies and super-fast shipping and delivery, this is one of the best places to shop from. Parts Geek Parts Geek is also one of the most trusted websites for online shopping if you are looking for excellent RockAuto parts for your cars, bikes, and trucks. With smooth online delivery and a 30-day return policy, the website offers the most convenient options for shopping auto parts online. You can find low prices online and browse through various new auto parts that added weekly. The brand has been in the business of selling auto parts since 2008. The best part about shopping from Parts Geek is that you can find a wide range of auto parts without even stepping out of your house. With weekly updates of the auto parts, you are sure to find something that not only finds your fancy but also one that fits your budget! Log on and shop from Parts Geek today to find the best rates on auto parts!
  • Stay-at-home parent? Here are 4 jobs that let you work from home
    If you are a stay-at-home parent and want to earn during your free time, there are many jobs where you can work from home. With a high-speed, unlimited internet and a computer, you can earn while you are looking after your kids and dealing with household work. You can also take up mobile jobs to work from home that can be planned around your daily schedule. You only need a smartphone for these jobs. However, mobile-based work at home jobs are often low-paying ones. But if you are looking to earn a bit in your free time, these are quite ideal. In case you want a substantial monthly income, here are 4 popular work from home jobs: Social Media Content Evaluator: This job is digital-marketing oriented and they pay quite well. Your responsibility will include creating relevant content for brands and organizations for their social media channels. Depending on your experience, you will also be expected to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the generated content. Blogger/Content Marketer: If you have a flair for writing and are a whiz with words, you can work as a blogger or content marketer, who writes marketing content for different brands. This content goes up on the brand’s website. You will be assigned certain ideas or you can create your own ideas revolving around the brand’s requirement and write marketing content accordingly. Data Entry and Recruiter Assistant: A data-entry related work from home job, this one does not require any specific educational qualification. Your responsibilities will include screening emails and sorting them, entering information from resumes into the recruiting agency’s database, and posting job openings on various portals and websites. Transcriber: You can either work as a medical or legal transcriber. The job involves listening to recordings of medical diagnosis or court proceedings and type the content of the recordings. A transcriber is responsible for accurately documenting the spoken content. You need to have good quality headphones, a word processor, and a good internet speed for this job. <Associated keywords: Mobile Work at Home Jobs, Job Work from Home Jobs, Mobile Jobs to Work from/at Home, work home jobs, work from home jobs, work home>
  • Four benefits of wearing crocs
    Ever heard of Crocs? No, we are not talking about those funny crocodile cartoons during your TV commercials. We are talking about crocs shoes. They are made with foam clog and designed primarily to look like boating shoes. These shoes are designed as a blend of flip-flops with arch support with a little seriousness for your daily outings. You will find yourself wearing a pair of crocs to work, school or any other situation. If you suffer from hammertoes, you'll find that wearing crocs shoes can provide your feet with relief from both the pain and the swelling. Best of all, you can wear these for long hours. You can buy crocs shoes from your local crocs store. Just make sure to pick a nice color. Here are four benefits of wearing crocs shoes. Added comfort: You will find that crocs shoes were designed primarily with foam clog for usage as boat shoes. They come with waterproof tendencies and a nonslip tread feature. The shoes come in bright colors and there's a strap included for some extra panache. They come with sufficient cushioning to absorb shock and provide premium comfort for everyday use. Therapeutic benefits: Get a pair of crocs especially if you want to buy shoes that provide therapeutic value. You will discover that these shoes were designed for those who have a feet problems. Primarily geared towards promoting healthy feet, you can wear these shoes if you suffer from plantar pain, achy feet, injured feet, bunions, and diabetes feet. The antibacterial material lining inside prevent fungal infections or any other form of foot infections. They are also great for those who have hammertoes and suffer from bone deformities. They improve blood circulation in the feet and promote healthier feet overall. Extra protection: Crocs are great for those who work long hours while standing most of the time. Crocs provide arch support and promote better feet alignment and structure. You get inner support, heel support, arch support, massaging heel nubs, heel cups and are great for protecting your feet. They are airy enough to ensure better breathability and give your feet ample space to relax and breathe. You will find that their heel cups and arch support surpasses that of other kinds of shoes. Great for casual use: Ideally, crocs are designed for everyday casual use. Whether you go the beach or to the park, wearing a pair of crocs can make your feet feel very comfortable. You won't have to worry about moisture around your feet or getting tired too fast when you buy your pair from a crocs store.